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Berger signs 3-year deal with Miami [Update 2]

Maybe it's not the splash you wanted, but the Dolphins have addressed two desires along the offensive line with the signing of Joe Berger today.

Berger's visit with the Dolphins today, first reported here, culminated in the former Dallas Cowboys signing a three-year deal with the team this afternoon, also first reported here.

So what is so special about a career backup signing with Miami?

Berger was brought in to compete with starter Samson Satele for the starting center job. At 6-5 and 310 pounds, he more closely fits the mold of what the Dolphins want anchoring the middle of their offensive line. The Dolphins will likely add a draft pick to that center competition as well.

Berger also will provide competition at right guard for Donald Thomas, the rookie who won the job last year but was injured in the season-opener and went on injured reserve.

Even if Berger does not win either job, he will provide the Dolphins with quality depth. The team last year was not pleased with the depth at either left or right guard and suffered for it, particularly in the playoff loss to Baltimore.

A little perspective here: Berger had earned the starting job with the Dolphins in 2005 when he suffered a foot injury that basically cost him the job. The following year the Dolphins needed to make a roster move and cut Berger to put him on the practice squad but he was claimed by the Cowboys. He's been a backup in Dallas since.

"Joe's very happy to be back down there," agent Tom Tafelski said in confirming the deal. "He's reunited with his old Dallas offensive line coach who is now the head coach. He's looking forward to getting the pads on and proving this is a good move for the Dolphins." 

So what else is going on? I'll have the names of any other players that might be visiting the Dolphins today after 4 p.m. I don't imagine it will be a very long list. [UPDATE: Berger is the only unrestricted free agent visit the Dolphins are reporting to the NFL today.]

One name not on the list will be Laveranues Coles, who many fans (and some reporters not named Salguero) have speculated would be on Miami's radar. Coles, drafted by Bill Parcells in 2000, is in Buffalo today.

Finally, for now, check out this story by colleague David J. Neal, who today caught up with newly minted strong safety Yeremiah Bell for an exclusive interview following the player's re-signing with Miami yesterday.

[UPDATE 2: Renaldo Hill, who started 39 games for the Dolphins the past three seasons has signed with the Denver Broncos. He signs a four-year deal worth $10 million with a $3 million signing bonus.]

One more thing before you guys continue to complain about Miami's start to free agency. Yes, the Redskins are tilting the cash register. Yes, the Jets are looking to get Bart Scott. Yes, Coles is in Buffalo. Yes, Center Jason Brown is in St. Louis and negotiating with the Rams.

But the winners and losers in free agency aren't determined on the first day. And I like Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland and their chances of making the right calls as much, indeed more, than the folks in Washington, St. Louis and New York.


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There should be at least 3-5 guys signed as FA moves forward. Haven't heard anything mentioned about Kevin Burnett either.

We should have a few bones thrown our way. Certainly not going to get excited about Berger but I'm not disappointed either. You would have impressed me if you had thrown his name out there two days ago.

Looks like the weather up there drops tonight and possibly leads to snow by Sunday leading to Tuesday+. Enjoy the frost, haha.

We're in trouble now. Isn't Fitzpatrick Ivey League like Jauron?


I was talking about free agents you might get excited about. Of course miami is going to sign some young free agents with upside for depth, but as far as excitement , get ready for the draft!!!

BREAKING news;Berger Family already moved into retirement home in south florida next to ted ginn's family home....WOW so fast.

I Have to go to watch QVC i will be back in ten min.

Armando, it is refreshing to see a SFLA media type express confidence in the Trifecta's ability to pick up quality FA's.


NY JETS get lito sheppard fom eagles for a 2009 5th round pick and a cond 2010 pick. The y're also close to signing ck corey ivey and bringing in s jim leonard. The spending spree goes on.

Wow, Fed up sounds alot like a little man with a small...well you know , his Name Ir M@rc And yes ladies he's packing 3 inchs at most, but look at it this way, he makes guys like Mr. Bungle look huge...

Nj Phin fan, whats up with more money for A.I.G ? how much more will the tax payer's have to shell out to your northen shister companys? please help us stupid southerners bro....

Guys , dont question men who took a lame team that was 1 and 15 to 11 and 5, you people make me laugh on how you can even question these men...

Guys , dont question men who took a lame team that was 1 and 15 to 11 and 5, you people make me laugh on how you can even question these men...

You should be like sheep and follow your herdsmen to the promise land....bill percells is the second coming of vince lombardi...bow down and worship....l.o.l.

And the spending continues.

11:27 p.m. — 'Skins reach deal with G Dockery

Left guard Derrick Dockery is returning to the Washington Redskins after agreeing to terms.

He was released by Buffalo on Thursday, when the Bills cleared salary cap space to prepare for free agency.

Dockery was a third-round draft pick of the Redskins in 2003, and played his first four NFL seasons with the team — starting every game in the 2004, 2005 and 2006 seasons. He left for Buffalo as a free agent after the 2006 season.


Sporvo, Two words for you to consider , word # 1 golf, word # 2, ambian..


Not to talk smack about JT but if he really cares about winning a ring he'd redo his deal. Not sure if it would help them cap-wise but JT should really benefit from Haynesworth.

I read a quote from his agent a few weeks back or maybe it was from JT himself but either way they were talking about last year committing to two years at those salaries. I bet JT didn't expect the Haynesworth signing or he just didn't enjoy his time last year because they're going to cut his ass at that salary.

Hey Menace, I've gathered from some of your posts that you may be a member of the PBA. If thats true I am also. Just curious where you work, we may have mutual friends.

You didn't see the Giants, Steelers, Patriots, Colts, Saints, or Cardinals, wooing overpriced free agents. Just the Redskins, Rams and Jets---teams that never get past a round or two in the playoffs (I know the Rams appeared in two SB's, but not lately), if they make it at all. None of the super Bowl participants since 2000 (raiders don't count, and the Rams spent a fortune today)went out and spent a fortune. That's because good teams know better.

Ambien is for Nancy's that need sleep. 4 hours and I'm good. Not big on golf unless its of the mini version.

lol , Cuban !!!

Thank god


Berger aint nuthin special but he is a good role player. yall 4got that we signed a
great player n cameron wake from tha canadian league. he was tha defensive player of tha year tha last 2 years. 8 teams threw him him a offer and we signed him. thats sayin sumthing and he will b a beast opposite joey porter. that will b tha most underrated signing n a long time

4get andre goodman. dont get me wrong he did his part last year but we need a upgrade. tha 1 name i aint hear no1 say is dre bly. he still better than bodden and mcfadden and can do more 4 us than those 2

I get so tired of this every year. The new owner was suppossed to spend some money. All the other teams always find a way to bring in big time players. We always get excited about Big time FA's but never sign them. I thought parcells and the tuna helpsrs where going to do something. We aren't going to have the looser schedule this year... Maybe when we get the crap kicked out of us again this year they will open their eyes and their wallet.

Dick Vermeil with the Jack Handey quote

Mike now in Cincinnati


As someone who was lobbying for Brown, Canty and McFadden I can honestly say I trust these guys. Maybe in the past we've screwed the pooch(Brees) but this time around it was too much. I wouldn't have been on board for 20 mil guaranteed for Brown(unless we did it) and Canty seems to be on a show-me-the-money tour. Lets see how these CBs play out.

Don't rule out Goodman at the right price if the domino's fall against us.

did Armando die?

Goodman visiting the Broncos. I guess Hill had good things to say about him. McDaniel's must be very familiar.


Lwason , you are an idiot who knows nothing about football management. It's only day 1 of THE free agency period. You resigned 3 really good players who would've been in high demand IN FREE AGENCY , plus gabril wilson. Go root for the skinS and jets and see where that gets you. GET A F'N CLUE, PLEASE.

Eric, did your mother have any children that lived? I would engage you in a debate but that would be me assuming that you had an IQ in positive digits. I wish that you had someting to provide of value, but you have proven time and again that you are dumber than dirt. The best advice for the trifecta is to hear what you have to say and stray as far away as possible...

lawson, also ask the super bowl champion steelers about how much they open their wallet , idiot. IT 'S ALL ABOUT THE DRAFT. BABY. NOW GO GET YOUR F'N SHINEBOX.

We need hakeem nicks

we dont need coles...we already have 5 posession receivers...what we need is youth on the D line and better CB's....i trust in the tuna....

Fan in tampa,no iam not in the PBA. (though i love to play) iam a officer in new york surrounded by JETS,JETS,JETS fans....help please.

Sorry it took so long to respond but after I got off work last night I had a few cocktails and forgot to get back to you. What precinct are you in?

Let support the new players. Berger is young, big and will provide strong depth. Wilson is a superb sing. We are on the first hours of FA market, wait...wait..good news are on the horizon.

Go Dolphins !!!

There are still some good cornerbacks out there but there seems to be a lot of demand for them. I'm worried that is going to drive up the price. McFadden, Bodden, the kid with the Rams and Shawn Springs. Does anyone else like Shawn Springs? Still a great cover corner. I like the idea of adding one of these guys but wonder if it might be cheaper to add a good corner in the draft. Thoughts?.....

We got to stand with our players old or young good or bad and that's the fin way.

My poem has gone
i hear my words
i lost my way to
every soul i seek

60th Pre. Next to coney islannd.

60th Pre. next to coney island

So my dream free agency period of signing Ray Lewis, Bart Scott, Jason Brown, Jim Leonhard, Albert Haynesworth, Chris Canty, and T.J. Houshmanzadeh, will not take shape? Seasons over. I'm going to become a Jets or Redskins fan. At least they know how to keep fans entertained in the offseason.

Cuban Menace is full of shyt .First he's in the the 1024 pr. now he's in the 60th.The idiot live in florida. Cuban has no job except to be on this blog all day and bust dolphin fans . He's a f'n social parasite.

Mr. (aptly named) creep,

Your keyboard's broken.

Hail Redskins? God thats rich!

Since you don't want a successful turnaround, but simply be entertained, you should just...

Follow the Raiders. Now that's entertainment.

Imagine there was a blog, where people discussed YOUR every move at work. People that are only qualified to 'watch' you work, actually critiquing YOUR job. People that PAY to watch you work, trying to micro-manage YOU.

Imagine sitting back and reading all the ridiculous egotistical drivel about how they could do your job better and how YOU haven't a clue!

Would be entertaining wouldn't it?

We resign berger to a three year contract, this is the first questionable move of the offseason. the guy is a re-tread who couldn't crack the starting lineup here on a 4-12 team with a pathetic offensive line and got picked up by dallas when he was cut in hopes of placing him on the practice squad that year, and now we are paying him big bucks and touting him a a major free agent aquisition? I'll bet you a dollar against a dime this guy doesn't make the team come september.

We resign berger to a three year contract, this is the first questionable move of the offseason. the guy is a re-tread who couldn't crack the starting lineup here on a 4-12 team with a pathetic offensive line and got picked up by dallas when he was cut in hopes of placing him on the practice squad that year, and now we are paying him big bucks and touting him a a major free agent aquisition? I'll bet you a dollar against a dime this guy doesn't make the team come september.

eric you sound like a man that never made it in football and is bitter.

Jeez, Nick, is there something in that Alabama water that made you forget what happened to Berger in 2006? He sprained his foot in camp and spent the year on IR. Not a whole lot of guys in the league who can crack the starting lineup from there.

Go Auburn

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