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Dolphins: Not franchising Carey, Bell [updated]

Today is the deadline for teams to utilize their franchise tags on their unrestricted free agents. Today's deadline doesn't mean much for the Dolphins because they will not use that designation on any of their free agents.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, speaking with the media at the Indy Combine, just confirmed the Dolphins will not franchise either right tackle Vernon Carey or strong safety Yeremiah Bell today. And, as we know, none of the other Miami free agents are going to carry a franchise tag either.

Miami's other unrestricted free agents include linebacker Channing Crowder, free safety Renaldo Hill and cornerback Andre' Goodman and center Al Johnson.

"I think every one of our free agents right now, without getting into tremendous detail, know our feeling and they know exactly where we stand at this particular time," Sparano said. "The free agents, they have options, we have options and they know there's been a lot of communication there from our end."

The Herald's Jeff Darlington, freezing in Indianapolis while I stay warm in South Florida, will provide a complete report on Sparano's talk to the South Florida and national media later this evening. Check miamiherald.com for the story.

So it now seems clear the Dolphins are prepared to lose any and all of their unrestricted free agents wthout securing any with the tag. I don't think they will lose them all. If I had to guess, Channing Crowder is gone.

Miami's best chances of retaining players will be with Goodman and Hill because I don't see a huge market for them in free agency. Carey worries me. He's going to get offers and I believe he's not giving the Dolphins a hometown discount.

Carey is problematic to me. With the expected signing of Jordan Gross to a deal later today, Carey becomes one of the best, if not the best tackle option in free agency. He's durable, he's young at 27 years old and, although he's better suited for right tackle, he has experience at left tackle.

Max Starks, a right tackle, and Khalif Barnes, a left tackle, are considered the only other starting-caliber tackles left in the free agent market. The other guys are journeymen such as former Dolphins John St. Clair or players with question marks such as Tra Thomas and Mark Tauscher.

It's not a good group. And that means Carey will garner attention. And that means the Dolphins had better have a trick up their sleeve to make this issue go away.

Disgust ... I mean, discuss ...

[Updated: Starks has been tagged according to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. One less tackle will hit the market, meaning the likelihood of Carey hitting the market continues to increase.]


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I'm starting to wonder if we're going to get any of our UFAs back.....

May have wanted to consider tagging Bell...Carey's tag would've been too much.

Chase, I agree...are we going to lose three secondary players, our starting ILB (and basically the team's best tackler) and our starting RT? Wow.

Well where do you think bell where end up?

Once again - Armando Salguero proves why he is THE top man covering the Dolphins.

Thanks for the info Armando - You're the best.

Carey is overrated.

It'd be nice to have Y. Bell back but if Bill and the boys don't want him back I can take it. Bill has more Super Bowl Rings then I have.

Well where do you think Bell is going to be at the end of the free agency? B/c We need a player like him to return. If not We may get stuck a lower caliber player like cameron worrel. He sucked on replacing him when bell got injured and other dbs in 07. I'm not saying its going to be like that but Bell added a alot of cushon back there this season.

I would franchise Tinshaker because I don't ever want him to leave me.

It's going to be a bad offseadon if we don't get Bell or Carey back. It's such a huge step backwards. We'll spend our entire draft trying to find rookies to replace the players we lost; and hope they play almost as well. If we lose Carey and have to spend our #1 draft pick on a OT; it's kinda like losing your 1st round pick. If we sign Carey, OT isn't as much of a concern. We can then spend our #1 on another position of need. I don't want to overspend in free-agency either, but EVERYONE who participates IN FA overspends. It's just the nature of the beast. I wonder how many more games we woulda won last year with Alan Faneca at RG. We certainly wouldn't have won fewer games.

Wow Mando, that's deep. No franchise tag! I hope (and am sure) the top brass knows something I don't know, but that's a lot of holes to fill with rookies. I mean, who would be the mentor to a rookie WR? Jake Long had Smiley, the D-line rookies had Vonnie and Ferguson, who's gonna show the WR the ropes (right now, the most experienced guy is Wilford, and he can't even make the field.) And you're right, Goodman and Hill might not find anything better, but Bell and Carey definitely will. I knew at the end of the season we wouldn't get Crowder back (which will hurt) but I've resigned myself to that fact, but Bell? Carey? Hell, even Goodman turned the corner last year and was by far our best CB by Week 16. I smell trouble brewing here (trying to stay positive).

Like I have said before NONE of them are worthy of being tagged.....

That being said, I would love to get Bell back.

But the draft might be the best way to replace most of these guys and the FA to add a player or two.

Don't forget we are just going into year two of our rebuilding..

Younger, bigger, stronger and faster.....

Wow!! Does'nt look very promising that any of these players are going to return. It just means that Miami have to be even more aggressive in Free Agency,signing the likes of Jordan Gross,Bart Scott etc.

Wow!! Does'nt look very promising that any of these players are going to return. It just means that Miami have to be even more aggressive in Free Agency,signing the likes of Jordan Gross,Bart Scott etc.

Let me echoe what has been said on here already because it bears repeating.

Losing Carey would be terrible. it would be a step backwards, not forwards because it creates yet another hole to fill on a team with a bunch of holes.

And Armando, I tip my hat to you for always having the best information and coming with it first. You da man!

NJ phin fan, yes the monkey(M@@C) will be at the party, please bring some potato salad..(the southern kind, i hate the new york style)..

Miami can DRAFT a young BIG tackle to replace Carey, they have enough money tide in the tackle position that it would be foolish to pay Carey the money he would demand.

Guys,another thing......As good as Bell and Carey have been,we dont know how much money these players and their agents are demanding. Its all good saying Miami should resign this player and resign that player but they could be demanding crazy money that in the long run could potentially damage this franchise.Parcells,Ireland and Sparano know what they're doing so lets give them the benefit of the doubt.

I have no idea what the Dolphins offered, but I hope they are prepared with Plan B. And Plan B for Carey should include raising their offer to him if another team comes with a better offer.

Maybe they show him a little love and get the home town discount along with the Florida income tax break. But if they just decide to play hardball, that's stupid.

Since when has Carey become such a valuable commodity? Watch the tape of the playoff loss to the Ravens. Carey looked slow and unathelitic. He has never lived up to his potential and often times plays soft. Loosing Carey is no big deal. There are a number of good OTs in this year's draft and I would not be surprised if it is the Trifecta's plan to grab one early in the draft and thus Carey becomes expendable. Loosing Bell is a different story but I don't know if he is on par to be paid comparable to such guys as Ed Reed and Paulomalu.

Bell is the only one that I would seriously miss if not re-signed. Supposedly this is a deep draft for quality tackles. If Carey walks, I think Miami just uses their 1st pick on the best available tackle. I don't think Goodman or Hill will be retained. I think Miami would love to get a young guy like Bryant McFadden from Pittsburg to go opposite Will Allen and find a starting free safety in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft. The area that concerns me is Linebacker. I think Crowder is good, but I don't see him getting any better then he is now. Plus his health is a concern. My worries are that all of the sudden, it doesn't look like there will be too many stud Linebackers on the market with Dansby and Suggs getting retained.

I'm just not so sure that Carey is worth keeping. Like the old saying goes "in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king. " That's what is going on here with Carey, and the other free agents. I'd love to keep Bell and Goodman, but neither are A players, so if they walk, so be it.

Won't this make the draft and free agency that much more fun?!

Pretty Boy Roid.
Alex Roidriguez.
(Not so)Smart Alex

Te only pinstripes he should wear is a prison uni ...

what a dick ...

Good point, Ken.

People who say overrated are overrated. Hey kris ... talk to the one eyed viper...

Well Gross is signed and Peppers was Tagged... If we want to replace Carey, we'll have to do it through the draft.... I like James Butler and Bryant McFadden. I'm guessing we will strongly pursue Butler if we dont sign Bell or Hill. McFadden could easily replace Gooden.

That news is concerning to me. I fully expected the tag to be placed on either Carey or Bell. the only thing I can say is "In Tuna I trust." If they're not using the franchise tag then I'm sure they have a back up plan, heck they probably have several back up plans. Let's all just sit back and hope everything turns out O.K.

Reality check: The Fins deserve full credit for an amazing year, but don't forget that they were propped up by a weak schedule, divisional rivals that were weakened by injuries, and a lot of hocus-pocus on the offensive side of the ball. That's probably not going to happen again.

It will take at least 2 or 3 years before Parcells and Co. can shape us into legit title contenders, and none of these guys is going to be a factor at that point.

Why would you pay Carey top-5 money when he's really not even a top-20 talent? Just because there isn't anyone else out there THIS year? That would be dumb - why not draft and develop a young (cheap) kid, or look to next year's crop of FA's?

Same for Bell - he's a great player when he's healthy, but he's always been plagued by serious injuries and he's old to boot. I love the guy and hope that he sticks around, but no way would I break the bank or tie up a ton of future cap space for him.

Let them ALL go, and bring in a couple of quality young FA's instead.

The experts on this blog are so funny. Does anyone remember that Carey was drafted during the Winestained a.k.a (Wannstedt) era. As we all know Dave was quite the judge when it came to draft worthy atheletes and talent evaluation. If I am not mistaken the Phins even wasted/traded another draft pick to move up one spot to draft Carey. You can bet that if Carey was worth the $$$ The Trifecta would have already locked him up. Just look at some of the in season extensions that were granted by Bill and his protege's. No I believe that The Phins are in the best hands and realize that their FA's are all replaceable with much better options (both talent wise and financial)

Oh no, Tuna has lost the ability to build a team. Everyone jump off the bandwagon !!! I hear the jets are looking for some fans.

Aramdo how can Miami hire you as GM ? It'd have to be during a year with no cap though since you want to overpay avgerage talent. Still you seem to think you know so much, I'd like to see you as GM. Ofcourse I also like to see car crashes and movies like Jack Azz
and Dumb & Dumber.

Well we wanted Parcells to stick around for a reason, and that reason is he knows what he's doing. Using my Madden skills I would create-a-player and name him after myself or a friend, and turn him into the biggest baddest tackle ever. This isn't Madden though, so I guess we should trust the coaching staff.

I like Carey...as a right guard.

Why are you guys criticizing anyone who doesnt like that were going to lose a couple of players. I know being a dolphin fan and after having a season like this, you start to become a big fan of some its players. Who can honestly say that Yeremiah Bell wasnt a fan favorite? He was one of my favorite on the team. Now Vernon Carey, not so much. Just because some people dont want to lose Yeremiah Bell doesnt mean we have jumped off the Tuna Bandwagon Mel Trejo.

OMG our entire secondary are UFA's. Is there a reason? Could it be that they aren't that good (no pun intended for A Goodman) They were scorched more over the last few years than anybody. All are castoffs from other teams. What should that tell you? Smart teams keep good players. These guys couldn't even lock up a back up spot on their previous teams. I hope that we offer them no more than the vet minimum with a few incentives. That is all any of them are worth. If it wasn't for the excellent coaching and physical training that came from The Parcells regime we would have probably been in competition with the Lions for the #1 pick in this years draft. I think these guys would not even make the practice squad on an elite team such as the Steelers or Pathetic Cheating Patsies. Lets hope that the Wets, Jills, or any of the other teams on our schedule will pick up these chumps and overpay.

you know that bill had a good season 1 in Dallas and year 2 turned bad, I'm just wondering how many of these fin fans will be showing love if the fish end up 6 and 10 or worse??

You know if Carey & Bell leave they will end up in New England.

The Phin's UFA's couldn't even be a backup on a good team. The entire secondary consists of scraps that have been dismissed from previous teams. Carey has how many pro-bowls? Crowder has made how many game changing plays. Smarter, bigger, tougher is what we want. If you keep doing what you always did, you will keep getting what you always got. Gentleman thanks for your service and turn in your gear along with the keys to the facility. Bye Bye Now. So Long, See Ya, Ask JT and Zach how their new digs worked out. Trust In The Trifecta. Go Phins!

Not tagging Carey was a mistake, even if we dont resign him, we could use him as leverage in a trade (same at NE with Cassel)

If we had to pay him $8M for 1 season, who cares, Gross just signed for $10M+, cut wilford & Holiday & keep VERNON CAREY...

Asomugha and gross resigned . Suggs , dansby , peppers , dunta robinson . oj atogwe , antonio bryant all got franchised . I told everbody that these guys would get resigned or franchised .NOW you can all come back to reality ( and out of fantasy football or madden football) and look at the 2nd tier ( lesser known, but good) free agents and draft picks miami will look at. Oh and forget haynseworth ( HE wants like a 7 year 80 mil deal)

Now that the Panthers have signed Gross, Scouts inc is calling Carey the number one Offensive Tackle available in Free Agency...

Carey & Bell in New England? LOL... Ha Ha. The cheating head of the good for nothing Patsies is not stupid. He realizes that The Phins are now under the management of a real football guy. You can bet that if Parcells has no use for a player, the player is probably not worth a hoot. It is not like when we had caMORON, or Bummstart cutting good players so they could make room for the Averies and Eddie Moor or lesses of the world. When Parcells cuts a player, that player better be making plans for life after football, unless they could possibly find a job offer coming from Schpeelman or sCam caMORON...

someone will offer Carey a better deal than the dolphins are willing to give him...unless he is sentimental about staying in miami (hometown discount), he's gone

Oh I almost forgot that Dave also got us that ball hawk Jamar Fletcher and chased Danny out of football. In Tuna We Trust. We might not win as many games next year due to circumstances, but I am sure that the talent level of the team will be better. Tough, Smart, Disciplined and play with passion. Another year in the system. We may be pretty good. Watch and learn grasshoppers.

Gees for years everyone ran by Carey so fast on the their way to the qb that he had windburn on his face. Remember the game where Indy got a ton of sacks. Do you remember who the ran by and he was 4 years younger than he is now.
All of a sudden the line starts getting better and Carey is an integral part??? And as for Bell, same thing. Hurt all the time and burned a lot of the time as players ran through him. If we can keep him, fine but I think Parcells knows what these guys are worth to the cap.

Hey, Vernon Carey and all of the other UFA's, money isn't everything, ask Jason Taylor or Zach Thomas how they liked their past season. Miami is a pretty nice city to hang out compared to most of the other options. It gets cold up north in Buffalo, the beaches are kinda scarce in Tennessee, Do you own a snow shovel? The people in Philly and especially San Francisco are known for brotherly love right? (ask Smiley)? Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina, just ask J. Peppers. How about a bite of the big apple (worm included)Cleveland and Cincy are really cool (actually cold) Of all the teams in the NFL, how many are improving, and how many are declining? Home is where the heart is and money isn't everything.

History lesson,

2nd round pick for AJ Feely
2nd round pick for Mildpepper
Surtain for Eddie More or less,
Passed on Randy Moss, Drew Brees, etc.

It Tuna We Trust

You are all dumber than me. i am the only one who knows anything so go away

I tip my hat to you for always having the best information and coming with it first. You da man!

Posted by: FLPD |

What a brown noser!

If you are rebuilding a team, it is necessary to keep some of the previous players. Otherwise you would be fielding an expansion team. The Trifecta realize this and it is why 50+% of the team remained after the initial purge. This is a new year and there will be more turnover. Bigger, Stronger, Smarter, is the mantra. Parcells wants players that have a PASSION for football. The love of Football has to be the primary concern for a "Parcells Guy" Don't get me wrong money is a consideration and history shows that when a player is productive, Parcells will adjust his compensation accordingly. Just ask Cobbs and Ricky Williams about their new deals. I believe Camarillo was taken care of. These players might not be the best at their position, but they have the makeup that Parcells mandates. We can rest assured that our Phins are in good hands.

Is the lack of a franchise player a philisophical stand by the regime or another sign that the previous regimes didn't do a good job of acquiring talent?

I believe it's a good move by the mgmt to make sure that we don't overpay for good talent. Not great talent, but just good talent. The draft should be very interesting as well as the pending combine.

no franchise for no one cause no money left plus it's a good way to sign people on the cheep.picnic time any one?

Great job, Mando. Hey, Jets Sux, it is no crime to tell someone who provides a service to YOU that he is doing well when he is indeed doing well.

Grow up.

Yeah, NJ Phin Fart told us all what was about to happen in his little imaginary blog that he has in his retarded little mind. You don't know squat you knob. You're just another troll that reads what Mando and other bloggers writes and then after things happen, you revise history by claiming you knew what was coming. Loooooser!

this year will be very intersting i picture a game where many seats are empty at the game and pepole not buying any thing during games plus players getting little money comare to last few years.one more thing mando will be more succful next yesr due to worst record for fins than you fans are dreaming of.may be 5-11 or 7-9 but not better.

Doctor Z is a man of geat intellect he sees what we don't see and he says what no body say.

This marks the first time I completely disagree with the trifecta. We need Y.Bell! He is the heart of our defense and if you look back he made some hugh plays at crucial times all season. I can only hope not franchising him means we want to sign a multiple year contract with him. Bill, please sign Y. Bell!

Excellent point by Finsfan in CT. None of the players from the prior regime warrant the value of a franchise tag. The only player on this team that warrants such a tag right now is Long. Even Ronnie Brown is not a top 5 back. The lack of franchise caliber players is clearly on the old regime(s)

Guess they're going OT early in the draft, or this move doesn't make any sense. But then again, these guys are smarter than me.

My guess is that they'll try Donald Thomas at RT and move Satele to guard and then look at signing Jason Brown or drafting a Center.

carey and bell are very over rated players .BTW no teams are intersted in them thst's why they are going to sign with dolphins for average salary and all you can eat romaine lettece.

Finheavanblows , don't get mad { or jealous } that i know more about football than you do , you f'n crybaby . Don't go away mad , just go away. PARASITE!!

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