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Dolphins: Not franchising Carey, Bell [updated]

Today is the deadline for teams to utilize their franchise tags on their unrestricted free agents. Today's deadline doesn't mean much for the Dolphins because they will not use that designation on any of their free agents.

Dolphins coach Tony Sparano, speaking with the media at the Indy Combine, just confirmed the Dolphins will not franchise either right tackle Vernon Carey or strong safety Yeremiah Bell today. And, as we know, none of the other Miami free agents are going to carry a franchise tag either.

Miami's other unrestricted free agents include linebacker Channing Crowder, free safety Renaldo Hill and cornerback Andre' Goodman and center Al Johnson.

"I think every one of our free agents right now, without getting into tremendous detail, know our feeling and they know exactly where we stand at this particular time," Sparano said. "The free agents, they have options, we have options and they know there's been a lot of communication there from our end."

The Herald's Jeff Darlington, freezing in Indianapolis while I stay warm in South Florida, will provide a complete report on Sparano's talk to the South Florida and national media later this evening. Check miamiherald.com for the story.

So it now seems clear the Dolphins are prepared to lose any and all of their unrestricted free agents wthout securing any with the tag. I don't think they will lose them all. If I had to guess, Channing Crowder is gone.

Miami's best chances of retaining players will be with Goodman and Hill because I don't see a huge market for them in free agency. Carey worries me. He's going to get offers and I believe he's not giving the Dolphins a hometown discount.

Carey is problematic to me. With the expected signing of Jordan Gross to a deal later today, Carey becomes one of the best, if not the best tackle option in free agency. He's durable, he's young at 27 years old and, although he's better suited for right tackle, he has experience at left tackle.

Max Starks, a right tackle, and Khalif Barnes, a left tackle, are considered the only other starting-caliber tackles left in the free agent market. The other guys are journeymen such as former Dolphins John St. Clair or players with question marks such as Tra Thomas and Mark Tauscher.

It's not a good group. And that means Carey will garner attention. And that means the Dolphins had better have a trick up their sleeve to make this issue go away.

Disgust ... I mean, discuss ...

[Updated: Starks has been tagged according to a report in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. One less tackle will hit the market, meaning the likelihood of Carey hitting the market continues to increase.]


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A Ferrari doesn't get jealous of a Yugo.

Y.Bell and carey and crowder are all way over rated players.next season will show that clearly.you have to be a monkey to not see that.

I think it was wise not to franshise any of the players.
Bell would have been the guy I would have thought about...But he is in his 30s and one year removed from Major surgery.

I hope they are able to resign him to a cap friendly deal.


please sign every one.

this is very good info mando.you are great.

Carey should be sprayin, not playin Right Guard for men cause he stinks. So does this b.. b.. bl... blog boyeee !!!!

Just mad then , LOL

Armando;you should write an article about the effect of enhanced drugs on NFL players like in baseball.What you think how fans will react to that if it comes out al ROD style?that would be a comdy.also menace what say you?

Carey is 27 years old and will be 28 in July before training camp starts.

There are cheaper players out there....I like McFadden from Pitt....what about Sean Jones at Safety....Andre Davis at LB, obviously Brown from Balt....these are all very good players who are young and would help out team.

mr.bungle wants fins to sign players based on age .mr bungle jungle and bundle fungle .

Also ,I think we should trade carey for for Joe Thomas. Thoughts ?

Cuban Menace , what's the matter, got tired of playing with your MONKEY ?

I'm wondering if they feel like they can put Thomas at RT, Satele at RG and then draft a center. Just a thought. I will miss Bell the most but having one productive year does not deserve a $6.5 million franchise tag nor a big lucrative long term deal. Remember that Otagwe has not been franchised by the Rams (at least I don't think he has). He could replace Hill and then hopefully we can draft a SS with some upside. Hate to see Bell go.

nj phin fan;what are you doing on our beloved blog ?you never make sense of your football talk but if you answer my Q which is;do you think enhanced drugs are used in pro fooball as wide as baseball?if you don't know i am not going to talk to you any more.

SEAN , I hate to break the news to you , but OTAGWE was franchised . later guys!!

All this proves one thing--the Dolphins' failure to sign Alan Faneca last year doomed this franchise to irrelevancy. The only way to overcome this is to pay Carey whatever he wants, and soon!

never sign thomas he didn't shine for last 2 years and cause bunjle recommended hime.

If Carey leaves, who is our backup at LT? Will we have to draft a starter at RT and then a backup at LT?

if carey leaves some one else will do the job better since every player on this team thinks alot of themselfs but the truth is they are all average players happened to get real lucky last year. BTW no money left to spend on over rated maimi players.

LMAO..You button mashing Madden All-Stars amuse me,Tony and Jeff to NO END!

You casual viewers say "We had a weak schedule!" but 5 seconds later you catch a glimpse of that 11-5 stat and you forget ALL ABOUT who we REALLY are and that is a VERY mediocre team.

You guys are so used to mediocrity that you think giving a middle 10-20 guy TOP 5 money is simply the best thing to do because your FO sure as hell can't draft anyone any better than that even if they had five 1st rd. picks!

The best thing you Fantasy Leaugers and button mashing All-Stars can do is leave the thinking to me and within 3 years you can beat your chests and talk your little smack to all your buddies about how awesome the Dolphins are but in the mean time quite your whinning and complaining and "The sky is falling!" BS because you have NO clue what or why I'm doing what I'm doing and you NEVER will..oh yeah..I hope your heads don't explode on Draft day but I know you will have that confused look at the very least.

Rick Spielman is in Minesota guys...geeeeesh!

Monkey, I think drug usage as prevalent in the N.F.L as it is in our socitie(RE:mr.bungle,m@@c) Its a shame that people don't use the Nancy Reagan slogan" JUST SAY NO!!" it's truly sad..

DR. Z, is absolutly right...

menace;how you knowif players using enhanced drugs?do you look in their eyes or their thights?that will be a great comdy topic to talk about on this blog.

Here is a player just taged as franchise player .SUGGS by the ravens and it shows.picnic time any one?

Alrite Kevin, what is wrong with Yeremiah Bell besides the fact that we havent signed him yet???? He was our leading tackler and arguably our best Playmaker this year. I dont believe there are any other teams that are letting go their Defenses leading tackler. Whats wrong with people expressing their own opinions other than the "IN BILL WE TRUST" attitude, which is perfectly fine, but pretty dull to discuss.

cuban menace'what is your beef man?don't you know i am the man on this blog?

Menace( monkey ) yes i do think enhanced drugs is used in the nfl as wide as baseball, LOL ( YA THINK!! ). Now will you talk to me, LOL . I couldn't answer you earlier, i had to step out. BY the way that line about " drugs in society ( re:mr bungle,m@@c)was priceless, lol,

The most important guy to keep in Crowder.... you will not find another middle linebacker in free agency or in the draft at #25 with his talent. He knows the sytems, plays all out and still young. All he needs is a big time DT to make him even better and some pass rushing help from outside linebacker or DE. Bell is great but need someone who is more agressive big hitter type of Safety. Carey is not worth the money and there are plenty of OL in the draft, bigger, faster but rookies in the end.
I agree with the move of not franchising players.... why force them to stay with an organization if they don't want to.... let them go in Free Agency.... I bet you some will come back after its all done.

joe watts-dolphins didn't tag any player cause they think no one is has enough value to do so not cause they don't want to force them to stay

what about me?
are they going to franchise me?

love u mando!

hey mando, thanks for the info.

in the event that we lose Carey and Bell, would the dolphins be able to get any type of compensations for them? Can you please explain?


dfins all the way, baby..

menace ;are you here ?tell us your favorite food and your favorite movie?

Look for the Phins to do everything they can to sign Jason Brown. If they can't, look for them to draft Alex Mack in the first round. Also, if they can't come to terms with Carey, they will draft Loadholt in the second round.

Marioelloco , they will probably get compensation picks in next years draft ( 2010 )

Armando, what kind of compensation (compensatory picks) may we receive in the 2010 draft assuming we lost all of our UFAs and made no big splashes in the FA market. Given the production of these starters in 2008, one would assume the compensation would be significant. Maybe Parcells and Co. are prepared to get younger, cheaper players with more upside in 2009 while hording compensatory picks in 2010.

menace.whatis yyou favorite food and movie?

My favorite food lobster rissoto and for a movie is the loin king.

Menace ( and monkey ) ,whats up ? I answered your question awhile ago.

nj phin fan'what is your favorite food and movie and jets player?how you know a player using enhanced drugs?

nj phin fan'what is your favorite movie and food?btw how you know a player using enhanced drugs?

I can see it in their eyes and thoughts, lol . favorite jets players were richard todd and brett favre (because of all the ints they threw to miami dolphin players)

I think you're overrating Carey. He's good, but not great. I think the Phins will try to pick up another tackle in the draft. They admit they're rebuilding, and they still think they can go young at that position. That being said, I'd like them to resign him for the sake of consistency. Maybe they just want to see what he is worth before signing him. I heard Pat Kirwan say in reference to the situation with Ravens and Ray Lewis: "see what another team offers him and offer him a few dollars more."

I'm not suprised they didnt tag Carey he isnt that good. Going into last year we assumed he was going to be a beast at RT. He just looks slow and unathletic.

If you keep overpaying your average players you eventually end up with an average, over the hill, and overpayed team. Parcells will not let this happen.

I hope we keep Goodman and Bell. I also would like it if we kept Crowder but only for the right price. The guy just cant expect to get paid like an elite middle linebacker. Too many times he runs the wrong way and the play goes right by him. I do like his passion for the game though and will miss his interviews if he leaves.

We are definitley going to lose Carey. Teams overpay for this position all the time. Look how much KC gave the turnstile McIntosh. That guy was terrible.

Bell is a great player when he's on the field. Unfortunately, he was a late bloomer and may be on the decline.

The Dolphins not wishing to franchise Cary and pay LT money for a RT seems logical enough as good OTs can be had 2 rounds deep in the upcoming draft. Smart moves.

Let's not forget the times when Carey was a turnstile for d-lineman, I recall two or three plays alone in the Baltimore loss. I like Vernon Carey, but not enough to pay him the average of top-5 money, and I highly doubt he'll command that on the FA market.

This is part of the approach of the trifecta and I for one am happy that we are sticking to plan of growing younger and more cohesive. This is ONLY year two of a nearly complete roster overhaul. Too many times in the last 10 years I've seen people give us lip service on how important it is to rebuild through the draft only to jump off that path when they had a little success only to fall back into same mediocrity the next year.

Stay the course Fins...

Carey signed to a 5 year deal.. Palm beach post is siting an NFL source saying the phins have locked up VC.. Great signing, now we focus on a masher at center, NT, LB's, and secondary..

I don't think WR is a huge priority, neither does the Dolphin brass.. Our group will continue to grow and get better.. Go phins!

Carey has been signed for 5 years...

just sign haynesworth and re-sign bell !
The guy from Bal .....Brown is also a nice option.
Looks like wr will come from draft...likely in 2nd.
Laurinitus or Clay Mathews could fall to MIA and you know Bill will lkely go D !

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