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Steelers blowing out Cards, 20-7 to start 4th quarter

The Steelers have gotten the measure of the Cardinal now. It is 20-7 to start the fourth quarter and it doesn't seem as if Arizona has figured out how to get the ball to superstar receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

They better figure it out quickly because they have only 15 minutes before this NFL season is in the books and the Steelers win their record sixth Super Bowl.

Join me in the comments section as the live blog continues to cover the festivities.


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THIS GAME IS OVER. I wish I could go watch Battlestar Gallactica also. Yeesh.

HECK, I'm gonna watch Golden Girls

What's your next gig? Going to Hawaii for the Vacation Bowl?
Mike W

Why didn't Cardinals do this all game long, or at least early to set the tempo for themselves?

I'm not going to Hawaii. Going home tomorrow. YIPPIE!!!!

Mando do you still think this is over???? I mean it doesn't look good for Arizona, but maybe this was a momentum shift.....I mean maybe?????

Put Battlestar Galactica on hold for now folks! This game ain't over yet...

The cards coming back Mando?

I think this one will come down to the wire...

As Dandy Don would say, "Turn out the lights, the partys over"
Mike W

can't you throw the ball down the sideline to FITZ???????

If it's a tie at the end, do they play sudden death or a quarter?
Mike W

They are back!!!!!!!!1 told you...

What a difference a good wide reciever does, i would give 1st rounders for Layy 2nd rounders for Boldin

There is a God!!!!!!

mike w what was that dandy don would say? how about waiting until the fat lady sings.



mike w you got to be kidding with that question.

is this one of the top GAMES of recent years???????

of course billy bob
seeing if you are actually paying attention

Someone get Whisenhunt a new pair of pants. He just crapped'em.

Santonio Holmes is str8 ballin.

wow there is NO way to see the right foot, what a focking catch. Holmes is ridiculous.

Hey Billy Bob
As I said, Dandy Don would say, "Turn out the lights, the partys OVER"
Say it with me, THE PARTYS OVER
and the fat lady is singing!!!!


mike w you are a idiot ,sure after 3;28 goes by after ari scores and there's 26 seconds are left in the game your saying i told you so.and i know you weren't kidding with that question,you just caught yourself later

It sure got quiet in here!
Mike W

Hey Billy Bob
You're the idiot
You rooted for the Cards

Besides Billy Bob
I posted the post when Holmes made the catch BEFORE the review...if you were paying attention at the beginning, i said all posts are taking 5 minuts to get on here.
Mike W

highway robbery

Not onlydid Holmes not have the second foot in (it was masked by his other foot), and the refs blew the call royally, but Kurt Warner also was undoubtedly throwing the arm forward and the refs got caught in the moment.


This was a robbed superbowl.

regardless the cards #29, #24 and Francisco, blew the game.

The Arizona Cubs.

mike w you are a retarted moron.you actually asked mando if they play sudden death or a full qt.what a idiot.and you were saying turn out the lights when it was 20-7 you lying moron.good night and make sure you take football 101.

Arizona lost !The refs had nothing to do with it jaimie.Bye bye!!Never defer the kickoff in a deciding game.Get the ball and stuff it up their @ss.That is where this game was lost.To late to bad .The Arizona Cubs.Good luck on the next 60 years.

Pittsburgh scored again.Just kidding jaimie.

Never defer the kickoff in a deciding game?every game is a deciding game ,moron.what a idiot.what did that have to do with the game.if ari.scores or even tackles harrison right before the half,ari might have won and i'm not a arizona fan

Jaimie- big ben is calling you!!!The Cardinalcubs lost.I hate the Steelers but the refs did not lose this game the Arizonacubs did. Never score that early and let the better team have a shot!!!

The final post to the live blog is up. In it I tell you how this Super bowl victory shows how important it is for the Dolphins to address one position, the one I think is most important for them in the offseason.

Go there and tell me if you agree.

Hey your name of what a idiot is true.Get the ball-get the lead- get the momentum-get it IDIOT!!Have the Facts now you chowderhead dilldoo!!!F.O.P@dW@ck.Please read between the lines tocoolforschooltardboy.

hey idiot tony gets boned. your name suits you alright do you get boned with your dilldoo!! what 's a matter you got embarressed? you little crybaby moron now go take lessons in football 101 retard.

ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah lol tony gets boned got all embarressed and look how angry she is.what a big crybaby.

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