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Super Bowl should teach Dolphins a lesson

The Steelers are the champs.


Well, in this column that I've written for Monday's Miami Herald, I'm saying that it's because the run-first, defense-intense Steelers, can also throw the football.

Throwing the football is not an option in today's NFL. It is perhaps more important than running. Really. I believe that. How do you think the Cardinals got to the Super Bowl? Yeah, they took to the airways with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston.

And to be able to pass the ball, you have to have at least one outstanding receiver. You know where I'm going here. I hope the Dolphins soon identify and either draft, sign or acquire in trade a great receiver.

I think it is their greatest need.

I am not saying Miami should use its first-round pick on a receiver, but neither am I saying the Dolphins definitely should not. Receiver is a huge need for the Dolphins and it needs serious addressing. The Miami corps needs a legit star that it lacks now. I don't care how Bill Parcells finds that guy. I just want him to find the guy and bring him to Miami. 

I know there will be talk of upgrading the middle of the line -- again. I know the defense needs attending to as well. But the Dolphins are kidding themselves if they continue to believe Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo and Ted Ginn Jr will be good enough. They are not good enough.

They're OK. But this team cannot win in the playoffs with these guys unless Ginn suddenly becomes a star, which is wish on a star stuff at best. The Dolphins should, must, come out of this offseason with a receiver that can win games for them.

Otherwise the offense will continue to be a popgun in an age when other NFL offenses are using Uzis.

Anyway, tell me what you guys think.


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C'mon already of course we need a true #1 WR but I don't see anyone coming up with any viable options. There's a strong chance that any WR who is worthy of a first round pick will be gone by the time the Dolphins are on the board. Anyone who comes after that has question marks with no guarantees at success. So that leaves us with trades as far as I can see and if we are truly honest with ourselves we will realize that the Dolphins making the playoffs, or even better the SB, is a long shot this year. So should they use their resources to trade for a WR who won't be helping them win a championship? Should they trade away valuable draft picks and or players THIS YEAR? I would think waiting until year three in the rebuild would be a smarter move because they will be much closer to the prize at that point. I'm all for drafting a WR but giving up picks for a big time player when we have a QB that can't throw a quick, long ball is crazy. Wait until Henne (or whomever) takes over until you make that move. Why have someone gaining chemistry with a QB who won't be around after this year? Everyone seems fine all of the sudden with our DBs because they had some success toward the end of the season. What happens to them next year when we play that tough schedule. Is Renaldo Hill really the answer? How about if Bell goes down,,who steps in for him,, J. Allen? Is anyone actually comfortable with A Goodman being our only decent option opposite W Allen? How about our ILB's or defensive ends? What about our aging nose tackle,,who steps in for him that we can trust or see as the future at that position? Center anyone? Who are the backups at the tackle position? My point is that this team is still working on building depth so high priced WR's are a luxury they may not be able to afford at this point.


I do not know if you ever see the NFL East blog on ESPN.com but the guy made a great point, is a game-breaking WR like Fitz someone that Pennington can actually use effectively? I think he cannot. Boldin would be nice, but Pennington cannot make the throws that really make those guys difference makers, so why waste the money and draft picks on someone that the offense cannot use? Unless Henne is going to play, a stud WR would be wasted.

That being said, WR is a huge need for this team and I would love for them to get a game breaker. They just need someone who can turn the 5 yard completion into 50.

mR742.. Must be a JETS fan !

Posted by: Champ74 | February 02, 2009 at 10:07 AM

What makes you say that? Because I see flaws in the team that I would like addressed? Your opinion of the players I do not like may be different then mine and thats fine, but please don't insult me by calling me a sorry @$$ jets fan

"Bungle: Bess and Camarillo and Ginn could be good enough -- good enough to get you to the playoffs and then bounced in the first game."

Armando, that's your opinion. I disagree with it. These WRs have not reached their full potential yet either.

On another point, if Holmes used the ball as a prop after his TD and should have been penalized, how could the Cardinals have a better chance at a game tying FG down 27-23?

And oh, is my "casting aspersions" about someone's livelihood any different than what you say about Bess or Ginn by saying that "They're OK. But this team cannot win in the playoffs with these guys unless Ginn suddenly becomes a star, which is wish on a star stuff at best." although the stats for Bess and Ginn are more than satisfactory given their experience.

By the way, I made a second post here and it's nowehere to be found. I didn't swear or say anything personal in it at all. I hope it's a problem with my computer and someone isn't deleting these things because I asked some interesting, valid questions that I would like countered to find out why you think an intense passing offense is the new key to winning championships. Even though this is not Bill Parcell's idea of a winning formula, if this is indeed what you are saying, you probably know more than him. After all, isn't he the guy that traded a big impact receiver in Keyshawn Johnson at the top of his game for two first round picks.

Please shed some light.

Ny scott,yes that's what i'm talking about .I couldn't have said better.great points all around.but some of these idiots still won't get it.they'll still want to trade high picks and tons of money for a wr and think the problem is solved.

Our WRs were not the reason the Ravens beat us in the playoffs. Obviously the turnovers played a major role in it, but we couldn't run the ball effectively, our OL was overwhelmed at times and our defense couldn't make a big play. How bringing in a great WR changes all that by himself I have no idea.

Uh, the team that WON, didn't get there because of passing...

Hope you got some sleep! I agree with you that the Dolphins need a #1 receiver. And I think they need one this year. However, like others have said, I don't think he can be utilized as effectively as possible with Chad P (who I think is a terrific QB by the way). Not to take anything away from the guy, but let's face it, he does have a problem making some of those long throws (or ones that need velocity). And I don't suggest tossing out CP for CH this year (give Henne one more year to learn on the sideline, then it's his turn). So, I think if we used our top picks on shoring up the O & D lines, THEN look for a WR, that would be the way to go. I happen to think Boldin will stay in Arizona, so I don't think we'll be able to snatch him up (nor do I think Parcells wants to). But that history of passing him up for a scrub in the '03 draft reminds me how bad a team we once were (before we became the AFC East CHAMPS!!!!)

WR is a real pressing need for the Dolphins. We first must try and find the best way to address the position through the draft -- If that fails, then we must do so through FA. If that fails then our off-season will be somewhat of a failure.

Yes, LB and CB are also needs but I think we will get better value in the first round out of pursuing a WR than these other positions simply because the top LBs, CBs will be gone by the time we select.

Wide reciever and some big aggressive corners are what we need. Give Henne another year of grooming under Pennington and The O Line is going to improve too. Hopefully soon before Ricky and Ronny start to wear down

Another thing I would like to know is what "great" WR was Roethlisberger throwing to yesterday? Santonio Holmes sure was not it. 55 rec. and 821 yards is not a great WR. He was great for one game though. That's for sure. I think it is more accurate to say that teams have to have a number of good WRs on the field at one time.

There are going to be plenty of teams that stick a shut down corner on one guy. Some teams will have two shut down corners. However, how many are going to be able to stop 3 good WRs when you have an O-line that protects the qb. Don't forget with the Fins you can put 3 WRs on the field and you still have a pass-catching TE and R. Brown in the backfield to account for. How many teams can guard all that with an O-line that protects the qb? I'm going to say none.

The Steelers do exactly what I described. Roethlisberger throws the ball to 3 WR: Ward, Holmes, and Washington. However, he also routinely uses Miller and the RBs out of the backfield as options too. That's 5 guys the defense has to defend against on most plays. Ward is definitly a HOF WR. However, at 32, I feel that he is not a great one anymore, he's definitly good though.

I opine that the Dolphins needs' are 1) disruptive, pass-rushing linemen, 2) run support-coverage-pass rushing linebackers, 3) receivers, 4) safety, 5) offensive linemen, 6) defensive back, 7) defensive tackle to groom, 8) improve back up at every position. The pass rush dissapeared many times last season and was the reason why the defensive coverage looked weak. The offense will benefit from cohesiveness and strenght improvement as well as from a receiver playmaker type. We are on the road there but it is a long road.

We will be fine on the O line if we are able to re-sign Carey. Thomas and Smiley will be back healthy, Long will be even better, and the C spot should work itself out between Satele or one of the new guys. If they win the spot Satele will add to the depth at guard. I don't think that is our issue.

WR is DEFINITELY the area we need a big physical fast guy. Ginn is a nice 2nd receiver and will be even better. Camarillo is a great possession across the middle guy, and Bess gives you depth. We have to have that one huge guy. I like the idea of picking Boldin up. I think he knows that Fitzgerald is the true main guy and he would be the man in our offense.

We also need to spend every other pick on defense. We need to be able to get more consistent pressure on the QB because Joey can't do it by himself. THAT is why AZ lost yesterday. No one to put Big Ben on his tail which allowed them to keep those drives alive.

Secondary needs help as well.

Trade our 2nd for Boldin. Use our first on a beast of a pass rusher. Use all the rest on defense. Then we can truly be a 11-5 team and a contender to go farther, not just a hot team that over achieved.

Yikes!! Mando, we are going to have to agree to disagree. The play of that game was made by a LB, not a WR. Harrison's INT going back for a TD is a 10 or 14 point swing. Another other big deal that really counted was the time to throw...either with OL protection for both teams or BR making time with his feet.

I would not call Holmes a great WR. There were two great WRs in that game...they lost. A third, Hinds, is maybe a great WR...he did not make a big impact (injury, D scheme, whatever)

If we grab a WR with one of the second rnd picks (later one pref) or a third, fine...but we need playmakers and youth on D and improvement and depth on the OL more than a WR.

Another thing I do not like is dismissing Ginn as a guy that is not going to be a star. Through two years he is better than Hines Ward, Steve Smith, Reggie Wayne, and Amani Toomer. In addition, in his rookie year he didn't have the best of qbs throwing to him-Cleo Lemon and John Beck.

Gee Armando, thanks for posting your resume' on your blog.

As for a possible upgrade at WR, two words-Hakeem Nicks.

Another thing I do not like is people dismissing Ginn as a player that is not going to be a star. Through two years he is better than Hines Ward, Steve Smith, and Reggie Wayne. In addition, in his rookie season he had Cleo Lemon and John Beck throwing to him.

Come on now! Everything call seemed to go Against AZ last night at the most damning moments, and I didn't even care who won.

As for the Phins, I agree Mando, that we need a big play receiver and that should be taken care of in the first three picks that we have in the first two rounds. The rest of draft needs to address the interior lines and linebackers.

So who do you think we are going to lose this off season, besides Crowder?

We all know we need a #1 receiver. But we should all know as well that we need a center for the o-line, a monster NT, a shut down CB or Saftey and maybe another DE or LB. So the question is, which is more important to focus on first?

Personally, after what I saw Ngata doing to our offense, I would look for someone just like him for NT, then a center capable of stopping someone like him. Then they can make each other better in practice to.

I would look for a receiver as well. If they could get a super steal for Bolden, then yes. But I would not trade too much for him. There are other free agents or possible draft picks for WR as well.

A shutdown DB or Saftey would be really nice as well.

Im sure Tuna knows what hes doing and will make the right choices.

Since they picked up the CFL sack leader

Big wide receiver is the biggest need? Learn from the Steelers? Am I the only one who realizes that Santonio Holmes is 5-11 and 190 lbs? Now I am not saying that anyone on the dolphins roster is currently as good as Holmes, but Ginn (and, to a lesser degree, Bess) certainly have the potential.

It might be easier to adress those other needs via free agency ( dt , cb , c ).
Haynesworth should be our target and if not Asomghwhatever from Oak.We got have some $$ money to spend.
Options at wr are very limited. Houshmanzadeh and Antonio Bryant might be to old for the Tuna and Boldin is not worth a first and a second or third which zona will surely ask.
Reality is that drafting a Wr in first might be a reality.( tuna did draft T Glenn early)
These guys are good options in first if avail..
Jeremy Maclin
Darius Heyward Bey
Hakeem Nicks (torched the U )
Or moving up for Crabtree( doubtful and expensive)
Percy Harvin( might be too small alongside Ginn
2nd RD
G Carr
Bardem( small school phenom )

The team with the best 3 WR lost! Not on of Pitt WR could start for the Cards.

Youre retarded ginn needs time and a deep throwing qb


We ALL criticized Wanny! Most of us while we we're screaming at the TV during the game. I'm not surprised he couldn't take it. It's obvious why he quit and will probably never coach again in the NFL.

WR is a need. However, Davone Bess will be a star next year. Bess only Started 6 games last year. If you would have taken his 6 games that he started and averaged those out to see what the season would look like had he started all 16 games....and Bess would have had 93 receptions. That's a lot of catches for a first year undrafted WR. The WR position needs to be addressed weather it is our current core stepping up or getting that #1 guy via draft or offseason. But these WRs rarely make an immediate impact. Bess, Ginn and Camarillo could be quite a great combo next year. Simply because you also have Fasano, Martin, Cobbs, Brown and Williams catchn' balls all season too. My gut feeling is that Cobbs and Bess will have HUGE breakout seasons next year. They still might need a GREAT WR via freeagency or draft, but you hold your opponnent to 1 less score than last season and yer in the playoffs again.

Hey Mando

I agree that improving the WR is a need. However, I've never seen a QB succeed when he's on his butt. Look at what happened to Brady in last year's Super Bowl. He had the receivers and still couldn't get it done.

For the Fins to throw truly effectively, the O-line has to be able to handle an opponents D-line and blitzes. No receiver, not even Randy Moss, can help a QB out if he's not able to plant and throw.

Parcells philosophy of building from the line out (on both sides of the ball) is IMO the correct approach.

This team needs a stud nose tackle, we were manhandled by the Ravens and New England the 2nd game last year in the middle of our DL. We need another Bob Baumhower type, a guy that looks like he's wearing pads when he is in shorts and a t-shirt. We get a Stud DT, then we create a mismatch in the interior line, it opens up our outside pass rushing lanes, we need a guy that commands double and triple teams. We get someone like that our whole defense improves.

And we need ILB's that know how to shed blockers, last year too many times I saw our ILB's getting stuffed by the opposing teams guards and center. You get that stud NT, those linebackers no longer have a 300 pound guard in their face and they can make plays at the LOS or better instead of 8 yards deep in our backfield.

The great NT also takes pressure off our DB's, the safeties can play farther off the LOS to provide deep help, our corners can press more because the safety help is there.

Great defenses ALWAYS start in the middle, because when you stuff the middle the only alternative is the outside, and everyone in the NFL has speed to get to the outside.

Right now the only mismatch we present to opposing offenses is Joey Porter, and we saw what happened towards the end of the year when people designed schemes against him. Nobody else on our defensive front commands that kind of respect. So we need to draft it, I say look for the meanest, nastiest, biggest NT available at our pick and grab him. Peria Jerry or BJ Raji would be awesome, I like Jerry over Raji for his size. We might have to trade up to get Jerry, I doubt Raji will be available when we pick. Fili Moala from USC ain't that bad either.


I have been saying all off season it is time to get 1 great receiver. Ginn would look better if we did like Arizona's tandem Bolden and Fitz.

I do not understnad why you are not Balking about the call's on the field.
Until the Media bashes the ref's they will continue to call crappy calls.
Home field advantage works because of ref's bad callls.
Some Investigative reporter would run stats on this and bring it to light.
Miami got screwwd to many times in the past with "Bad Calls".

What are you afraid of?

trade for boldin and sign julius peppers, draft for the offensive line, and linebacker and secondary, and you will ave one hell of a team in about a year or 2 max

You are right on the money. The league rules today require a pass first mentality to win. The statistics back it up. Running teams in the NFL get to stay home in January. And you've been right on Boldin. He's not as exciting as Fitzgerald but he does a lot more than Larry the
Great. Easily worth a first rounder...especially #25!

jc,lets sign haynesworth,suggs,asomugha,dansby ,while your at it.

I'm back home and I want to thank you guys for getting into the spirit of the blog and having a solid, interesting discussion. Excellent job by you.

Let me keep this going a big by addressing some of your posts:

Some of you think getting a No. 1 receiver isn't as important as a starting C or a ILB or a CB or whatever. How about doing all of the above? The Dolphins have $24 million in cap space and nine draft picks, three in the first two rounds. They should be able to fill three needs with that kind of amunition, if they identify the right guys. It's not a WR OR a LB. It can be both.

As to your posts:

MSmith55: The team with the best three receivers lost but without those three guys, that team doesn't sniff the Super Bowl. And those three WRs put that underdog team in position to win. They did their job.

Woz: The play of the game was Holmes catching the winning TD. Harrison's play would have only served as trivia if Holmes doesn't score that winning TD.

Joe: the team that won didn't get there passing, but had to pass and do it very, very, very well to win yesterday. And the three times the Steelers beat Baltimore this year, they did it passing.

Mr. Bungle: You're not reading all the comments. I already said I made a mistake earlier. Get with it, dude.

Matt: Thank you very much.

Oh, one more thing: Somebody said even if the Dolphins had a break-away receiver, they couldn't use him because Pennington doesn't have the arm.

You guys have to know that Ginn is one kind of receiver, but guys like Boldin and Fitzgerald and Hines Ward (when healthy) are different. Those guys are not the type that run past defenders to get deep and score. Those guys break a tackle or two and get their YAC that way. Ginn doesn't break tackles. Ginn is a deep threat, but not a breakaway WR. Can you see the difference?

armando do you think that davone bess could become our #1 receiver? He could gets yards after the catch, he showed it in the playoff game.

mando don't you know mr bungle is never wrong lol.you have us having 3 picks in the first round on your earlier post.you might want to correct that to first day,before you get these fin fans all excited.i agree we can sign either sign bart scott or jason brown and that takes away 1 need early and maybe draft a wr in the 2nd.

Totally agree Mando.Apart from Centre (Miami should grab one later in the draft),the Dolphins are fine on the Offensive Line (Smiley and Thomas will make the line better when they come back healthy). OLB is now addressed now that they've signed Cameron Wake who hopefully will be special but at WR,there is clearly a lack of a NO 1 who can scare defenses in this league.Dont get me wrong,Camarillo was having a very good season before he went on IR but he's only a good NO 2 and Bess was showing signs that hes a talented kid but he's only a good NO 3. Ginn continues to get better but he'll never be an elite NO 1.Alot of people seem to thing that trading for Boldin is pointless because whats the point in trading for a great WR if Pennington cant throw the ball further than 40 yards? We'll,its not just about throwing Hail Marys all the time.Its also about that great WR getting open who continues to get First Downs.The Dolphins also drafted Phillip Merling AND Kendall Langford in last years draft so all this talk of Miami needing to draft a decent pass rusher is pointless.Whether it's a trade for Boldin,a free agent signing of T.J Houshmanzadah or drafting a Percy Harvin with the first pick in the draft,it has to happen.

Totally agree Mando.Apart from Centre (Miami should grab one later in the draft),the Dolphins are fine on the Offensive Line (Smiley and Thomas will make the line better when they come back healthy). OLB is now addressed now that they've signed Cameron Wake who hopefully will be special but at WR,there is clearly a lack of a NO 1 who can scare defenses in this league.Dont get me wrong,Camarillo was having a very good season before he went on IR but he's only a good NO 2 and Bess was showing signs that hes a talented kid but he's only a good NO 3. Ginn continues to get better but he'll never be an elite NO 1.Alot of people seem to thing that trading for Boldin is pointless because whats the point in trading for a great WR if Pennington cant throw the ball further than 40 yards? We'll,its not just about throwing Hail Marys all the time.Its also about that great WR getting open who continues to get First Downs.The Dolphins also drafted Phillip Merling AND Kendall Langford in last years draft so all this talk of Miami needing to draft a decent pass rusher is pointless.Whether it's a trade for Boldin,a free agent signing of T.J Houshmanzadah or drafting a Percy Harvin with the first pick in the draft,it has to happen.

Defense and Offense is both important. Offense is more important I think. Look at the Steelers were was supposed defense in the 4th quarter nowhere that is where it was. I don't want to go into the terrible job by the refs so I won't. The Dolphins need a Star Wide Receiver. Chad had a great regular season, but he did show that he cannot carry a team on his back in the post-season. Chad Henne is the answer. He will be the starter sooner than most people think and that is a good thing. I am tired of all this wait and let him develop. The defense played better at the end of the season. Remember it was not the defense that cause them to lose against the Ravens it was the QB.

I agree the Dolphins MUST get 2 game breaking receivers to matter in today's league. I know a number of long time season ticket holders who have vowed not to renew if we don't get TJ, Amani, BOLDIN, and a rookie reciever. I wouldn't mind a Brandon Jacobs type running back either-but literally for my money-if Parcells doesn't aquire 2 WR's this season-then, frankly we won't stand a chance. Also if we stick with Ronnie, we'll be in trouble as well. Every super bowl of the last few years has been won by dynamic WR play-to ignore it is not to do his job! I think Ross will demand a dynamic WR be aquired, because I know he wants to win and fill the seats. For everyone reading this, who was the last WR the Dolphins had-OJ?, and he was apossession receiver.

Armando, sorry I don't read ALL the comments but you should have never made the statement in the first place because it shows you're head wasn't in the game. You're a reporter, mistakes like that are made by amatuers not professionals.

Armando, don't you know that go phins writes like he's in 1st grade?

Armando (et al),
Do you mean downfield as in vertical passing? I don't see a whole lot of teams throwing it deep vertically.

Why? Who knows... its a copy cat league and I think the big pass plays in the league now are mostly seam and crossing routes and yards after catch and lots, lots or broken plays.

I think the first year that Brady won it the Pats were that kind of team with Brown, Patten and Branch and the year before it was Warner with Holt, Bruce, Proehl etc, But there aren't many teams that do it, let alone try it. Qbs now are great on throwing in in the seam, slants, over and under the safety, the short fades, the quick pivot and screens, but teams just do not want take a chance on the deep throw and as a result do not seem to spend time on it.

I am sure Peyton, Brady, Rivers and a handful of others are capable of the deep touch, but when teams used to try it, there were always those guys who were inaccurate on the deep route and you usually only used it 4-5 times a game so it was painfully obvious who had the touch and who didn't. I agree - a good receiver is important, but there is so so much more to making deep passing work and it starts with comittment and offensive philosophy. Defense and your ability to play action also dictate that. Ever since Parcells started playing that 2 deep with the Giants years ago and making teams dink and dunk for 80 yards without making a mistake, people have strayed away from the deep ball.

Throwing downfield requires more than a great receiver. You need an arm back there that can stretch the field and Penny aint it.
You also need an oline and we have one lock there in Jake. You can have the rest. None of the tight ends or backs except Cobbs seem suited to a max protect scheme or able to read and chip like we needed when Rex Ryan sent that one extra pass rusher from the 46 D.

Forget the star receiver. Pittsburg actually has none of those things. What they have is Ben who is very good t and you've seen piss poor tackling all playoffs. He gets at least 2 more seconds in the pocket than any qb in the league. Compare him with Penny who goes down when you breathe on him and your broken plays open up where ours break down. For now he's our guy, but sooner than later its going to have to be Henne or back to the draft pool. We have a good servicable qb. Most of the other playoff teams had excellent qbs who could make many more throws than ours could.
T. Jackson 15/35 164 4.7avg 0td 1int
Pennington 25/38 252 6.6avg 1td 4int
J. Delhomme 17/34 205 6.0avg 1td 5int
K. Collins 26/42 281 6.7 0td 1int
were clearly the lesser qbs in the playoffs and those teams' 1st round exits reflected that. Lets not forget the bitter taste in our mouth and what happened in that last game, because thats how good teams get better. Chad was exactly what we needed and bless him he didn't turn the ball over this year, but good teams like Pitt improve /retool ALL the time and painful as it sounds, he made bad plays and was a major contrbutor to our loss. Don't forget whats broken before you go fixing everywhere else. Jack Welch, CEO of GE, once said the best advice he ever got was from his mom and that was to "See the world as it is, not how you want to see it."
Sometime next year its got to be Henne.

Bungle, if you don't read all the comments you are talking without knowing the situation. Armando made his comment at 2 AM. He later explained his head was, in fact, not in it at that point and I think rightly so. What's your problem?

I appreciate that he's exchanging with bloggers at that hour. I don't hold him up to some nazi standard of professionalism at 2 AM you want others to adhere to but don't yourself adhere to yourself.

By the way, if you're not going to read the comments, why join the conversation? You're basically talking to yourself.

Finheavenblows!, can't Armando delete it? Why would I read ALL the comments when most of them are stupid?

"By the way, if you're not going to read the comments, why join the conversation? You're basically talking to yourself."

Did you really think that made sense when you hit post? Think about it. I specifically replied to what he said. How am I talking to myself? He replied to me. So I missed his post correcting it. Okay, sorry I missed one of 50 posts or whatever. I guess guest posters have to subscribe to some nazi standard of professionalism?

Remember Cris Carter played for like 5 games... remember the possible keyshawn deal that never happened.. remember the feeling in your stomach when ginn was announced instead of quin?? Well, if we get a WR we dolfans can let go of these things.. Beetlejuice.. BaBabooey

Alot of comments on what difference a big time WR would make considering Pennington's pop gun arm. But know this...if the Phins do acquire that all elusive star WR this offseason and Pennie can't get it to him when the WR keeps getting seperation, then I gaurantee that Henne will get his shot sooner than expected. Therefore... why would anyone suggest delaying on trying to fill that huge void any longer?? If FA isn't the move then we draft one with a very high pick and if it needs to be our #1... then so be it! I agree w/ Mando that this is a huge priority.

hey armando don't you know that mr bungle is a sensitive pathetic loser.It was a joke you little baby.Also this is a blog ,i'm not trying to write a novel or anything.

go phins, why don't you just go away? You're an ass and you know you are. Don't you have a training session or something at your gym because you're such a successful guy?

You do nothing but troll blogs mocking and criticizing others. Who are you to talk?

Armando is a professional writer. If he wrote the piece I contested in a printed piece and thousands of readers read it, they'd all say what the hell are you talking about? They were down by 4 points. A FG doesn't help. He should know better. I understand why you don't.

wow,look at who does nothing but troll blogs mocking and criticizing others.you have to be kidding me,take a look in the mirror.I came on this blog and you were criticizing armando and mocking finhavenblows. This is all you all day while sitting on your fat azz.

Oh one more thing, what do big elite WRs like Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Andre Johnson all have in common?

Hint: 4 of them have been to a Super Bowl but they have never?

Who was the Steelers' big elite WR, Santonio Holmes? How big is he? How big was former Super Bowl MVP Deion Branch? Who was the big WR on the Bucs when they beat the Raiders? Who were the Colts big WRs beating the Bears? The Warner lead Rams had who a WR?

Why didn't the Cardinals win with Fitzgerald and Boldin? Could it be their running game isn't very good and their defense didn't make a big play when they needed it?

The Cardinals' WRs had 21-282 and 2 TDs from their big three WRs in Fitzgerald, Boldin and Breaston and they still lost the game. They went 9-7 in a bad division with these 3 guys. What's the problem?

I meant to say "this is all you do all day".

go phins, you act as if you're not here all day. In fact I've done very little blogging the past few days. Not like some who post 10-15 times in each blog. I maybe have a few here and on other blogs. You on the other hand seem to live on these blogs. So what's your deal?

You're supposedly a personal fitness trainer so why are you online all day? I work on a computer for what seems like all day. So having a blog window open is no big deal.

I find people who take the approach of criticizing others for being on blogs too often, are victims of their own vice. Why do you care? Is it an inner frustration you have with yourself? It sure sounds like it.

mr bungle please stop being a bullshyter,you have been blogging all day if not on here your on the sun sentinal . I came on here and your going at it with armando and finhavenblows.that's what you do all day every day .please stop with the bullshyt that you have a job that allows you to be on blogs all day.

go phins, if you were smart and your not, it was Armando and finheavenblows who were being crass with me.

But you're right, I don't have a job that allows me to be on a blog all day because I don't work, but I can afford a computer, online access, clothes, food, a house and all sorts of all other kinds of cool stuff. I'm one of those lucky guys who gets money under my pillow every night.

I'm still miffed at how being a personal trainer and being a pain in the ass on a blog go together? The timeline doesn't compute unless you have one client for a half hour.

Please go away. Your issue is with you, not me.

Who put that picture of ted ginn falling down right before he's about to get hit in your new story,armando? lol .

That because your so called wife pays the bills,while your fat azz stays home and blogs all day.

yeah maybe that 1 client pays for my computer,online access,cloths, car, which we know you don't have being home all day,food ,houses .and all cool stuff. well it's been fun,its getting late and it looks like the ny area is going to get snowed on again.

by the way we both know who pays your bills.good night and GO PHINS BABY!!!

I do not see upgrade at the receiver position as a priority. We have some young talented receivers that will continue to Develop. I think the O line is priority number 1. Give Penny time and he will have plenty of success with our existing set of receivers. I think London will play a greater role as a big receiver next year.

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