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Super Bowl should teach Dolphins a lesson

The Steelers are the champs.


Well, in this column that I've written for Monday's Miami Herald, I'm saying that it's because the run-first, defense-intense Steelers, can also throw the football.

Throwing the football is not an option in today's NFL. It is perhaps more important than running. Really. I believe that. How do you think the Cardinals got to the Super Bowl? Yeah, they took to the airways with Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston.

And to be able to pass the ball, you have to have at least one outstanding receiver. You know where I'm going here. I hope the Dolphins soon identify and either draft, sign or acquire in trade a great receiver.

I think it is their greatest need.

I am not saying Miami should use its first-round pick on a receiver, but neither am I saying the Dolphins definitely should not. Receiver is a huge need for the Dolphins and it needs serious addressing. The Miami corps needs a legit star that it lacks now. I don't care how Bill Parcells finds that guy. I just want him to find the guy and bring him to Miami. 

I know there will be talk of upgrading the middle of the line -- again. I know the defense needs attending to as well. But the Dolphins are kidding themselves if they continue to believe Davone Bess and Greg Camarillo and Ted Ginn Jr will be good enough. They are not good enough.

They're OK. But this team cannot win in the playoffs with these guys unless Ginn suddenly becomes a star, which is wish on a star stuff at best. The Dolphins should, must, come out of this offseason with a receiver that can win games for them.

Otherwise the offense will continue to be a popgun in an age when other NFL offenses are using Uzis.

Anyway, tell me what you guys think.


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Stop talking about quick fixes with WRs.
Let Bill do his thing, like grab the center from CAL Berkeley!!!
Let's BUILD this team the right way! We are 3 years from being elite!
The Parcells' way will make the Fins great and KEEP us there!

49 receptions, 714 yards, 4 touchdowns

73 receptions, 866 yards, 6 touchdowns

54 receptions, 872 yards, 3 touchdowns

39 receptions, 761 yards, 6 touchdowns

56 receptions, 790 yards, 2 touchdowns

43 receptions, 720 yards, 5 touchdowns

60 receptions, 936 yards, 6 touchdowns

26 receptions, 378 yards, 2 touchdowns (in 8 games)

In this list are the second season statistics for Terrell Owens, Michael Irvin, Reggie Wayne, Tim Brown, Steve Smith, Cris Carter, and...Ted Ginn.

Please, after reading that list, try to explain how hoping Ted Ginn becomes a legit #1 threat is a "wish upon a star". You fail to realize that the Colstons, the Fitzgerald, and the Mosses are the exceptions, not the rule. It takes time to adjust to the NFL as a receiver, and Ginn showed VERY promising flashes in his second year and is progressing well in line with the non-Moss/Fitzgerald physical freaks such as Tim Brown, Steve Smith, et al (even Owens wasn't half the physical man beast he is today in his second year). His statistics line up favorably with all of the above mentioned who were or are dominant receivers in their own right. And he's a Z receiver whose best patterns are deep routes playing with a quarterback who has some trouble with the deep ball.

Please get a clue Armando.

By the way, in the above comment, I didn't list the names in the same order as the statistics.

That's the point -- if you can't immediately tell where Ginn is, either stop saying "the guy will never become a true #1 receiver" or be prepared to defend the claim that Wayne, Irvin, et al aren't true #1 receivers.

Wow Armando, spending just half an hour on this topic reveals just how stupid your anti-Ginn sentiments are.

Even funnier...take a look at the HOF receivers playing in the modern era after the merger.

Fred Biletnikoff
Bob Hayes
Michael Irvin
Charlie Joiner
Steve Largent
James Lofton
Art Monk
Pete Pihos
John Stallworth
Lynn Swann
Paul Warfield

Of all these guys' second years, only Bob Hayes had more receptions AND yardage than Ginn in his second year, and only Bob Hayes, Art Monk, James Lofton had more yardage. Neither Monk nor Lofton averaged more than 10 yards per game receiving than Ginn though.

Since many of these guys played 14 game seasons in their second year, it makes sense to look at it in a per game basis -- but then, still, only Lynn Swann and Bob Hayes averaged more receptions and more yards per game than Ginn in his second year.

So of the 11 receivers in the hall of fame from the modern era after the merger, Ginn outperformed or matched all but two (Hayes and Swann). That combined with the 7 perennial Pro-Bowlers I gave who are yet to be hall eligible who Ginn had similar if not better years than.

Yeah, it's a big wish upon a star that he'll turn into something.

You say you get along great with Saban. Questions IS, why would you want to? After the way he left the Dolphins, he should be unwelcome in South Florida for eternity!

Most receivers don't really hit their stride till their third season Ginn improved greatly over his first season and with pennington at qb drafting a deep threat in the first round would be a waste A ball control type offense is what you have to run with pennington at the helm and with ronnie and rickey in the backfeild o-line is the key to getting the offense rolling

The defense is what really needs to be improved the phins should be looking for a couple of real shutdown corners with ballhawking ability and passrushing defensive ends if the defense can keep it close the offense should be able to win the games with our current receivers

Everyone keeps talking about how good the phins were this year but they had one of the easiest schedules in the league next year we have the toughest schedule and if things don't get fixed this off season they will not be going back to the playoffs the first thing that should be addressed is the defense it was weak against the pass last year and there was some poor tackling as well

We dont need to be worried about opposing O's,what we need is a #1 receiver and then we can lose 38 to 24 instead of 38 to 13.

Yeah..thats the ticket!

I don't think the Dolphins will go after a receiver in Round 1. After Crabtree I am not sure there is anyone who could justify a 1st round pick (including Macklin and Harvin). Second round may be....especially if Hakeem Nicks from UNC is there. Big receiver (6'1, 215) who can be dominating....great hands, just not super fast. See: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_aMQ2R7dYQ

He was dominating against West Virginia and made one of the best catches I've ever seen:

Pennington is the key with the WR's. His limitations will affect how good our WR's will be. Aka can he get the ball down the field? Mando, I think that receiver is important enough that we need to find a talent with the 1st, 2nd's or 3rd. He's a little raw and will not be a star right away but Rhamses Barden from Cal-Poly could be available in the late 2nd or 3rd. Warm Henne up in the bullpen.

2003 they should have drafted ANQUAN BOLDIN. But no, they pass him up for Eddie Moore, who since has been struck by injuries. Now with Boldin's situation in Arizona, shouldn't Miami hop into consideration to talk of acquiring Anquan from the Cards? We all know Parcells would prefer to keep his draft picks, but Bill, he's young and what we need right now. Exactly what we need. You're kdding youself not to think so. Sure, Nicks or Heyward-Bay MIGHT be superstars, but right now, WHO IS THE SUPERSTAR? He's 28! not 38! He's going to be consistent for the next six or seven seasons. Maybe more. Who knows? Dol-Fans would love nothing more to acquire him. I think I speak for all of us. Correct? Give up a 2 and a 5 or 6 and see if Arizona will bite. You don't need to give up that first pick. The Pats got Moss with a 2nd rounder and another bum pick. Come on now. We'll have a great, Superbowl-potential, team. Anquan, Camarillo, Ginn, Bess, and Fasano with Brown and Williams splitting about 1500 yards in the back field? And let's not forget our hero everybody...Chad Pennington, aka Shoulda Been MVP in front of MPP (Most Popular Player). You'll have it Miami, you just got to go get it.

The Fins MUST trade Faneca, C. Pace & D. Hall, the three players that Mando said we MUST acquire last year, for Anquan Bolding, the player Mando sez we MUST acquire this year, or we are as doomed to failure as we were last year because we did not get Faneca, Pace & Hall.

Get ready for several months of hysteria & senseless demands to trade the farm for some ultra-necessary free agent.

Or maybe we should trade John Beck & Eillford for the Lions No. 1?

Rienhold,what the hell are you talking about?Who's bolding or eillford.And how exactly do you trade for a free agent.?

Armando I was thinking about what you said regarding the 24 million that they have under the cap. That should fetch us a couple of needs but I'm wondering who is out there at the WR position to trade for. Anyone good is going to require multiple draft picks and in Boldins case the asking price is a first and maybe more. Also after we sign our own free agents or replace them with other free agents looking for a big payday, and give contracts to possibly nine players we could pick up in the draft, how much is projected to be left under the cap. If we had a projection on that number we could talk more seriously about what the Dolphins would be able to afford. I'm terrible at the money side of the game but maybe you or another poster could do a mock offseason. Actually now that I think of it that would be a very interesting article for your blog and could create some fun conversations in here.

mando is spot on with ted(feet of clay)ginn, the guy will catch a ball and either A)look for the sidelines, B) drop stright down after the catch to avoid any contact C) wont even try to make the catch...like mando said look at the guys playing in the super bowl this weekend, fearless when it came time to man up, ted (feet of clay) ginncant man up because of lack of testecular fortutude..but i do like bess and camerello, now those are 2 guys with big .... will you guys know where iam going with this..

Like speed fearlessness cant be taught..

M@@c you are such a hater..Did you get into anger management?? you need it you know!


Interior line on d/o first... Besides who is going to throw the long ball? Pennington?

HEY BOZO'Z------------




CB is a NEED

FS is a NEED


to me ALL are HUGE need, and YES WE NEED A STUD WR .........

we have maybe 25 MILLION, let's get 2 STUDS in FREE AGENCY....

my wish list is--------






1st rd. OLB if no Suggs

2nd rd. CB

2nd rd. OT/OG

3rd rd. ILB

4th rd. WR

No. It was the offensive line NOT moving any1 nack in that front seven of balt.

You wrote "You need at least one solid downfield threat to make hay in the NFL", which i totally agree with. BUT, on any given day, Ted Ginn is the fastest man on the field and a legit deep threat. As you have said before, Penny just doesn't have the arm to get the ball to him. So, isn't the problem the QB and not the receiver? Don't get me wrong, i love Penny but this might be a different conversation when Henne eventually takes over. Maybe we should focus on building the interior in the meantime.


Upgrading the passing game is key. But we couldn't just line up and run it on even an average defense last year either. We needed to rely on the WILDCAT to pick up yards. If you can't line up and run in the NFL you're doomed.

That points to the O-line.

The 3 interior line man were the biggest weak spot on the team. Donald Thomas may be a piece but size and depth are at least 1a or 1b in terms of off season goals.

That said I agree the Fish need a prototypical WR. If I were them I'd throw the house at HOUSH if he's available.

That or swing something for Boldin. I think he'd be a stud in Miami. Either way Ginn will become a big weapon if he were lined up opposite a true #1 WR.

AND PS...They need to allow an open competition at QB. Heene deserves the opportunity to win the job.

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