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Sunday: Dolphins column and live Pro Bowl blog

Who said Sunday's aren't interesting when the Dolphins aren't playing?

Today I want to announce The Miami Herald is returning the Sunday Dolphins column to its pages. The Sunday Dolphins column was a weekly staple of The Herald's coverage years ago but for some reason it got lost in translation after I left and then returned from ESPN.

Circulation has dropped dramatically in the absence of the weekly Dolphins column. Coincidence?

Anyway, the column is back triumphantly starting this week and in today's return edition I look at a couple of the many difficult, and likely painful, decisions the Dolphins will have to make in the coming weeks. Unlike last year when trimming fat was easy for Bill Parcells and Co., this offseason will be tougher to find excess weight on the roster.

This week's column focuses on Vonnie Holliday and Vernon Carey, who were valuable contributors to Miami's 2008 success. Neither are guaranteed of being part of the team in 2009.

The column tells you why that is and opines what the Dolphins should do with these two players. A couple of things: The countdown is now on for how long it will take other local publications to start publishing a Sunday Dolphins column. My guess is two weeks, max. Secondly, on Monday's blog I'll give you the rundown on the other players mentioned in the column.

As for today's Pro Bowl game blog ..

I will be doing a live blog right here starting at 4:30 p.m.

Why am I doing this, you might ask?

Well, there are three Dolphins in the game -- Jake Long, Joey Porter and Ronnie Brown -- and there are lots and lots of free agents in the game, namely Nnamdi Asomugha, who I think is the top player of all the UFAs that might hit the market in a couple of weeks.

Anquan Boldin and Albert Haynesworth are also in the game so ... well, you know what I'm thinking.

The other reason there will be a live blog at 4:30 is I have no freakin' life!

So come right back here at 4:30 p.m. and we'll watch the game together and blog it live.

Aloha. Or whatever.


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FIRST!!! After reading all the posts on the last blog, I think we all need to relax and not worry about Tuna leaving. He's a man who honors his word and that is he's staying for 2009. Let's all just sit back and let the man work his magic and aquire the pieces we need to make the Fins a dominating force once again in the NFL. I have been a fan since the 70's and I have never been more prouder than what they acomplished last year. As far as Ross doing something to piss Tuna off...that's not going to happen. He knows what he's got and will do whatever it takes to keep him.

SECOND! Whatever THAT means...
Aloha, 'Mando!
Parcells has stated he's here for 2009...what about the following two years of his contract? we should be concerned with this "non-story"...When he (leaves and) sets up camp in a new place, he usually pilages through the previous organization, collecting both players and coaches...Guess we may as well enjoy it while we can!
Aloha, 'Mando

Neither are not guaranteed? So I guess they are both guaranteed to be with the Dolphins this year. Strange way to say it though.

OK A-MAN anybody I should be lookin at that could POSSIBLY be a fin next year?YA know between Five card and hold-em?

Fifth! Five is my favorite number because I love even numbers. I think we should trade for Larry Fitzgerald and possibly James Harrison. If we give up our first round pick to Arizona and both our seconds to Pittsburgh that would be fine. Agree?

Hey Armando, why don't you start doing the Q&A Forum here...seems since Cole left it has went down hill. That was an awesome forum at one time and it is really terrible now.

Mr. Bungle has obviously been dippin into some fine stuff......Why would the Cardinals or Steelers trade major contributors to their success this year?

and 5 is not an even number.....

I read your colum and I agree 100% with you. We pay Holiday and Carey since both did their jobs well this past season.
We sign a couple of fa's that are above average players and fit in with the system and move forward.

I KNOW ...why not write a story about Parcels status on wether he's leaving or not, Armando!?? That would be a novel and interesting story! What does everyone think. Yaaaa....why didn't I think of that!????? Noooot!!

I KNOW ...why not write a story on Parcel's status about wether he's leaving or not!??? That would be a novel and interesting story!! Yaaaaaa ...why didn't I think of that???
What do you think guys!??

Five is close to an even number, so back off Curtiss. Four and six are even and they are just one away. I also would like to trade for those players if we could. I wouldn't mind throwing in someone like Wilford if it would help.

First of all we couldn't give Wilford away and B Free Agency sucks. Build through the draft and forget big FA's! We don't have Fitzgerald to complement Boldin and we don't have Foot, Farrior, and a whole cast of others to support Harrison, so what makes you think they will be the same player on the Phins! Dallas is an example of getting big FA's and New England is the example of building in the draft. Which team do you want to model after! Not Dallas!

Mike makes a good point, and if there's on thing NE did well it was their savy in aquiring players. But they didn't just do it thru the draft - they got Welker from us didn't they? Smart offseason moves here and there will compliment the draft. FA has to be wise and sparingly. And so does getting rid of players, because our guys are starting to play in units, and it's demoralizing to have the guy next to you gone and you don't know if you can count on the new guy. Some of that may occur when we get rid of decent players like Crowder. We had no stars, just no names working together. Trifecta needs to be careful how they pick that apart. Wake was a great addition, though.

I'll be here for the live blog, Mando. And Larry Thompson is right, the Q&A by Darlington stinks. How does this guy have a job? He doesn't break any stories, he doesn't answer our questions, and he's not a good writer. STRIKE THREE, you're out!

Bungle is dripping with sarcasm. And stupidity. Mostly stupidity.

Mr.bungle really needs to get a life.Being on blogs 24/7 ,while being couped up at home all day is getting to his head.He is obviously starving for attention because he has no friends ,except for his imaginery friends on the blogs.Bungle ,it's over 50 degrees in ny today.Get some fresh air!!

Forget about nnamndi asomugha.He has already stated that he feels the raiders are going to franchise him. Even al davis,yes that al davis.has talked about the exclusive rights franchise tag in regarding asomugha. Albert haynesworth has played great the last 2 years,both contract years.The previous years the man was a bust and took to many plays off.He gets a red flag,because who knows what happens when he gets all that money.

Thats not Mr Bungle sounds like a imposter!

Fifth! Five is my favorite number because I love even numbers. I think we should trade for Larry Fitzgerald and possibly James Harrison. If we give up our first round pick to Arizona and both our seconds to Pittsburgh that would be fine. Agree?

Posted by: Mr. Bungle | February 08, 2009 at 07:09 AM

This is not the real Mr. Bungle. It's a very immature person who gets his rocks off by playing imposter. Impressive isn't it?

Best FA's are on defensive side this year. Do NOT trade picks from the first two rounds...that's what got the Dolphins in the hole we are digging out of now. Build through the draft, once you've built the championship team you MAINTAIN through trades to make that 3-4 year run. Dolphins run begins with O-line. Keep Carey, draft OG Robinson of Oklahoma with first pick (that puts three first round picks on the line...Satele will continue to progress at a tough position). That leaves two round two's and round three to build depth on defense. My dream O-line will change the pace of the game and a rested defense is always better.

Hey Armando!

It's 2:24pm and you haven't beaten the dead horse today. You know, the one about Parcells can leave, blah, blah, blah...

Does anyone know how many yards long the endzone is? I told someone it is 25 yards long and he said I was wrong but I am usually right about stuff.

The endzone is 10 yards deep and I'm pretty sure 60 yards wide. Is this a serious question?

finfanrob??? you're able to use a computer, have you heard of google? you could have found that the end zone is 10 yards deep and not embarassed yourself. Easier than google is to watch a football game. Did you ever wonder how they determine the length of a field goal attempt? It includes the 10 yards to the back of the endzone plus seven yards back from the line of scrimmage. If you're 7 years old I apologize, if you're over 20 years old ... we don't need new players, we need new fans.

Hey Fins fans, guess what? I can leave my contract at any time and Miami would not get any compensation. Since that hadn't been reported in the last 15 minutes or so, I thought I would let everyone know.

Mando...how about following up on the Parcells story instead of wondering about Carey and Holliday weeks before free agency

If the dolphins sign a right tackle are they planning to resign Carey and use him as a guard???

OK guys, we're three minutes before the broadcast starts. Anybody else on here?

Are we ready for some football?

Hi Armando,

How do you feel about the fact that Omar Kelly ridiculed his co-worker, Harvey, on their own blog? Would you ever rip into a co-worker on your blog?

Hi Harvey,

We all make mistakes, dude.

Luis, the only tackle significantly better than Carey would be Jordan Gross and I don't think the Panthers will be letting him go because he is their left tackle. So I don't see the Dolphins "signing" any other tackle."

And there's Joey Porter getting some air time. Everybody stand for the national anthem, please.


Without making this a Bill Parcells blog, just one question: When Parcells does leave, do you think that Stephen Ross will trust Jeff Ireland to be the head of football operations, or will he hire someone with more experience to be Ireland's boss? Thanks

OMG, look at Ray Lewis taking over the locker room and giving the pregame speech. That is a leader!!!!

Meanwhile, Fake GM: It depends on the timing. If it happens within just one year, I think Ross will talk to various people before making a decision.

If Ireland has a couple of years to make an impression on Ross, his chances of being handed the franchise are much better.

You're right, Armando. I agree to put it to rest and never mention it again.

Warner asks for patience as he's calling the first play. funny.


What do you think of the Fins opinion of Julius Peppers? He is amazingly talented but maddeningly streaky. Not sure I like his "I want out of Charlote" attitude either.

What's he worth to you?

Matt: Julius Peppers' agent said he'd include the Dolphins in his list of teams he'd play for. The Dolphins aren't going there. Pay a guy $10 million to change positions?

And I agree with you, he's been inconsistent the past two years or so.


I understand the matter is very sensitive over there at the other newspaper. Gladly not my worry.

Did you guys see Brandon Marshall backing down to Joey Porter when he heard Porter was going to be at the Pro Bowl?

how excited are you about heading into next season with chad pennington as the starter? I would hate to think we have a matt ryan, tom brady star in the waiting in chad henne and have him on hold for an aging quarterback.

Very sensitive? Come on, you can't throw out a tease like that and then expect me to then not beg for more details.

Tony Gonzalez totally cracked me up with his Tony Montana impersonation in the intros.

startrek: I know Tony Sparano had to say Pennington is his quarterback for next year. But let's be honest: The guy is the starter if he plays terrible four consecutive games and Miami losses them all? I don't think so.

I think the Miami quarterback position is perfect in that it is now on auto pilot. It will sort itself out. Pennington plays great, he starts. He plays crappy, he's in trouble. Auto pilot.

The AFC runs the wildcat and Leon Washington goes the wrong way, not giving Ronnie Brown an option pitch.

Tony Gonzalez is going to be 34 years old and he is awesome ... would any of you guys trade for him?

Ronnie still gets up smiling.

Linda hard to argue Peyton being there after that drive...

I like what Fasano did this year, and Martin had some great grabs, too.

How so?

Did you guys see Brandon Marshall backing down to Joey Porter when he heard Porter was going to be at the Pro Bowl?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | February 08, 2009 at 04:49 PM

... And both Fasano and Martin would be warming the bench with Tony Gonzalez on the team. Just saying ...

Marc, who is Linda?

True, they would be. But most of our players would be warming the bench if Hall of Fame players were starting at their positions.

Marshall was asked on a radio show if he was going to confront Porter at the Pro Bowl.

He said, I'm not saying anything negative about Porter. when I found out I'm going to see him in Hawaii, I decided to not saying anything else about him.

Kinda* Like you never have typos...

If Tony Gonzalez was a missing piece- yes.

But he is not. TE was one of our surprise positions last year and seems to be clicking.

No way would I give up a draft choice.

I NEVER have tipos.

Drew Brees of the Dolphins, er, Saints in the game now.

WOW.. that's kind of a b!tch* move

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