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Sunday: Dolphins column and live Pro Bowl blog

Who said Sunday's aren't interesting when the Dolphins aren't playing?

Today I want to announce The Miami Herald is returning the Sunday Dolphins column to its pages. The Sunday Dolphins column was a weekly staple of The Herald's coverage years ago but for some reason it got lost in translation after I left and then returned from ESPN.

Circulation has dropped dramatically in the absence of the weekly Dolphins column. Coincidence?

Anyway, the column is back triumphantly starting this week and in today's return edition I look at a couple of the many difficult, and likely painful, decisions the Dolphins will have to make in the coming weeks. Unlike last year when trimming fat was easy for Bill Parcells and Co., this offseason will be tougher to find excess weight on the roster.

This week's column focuses on Vonnie Holliday and Vernon Carey, who were valuable contributors to Miami's 2008 success. Neither are guaranteed of being part of the team in 2009.

The column tells you why that is and opines what the Dolphins should do with these two players. A couple of things: The countdown is now on for how long it will take other local publications to start publishing a Sunday Dolphins column. My guess is two weeks, max. Secondly, on Monday's blog I'll give you the rundown on the other players mentioned in the column.

As for today's Pro Bowl game blog ..

I will be doing a live blog right here starting at 4:30 p.m.

Why am I doing this, you might ask?

Well, there are three Dolphins in the game -- Jake Long, Joey Porter and Ronnie Brown -- and there are lots and lots of free agents in the game, namely Nnamdi Asomugha, who I think is the top player of all the UFAs that might hit the market in a couple of weeks.

Anquan Boldin and Albert Haynesworth are also in the game so ... well, you know what I'm thinking.

The other reason there will be a live blog at 4:30 is I have no freakin' life!

So come right back here at 4:30 p.m. and we'll watch the game together and blog it live.

Aloha. Or whatever.


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Maybe Drew Brees and Anquan Boldin can hook up for a completion as they should have done with the Dolphins ... Ah, the things that could have been.

I'm happy with our current TEs

Miami needs to resign Carey and Bell. Attempt to acquire Oshiomogho Atogwe and do the rest through the draft. I would like to see the phins pick up Darrius Heyward-Bey in the second round what do you think?

Do you guys think having the Pro Bowl before the Supe rBowl make the game more interesting?

Anybody else having a lag on here?

The receiver I think fits what Parcells typically looks at is Hakim Nicks of N.C. Big, tough, sure-handed. And he'd be a second-round guy at earliest.

I agree, the Dolphins don't have much of a choice with Carey. They almost have to do it.

Mike Florio had aninteresting proposal for the Pro Bowl recently stating that the game would draw more interest if it was held around June-July like the Hall Of Fame game.

Yeah, there's lag. Typepad has updated which translates to got worse.

That's an interesting thought, but most players wouldn't be thrilled about playing what amounts to another preseason game ... and in the summer? ... Tough sell.

Miami should go nowhere near other TE's cus Fasano and Martin are good enough

Miami should go nowhere near other TE's cus Fasano and Martin are good enough

Guys: Right now Jordan Gross is playing RT. If I were the Dolphins, I would try to sign him (he's better than Carey) and truly upgrade the position, rather than give Carey a bunch of money and not really upgrade.


This years draft is very heavy on O-line. I am sure that strengthing the O-line through the draft should not be a problem this year.

Mando youwould have to pay left tackle money to a right tackle to get Gross. Nice thought but too expensive.

Mark: I agree with you on the TE. We were just batting the hypothetical around. We didn't trade a pick for Gonzalez during the past hour.


I HATE the plan to have the Pro Bowl BEFORE the Superbowl. Cant see the logic in that cus you've got to take into account injuries etc.

The difference between what Gross is going to get and what Carey is going to get is about $2 million per season. To me, that's worthy it. I know the Dolphins won't do it, but I think if you're going to pay, you should actually get an upgrade.

Ronnie Brown is a beast. Definately looking foward to next season.

Ronnie Brown needs better play from the G-C-G combo. The thing that really puzzles me is that he was BETTER in 2007 than 2008.

Anybody disagree?

If that is the case then absolutely you go for Gross over Carey. The phins would probably have the largest combined set of tackles in the NFL between Gross and Long. They are both huge .

I like Brown but sometimes I feel he dances in the back field to much. I would like to seem him pound the rock more like Ricky does. Less dancing and skipping, more down field and pounding.

dolphan4life: I'm not saying the Dolphins SHOULD do this. I'm not saying they will. I'm saying, why not consider it? Why not think outside the box?


Agree with you on taking Heyward-Bey,but i'd want Miami taking him in the 1st. He looks great.

I don't want to beat a dead horse, but I really love seeing QBs that can throw the ball down the field at any time and make EVERY throw.

Chad P is a good QB. But he is not elite because of his lack of arm strength.

third and 1 and Cam Cameron hands the ball to FB McClain on a belly play instead of giving to Ronnie Brown?


There is no need to take him in the first round he will still be there in the second with their first pick. Along with him they can take Ramses Barden in the late rounds.

Mando you have to play with the cards you are dealth and Penny does great withwhat he has.

Cam Cameron just called for a Ronnie Brown halfback option. No, it didn't work.

I love listening to the plays called on TV. Wish we could have that during the regular season -- of course, can't happen with the Patriots in the NFL.

by the way, Jake Long is in playing right tackle. Yes, RT.


Your thoughts on Miami getting Bart Scott and Nnambi Asomugha in free agency,then selecting Heyward-Bey in the 1st round in the draft and William Moore in the 2nd?

Or is that just crazy thinking??

Guys,another wr in the bill parcells mold,that would be available in the 2nd round is kenny britt of rutgers .He's a big target 6-4 217.with good speed and hands.I see alot of him being in nj,he's gooood.

the Ravens have three LBs that are free agents. They might lose either Scott or Lewis. If Lewis goes to Dallas as rumored, Scott ain't leaving Baltimore. Suggs is a guy the Ravens will definitely keep.

If the Raiders allow themselves to lose Asomugha, they are the most stupid franchise in the history of the NFL. He's arguably the best CB in the NFL right now. Oh yeah, Sparano thinks so, too.

NJ: Absolutely on point on Britt. Haven't seen him play, but I had an NFL scout tell me he's the second-best WR in the draft behind Crabtree. That's saying something.

Ronnie Brown needs better play from the G-C-G combo. The thing that really puzzles me is that he was BETTER in 2007 than 2008.

Anybody disagree?

Posted by: Armando Salguero | February 08, 2009 at 05:29 PM

Are you serious wit hthat question? Hello, year back from suregery is never as good. Plus he didnt get the carries that he needs to really get going. 10 carries a game doesnt cut it for guys like him. They wear down defenses by getting touches and a feel for the game. That and suck play from the Gs and C didnt help.

Ronnie needs more carries per game to be the dominant runner he is. But in order t oget more carries we need a QB that can throw downfield to keep a defense honest. Until we fix QB and OL, Brown will be ineffective.

Julius Peppers just sounded like a total dummy in his interview with Tiki Barber.

I just saw a hight clip on Britt and he is pretty good. He is real big.

NIcks is going to be something special. I have never seen a WR with his quickness ( I did not say speed ) agility and gift with his hands. He has the quickness of a wes welker, the agility of a steve smith and the hands like TO. I saw him make some just sick catches at UNC that nobody from this planet should be able to make. The behind the back catch while running and doging LBs and Safeties was the sickest of the mall.

Nice catch by Ronnie. Ronnie is definately looking good.

Jason: Good point on Ronnie's knee. Having said that, it is hard to believe Miami's interior line play was worse in 2008 than in 2007.

Mando,thanks on me being on point with britt.I'm telling you straight up.i've seen him play in person(went to 2 rutgers games here in nj)and on tv,this guy is so good,that i'm afraid if he runs a good 40 time(4.4 or 4.5) he'll be going late 1st ,around were we pick.If miami signs a jason brown ol and a few free agents on d,would mia condider britt at 25.

I see a theme building here: Blog posters ripping on Pennington ... even on comments about the running game. I get the feeling that will be the case much of the season.


All about Nicks, these are great

Yikes, John Madden is scary. Not a nice man, either.

Mandy, I disagree and agree with the guy that said Brown needs more carries per game. If there's one thing Cam did right, it was increase Brown's workload after game 3.

So I think we agree there is excellent receiver talent available deep into the first and into the second round

Larry Fitzgerald is just too, too, too good. Amazing God-given gift that guy has.

Marc, you disagree and agree? Sounded to me you just agreed ...

I am not ripping Pennington. If I saw a turtle is slow, does that mean I am ripping a turtle? Pennington does not scare defenses like Baltimore or the Steelers because they know he cant burn them, THEY KNOW IT, Pennington Knows it, and its ok if your line can blow people off the ball and you can cram it down their throats 30 plays a game but we cant do that either YET. All I am saying is if we had a guy who could go downfield, teams would be FORCED to play two safeties deep, thats a huge advantage to the offense and to the running game.

The new "The Catch"


Halftime now.

What do you guys think of Vonnie Holliday's situation? What should the Dolphins do?

More of the next Miami Dolphins WR


Not that I am biased or anything

Jason: I understand about Pennington and the deep ball. But if you look at great passing teams -- Arizona, New Orleans, Denver, Houston, New England -- they don't throw deep that much.

What happens more often than not is the QB throws 15-20 pass and some great receiver -- Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Marshall -- take it to the house after breaking a tackle and running away from everyone else.

You must consider that none of Miami's receivers are dynamic to the point of being able to give the offense consistent YAC and big plays AFTER the catch.

Mark,nnamdi asomugha has already mentioned that he thinks he will be franchised for the 3rd and final time.Al davis has also mentioned that he's going to franchise him.so forget Nnamdi.William moore suxs.He had one of the worst senior bowl weeks to go along with a down senior season.there's talk of him being switched to lb. He has bust written all over him.

jason,are you a spokesman for youtube or something.Enough with the you tube posts,this is mandos blog for the miami herald. geez.

Funny, US phins fan.

We're back, guys. And Ronnie Brown is returning the second half kick

Reverse by Brown and then he gets called for holding.

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