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Sunday: Dolphins column and live Pro Bowl blog

Who said Sunday's aren't interesting when the Dolphins aren't playing?

Today I want to announce The Miami Herald is returning the Sunday Dolphins column to its pages. The Sunday Dolphins column was a weekly staple of The Herald's coverage years ago but for some reason it got lost in translation after I left and then returned from ESPN.

Circulation has dropped dramatically in the absence of the weekly Dolphins column. Coincidence?

Anyway, the column is back triumphantly starting this week and in today's return edition I look at a couple of the many difficult, and likely painful, decisions the Dolphins will have to make in the coming weeks. Unlike last year when trimming fat was easy for Bill Parcells and Co., this offseason will be tougher to find excess weight on the roster.

This week's column focuses on Vonnie Holliday and Vernon Carey, who were valuable contributors to Miami's 2008 success. Neither are guaranteed of being part of the team in 2009.

The column tells you why that is and opines what the Dolphins should do with these two players. A couple of things: The countdown is now on for how long it will take other local publications to start publishing a Sunday Dolphins column. My guess is two weeks, max. Secondly, on Monday's blog I'll give you the rundown on the other players mentioned in the column.

As for today's Pro Bowl game blog ..

I will be doing a live blog right here starting at 4:30 p.m.

Why am I doing this, you might ask?

Well, there are three Dolphins in the game -- Jake Long, Joey Porter and Ronnie Brown -- and there are lots and lots of free agents in the game, namely Nnamdi Asomugha, who I think is the top player of all the UFAs that might hit the market in a couple of weeks.

Anquan Boldin and Albert Haynesworth are also in the game so ... well, you know what I'm thinking.

The other reason there will be a live blog at 4:30 is I have no freakin' life!

So come right back here at 4:30 p.m. and we'll watch the game together and blog it live.

Aloha. Or whatever.


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From what I have seen today, Jake Long has not taken even one snap at LT. He's at RT now with Joe Thomas of the Browns at LT.

take gonzalez in a heartbeat.

Im not talking how many times we throw deep, its knowing we can that makes a defense have to be ready for it. Defenses dont even need to do that with us. Its nothing to them to keep one safety back there. The catch Ginn made was lucky as he came back for the ball, against a better defense, it would have probably been picked, the TD he made was the result of a flea flicker, and like you said, not great route running. Im with you on the draft, I think OT in the 1st and WR in the 2nd. It would be huge if we scored Nicks in the 2nd. Im just hoping we dont take Harvin in the 1st because I doubt we would get a starting caliber tackle in the 2nd.

The problem discussed earlier, Crockett, is that you have to give up something for him and that means you have less ability to address a position of greater need.

thanks mando lol.I meant to say us phins fans.

Joe is the vet, makes sense.

i hope we sign dj hackett or a good possession wr to go opposite ginn and keep bess in the slot.

also i hope we go after ray lewis or brian dawkins, ray lewis for his locker room leadership and accountability ( and he'll be playing back home) and picture dawkins with yeremiah bell delivering hits back there.

Harvin? The Dolphins picking Harvin would be very surprising to me. He seems more like a west coast offense type of guy.

I jus twish we would use Ginn as the PR. Funny thats why we drafted him and he isnt being used for what he is best at.

Agreed about Ginn as the KR and PR. He's the best guy the team has.

Has Joey Porter done anything today?

US Phin fan, did I say it was anyone elses blog other than Mandos? Unfortunately for you Mando seems to be ok with the highlight posts or he would have said something by now. Im guessing you are the only person on earth who is really bothered by them enough to waste time posting about them. Or I guess you can take more time and post more porotests under bogus make believe names. That would be more entertaining in fact.

I enjoy it when guys on this blog get on each other. It's the radio host in me, I guess. Love tension.

I agree but you hear people screaming for the guy all the time. He is good but not Miami Dolphin 1st round pick good. I want big sweaty stinky earth moving OT, I dont care what his name is or what school he played at as long as Tuna and Ireland say he can throw down on anyone unfortunate enough to be rushing the passer or in his way on a run play.

You guys should remember that Tony Gonzalez is eating up the Pro Bowl defense, but the defense is limited in the coverages it can play so this isn't real.

Nice run by Ronnie. They really need to give him the ball more.

Give me Haynesworth and Asomugha as the free agent pick ups, a solid draft and a Henne upset in training camp in 09!

jason,take a look at mandos post at 6:25 to see what he thought of your constant you tube posts.He was laughing and was just to nice to say anything.one time was enough.by the way take some grammar lessons "porotests" lol.Now lets get back to football .

Henne upset in preseason? Not likely. Only way Henne comes out of the preseason as the starter is if Pennington gets injured.

I meant I disagreed with your original statement that Brown regressed, and I agreed with the other poster...I didn't use proper puncuation. That's twice now. You're in a rare mood.

Joe Thomas beat Jared Allen for sack, strip and fumble recovery. Maybe Jake Long should be playing LT.

I knew there would be a new name! ok so Mr NJ Phin Fan I had a typo while typing a quick blog, Ill be sure to consult my spell checker next time before hitting submit. The fact that this is even a conversation is somewhat amusing. Do you have a take on the Phins or are you just crushing on my brilliant analysis of Nick's all universe talent. Again, Im not biased on who we should be looking for with our first 2nd round pick or anything....

Man, wouldn't that be sweet...

Henne upset in preseason? Not likely. Only way Henne comes out of the preseason as the starter is if Pennington gets injured.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | February 08, 2009 at 06:45 PM

The bromance Dolphins fans have with Karlos Dansby amazes me. The Cards have more cap room than Miami and they're a Super Bowl team. And there should be plenty of ILB in the draft, no?

By the way, Porter being interviewed now. I would love to know what kind of interaction he and Cam Cameron, who is the offensive coordinator for the AFC, might have had this week.

An injury? You mean like a rotator cuff tear? He had almost 500 attempts, the most since his suberb 06 season and we saw how his 07 season went with the Jets. I dont think Henne is 2nd coming of Dan Marino but he is the best QB on the roster IMHO. I also don't see another 500 attempts in Pennington's arm. I know CP is the coaches pick for the job but I also think Sporano is going to go with who gives them the best chance to win and if Henne puts in the work, I think he can upset CP.

NBC is ripping Ray Lewis. Al Michaels better hope he's not packing a knife today.

One more quarter to go, guys. And then, no football until May ... Makes my brain hurt.

I think Cameron has avoided any part of the sideline where Porter was in in eyesight. I dont think the Cards let anyone go that was a critical component. They will throw enough cash at Boldin to keep him, money has a way of making these disputes disappear. Warner will command a better salary no doubt but like you said, they have plenty of Cap room. Houston doesnt look so silly now after taking Williams #1. Bush, Young Leinert not looking like such hot choices these days.

No football till may...what about those things called the combine and the draft?

There's something weird about watching guys chanting, "45," as in the $45,000 for the winning share of the game. I don't know why but it's kind of slimey.

There is no football played at the combine or the draft, Jason.

May is the next minicamp when guys hit the field again.

Jason,before you open your stupid big mouth again,take a look at all my previous posts about my takes ranging from nnamdi asomugh being franchised again to my analysis of wr kenny britt,who by the way armando agreed with me 100%.I always posted by nj phin fan except that one time because i'm sure i was talking for most phin fans.I love nicks i thing he's a good one,but getting the you tube feed posted 5 times was enough.now stop crying and let it go. lets talk about our dolphins.

This one is for FL Phin Fan and GA Phin Fan and SC Phin Fan, and NC Phin Fan, they all said they wanted one more.


Later all time to put the kiddies to bed. Mando, stay on top of your game, I expect solid coverage of the free agents, COmbine and Draft Day. Your offseason is just getting started.

Boldin just interviewed and calls Arziona thing, "a tough situation," and makes it clear he likes the players and fans in Arizona but doesn't like the front office.

I don't see him going back to Arizona.

By the way NJ, or US or whoever you are...my comments about your love for my great insight and analysis was something most people call tongue-in-cheek...you are right, I have been transformed by your keen and inspiring commentary and the fact that Mando agreed 100% really was just icing on my cake tonight...I hope my tongue didnt just break my jaw)

have a good night. Good luck with that sportscenter interview.

Good Lord, Cam Cameron calls a fumblerooski. I can't even spell it.

jason ,you have to be one of the biggest immature babies i have ever seen. grow up!!! You're an embarressment to dolphin fans everywhere. Maybe you should put yourself to bed .Jason,you have kids? I sure hope you don't help them with homework .

Man glad Collins is out. Pennington should have been there.

Armando, as Anquan Boldin catches a 20-something-yard passe Dolphins, I want to thank you for continuing to put the Dolphins feet to the fire for needing a WR.

I'm tired of watching an offense that has no firepower and has to score with smoke and mirrors. Eventaully you need talent. I want the Dolphins to have more talent.

That Boldin interview was all I needed to hear. Boldin ain't playing at Arizona next year.

Cortland Finnegan is an excellent corner. And Fitzgerald just made him look like a high school kid on that fade route TD.

Hawaian women are hot.

Tony Gonazlez is the MVP today if the NFC wins the game. hey, Armando, just want to thank you for a great year on this blog. I don't often post, but I read it every day.

This game better not finish in a tie.

It looks like Jake Long is hurt, people!

He just got his right ankle rolled and he was down for a bit. Will try to find out what's up with that.

Jake Long just got roled up on from behind. Ankle and knee didn't look good. Hope he is OK.

It looked like he got his ankle rolled from behind. This would be a f-ing disaster.

do you think that my ears are too long?

Jake Long did not return to the game after getting his right ankle rolled. Roos is playing RT in his place.

He just was in for the kneel down play
thank god.

i was worred there for a second, especially when he was taken out of the game in the following series. Wow, that was scary.

OK guys, that's it. Thanks for joining the live blog! Read the blog daily as information will continue to be available on this blog.

jake long had a guy fall against the back of his leg and he was down a bit, any word on him?


could you at least have the decency to update us on Long before signing off.,

"Oops looks like he's hurt" is a total finheaven dork move

Jake looked like he got his leg rolled near of the game by Ware. Any update?

Long was back in the game on the last play of the game, which tells me he is fine.

rumor has it that parcells will be running for President in 4 years.. Parcell, Palin

Anyone else see Jake have that guy roll the back of his knee? He did not come back on the field for the balance of the game.

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