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What does Favre retirement mean to Dolphins?

First of all let us assume that Brett Favre's retirement announcement today sticks. Let us assume he won't vacillate and want to return to the New York Jets before this offseason ends. Let us assume he won't be New York's starting quarterback next season or even be on Gang Green's roster.

What does that mean to the Dolphins?

Quarterback Chad Pennington, who came to the Dolphins when Favre was hired by the Jets, declined to comment Wednesday.

Coach Tony Sparano, whose team will face the Jets twice in 2009, also declined to comment while suggesting it is not his concern.

But it is something for Miami fans to think about because the strength or weakness of the Jets at the QB spot will help determine the outcome of two Miami games in 2009. So let us analyze the situation:

The knee-jerk response suggests this is a good thing for our locals.

It means a player who someday will be in the Hall of Fame will not be New York's quarterback in 2009. It means the Jets have to go searching their roster, free agency, or the draft for next year's starter. It means uncertainty at the most important position on the field for the Jets, and uncertainty there is a scary, scary thing.

"I wouldn't say we're better off, I wouldn't say that," Jets safety Kerry Rhodes said on ESPN.

The Jets have Kellen Clemens as the possible heir to the starting job, but the team has never really seemed committed to giving him the reins to the offense. Clemens will be in his fourth season out of Oregon and has started eight games, all in 2007. He has five touchdowns and 11 interceptions in his career.

The Jets also have two other quarterbacks on the roster -- Eric Ainge and Brett Ratliff -- but neither has taken a snap in an NFL regular-season game. Good stuff for Miami.

So it looks good at first glance for the Dolphins. But I remind you uncertainty is a two-edged sword. Today's retirement can also be a blessing for the Jets. After all, who knew the Patriots would find a franchise quarterback in their midst upon losing Tom Brady?

The Jets are suddenly without an aging player who dipped dramatically at the end of last season as his team lost four of its final five games. Favre's arm was tired and he looked all of his 39 years, as he threw seven interceptions versus only two TD passes the final three games.

So the Jets don't have a fading starting QB anymore, which might be understood to be an upgrade. The Favre retirement also clears $13 million in salary cap space for a team that was projected to have serious cap issues this offseason. That is a relief that club will welcome as now the Jets are projected to be $11 million under the cap.

The Dolphins, by comparison, are projected to be $22 million under the cap. And while we're at it, the Bills are projected to be $25 million under the cap while New England is projected at $4 million under. New England's number will change if Matt Cassel is traded as he is currently counting $14.65 million against the cap.

Back to the Jets: There are experienced starting-caliber quarterbacks expected to hit the free agent market in the next few weeks. That list includes Jeff Garcia and Byron Leftwich and former Giants starter Kerry Collins.

Bottom line: It can be argued the Jets have an opportunity to upgrade from a quarterback that threw 22 TD passes and 22 interceptions in his final season, a quarterback who took 30 sacks, a quarterback who was something of a distraction because he often seemed bigger than the team itself.

OK, so where do you come down on this issue? Is Favre's retirement a good thing or a bad thing as it ripples out to the Dolphins?


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What it means for the Dolphins is that I will have all day to spend on Dolphins blogs and forums. Hopefully, the blog kings (Phinatic, Mr. Bungle, finfanrob, Walker, tinshaker) will grant me their right to participate in the blogs. As it stands right now, only they are allowed to make comments. Oh, how I pray for them to accept me.

it kind of sucks, was looking forward to Miami beating on him... seriously though, his cap number made making additions for them problematic... and i really do think his being on the decline was beneficial as well...

It means that this is the secondary legendary quarterback (Joe Montana) to have his career ended by the Miami Dolphins.

Third legendary quarterback (Dan Marino) to have his career ended by the Miami Dolphins

I personally feel its a good thing for Miami that Favre's retired. I know he did'nt have the best of seasons last season but he was still a big threat. I think it's gonna take some time for the Jets to find someone as dangerous as Favre at QB and i dont think anyone on their roster is the guy.Good luck Jets,you're gonna need it.

I personally feel its a good thing for Miami that Favre's retired. I know he did'nt have the best of seasons last season but he was still a big threat. I think it's gonna take some time for the Jets to find someone as dangerous as Favre at QB and i dont think anyone on their roster is the guy.Good luck Jets,you're gonna need it.

Oh, Cassel is a franchise QB because he had one good year throwing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker under Bellicheat's system? Laughable.

A better example would've been Brady being a franchise QB after Bledsoe got injured.

It means to me that the Jets will only improve. With Favre there, we were guaranteed to see sloppy play and ridiculously easy interceptions. Now, it won't be as easy when we face them. Favre lost my respect this year as a person - he was already over-the-hill as a player. It's a shame that some players simply have to be "run off" to get them to leave. Oh well, let's move on too.


The Jets have more talent currently on their team than Miami (IMO) and now that Mangini is out they might have a better HC. So for them it’s a matter of getting a Veteran QB in and drafting another QB and open up camp for competition.

Tony made the right point it's not his/our concern because we need not worry about things we can't control.

When they settle with whoever they have than we can start to talk about its impact.

I dont think the Jets have the cap room to sign anyone that good. The only thing that could save the Jets is if Kerry Collins or Jeff Garcia (or someone like that) would be willing to take a pay cut to play for them. The wild card in all of this is Brett Ratliff, who played very well last year in the pre-season. Obvioulsy, I would love the Jets to be a doormat this year.

Who the heck is Brett Ratliff?

It means the Phins should trade back that tard PenningNOT to the Jets for another second rounder

Bad thing... just about anyone from any team, starter or bench warmer, even rookie, will play better than Brett did during those last 5 games of interception bliss. Really sorry to see him go, for our sake. We will still beat them twice next year, but the guarantee went with Brett.

It means less interceptions for us and that the Jets will use a 1st or 2nd rounder on a QB

"Oh, Cassel is a franchise QB because he had one good year throwing to Randy Moss and Wes Welker under Bellicheat's system? Laughable.

A better example would've been Brady being a franchise QB after Bledsoe got injured."

Posted by: Adam S. | February 11, 2009 at 02:55 PM

Finally someone gets it. Thank you for actually watching football and not just listening to espn. I could put up numbers like them throwing dump offs and standing in the pocket for 5 minutes and having an extra 2 minutes at the end of the game against the steelers and a reciever who pushes corners down on every play and refs who legit want me to win if I was the qb of that team and my arms been shot for 6 years. Still stronger than Brady's though.

Parcells is the ultimate shark and will never give up any leverage or waste an opportunity to improve his net worth and legacy. Ross should just double his salary in exchange for removing his escape clause. I wont have any peace of mind until I know for sure Parcells has to complete his contract.

the jets are still in cap hell. Get out the broom..SWEEP TIME!

It's a non-issue. The team has no control over other teams rosters, so why waste the time? There are plenty of other internal decisions that have to be made by the Dolphins. They won't worry about other teams until they put the pads on the first week on the season.

Matt Cassel is a franchise quarterback because the New England Patriots put a franchise tag on him. Period.

J-E-T-S SUCK SUCK SUCK!!! I couldnt be happier to see the wets suffer though this retirement crap. God i hope they go with brett ratcliff next season. and waste a high pick on a bust qb in the draft.

Offer beck for a 6th round draft pick to the mighty JETS.

No problem, Ceed, glad you get it too. Feel free to visit our Dolphins site at http://www.PhinsCentral.com if you want smart Dolphins talk.

Mando, that's a reach, but good defense of your calling him a "franchise quarterback." You said "found themselves a franchise quarterback," implying that this is the guy who will start for them for the next 10 years.

Farve's retirement means its going to be a heck of alot easier/cheaper to get tickets when I want to see the Dolphins kick some Jet ass in NY.

Who cares, Brett sucks, Clemens sucks, Garcia sucks, Collins sucks. Jets will suck.

I think it's a good thing for the Dolphins. One, now they have to go search for another player. Two, they have to work on the chemistry for another year. Three, Game 1 vs. the Dolphins, Brett killed us. Four, Coles can now get angry about having the 3rd QB in 3 years. Five, now I can listen to the commentators and ESPN 'cause when Favre was playing he's all they ever talked about. Six, maybe Chad P makes the ProBowl next year. Seven, WHO CARES ABOUT THE JETS, MIAMI DOLPHINS ARE DIVISION CHAMPS! I'm more worried about Tom Brady.

Tom Brady sucks!

It means Miami can trade Pennington back to the Jets for a 2nd round pick, if Aj Feeley can net a 2nd rounder, Pennington should be able to....Hello Chad Henne

Doesn't make any difference. Fins are going to slap em around one way or the other.

When you consider how poorly Favre played last year, it would have been better for the Fins if he came back again this year. There are so many cons to him being on the team. He's not worth the money anymore. He helps keep them in a bad cap situation.

Now as he retires they can get another QB that will possibly perform better and is cheaper. It is not good for the Fins.

Good question, but who knows? We won't know until the start of the season, when rosters are pretty much set. If the J's sign Leftwich, could be a bad thing for Fins. Or if they go with Clemons, could be a good thing.

Can you Mark Sanchez at #10? Does not matter either way? Miami needs to worry about themselves, because there are still alot of roster improvement that needs to take place.

It means less competition for good defensive players in the draft. The Jets are going to have to take a QB in the first round.

This just shows you what a mess the New Jersey Jets organization is, and has been...they traded draft picks for Fava, then they released Penny who had the best season (and as he said, "most enjoyable") of his career. If I'm Penny, I gotta be giddy on the inside!!

I think it's a benefit to the Dolphins, the Jets got rid of a draft pick (2nd round I believe) to pick up Favre. But we also need to prepare every week especially against the Jets, they always seem to have our number.

Good point Waterboy!!! I say offer CHECK DOWN I mean Beck for a draft pick.

Personally, I don't care. He was a JET! Great QB or not.. he was still a JET! BTW wonder how they feel now givin up on CP when they lost Farve

It doesn't mean a lot because he really didn't play that well against us. I think they have a great head coach and the d on the jets wasn't all that bad. So, on any given sunday will apply.

who cares about the sorry jets? do some research and find out who the fins are looking at taking in this years draft...

What happened to your other post from earlier today? When I clicked on the link it wouldn't display the post and then it disappeared from the web site entirely. It looked like an interesting post about Parcells. I hope you put it back up. Thanks.

What botched trade helped out the Dolphins more?

Jets giving up a second rounder for a one year mistake with Brett Farve


Redskins giving the Dolphins a second round pick for a one year mistake with Jason Taylor?

Its a tough call but I love both.

This was the best thing that could happen to the JETS. Favre is the most overrated player in history. How much worse can clemens do. Favre was turnover machine. That being said the Jets still need to address their QB situation and that might take some time. Now all us Dolphin fans can hope for is that no one is stupid enough to give up that kings ransome that it will take to get Cassel. Hopefully NE is stuck with 2 very high priced QBs.

Since when does a contract mean anything in today's sports world? For those that are afraid Parcells can walk at any time, please explain to me what difference a contract makes? Parcells has moved through out his career whenever he felt it nesessary. The only thing the contract ensures is Parcells will get paid by the Dolphins for the duration of the agreement. If Miami were to remove the clause that stipulates he can leave at his descretion, it simply means he'd take Miami off the hook for paying the remainder of the contract assuming he left before it terminates. In that case, the new team would be paying him so he'd still lose nothing by leaving.

As far as Farve...time will tell. The Jets are most likely better off with the fresh start. He is not the QB he was.

Is it good for the Dolphins? Let me answer that question in two ways. Yes and No.
On one hand, it could be good. However, it could also be a bad thing.

Armando, you are so f**kin stupid sometimes.

The Patriots put the franchise tag on Cassel because they didn't want him to leave until they knew Tom Brady was healthy... NOT because they view him as the franchise QB.

Do you really think the Patriots would let Cassel leave when the only QBs on the roster are a 7th round rookie and Tom Brady with a (previously) infected, and not 100% knee???

Think Salguero. Think.

It means we will have 6 less int's and possibly two less wins next year.

be careful what you guys wish for... Micheal ViVick will be available.

As it stands right now, this obviously is good for MIAMI. But let's be honest here, we can't really tell until the free agency period is over. And no, they will not find the next Matt Cassel...the chances of that are very slim, thats why it's so special that it happened in New England. Other than that, what Dol-fans should be worried about is next season's schedule. Not the Jets.

Go Fins!

Brett Ratliff played for Utah, between the eras of Alex Smith (2004 BCS Buster) and Brian Johnson (2008 BCS Buster). Ratliff was pretty good - but he played behind Smith - and look where Alex Smith is now - overpaid 2nd stringer for the 49ers. I wouldn't worry about Ratliff.

Maybe The Dolphins could trade Pennington to the Jets for a couple of first round draft choices and their best wide receiver. Oh! and a few million in cash.

BAD for Miami. Brett was a bright spot for us this year. I was elated when he signed with the Jets, and am sad the Jets are cutting their losses.

This is the guy that beat Marino's TD record by throwing everything up for grabs. The record book doesn't take away for interceptions.

I agree with an ealier post. Dangle Beck in front of them.. dont take less than a 4th with an exchange on 5ths, or a flat our 3rd with a swop next year on 5ths.

Good thing for our early season game with them. Maybe bad thing for the late season game.

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