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When gag rules NFL what will fans say?

The last time I talked to Bill Parcells he said to me, proudly I might add, "we've got things locked up pretty tight over here ..."

And he's right.

As the father of keeping assistants from talking to the media whenever possible, the founder of the modern era One Voice concept, the person who pioneered keeping the media at arms-distance because, as he once said, "you guys are subversives," Parcells has started something that is expanding throughout the NFL.

Obviously, the Dolphins are under lockdown. The Patriots have been that way for some time under Bill Belichick, who learned it from Parcells. And with the Belichick coaching tree, rooted in Parcells, expanding, the One Voice concept is also expanding.

It went from the Jets to the Browns because Eric Mangini took it with him to Cleveland. It is likely to remain in New York because new coach Rex Ryan is something of a Parcells fan. It is likely to go to Denver, as former New England offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is the new coach there.

It definitely has taken root in Kansas City, where former New England personnel boss Scott Pioli, who happens to be Parcells' son-in-law, is now the football czar.

Now comes the latest duplication of the One Voice policy as Dallas owner Jerry Jones has put a gag order on his coaches -- including, temporarily at least, head coach Wade Phillips. This one, by the way is a head-scratcher because unnamed sourced stories in Dallas often come from Jones himself.

But I digress.

The point is from Miami and New England in the east, to Kansas City and Cleveland in the midwest, and reaching as far west as Dallas and Denver, an iron curtain has descended across the NFL continent. By the way, check out Winston Churchill's Iron Curtain Speech if you want to better understand the depth of a great statesman and defender of freedom. 

And what does that mean to you?

That's the question. I perceive most of you don't care. I get the feeling the same folks that have turned blogs like this into money machines for newspapers, the same group that have given this blog a record-breaking month so far, are not that upset information is being squelched.

Am I right?

Tell me, do you really think keeping assistants from talking helps the Dolphins win? Do you think having teams say it's a leg injury instead of specifying it as a calf or knee is good? Do you believe your team is better every Sunday because players are told, under threat of fine, not to discuss their health?

And do you think your team is better because the team tells agents not to speak with the media? [Yeah, agents have told me the Dolphins tell them not to talk. Funny ain't it?]

Frankly, I expect most of you to line up like sheep and say, "Baaaa, whatever the powers-that-be say is fine by me." In which case, why are you here? Just tune in on Sunday and forget information about what's happening the rest of the year.

Hopefully some of you would like ito hear from the special teams coach on why his unit was terrible last season. Hopefully some of you would like to hear from general manager Jeff Ireland more than three times a year. Nah, I'm dreaming again.

So have your say in the comments section.

But let me share a couple of things first: I was born in a country where speech was silenced and information was restricted so I guess I'm sensitive about this subject. I take it personally because my folks risked much and sacrificed much to bring me to a place where gag orders are not the society's norm.  

Secondly, did you happen to catch the Super Bowl? The Pittsburgh Steelers are among the most open organizations in football. And the Arizona Cardinals, while not exactly an open book, are also relatively transparent.

Didn't seem to hurt their competitive advantage too much.


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Please disregard the comment above: "for one thing he was a Jew ..." That's clearly not me. I would never be so crass and insulting and disrespectful. To answer your question, MJF, the Hebrew Bible speaks of the Messiah ushering in a period of universal peace ("The lion shall lay down with the lamb") and an ingathering of all the Jews/Israelites/Hebrews to Israel. These prophecies clearly did not come to pass while Jesus walked the earth. But let us not quarrel. LEt us agree to disagree and unite as brothers of common Judeo-Christian values and fight the real enemy in this country - Godless, secular progressives who make a fetish out of Socialism and immorality.

thats my point. the old testament was written while isreal was conquered by the persians nearly 300 years later than the events which took place. the stories it tells of people weren't written by the people it was written by other people who had heard the story. so kinda like playing tellephone the stories got imbelished. then take into acount all the editing and translations and the text are way out of wack. if god is so powerful why does he only tell one person to spread his message in private, why not just tell everyone. how come the first 5 of 10 commandments are about how they should only worship him. if he is so powerful why would he care who people worshiped

back then people used to worship idols for fertility and a good harvist and all those things, so a man said they should only worship him, jealousy is a trait of men, not of an all powerful god

Artifical Insemanation...

but Nathaniel,

Doesn't the hebrew bibble state that if they worshiped him correctly they would be protected by him. Why the hollacost and Palestine and the Egyptians. Did they mess up and now he's smiting them, or maybe their god isn't as powerful as the other nations

I would love to hear more from both coaches and players. However, if a player is hampered by an injury and is limited or can't do certain things then why would you want to expose that? We already know coaches can be pretty good liars so why not let the players stand up there and lie their arses off too?


If the Hebrew God, the Christian God, Alla, and Nirvana were to get into a fight who would win

then add in superman and batman and who would win then

father nathaniel,would you tell us young people how was three way in those days of ibrhaim?by the way no boy coming any more

menace ....wax man would win

The bible says God is jealous... Men were made in God's image... And who wrote the Hebrew Bible? Most of the older books were done this way... So everything is subject to what you said... I guess we are in the same boat.

" fight the real enemy of this country ", Yeah the devil herself , Nancy Pelosi .

massage is good for you nathaniel,would you like some with avocado or broccli?

Armando, someone has hijacked my name. You can divine his posts by his misspellings, specious arguments, humorless vitriol, and transvestite attire. I trust all readers of your immensely popular blog will recognize the REAL Nathaniel Dodsworth when they read him.

1) Audrey Hepburn ("Roman Holiday")
2) Donna Reed ("It's a Wonderful Life")
3) Raquel Welch ("Kansas City Bomber")
4) Appollonia ("Purple Rain")

Artifical Insemanation...

Posted by: cuban menace | February 25, 2009 at 03:02 PM

Not in the bible days... Clown. I'll admit it was funny... You still get the semen from a man...

Another actor....Nathaniel Dodsworth

I love getting news about the Dolphins, but it can be wearying for someone to be in the spotlight all the time. If we're really free, we'll let people not divulge all their business if they choose.


IMPOSTER NJ PHIN FAN , if your going to impersonate me , at least spell holocaust ( hollacost , LOL . what a idiot ) correctly !!!

This is blasphemy

Heather, to answer your question: 3-ways in the Hebrew Bible (what you young folk call "The Old Testament") were pretty much the same as they are today. They consisted of two females, one male, a ball of twine, and a serenade by Larry Gatling of the Gatling Bros.

1) An insufferable superiority visa vis the U.S., which really masks an obvious inferiority visa vis the U.S.
2) Paying 50% taxes to wait 50% longer for a doctor for 50% qualified advice.
3) Total and utter disregard for the Miami Dolphins

60% of the time, the gag order works every time

Armando, do some real reporting and confirm that Yeremiah Bell has been resigned...

NATHANIEL is a great writer ,i hope he keeps up writing and very soon he can tell us about his night dreams of sophia loren and his favorite colors for a skirt.

Cuban Menace;do you like sophia lorn?

I could be wrong, but a gag order was an old, old wooden ship that was used in civl war times

Bell is not signed yet.

To all my devoted fans,

My sudden access to Armando's blog has been a mixed blessing. I quite enjoy the time goofing around, but it is having a deleterious effect on my production at work. (I was only able to fill out the forms on one foreclosure today). In the future, I will not be able to so freely litter this board with my meandering thoughts. This may be painful to many of you (especially Armando, who I gather is paid by the "hit"). Consider this not a snub, but a reprioritizing of events.

To Cuban Menace, you are the insane friend I always wanted to know (from a far).

To Heather, while our relationship will never be consummated, know that I yearn for you like Dan Marino for a running game.

To Armando, did you ever listen to Gershwin's Cuban Overture (1930)? It's very good. Death to Fidel. Death to Raul. Viva freedom!

This is not my swansong. I shall return. Just not with the regularity of cream of wheat.

is it true that Bell got signed as my pizza man is telling me?

Remember what happened when Wannstedt leaked information that he was going to draft Vernon Carey (or specifically a tackle) in the 1st round? In cost the Dolphins a mid-round pick when Minnesota and the Cheatriots got together and used that information to their advantage.

Armando, start practicing how to spell Lavernues Coles...

And there's fan being drawn to me once again like a fish on a worm. You're a creepy dude. Ewwww... I misspelled a word. Did you have a party over that one?

You see, most of the time the 'impostor' spells Mr.Bungle with no space between the words, like you did.

"So you say the impostor is Mr.Bungle under the name Mr.Bungle not very good impostorizing"

I on the other hand spell it Mr. Bungle. Notice the space. But I know you're no the 'impostor', you just have the same infatuation with me as he does and spell Mr.Bungle the same way. : )

"We drafted the Ginn family."
"Ted Ginn Jr. and his family will give us everything they have."
"I'm not going to be the Alabama coach,"
Does this sound familiar. I could go on.
Considering the distractions that rumors can take on a professional orginization, much less misinformation, the one voice approach is more than appropriate.

This was a boring story.

Well we now know who our WR pickup is going to be. Laverneus Coles has great route running ability, experinece, and most importantly familiarity with Chad Pennington. It seems like a good fit.

this is a football blog
i have no idea what y'all are talking about

He might be a little bit too old for Parcells, but you can add Laverneus Coles to the list of UFA wide receivers available:


OK, sorry about the spelling:
Laveranues (Not sure how the Coles came up with that one)

Dolphins have signed Channing Crowder to a multi-year deal!!!!!!!!!

Adam Schefter is reporting it of NFL.com

dang it souljah u beat me to it

i think miami should consider p. surtain in FA

come on mando ur spose to be on top of this stuff

I call you a subversive and you get all...BP=Fidel? What a drama Queen!

IF you weren't such a poor pathetic schlub chasing me around trying to get some inside info JUST SO you could pass it on to our competition I might actually talk to you Armando.

This is quite amusing... "the same group that have given this blog a record-breaking month so far, are not that upset information is being squelched."

Are you referring to ALL the fake impersonators and YOUR fake SN's talking about "doing Marcs Mom" and what they are bringing to "the picnic" or "what movies do you like" that represent 95% of your "blogs"?

IF you ONLY count legitimate posts that ACTUALLY relate to Football and/or the subject of your "article",I'd be willing to bet that your "blog" would be in the bottom 2%.

Pretty sad when you have to resort to making up fake names that talk back and forth to one another about utter NONSENSE to get your "blog posts" to a level where the Herald wont can ur pathetic arse!

Exactly how dumb are the powers that be at the Herald who just look at number of posts and say "Great job Armando!"??????????????

This is a good thing! Crowder leaving would have left a big hole in our d...now we can concentrate on other areas...NT, DB, C...I hope we don't sign Coles, I know him an Pennington have a good history, but I can't stomach another Jet on the team

Or we can draft a young ILB and he wont have to take over immediately...All the talk put aside, Crowder was the signal caller on D

wtf is this they resighed crowder. wtf is going on

wtf bily y are u insulting this blog?
if u don't like it then go quietly back to ur jet blogs and quit insulting us

im happy we got crowder but i want bell more

Parcells sure kept his poker face until the last second on this one...he called Crowder's bluff

Hey Armand, you have it soooo good. I work in entertainment news (yeah, that phrase is just as much an oxymoron as sports news) and we get to deal with those delightful gatekeepers called publicists. ask a wrong question - blacklisted. make an unfavorable claim - blacklisted. at least in your case it's the coach who takes the heat, not you, and if you're good and persistent you find ways to get people to talk without THE WALL OF PR gatekeepers. As I said earlier - You've got it soooo good

some people saying that this is a football blog so what is the beef with that?people come to talk about. any thing cause how much crap can keep talking about football.BTW it's more fun to read all these funny stories to ge smile on people faces .One more thing I rather read Nathaniel.D than billy.bob's and brookjr crap all day long.i like to read the menace also.

crowder signed?Big deal.it's no thing to get happy about since he's an average player.let's wait for real impact players to talk football meanwhile let's talk about my JETS.

Luiggi, you like to read the menace because you are the f'n menace, and monkey and every other stupid post name

The US government starting a war based on false pretenses and inaccurate information is something to get angry about.

Congress allocating $700 billion plus in taxpayer dollars to the big banks without oversight is something to get angry about.

A football coach not wanting to fully disclose the injury status of his players or to discuss his personnel strategies is not something to get angry about.

Folks this isn't life and death. And many times, they have a good reason not to telegraph all their actions before they happen. Perhaps they don't want to give any advantages to their opponents. Just like governments use the press for their purposes, so do (good) sports teams.

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