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Which player should Dolphins lock up next?

Just catching up as I've been on Florida Marlins duty all day, folks. [I have bosses that tell me what to cover, what can I say?]

Anyway, you know that Vernon Carey has signed a six-year, $42 million deal with the Dolphins. Interesting to me that no numbers about the guaranteed portion of that deal have come out. For perspective you should remember Jordan Gross, considered the best OT that avoided free agency, signed a six-year deal worth a reported $60 million only one day before.

Gross gets $30.5 million of his money the first three years, a vehicle by which his agent prevents the Panthers from cutting his client later in the deal. His deal is not backloaded.

I will be very, very, very interested to see how Carey's contract is structured. If it is backloaded, the player got sold a bill of goods. If the contract includes guarantees early in the deal and gets him at least half his salary the next three years, Carey got a great deal for himself. 

As I wrote previously, losing Carey was not a great option for the Dolphins because it would have meant retracing offensive line steps again in the draft. Now, the Dolphins can still secure OL help in the draft or free agency, but it can come at center.

As we know the Dolphins have other needs as well -- primarily in the secondary, OLB, ILB and WR, WR, WR!

Carey's signing leaves Miami with five pending unrestricted free agents. They are Channing Crowder, Andre' Goodman, Al Johnson, Renaldo Hill and Yeremiah Bell. Speaking of those gents, please take the poll below and tell me how you feel about what Miami should do next.

And then tell me why you voted the way you did in the comment section. 

Go Marlins!


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i am first

i am second

i am third

easily need to sign bell. in a backfield full of questions marks he is the most relaible, solid player all season. fundamental tackler--reminds me of steve atwater...my favorite SS ever...

I think Crowder should be next, he is a guy that bearing any injures will always perform as needed or better-

The impact of his game was more than noted late in the season and he is becoming great!

and i am second and i think we should pick JAMES LARUNITIS OF OSU

Sweet.. this is the best news of the week, now we can go after a BIG, young Center, and our O-line should be set for years to come!!

God bless the TUNA

Armando, if your boss put you on Marlins today I have a message for him: Screw YOU!

What's his name? Rojas is the name on the paper but I thought Pope was the sports editor. Tell me who it is because not having you monitor the team when news is breaking is crap.

Plus nobody cares about the Marlins anyway.

The move more than anything else gives us an opportunity to be flexible during the draft. Having only one ? along the OL makes it so much easier to take a LB or C with our first pick. If we can sure up Bell next, then that gives us more flexibility since right now our DBs have to be considered the most glaring need and one that would certainly need heavy focus during draft day #1 with one of our 1st 3 picks. I like this move because it should prevent us from reaching too early... which I think taking Mack or Unger with #1 may have been.

Bell as I think he's the leader of the secondary, even if the FS makes the calls. Plus he's a hard worker. I'm just glad I don't make the offers. I think it will be a delicate balancing act because of his past history with injuries.

do not sign any of the above players period .they are all below average players.

Bell has to be our next target. He's considered the best FA safety in the market, whereas Crowder is much easier to replace either through FA or the draft.

I would put Goodman slightly behind Bell, and Crowder would be a distant 3rd. Of course it would be great to have all three come back and compete.


It's bben published that the guaranteed money is about 15 millions, the rest of the details are not known yet.

Don't forget on your priorities the secondary, we need a corner and a safety, assuming we sign Bell.

I think the Dolphins will look for a WR in the 3rd rounder (unless we get another 1st or 2nd rounder on a trade) and the free agents are worst than Wilford (ouch).

Uness Crowder and his agent became smart overnight and ask for a fair price he's gone to a crappy team.

Depending on if we can get Brown signed as center, we'll draft an OLB, CB, ILB, WR

Do you think Randy Starks can be an effective NT as a full time starter?, otherwise we'll get one before a WR and if we don't sign another DE (Canty will be nice), we'll draft one also before a WR

I chose Bell because he played the best towards the end of last season, and I think he is ultimately the most valuable.

Armando, the day of the Jets game (last game of the regular season) you made a comment in the pre-game post that said Channing Crowder was heard shouting into the Jets' locker room asking if there was any money in there for a linebacker... Ticked me off at the time, and if this is true, then I don't want him as a part of the team. He is obviously looking out for himself first, and to hell with the team. Maybe Parcells and Co. see this too?

Crowder is average to good. Hill and Goodman are good. Bell is good to excellent. If the dolphins want to preserve some consistency in the secondary, then retaining Bell, in a fair deal, is the best idea.

Hi everyone. Someone has been using my screenname so from now on I will be using this name instead.

Get Bell Locked up

The rest can hit the road.


Armando said the other day The Dolphins had 28 mill in cap space. If we resign Holliday to better terms we`ll probably have 30. Subtract 7 for Carey now 23. One has to figure 5 mill for rookies, now down to 18, and 3.5 for Bell and you have 14.5. That leaves enough to sign Brown as our new center @7 per year and there is 7.5 left under the cap.
The trifecta should draft a LB first and secondary with both the seconds.Smith from Utah sounds like a Parcells Ireland guy. He`s big.
A guy who sounds interesting to me is Brandon Gilbert from Washington St. They say he runs great patterns has decent speed and goes up for the ball. Perhapse he`d be an excellent wide reciever for us.And he should be avalable in the third round.
After that is where the pro`s like the Tuna Trio come in they as we all know, know a lot more.

Re-sign Yeremiah Bell and let the rest walk. Crowder is so overrated it isn't even funny. He NEVER makes any big plays and all his tackles were of the 5-10 yards downfield variety. Crowder is very easily replaceable. Renaldo Hill flat out sucks. He's slow and isn't physical at all. Goodman is starting to get old so youth is needed at CB. Al Johnson is just a body.

I totally agree with Willie Chirino that your boss putting you on Marlins is crap Mando. Crap!

Mando...You must really enjoy trying to create as much dissension as possible. Your comment that VC "got sold a bill of goods" portends that the Dolphins did the "selling". Does VC have an agent? If so, he/she would be the one responsible for VC buying a so called "bill of goods". So he/she is more of a seller than the Dolphins. What's wrong with musing that VC was "given poor advice"...oh no that wouldn't work because that does not let you take another swipe at Dolphin management. I'm really surprised that you're allowed on Dolphin property. I guess you just can't stand the fact the the team finally has professional management that puts the success of the "TEAM" first. Wake up and smell the coffee!

Y Bell.

I chose Goodman because a good CB is the hardest to find, and he should be relatively cheap. I know Goodman is not a lockdown CB who gets lots of INT's but still I'd sign him next.

JEREMY , i agree with everthing you said , But the wrs name from wash st is brandon gibson ( not gibert)

Made my weekend!

This is a bizarre post. All Armando could blog about was why the Dolphins aren't signing Carey. Now the Dolphins have signed Carey and Armando may or may not like the deal.

Does every post have to be so negative. This reminds me of a friend I have that no matter what, its not good enough...there's always something.

Like, I bought an Escalade in 2005, all the bells and whistles...I picked up this friend in it and the first words out if his mouth, "Why didn't you get a darker interior color? I don't like this color."

Armando...do the reporting and quit the bitching sometimes.

Its great to be critical, but, since you've started working at 790, you've become less of a journalist and more of a personality, a la LeBetard.

Bell by far, he WAS the secondary last year

Oh and GO A's

Carey committed highway robbery by getting $7 million per season. It's great to know that you can show up grossly overweight and out of shape at training camp every season, play 16 games of mediocre football and get rewarded with a big salary. That's exactly the situation with Carey. The Dolphins were really dumb to give him that kind of money.

do not sign bell please.willi sound like mando and always nice to him.

first tell me the major difference between mlb c. crowder 100 plus tackles and mlb zach thomas 100 plus tackles to me it seems that crowder did not make much of a difference thomas on the other hand was always a factor i wish someone would break it down for me , but for now i think thru the draft we can find a good mlb in the first round or with that second 2nd round pick

Don't listen to these jealous goofs Armando. They only wish they could have a job like yours. Keep up the good reporting!!!

This is who they should sign next: Jason Brown of the Ravens. If they do that, they can just spend all their draft picks on defense. Get a receiver next year. Stop crying for a receiver Mando, the Dolphins have more glaring needs. (LB, secondary, interior off. line, DT).

This is who they should sign next: Jason Brown of the Ravens. If they do that, they can just spend all their draft picks on defense. Get a receiver next year. Stop crying for a receiver Mando, the Dolphins have more glaring needs. (LB, secondary, interior off. line, DT).

Yeremiah Bell should be next to be signed because he is the heart of the secondary and more valuable than Goodman... Although Goodman had a good year, it was a salary-motivated one. Unlike Bell, Goodman hasn't given his heart 100% all these years... Although Bell has been injured in a couple of seasons, he's the heart of that secondary...

kev and willi are mando people .it is very clear.

Good work Tuna with the signing of Cary. Now get Bell and show the others the highway and consentrate on the draft. I agree, build thru the draft. Tuna , you are the greatest.

Did Tuna want Carey re-signed because he's the only player on the team that makes Tuna look skinny?

The only two in that group worth resigning are Bell and Crowder, with Bell being the only priority before FA opens.

BTW, I don't see OLB being a high priority. The Phins already made their move at that position signing CFL's Cam Wade.

DT and CB are far higher priorities.

get goodman and Yeremiah back, if not goodman try like hell to get Bryant Mcfadden. If you do get bell back, still try like hell to get james butler to replace hill... Draft ILB and NT in draft

One more thing i wanted to mention. Doesnt TJ seem like the perfect fit for Pennington??? Hes a camarillo times 10!

It is supposed to be $15M guaranteed.

this mark of low key of dolphins signing of carey tells me that tuna 100 percent in charge and that good news for the team and fans are sure to follow and also how they kept every thing about the signing of carey secret until today is conformation of the tuna regime not trusting or respect the maimi media regarding players contracts.they only talk the maimi media when theywant to say nothing,one last thing who are the marlins .

Kev's right about the hwy. rob. from carey,....The words from animal house comes to mind about carey "fat drunk and stuid is no way to go through life son"

The decision to re-sign Bell is a no-brainer. I love his ability to tip and knock balls away at the last second. Renaldo Hill is getting old and can always be re-signed at a discount as a fill-in safety. How does free agency look at safety Mando? If it isn't good, then I say we invest a fairly high draft pick on a stud safety. Let's just hope Tuna, the helper, & Co. can spot better talent there than Saban did.

that should be" Fat ,drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son.."

cuban menace,what your thoughts about this sigining and future contracts for crowder and bell and ginn .BTW Marc called a friend of mine to invite for all you can eat lettce at his pink picnic on sunday.

KEV , Calm dowm . CAREY got only 15 mil in guarantee money So who got the better end of the deal. NEVER DOUBT THE TUNA !!!

Hey Kev...How many seven (7) figure deals have you done? Given your extensive experience I'm sure you know all there is to know about being "dumb". Don't quit your day job.

nj phin fan has no clue about WHO got the better end of the deal and the reason is no body knows what the NEXT THREE YEARS hold for every one involved.

Cuban Menace, that sounds like good advise YOU should take, LOL

kev is mando

Mr Bungle ,what is your take on cuban menace love for every thing bunghole.

jets suck.

MrB...If you say Mando very fast backwards you will hear the name Kev! Same as the Beatles recording. Very strange!




we need a picnic to celebrate carey contract in pink style

Since there were no emmidiate quick "fix" this year, they would have been better off placing the franchise tag on him, and then taken their time to draft and develop a quality replacement. In a 2010, they could reevaluate Carey and their situation again.

Carey has never made the pro bowl.

What a joke.

Go Marlins? Yeah, go somewhere else and let us have our stadium back.

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