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Which player should Dolphins lock up next?

Just catching up as I've been on Florida Marlins duty all day, folks. [I have bosses that tell me what to cover, what can I say?]

Anyway, you know that Vernon Carey has signed a six-year, $42 million deal with the Dolphins. Interesting to me that no numbers about the guaranteed portion of that deal have come out. For perspective you should remember Jordan Gross, considered the best OT that avoided free agency, signed a six-year deal worth a reported $60 million only one day before.

Gross gets $30.5 million of his money the first three years, a vehicle by which his agent prevents the Panthers from cutting his client later in the deal. His deal is not backloaded.

I will be very, very, very interested to see how Carey's contract is structured. If it is backloaded, the player got sold a bill of goods. If the contract includes guarantees early in the deal and gets him at least half his salary the next three years, Carey got a great deal for himself. 

As I wrote previously, losing Carey was not a great option for the Dolphins because it would have meant retracing offensive line steps again in the draft. Now, the Dolphins can still secure OL help in the draft or free agency, but it can come at center.

As we know the Dolphins have other needs as well -- primarily in the secondary, OLB, ILB and WR, WR, WR!

Carey's signing leaves Miami with five pending unrestricted free agents. They are Channing Crowder, Andre' Goodman, Al Johnson, Renaldo Hill and Yeremiah Bell. Speaking of those gents, please take the poll below and tell me how you feel about what Miami should do next.

And then tell me why you voted the way you did in the comment section. 

Go Marlins!


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Bell seems to be the consensus choice. Bell was consistent at making big plays deserving. This makes him a very important playmaker in our secondary hands down.

strange that fin fans are dying to get a good team with tricks and want to pay no good money for good players like carey and use tricks like tag of franchised player,any way if good players sense that they have no long term future here all of them will look else where,second tuna is good and every thing but he does not on the field so this way of doing biz al miami way is not going to work with good and proven players.

Glad to see they secured Carey. I voted Bell. The others? I say sign them only if they can't find better replacements. Next thing on the agenda should be signing the Ravens center Brown. He said he was interested in Miami as well, dont be suprised to see him sign with us. Then we wont have to worry about using any of the first 3 picks on the offensive line. As for the 3 picks, I hope they will find a monster NT, WR or DB. No matter what they do, there will still be holes left for next year.

Think phins need to get Bell signe. He's pretty solid and if we could improve our pass rush that would make the secondary look a lot better. A proven corner in fa is the way to go. Time to move past Crowder he's not worth the money. I'd like to see more physical lbs. Dt should be our first pick. Far as wrs go Ginn. Is not the answer. I like Bess and London over him speedy wr would be second on my list come draft day.

Think phins need to get Bell signe. He's pretty solid and if we could improve our pass rush that would make the secondary look a lot better. A proven corner in fa is the way to go. Time to move past Crowder he's not worth the money. I'd like to see more physical lbs. Dt should be our first pick. Far as wrs go Ginn. Is not the answer. I like Bess and London over him speedy wr would be second on my list come draft day.

sign Bell he's the glue to our secondary and he leads by example . Then go get Brown(Ravens) that will really help our runnning game which will help our passing game which will help our defense get the idea.This also allows us to either draft another OL,CB,or LB at one then address wr or the other 2 spots with the 2 2nd rd picks.

I heard JimBo scored even lower than Carey on the Wonderlic. Nobody thought that was possible but JimBo didn't let us down. He proved his ignorance.

Carey What??? You are one of the only posters here with a voice of reason. These other Carey lovers must lick his shoes and worship him at the alter. The guy is not even close to being a Pro Bowler and yet they think it's great he gets a fat contract to match his ever expanding waistline. Go figure.

we need skill players. we played tight, physical, old school football last year- parcell's style! we couldn't seperate from teams, we need to score more points and have more plays downfield. remember we're getting camarillo and donald thomas back next year too.

offensive line:
jake long/d. thomas/free agent/satele/carey

will allen/free agent/goodman/draft pick

wide recievers:
ted ginn/d. bess/camarillo/draft pick

Bell is clearly a cut above the rest, and is a very good, if not great S. However, Goodman and Crowder are important role players too. Not that we don't need to improve in many, many areas; clearly we do. But that's not to say bringing in young players who can push our FA's is a bad thing. New players, especially rookies, can also LEARN from them too. We don't need to clean house anywhere, but WR is a HUGE, MASSIVE, GLARING NEED!

Kev is smoking some thing cause can not stand carey to make money.OK kev or mando why you go and get fat make this kind of money

i am watching the god father movie.what a movie that was .better than dumb and dumber

KEV is satarting to delete posts he does not like.

So how about some contract specifics since the Palm Beach Post beat you by hours on the actual story. Such a bitter man.

Brown at center sounds good and at same time Satele moving to gaurd gives us depth at gaurd and center. I realy love Bess and London at wr gave up on Ginn a year ago. What a loto bust. Wouldn't it b nice to have Welker and Chambers back. I'd take those four over anybodys four even arizonas. With Bess and Londons size to go with Welkers and chambers probowl hands we could score with anybody

Rhoffman...in today world of news there no such some one beat some one else on actual story of any kind .as you every watching the inter net and who sees firs he is one so you just be lucky to beat some one else .

Channing Crowder!! He is young and still getting better.

Dr. Z, forget crowder and ted(feet of clay)Ginn and his clipboard holding daddy, we'll be releasing them back to the wild this weekend at c.b Smith park, thew.w.f will be there to tag the three and word has it they'll be a petting zoo with m@@c's momma there(mouth muzzled of coarse). so bring the little ones and make sure you bring a side dish..also Mr bungle you too are invited to the festivities

None are impact players and I dont care if they made plays last year or not, that dosent define an impact player. An impact player changes how the other side approaches your team. Id rather spend a lot of money on Haynesworth and know we have a nasty nasty line for the next 5 years than resign average players to overinflated deals because we went 11-5. Its amazing how we have a good year and all of a sudden Bell is the next coming of Ronnie Lott and Channing Crowder is Mike Ditka reincarnate. Let those guys walk, not a one of them is unreplaceable with a rookie or street free agent. Not a one.

menace ..what do you think of carey contract,what is your favorite dolphin player and what is your favorite movie.

At 7 M per year, Carey is a good buy. He is an above average RT and probably will make a pro bowl guard with his athleticism and size. It was a good move and they seem to have paid him premium guard money but above average tackle money. Good deal.

Mr. Bungle one thing I'll say about you is you know a great movie sir..

spot on jason..

DID any one saw the movie the menace.that was a good one and moon struc with cher that also was very good movie

Monkey, why did you attack that women up north??

DR. Z, I think they bought Carey by the pound, my fav. fin is don strock..fav movie is the Godfather, brother..

jason is wright and sound like a smart fan not like most fans on this blog they think like car sales men RE carey contract.people must know that a good player can go to any team willing to pay top money for them ,it is a pro football not a pizza hut sale.

O.K everyone the menace is on line, what are the questions????

I hear they threw a pizza hut franchise in the Carey contract..

cuban...my favorite seen in god father is MO GREEN says to mike .....

"You slapped my brother around, Moe?"

Another Q TO CUBAN...what are your thoughts on fin fans level of thinking and edu plus is it true that bungle new name is bunghole.

SIGN Gibril Wilson NOW!!!

The Raiders just released him due to money.
This guy is only 27, played on the Giants Super Bowl team, and he has been very productive in his young 5 yr career (13 Int's / 495 tkl's)

SIGN DB Gibril Wilson NOW!!! Let Hill go and Resign Bell then draft CB to fill in for Goodman's loss.

GetterDone Phins

Q for Cuban...who is least favorite person on this blog and who the most favorite.

WOW, signing shutdown CB Asomugha really broke the bank...LMAO!

It's reporeted now the Raiders in another cap saving move have also released DE Kalimba Edwards 29yo 6'6" 265lbs.
The guy had (33) sacks in 7yrs, 6 of those seasons was with the Lions.

Think he might do well on a good team?

cuban.....they tried to take advanage of her but she kept her honor.

Luggi, some have great mind's, Mr. bungle's ok with me he has a great taste in movie's and i think M@@c is my least favorite... what's the next question for the menace iam on line for the next 30 minutes

Signing Haynesworth isnt going to be rocket science but the key is going to be not to play around and let him get us into a bidding war. Nnamdi Asomugha just put the price tag for Haynesworth at 15M per. He will be 28 this year and probably looking for at least 6 years but if a team is smart, they will pay him premium money for 3 years and no more because at 32 he will likely be entering the decline age typically brings at that position. 3 Yrs $60M will likely get him in the door and be money well spent for those three seasons.

i got the feeling every time i read fin fans here it makes me feel i am watching wife swap on tv.any one knows what that means.

And of course my least favorite player is Ted (hands of stone)(feet of clay) Ginn and his clip board holding daddy..

menace...i never been in florida ,can you tell few things about west palm for exmp

CUBAN,,,,who is your favorite sport writer and least one and why.

O.K kid's the menace is on line for 20 more minutes, i've got to get home to get some water in m@@c's mamma's bowl, what's t6he next question for the menace??

one more Q.......do you like the dead head music and songs.

Jason, that's still too much money for Haynesworth.
He is very good but I don't see the Trifecta putting out that kinda coin with many other moves still pending.

W.B.beach is great if you have the $$$$, fav sports writer of coarse is my 3rd cousin mando and least is poe, the guy's like 142 years old, retire .. PLEASE..

that should read pope, not to be confused by edger Allan Poe( who was born the same year as ed pope)..

what you think the verdict will be on chad.penn and henne and you think next season will be a peaceful one or not.

With the schedule the fish have next year, look for a hook of penny if the fish start 2 and 4 which isn't a stretch looking at it

menace...economy is bad what you think if dolphins can fill these seats with this housing disaster and all.

Picked Bell because the guy is a playmaker. He sees the field well and reacts quickly to what the offense is doing. He seems to be good for at least one game changing or momentum changing play per game. I don't see how they could replace that through free agency and if they tried in the draft it would have to be a first round pick because anything after that will have to be a developmental player unless they got lucky. I would rather see tham sign Bell and Goodman and draft a young CB in the second or third and replace Hill (if he won't come cheap) in free agency. Crowder,,,, like the guy but he just seems slow to the play. Ayodele had more impact plays than Crowder did and he was a back up. Let Crowder walk and draft an ILB in the 3rd or 4th round. Grab a cap casualty or free agent to compete with Wake and Roth for OLB.

quick question, why does everyone think we need an olb ? we have cam wake, matt roth, and joey porter. please write back

quick question, why does everyone think we need an olb ? we have cam wake, matt roth, and joey porter. please write back

Cuban Menace , I just got in and have been reading all your post since i left at 7:00pm. You have to be one of the craziest and funniest guys i have ever read ( heard) of .LOL 1024 baby.

I think we better sign another RT because if Carey's deal is for only $15 million guarenteed, then he's going to be injured a lot.

Your OK to NJ phin fan, by the way how's that new stadium coming along up there in the garden state, and do you think they'll tear down giants stadium and reveal that jimmy Hoffa has had the best seat's in new york/new jersey since "78" what are your thoughts chief??

lUIGGI, I think to increase attendance the city of Miami could host a gladiator type half time show featuring a crazed 200 pound chimpanzee and some unsuspecting fan to be plucked out of the bleachers with out notice, hell id pay to see that on pay per veiw

Look I love Crowder and still, I am very upset about when he got kicked out the game but this is an easy decision because we need a safety... what else do we have in depth? Bell is very skilled at the position and if he did not get injured the year before I truly think it would have made a difference. Bell is #1 in who we need to sign RIGHT NOW but I would love to see Crowder come back I think he is an extremely talented tackler who will only get better at reading defenses and who knows his possibilities? I especially love how he did not react further in the situation I spoke of before. Crowder you are loved and I hope you know Miami the heart of Miami doesn't want a bidding war for you but we hope the elites pay up...

I also wonder when he was attacking this poor lady did she utter the famous words"GET YOUR DAMN DIRTY HANDS OFF ME, YOU DAMN DIRTY APE" ??

I would lock up that Ricky Williams for smokin dope.

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