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Which player should Dolphins lock up next?

Just catching up as I've been on Florida Marlins duty all day, folks. [I have bosses that tell me what to cover, what can I say?]

Anyway, you know that Vernon Carey has signed a six-year, $42 million deal with the Dolphins. Interesting to me that no numbers about the guaranteed portion of that deal have come out. For perspective you should remember Jordan Gross, considered the best OT that avoided free agency, signed a six-year deal worth a reported $60 million only one day before.

Gross gets $30.5 million of his money the first three years, a vehicle by which his agent prevents the Panthers from cutting his client later in the deal. His deal is not backloaded.

I will be very, very, very interested to see how Carey's contract is structured. If it is backloaded, the player got sold a bill of goods. If the contract includes guarantees early in the deal and gets him at least half his salary the next three years, Carey got a great deal for himself. 

As I wrote previously, losing Carey was not a great option for the Dolphins because it would have meant retracing offensive line steps again in the draft. Now, the Dolphins can still secure OL help in the draft or free agency, but it can come at center.

As we know the Dolphins have other needs as well -- primarily in the secondary, OLB, ILB and WR, WR, WR!

Carey's signing leaves Miami with five pending unrestricted free agents. They are Channing Crowder, Andre' Goodman, Al Johnson, Renaldo Hill and Yeremiah Bell. Speaking of those gents, please take the poll below and tell me how you feel about what Miami should do next.

And then tell me why you voted the way you did in the comment section. 

Go Marlins!


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WOw , lol . My sides are killing me and i'm crying in laughter ( i shyt you not} The charlton heston line from planet of the apes is just to much !!!! lol lol lol . That was a classic . also i don't if you read the story where the owner would have sit down dinners with the chimp. The dinners included lobster, steak , etc ( again i shyt you not) .That why he was so fat, again the planet of the apes line was great, I almost pissed my pants .

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Forget signing S Bell or Hill...LOCK UP S Gibril Wilson or Sean Jones...both have been released today in cap saving moves.
We need to SIGN Wilson or Jones NOW!!!


I hear the tuna is looking to sign the chimpanzee from conn.

Menace , I'm still pissing in my pants with that planet of the apes line and that was 30 min ago. i'll probably still be laughing in my dreams tonight,( i'm going to use that line tommorrow ). also i'm very upset about monkey felling down.

I picked Bell, but don't pay too much for him. Get FA center from Ravens and draft DT, CB, ILB and S.

How about a draft day trade w/Dallas: Beck and a late round pick for Miles Austin.

Forget Goody and Hill. They can be (almost) be replaced by practice squad players.

Bell is the true leader of this group. I think they can find another Crowder in the draft or free agency, I really do. Last year, when Bell got hurt, the season took a dive...it was such a significant loss.
There are some pretty good linebackers in this draft. I think the Fins will be fine

Bell is now the priority since Carey was a must after Gross signed.

I'd say Goodman and then the others can all leave.

Yeah Crowder can play but he is part of the system and if we get a better player in the draft they will make Crowder look like Chowder! Hill gave up too much.

Mando I'd love to see the Phins go for a WR in the first two rounds but I really doubt it'll happen.....Inside out thing plus LB's We can hope.

we are going to get younger at every position i beleave over time, but not all at once, resign bell, for one he is a great player and who better to teach the young guy when we draft him, this gives us time to find the right replacment for him while using his skills at the same time.

Yahoo Sports just stated Channing Crowder stated at a charity softball game for NFL players that Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland sat him down and told him that they wanted to see what his market value is with other teams. Meaning that he is gone. Crowder said that they had all year to sign him and they dropped the ball. Funny, it would seem to me they know that he's a decent to good linebacker and is not worth the money he wants. So long Crowder have fun in Cleveland or the Texans usually take our LB scraps.

Bell is a no brainer if they can sign him. And if they can get the other cheap then do it. I am not a big Crowder fan. Getting bitch slapped by Matt Light and then smiling about it and still getting a penalty is kinda girlish. If he hadda fought back and drew a penalty then that is something else.

Re-sign Bell and go from there.

Re-sign Bell and go from there.

please sign crowder

Bell without a doubt, barring injury, he plays hard all the time, makes the big plays when needed and is a leader in the secondary!

dude stop saying miami needs a WR. They were in the top 10 last year in offense. A WR is a luxary. Their four wide receievers are fine for now.

THIS JUST IN: It has been reported that the Cuban Menace has been diagnosed with "a yeast infection"!!! Doctors are currently monitoring her...I mean his condition. Details to folow...

Re-Sign Y.Bell, A.Goodman comes next (but not a priority).
Chase "Young & Big" J.Brown at C (I dont like the Centers of 09 draft).
In draft look for: Laurinaitis (I pray we can reach him with the 25pick, would be the next Z.Thomas), Delmas, H.Nicks. ¿Can L.English play ILB?
Dont spend picks on DE...we got young and good ones.
Give Cam Wake a chance to play, I think he can be a excelent defensive player for the team.

Bell : First priority, must have.

Crowder : To the nay sayers, go play in a basketball blog or traffic maybe. We got spoiled with Zach in the middle, but Crowder is a young, good MLB/ILB well worth holding on to.

Goodman : Hold on for one or two years. We have too many needs to be done rebuilding this year. Anyone with any sense knew that it would take even the Tuna 2-3 years of drafting/FA/trades to straighten this mess out, but as soon as we win a few games the idiots think we're set and back to top form.

Trade for Boldin, grab the CB from Oakland out of FA, use our highest pick left for a safety or lineman, always picking the best value at that pick, NOT by need alone.

Uhhhhh BP rocks we signed Vern yea yea we signed vern

Sorry guys, I just woke up. Tinshaker was tossing and turning all night so I had a really rough sleep. He gave me a special treat to make up for it though, so it is all good.

Uhhh, finfan4life....what planet do you live on???? Boldin has said he is open to re-signing with the cardinals (not that parcells and ireland would trade picks anyway) and that CB from oakland you are talking about just re-signed with the raiders and is the highest paid db in history to go along with their highest paid punter in the league...

After locking in Vernon Carey, I would sign YB (has the moxie, toughness & leadership) then Andre Goodman. After that, get the C, ILB, a shutdown CB, NT (Ferguson's age), and upgrade S. Renaldo Hill became the starter & Chris Crocker got cut because Hill had the fundamentals sense to communicate with his teammates on the field. After he took over, the secondary improved. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of bringing Hill back.

Hey, I'm Mando people too. Which one of you punks has a problem with that? To some extent, we're all Mando people because we all come to his blog. And from the looks of it, some of you spend your entire lives here.

Girlfriends, people. Girlfriends. They do a body good. And then when you're done, you kick them out, which makes them more convenient than wives.

This signing was a mistake. Losing Carey to FA and drafting an OT early on would not have been "retracing" but instead would have been upgrading the OL. We could have used that money to sign the Center from the Ravens and still drafted an OT. It is a deep year for OTs in the draft. This was a mistake. It is not a killer mistake but a mistake none the less.

FINFAN4LIFE , I also back soulja 's sentiments asomugha just signed a multi-year 45 mil deal and what part of " we're not trading draft picks because they're more cost effective " you didn't understand .Maybe you should go play in traffic,you idiotic moron.

Bell has to be the next guy. He's way to good a player tolet slip away.

And Go Marlins!
Hope they get their stadium (but that's a whole different discussion).

NYSCOTT, if you don't like it ,don't f'n read it.. Your the only one crying about it. Now go out and get some fresh air or something .Being on blogs all day is not the only thing in life . get a sense of humor or a hobby. Watch the nfl combine on the nfl network ( its on right now). how much more can you talk about carey re-signing.geez

Is anyone else having problems posting?

Crowder.... then sign Crowder and Crowder......
The best player by far of the Dolphins unsigned free agents.

Miami needs to stop messing around and give Yeremiah his contract! He has earned a big contract and is a huge part of the secondary as well as one of the top tacklers.

Not trading draft picks is all well and good when you have to replace 3/4 of the roster. Especially last year with the lack of talent in FA. But skipping out on true talent (I did not read that Oakland re signed their CB, my bad) Like him or Boldin and getting tunnel vision on the draft is just as big a mistake as spending too much in FA and trades.

As far as anything else goes, NYScott has a great point. This blog would be much better served to have the totally off topic posts moderated out of the blog and get less hits but all with at least football related content.

Channing Crowder I was so happy when we drafted him. I knew he was a tough guy with raw skills I thought it was a great pick. I was wrong...tell him to hit the road! Now that I think of it send em all on their way besides Yeremiah Bell.

ALA Quote - dude stop saying miami needs a WR. They were in the top 10 last year in offense. A WR is a luxary. Their four wide receievers are fine for now.

I think they were more in the top 10 because of Pennington being accurate underneath and he doesn't have the arm to go long, we saw it in the playoff game....Do we want to finsih in the top 10 throwing underneath and go one and out playoff time or do we want to dominate anywhere on the field and get the ring?....Camarillo coming off injury is a crap shoot. With todays medicine he should come back 100% but hope he doesn't go Yatil Green on us....Eventually Chad Henne will need to have someone to throw to other than TG and I don't see the group we have getting it done completely...In the draft, if the Phins get a shot at a good WR with one of their three picks go for it. Most likely they won't get one in FA.....Love to see a LB or either line help as well in the first three picks.

Sign Bell like yesterday and then maybe Goodman. CROWDER isn't a Zach or LT etc he is a SYSTEM PLAYER and they as we know can be replaced cheaply.......

They aren't big names and won't be back, but we have seven UFAs right now. You let out Tab Perry and Derek Smith.

great...now sign Haynesworth !

I think that the team needs a veteran WR like Marvin Harrison, and a deep threat like TJ Hushmanzadha. If possible pick up Ray Lewis or Derrick Brooks.

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