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Which player should Dolphins lock up next?

Just catching up as I've been on Florida Marlins duty all day, folks. [I have bosses that tell me what to cover, what can I say?]

Anyway, you know that Vernon Carey has signed a six-year, $42 million deal with the Dolphins. Interesting to me that no numbers about the guaranteed portion of that deal have come out. For perspective you should remember Jordan Gross, considered the best OT that avoided free agency, signed a six-year deal worth a reported $60 million only one day before.

Gross gets $30.5 million of his money the first three years, a vehicle by which his agent prevents the Panthers from cutting his client later in the deal. His deal is not backloaded.

I will be very, very, very interested to see how Carey's contract is structured. If it is backloaded, the player got sold a bill of goods. If the contract includes guarantees early in the deal and gets him at least half his salary the next three years, Carey got a great deal for himself. 

As I wrote previously, losing Carey was not a great option for the Dolphins because it would have meant retracing offensive line steps again in the draft. Now, the Dolphins can still secure OL help in the draft or free agency, but it can come at center.

As we know the Dolphins have other needs as well -- primarily in the secondary, OLB, ILB and WR, WR, WR!

Carey's signing leaves Miami with five pending unrestricted free agents. They are Channing Crowder, Andre' Goodman, Al Johnson, Renaldo Hill and Yeremiah Bell. Speaking of those gents, please take the poll below and tell me how you feel about what Miami should do next.

And then tell me why you voted the way you did in the comment section. 

Go Marlins!