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Bryant McFadden on Dolphins radar?

The Dolphins search for a starting caliber cornerback apparently includes the possibility of adding Pittsburgh unrestricted free agent Bryant McFadden, according to profootballtalk.com.

Assuming website boss Mike Florio didn't pick up this item from a comments section of some blog and post it as news -- as we have seen him do before, only to be duped by an imposter's skullduggery -- the report is believable for a couple of reasons.

Florio is stating he's getting the information, "per a league source," which translates to, "This from an agent buddy." Now, everyone in the NFL knows one of the handful of agents who regularly feeds Florio news is Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus happens to represent McFadden.

Connect the dots and voila.

Rosenhaus is obviously telling the website his client, who has been trying to land a new deal since free agency's start, has four teams interested in signing him, with the Dolphins being among those teams.

According to the item, the Steelers, Cardinals and Eagles are also interested. The Steelers have been trying to re-sign McFadden and he did visit the Cardinals early in the week.

McFadden, a South Florida native who played at Florida State, wants to compete for a starting job anywhere he lands because he started eight regular-season games for the Steelers in 2008. McFadden has seven interceptions in 51 career games.

This is what Scouts Inc. says about the 27-year-old:

"McFadden has a strong well-defined body and adequate height. He plays the run well, is physical near the line of scrimmage and doesn't back down from a physical challenge. McFadden has decent instincts, plays the ball well and is a quick learner. He sees plays develop well and shows excellent competitiveness.

"He is a good tackler and gets his hands on the ball quite a bit. His speed is just slightly above average and could be exposed against the faster wideouts in the league. His hip turn and change-of-direction skills are also just slightly above average, but he has very good body control and rarely takes false steps, which make up for some of his potential shortcomings.

"He can be overly aggressive at times going for the big play and will sometimes bite on double moves, although he has improved in this area. McFadden is effective in press or off-coverage and may be at his best playing in a Cover 2, where he can stay close to the line of scrimmage and mix it up. He also does a nice job in off-coverage and sees the play develop in front of him well. He is a valuable member of the secondary, but needs to step up all areas of his game to be considered a solid starter. He also contributes on special teams and is a young player with an ample amount of upside."