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Bryant McFadden on Dolphins radar?

The Dolphins search for a starting caliber cornerback apparently includes the possibility of adding Pittsburgh unrestricted free agent Bryant McFadden, according to profootballtalk.com.

Assuming website boss Mike Florio didn't pick up this item from a comments section of some blog and post it as news -- as we have seen him do before, only to be duped by an imposter's skullduggery -- the report is believable for a couple of reasons.

Florio is stating he's getting the information, "per a league source," which translates to, "This from an agent buddy." Now, everyone in the NFL knows one of the handful of agents who regularly feeds Florio news is Drew Rosenhaus.

Rosenhaus happens to represent McFadden.

Connect the dots and voila.

Rosenhaus is obviously telling the website his client, who has been trying to land a new deal since free agency's start, has four teams interested in signing him, with the Dolphins being among those teams.

According to the item, the Steelers, Cardinals and Eagles are also interested. The Steelers have been trying to re-sign McFadden and he did visit the Cardinals early in the week.

McFadden, a South Florida native who played at Florida State, wants to compete for a starting job anywhere he lands because he started eight regular-season games for the Steelers in 2008. McFadden has seven interceptions in 51 career games.

This is what Scouts Inc. says about the 27-year-old:

"McFadden has a strong well-defined body and adequate height. He plays the run well, is physical near the line of scrimmage and doesn't back down from a physical challenge. McFadden has decent instincts, plays the ball well and is a quick learner. He sees plays develop well and shows excellent competitiveness.

"He is a good tackler and gets his hands on the ball quite a bit. His speed is just slightly above average and could be exposed against the faster wideouts in the league. His hip turn and change-of-direction skills are also just slightly above average, but he has very good body control and rarely takes false steps, which make up for some of his potential shortcomings.

"He can be overly aggressive at times going for the big play and will sometimes bite on double moves, although he has improved in this area. McFadden is effective in press or off-coverage and may be at his best playing in a Cover 2, where he can stay close to the line of scrimmage and mix it up. He also does a nice job in off-coverage and sees the play develop in front of him well. He is a valuable member of the secondary, but needs to step up all areas of his game to be considered a solid starter. He also contributes on special teams and is a young player with an ample amount of upside."


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First! Please don't overpay!

I don't know, but that Florio guy strikes me as a weasel who should be chasing ambulances or selling cars. Him and Rosenhaus are birds of a feather.

Having said that, if the story is true, I hope the Steelers take back McFadden because he is average at best and I'd hate for the Dolphins to overpay.

Good one, Mando. That guy threw you under the bus last week. Turn about is fair play.

Just got back from the club. Good stuff from Scouts. What the h ell is profoottalk?

I hope the Dolphins draft a cornerback instaed of signing this stiff. He did really great work in the Super Bowl, didn't he?

profootballtalk.com is an nfl rumor site
haven't seen this guy play much
would we go into the draft without a proven veteran corner?

Miami needs 2 starting caliber cornerbacks because Will Allen's contract expires after next season and he ain't getting any younger.
Having said that, I don't think he'll a dolphin next season, he must be expecting a monster contract. Dolphins should definitely draft a CB in one of their first 3 picks.
Jason Allen should get a chance to compete for Godman's spot as well. maybe go after a cheaper veteran to provide depth.

OMG Mando.....watching u blame somebody else for half assed journalism is quite amusing.

Like you would NEVER just make something up hoping it came true.

U taking a shot at Florio is pretty low...ppl already know that site is worse than u are. Having to cover ur ass by taking a shot at PFT is probably the low point thus far in ur career..

U should really be proud of yourself right now..

I come to ur blog for ONE reason, like half of ur readers, I just want the laughs I get watching u bumble ur way thru each day

Thanks again for not letting me down

just sign someone and lets get on with it.

He seems to have all of the qualities of an above average corner. He has a ring and is 27 years old. Sign him.

Armando, this is a wonderful line: "duped by an imposter's skullduggery."

Drew Rosenhaus also said there were "several" teams interested in TO, so I am sure this PFT scuttlebutt must be accurate.

Your it's-Friday-night-get-a-life response to AlienMan was fabulous.

Forget this player. He already got his ring, that makes him less hungry of victory. Take a shot in Leigh Bodden, same age, better size and he will sign for less money.
Go Dolphins !!!

The Whiner Alienman is at it again and he keeps getting me in the middle every time he talks about football or not so i think i will give the Whiner Alienman as his new name after he gave me one .Now it's a tie

Go ahead and sign him and let # 1 draft bust allan and ted(lack of testicular fortatude)ginn and his clipboard holding daddy loose, please

Sign him. We can't depend upon a rookie to start

we've got to get this guy IF....the money is right and he's a coachable kinda guy. we can coach this guy up and turn him into a probowler. I like his aggressiveness (sp) and his ability to jump routes. heck, we just paid bell and wilson to cover over top if need be. if his agent doesn't try to make him a gazillionaire he'd be a good fit.

why rip on mando? sporvo went way to far.....keep up the fair and balanced reporting.

Way to go Armando. Tell it like it is with Florio. The guy only repeats someone else's breaking news and if it is actually his breaking news he is just rumor mongering. He puts his face on youtube with someone interviewing him like he's on some wide world of sports show. His cheap ass computers all crashing during the first three days of free agency was just hilarious. What a joke, him and his irritating adds that keep popping up on his web site. He's a PIMP.

T. B. Fin fan, i know a couple guys from the 110 , they patrol up in queens, iam stationed south of them in brooklyn.

Actually the profootballtalk.com site is pretty good. Florio breaks a lot of stories. Yes it is just a rumor site and is described as one.

Good work Mando...!

I like the idea of getting McFadden he's physical and has good hands. Coming from the Steeler's he fits our mold (toughness).

I got a feeling that Bill and Jeff won't be overpaying though!

if Macfadden get signed here he could be very well with wake the big push for fins to go deeper into playoffs since he's smart to intercept the ball which is the most important game changer in playoffs.


sign mcfadden please!!!! he's from FSU, has a superbowl ring, is young, and played on pitt defense so sign him

Dolphins need a veteran starting caliber cb

Rick Ross is in contract talks to play NT for the Dolphins


what do you think about the NCAA taking away wins from FSU and Bobby Bowden and putting the Noles on probation for 4 years (i think that means they can't go to bowl games)?

Sounds like it depends on how we want to use the safeties. We have two outstanding starting safeties now, so a CB who can play strong on short routes but needs help deep against #1 wideouts could start for us, as long as he is a sure tackler. That means he stops Welker at the point of the catch five yeards downfield, and when Randy Moss goes deep Gibril Wilson comes over to make the pick.

If the Trifecta want Deon Sanders/Champ Bailey-caliber cover CBs who can single cover anyone like a blanket, then they are going to have to pay $12million a year, or get unbelievably lucky in the draft.

Another option is to knock Brady's knee out before he even has time to get set. Killer pass rush is the best coverage, Gints proved that in the SB once and forever.

So 'Mando complains about Florio and then repeats what Florio "reports."

MR.swifty..HOW would you feel if some one change the name of Tom Brady to Chad.Henne in your last three lines of your last posting,No one talks sport should use such predication to win in sport.IT'S FOOTBALL a great game it's not tough men fighting or BOXING.PEACE

Per AK47....

"Jason Allen should get a chance to compete for Godman's spot as well. maybe go after a cheaper veteran to provide depth."

WOW! Thanks for that insight! I never knew what Jason Allen's problem was until YOU enlightened me! His only problem playing CB at the pro level was that the coaches didn't give him a chance to compete for a starting position. I'll email the coaches and let them in on the secret. Thanks again, AK47!!!!

Hope we draft a corner. CB is on of the few positions that can step in and play good in the NFL. All that said the draft is not very deep in CB's this year so who knows.



i don't think it right to take away the wins b/c FSU suspended everyone involed and kept them out and i have no idea what probation in the NCAA is but the school has become a victim of a bunch of dumb@$$ kids


Are you OK? It's just a blog, dude. AK47 said nothing to you.


pee shooter,Are you OK?M15 didn't say any thing to Yand Z

If PFT isn't a credible source, then why are YOU quoting it? No sources of your own?

Mac,do have any sources yourself?if not what you are talking about.

"Skullyduggery" is an awesome word, Mando! I love it how all these people with names I've never seen on your blog are commenting in defense of Florida, I mean, Florio.

I betcha he sat at his keyboard part of this morning and stewed over how to get back at your slapping him down for the way he acted last week. No doubt some of these comments are from him. You should trace the IP addresses Mando and tell us which comments are him. He would be soooo BUSTED!

Meanwhile, what ever happened to Eric Green? I thought he came for a visit. Either way, neither of these guys is a legit starting cornerback. They're just stopgaps.

I always wondered why so many here think you are something of a jerk, Mando...but here you diss PFT while quoting them...not necessary...now I see why people think you're arrogant

You crack me up Mac. No sources of your own? Mando breaks more stories on the Dolphins in a week than your girlfriend Florio breaks on the NFL in a month. Get over yourself fool. And if you don't believe that, why are YOU here?

Finheavenblows......Eric Green he came to visit and he wants a starter money not a filler gap's money so he had dinner in seafood dinner and left

PFT has become THE source for NFL news...quoting them is fine, Mando, but I thought you would have the decency to not insult them at the same time as you quote them...a classless move on your part

mando's story was not about the mcfadden story per se, but to show how his agent, rosenhaus, uses the media to pimp his client!

Florios youtube wide world of sports bits are priceless, i guess he built this set down in his basement?

Armando, I read your blog and had to chuckle. I made a total butt out of myself with the imposter thing and I ask your forgiveness.

I just can't help myself sometimes because I have a very small wankie. So I use my website as a substitute for my manhood. I do think it is really mean of you to out Rosenhaus as a source of mine. I know, I do that to people all the time with speculation about their source, but I never expected anyone to do that to me.

Anyway, I want to extend a hand of friendship to you. You're a good man and I hope I can continue to put your breaking stories on my website. I'll not quote any of the comments in your comments section although I obviously read them religiously.

Warm regards. And peace.

What is funny about the crapweasel Florio is how shitty he is to the poor schlub who "interviews" him! Jeez! Florio's insights are lowest common denominator/basic BS. No real insight at all.

I JUST RED people pointing out that how mando reporting news item from the other blog and try to forget that armando's gob is to keep all fin fans informed to up the minute news about fins and players and that's people you should be happy about no to give any hot to few people they have a grudge with him cause he has a good followers.

AndyK you don't speak for me or any of the other people that regularly come to Mando's blog. He does excellent work and you are a tool. I rarely comment but some things get me steamed.

By the way, AndyK, I can imagine you typing your comments while undergoing an enema.

The MONKEY says Mando give PTF same treatment PTF gives everyone else. Score one for Mando. Anybody have any bananas for me? I have monkeybutt right now.

this is the real monkey and i didn't write last post .in any case if that was support for mando i am all for it and i forgive you monkey impostor .BTW i don't eat bananas

I AM the real MONKEY! And I eat bananas. And I have fleas! And monkeybutt.

Alex at least I can post a comment without resorting to puerile insults...look it up, I know it isnt in the vocabulary of a 13yo

Mando its too bad your groupies seem to only use enema insults and the like to make your case (see "Alex in Miami")...

you need more intelligent groupies...ones who have at least a triple digit IQ and dont rely on their own disturbing fetishes to make a point

I'm not 13, I'm 17 and I have an IQ of 138 you condescending, impertinent putz. Yeah, look up putz AndyK.

And yes, I am a Mando groupie because he's a good writer and reporter and I've been reading him for a decade. So that's my reason for being on his blog today, just like all the other days.

What's your excuse? Other than the fact you're probably a lonely, little dork with nothing to do but troll the Internet. Did the NAMBLA site kick you out?

andyK is a tool in hardware store

I've got an eight-inch puerile for you right here AndyK. Who are you to come on Mando's blog and insult him and insult us and act like you're better than everyone else?

You are a knob. Eres un sapingo y un mamalon. That's Spanish you turd. But as a guy with a high IQ, I'm sure you speak at least two languages -- English and Idiot.

andyK is trying hard to say that football blog is a true picture of a person IQ and that in itself tells the story of a life long hot dog eater .also when you used the term groupie that's insult MR IQ.NOW go back to your mop.

I thougt andyK IQ where he lives means 138 but the rest of country means......12

andy k is my gay lover

if any one wants to get 138 IQ like andyK all you have to do is to take Britney Spears IQ test on the internet .if not you will stay at 12

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