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Dolphins break the free agent bank record

The Dolphins reported no free agent visits Tuesday. Fact is, they haven't had an unrestricted or restricted free agent visit since Demarcus Faggins did so on March 18.

So is it fair to believe the Dolphins are pretty much done with free agency for 2009?

"I wouldn't say we're done," general manager Jeff Ireland said. "You never know what's going to fall off the tree. In that case, you're not done."

The Dolphins piggy bank, tired and not nearly as fat as it once was, hopes Ireland gives it a break. That's because the team has already spent more money during this free agency period than in any previous year since free agency began in 1992, according to figures from the NFL Players Association.

Despite having a reputation for being cheap fiscally conservative, Bill Parcells has given the green light on approximately $136* million in free agent contracts so far. While that doesn't come close to the $142* million the Jets spent last season, it is a Miami club record. The Dolphins added 11 free agents a year ago to contracts worth a reported $103.6* million, which broke the previous record set in 2006.

Safety Gibril Wilson and center Jake Grove cost a combined $57 million. There was the re-signing of safety Yeremiah Bell, offensive tackle Vernon Carey and linebacker Channing Crowder, which coach Tony Sparano has said was an investment of  "$70 million on three players to make sure those players were here."

Then there was the combined $9 million more on cornerback Eric Green and offensive lineman Joe Berger.

Do the math. Carry the one, that's $136 million spent by Miami on unrestricted or soon-to-be unrestricted free agents this offseason. And that is so far because although Ireland doesn't expect it, a player can unexpectedly become available much the way Chad Pennington suddenly became available last season.

"Never say never," Ireland said. "You never know when someone falls off a tree and you might go down that road."

Jason Taylor, perhaps?

[*No team pays every cent it is committed to paying, as sometimes players are cut, traded or retire before the end of their contracts. But this figure relates the total amount of money the team has agreed to pay through the end of every contract signed.]


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The only problem with this is, most players never see the entire contract, so the # is only on paper. You know about pay cuts at the Herald, don't you ?


What do you mean $136 million doesn't even come close to $142 million? Not sure I understand that one.

While that doesn't come close to the $142 million the Jets spent last season....

seems pretty close to me

If you guys think the $6 million difference between $136M and $142M is nothing, I assume you're commenting from your Manhattan penthouses or your spring villas on the Riviera.

Much more interesting blog Salguero. Catch me if you can.


Do you know how much the Fins are under the cap as of now?


The difference between 136 and 142 is 8? That's news to me, Armando. Thank God journalism worked out for you.

142-136=6 not 8

It doesnt matter how much the pathetic jets spend they will never win! The Fins will have rings one every finger before the "wets" sniff a super bowl.

Armando - admit you're wrong about the "doesn't come close" comment. It's a ridiculous comment that makes no sense in the article. Many people have pointed out that it makes no sense, yet you defend it?

And, sure $6 million is a lot of money, but when you're talking the difference between $136 million and $142 million, it's not that much. The Dolphins would have to increase their total dollars spent on free agents by 1.044% to equal the Jets' number last year. That doesn't seem like such a large gap to me.

Sorry - that should be 4.4%

There is obviously an impostor. It probably wasn't Mando who wrote 8 mill. Just look at the following post.


Armando . MAYBE , this blog puts to rest all the posts about how miami has to stop being cheap and go sign the likes of Holt , harrison , rolle , Mcallister , etc. This is another reason taylor won't be coming here . He going to want more money than miami wants to give him.

In times like these with no money left this the signal that next record is going to be around 6-10 due to no money left to spend.

Good thing you are not a math teacher Armando... BTW the difference in percentage is approx. 5.6%

In regards to your "$8 million is not a lot of money??" rhetorical question...$100,000 in cash is "A LOT OF MONEY" or even half of that in most aspects.

I, as I'm sure 97% of the people who read anything you write am amazed by the fact that they actually pay you to do your job.

Re-signing existing players is a bit of a different category, however.

Jason Taylor is a must to sign.

After deep research and thinking the difference is 6.7892 to be accurate .

You are like the "Mel Kiper" of the Herald...Armando


This is punishment for coming after me in the previous blog. LOL


Thanks for getting the information to us as quickly as possible. For you math majors and spelling b champions, get over it!

Don't you have better things to do?

I'd rather have my information quickly than waiting for it to be edited and run through proofing. It's a freaking blog! Who cares if he makes a few typos.

Most of you guys sound like the wannabes on PFT.

grove = epic fail.

the difference is be on the right side of things is...........7.234

You guys are all Muppets! (Including you Mando & Fake Mando)

$142. to $136. is $6. dollars which is all the high finance you need to figure out. If YOU have $142. and your friend has $136. You are pretty &*$%%*#@ close! You don't have to try to add the zeros and figure it out!

Sdphishman ....I am a math teacher and the difference is 8.675, so do not insult me you Dumd.Math is very important

Your mama...You very bad in math,cause when you do the real numbers it comes to ...8.675,i know it's hard for for you .


"Bill Parcells has given the green light on approximately $136* million in free agent contracts so far. While that doesn't come close to the $142* million the Jets spent last season".

Doesn't come close? Did you take math in school? 136m is pretty darn close to 142m.

MJZ...142 IS NOT CLOSE TO 136 ,141.900 IS

Does anyone else realize that the 136 million tag is over TWO offseasons, and the 142 million was for ONE offseason? Sounds pretty far apart to me.

I was a broadcast journalism major in college with a history and education double minor. Math? I have trouble keeping track of the number of my toes.

But I realize I made a mistake in the comments section and 142-136 = $6 million. I have corrected my sinful error. Thanks, smartalecks.

Also, there is an imposter Armando Salguero on here. I posted the first comment. The imposter posted the second. The problem will be taken care of soon.

Finally, a $6 million difference is a large difference, people. It IS NOT CLOSE. If I have 1 car and somebody else has 6,000,001 cars, we don't have close to the same number of cars.


What if you have 1 apple and I have 6,000,001 apples and one car? Are we close then?

Don't hurt him. He was only kidding around.

It does seem like a lot of money but it doesn't take long with 4 mil here and 3 mil there with 50+ players on a team. You don't see a lot of teams that are at the cap reaching the superbowl.


136 million is 96% of 142 million.

Pretty damn close.

$136 is alot, ALOT more than $103. Free agent contracts have been going up so quick every year though, and we only brought in four guys from outside.

And isn't the cap really getting ditched for '10? I still find that a little unbelievable, but it would sure change spending too.

Re: The Jets last year, they spent 140M+ but so much of that was guaranteed. They also bought older "win now" players. Mos tof that contract money is gone in 3 years, whereas the Dolphins gave more conservative longer contracts on younger players who are heading into their prime.

Also, if I am not mistaken, the Jets $140M+ wasn't inclusive of resigning players they originally drafted. They went and got Jenkins, Favre, Faneca Woody, and Calving Pace. Pace was the only truly young dynamic hot agent. The rest are past their prime. And then they signed Gholston to a $20M guaranteed deal and he is looking like a COLOSSAL bust. Ha ha. If the cap stays the Jets will be dismantled in 2011. I LOVE IT!

Armando how can you include resigning players technically still under contract before free agency as "free agent spending"? The Dolphins drafted Carey and Crowder and just extended them before FA began.

ROFL! Wow, who cares ya freaking baby. Oh man, Mando I can't believe you actually have to put up with some of these knuckleheads. This is all they have to do, point out how close two numbers are to eachother and tell you you're wrong? LOL I can't imagine how much pride some people must gain from being able to point out that your OPINION is wrong. It's an OPINION guys, Armando thinks the numbers aren't as close as you do. And you care why? Hahahahahahaha this is too much. The blog isn't about the Jets and Dolphins numbers, it's about the Dolphins spending more money than the fans are realizing. But how would they realize that when they can't even grasp the concept of a simple blog? Thanks for the laugh guys. By the way, I think the number 7 is a lot closer to the number 13 than people realize, but definitely not as close as the number 9.

I don't think the re-signing of Dolphins (Crowder, Carey, and Bell) should be counted as free agent acquisitions. Technically they never became free agents because the Dolphins took them off the market. These are guys that were already on our team, not guys that we brought in this year.

Of course this was the most expensive free agency period ever for the Dolphins. The money goes higher and higher every year as they give the shaft to the people who actually support the game. That will change also.

Guys...some of you are to funny....BUT with out Armando...we would have No News all off-season....and he has really been on it for all of us this year....Thanks to Him!

who is signing in as armando? is sprovo back?

PFT is reporting that the owner of the Denver Broncos has said that the Broncos will honor Jay Cutler's request to be traded! (no I'm not saying the Dolphins should trade for Cutler, no way, but it will be funny to see where the crybaby ends up)

Scott, Einstein, bacala and Chanster = TOOLS

Ha ha, you guys are pathetic! Who gives a f*ck who can add or subract, multiply or divide! The whole point of this blog is to point out that the Phins are committed to spending more money than EVER on free agents, whether they were re-signings or new signings, to WIN a CHAMPIONSHIP! J-E-T-S suk suk suk!! Bill Parcells for president!! Go Phins!

Thanks Armando for all your hard work! Some of us really appreciate it.

Armando I agree with one of the previous comments that you are undoubtedly the best sportswriter writing about the Dolphins without par. You bring news, you have new twists and you set the agenda the other media follow (i.e. Chad Henne and Jason Taylor stories).

This post is a great example. I bet it will be followed by your competitors in a matter of days.

In other words, I don't really mind if you aren't a math wiz.

Yeremiah Bell, Channing Crowder and Vernon Carey did not sign contract extensions. All three signed brand new contracts. All three were out of contract and hours away from fielding other offers. They are rightly included in this $136 million group.

Willie Chirino = armando .

please god drop cutler in our hands and let us trade for his rocket arm.

1-15 is the fins destiny next year with 136 mil
2-14 is the fins destiny next year with 142 mil

NYSCOTT...1-is 123 close to 129
2-is 666 close ti 703
if so show us how close and why in details.

Mr. Bunglito = mule dung.

little quiz for the smart fans who finished middle school;
Q 1-which number closer to 123......is it 136 or 164
Q 2-which number closer to 455......is it 498 or 233
if you get the right answer we will give a scarf with flower print

O.K kids the menace has arrived, i see that there's a lesson in math, so here's one for you guys.. if bill (THE TUNA)Parcells ATE 6 96 OZ TBONES FROM sHULAS STEAKHOUSE and he aleadry tiped the scale at 640 lbs and took a 62 oz. # 2 what would his weight be in the morning????

jets rock,

Why do you even bother? You just sound like a fool. It is understandable if your a child. But a grown man should not waste his time in this way. I am actually wasting my time trying to talk sense into you.

The menace is on the web, what's the first Q, for the cuban??

Mando, don't know if you'll scroll down and peruse the comments this far... but just wanted to tell you that I really, really am glad and grateful that you have been doing your best to get the Fins to get Jason Taylor back. I mean that sincerely, because I can't help but feel that Taylor is a loyal person and player, and if he could just see what it would mean to the fans if he came back, it would be enough to remind him that "better chances" aside, going to the Patriots would really hurt a lot of his loyal fans. While I am lobbying all I can as a lowly fan for him and the Fins to work something out... I can't deny that it is equally important that if he does not come to us, that he does NOT go to the Patriots. I know he's friends with Tom Brady, and it's nothing personal, and blah, blah, blah... But come on, let's get real here... Marino has said specifically that he would "never have gone to the Jets". This would be equivalently painful and wrong, if Taylor went to N.E. Thanks Mando, for continuing to help push for him to come back home.

Willi Chirino = richard simmons

Jason jason jason jason jason ! we loooooove you jason. Pleeeeeeeese come back . I need you and i want you on this team very badly. we can't win a super bowl without you. We just can't.

Bunglito Is richard simmons??

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