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Dolphins break the free agent bank record

The Dolphins reported no free agent visits Tuesday. Fact is, they haven't had an unrestricted or restricted free agent visit since Demarcus Faggins did so on March 18.

So is it fair to believe the Dolphins are pretty much done with free agency for 2009?

"I wouldn't say we're done," general manager Jeff Ireland said. "You never know what's going to fall off the tree. In that case, you're not done."

The Dolphins piggy bank, tired and not nearly as fat as it once was, hopes Ireland gives it a break. That's because the team has already spent more money during this free agency period than in any previous year since free agency began in 1992, according to figures from the NFL Players Association.

Despite having a reputation for being cheap fiscally conservative, Bill Parcells has given the green light on approximately $136* million in free agent contracts so far. While that doesn't come close to the $142* million the Jets spent last season, it is a Miami club record. The Dolphins added 11 free agents a year ago to contracts worth a reported $103.6* million, which broke the previous record set in 2006.

Safety Gibril Wilson and center Jake Grove cost a combined $57 million. There was the re-signing of safety Yeremiah Bell, offensive tackle Vernon Carey and linebacker Channing Crowder, which coach Tony Sparano has said was an investment of  "$70 million on three players to make sure those players were here."

Then there was the combined $9 million more on cornerback Eric Green and offensive lineman Joe Berger.

Do the math. Carry the one, that's $136 million spent by Miami on unrestricted or soon-to-be unrestricted free agents this offseason. And that is so far because although Ireland doesn't expect it, a player can unexpectedly become available much the way Chad Pennington suddenly became available last season.

"Never say never," Ireland said. "You never know when someone falls off a tree and you might go down that road."

Jason Taylor, perhaps?

[*No team pays every cent it is committed to paying, as sometimes players are cut, traded or retire before the end of their contracts. But this figure relates the total amount of money the team has agreed to pay through the end of every contract signed.]


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These numbers are ridiculous Mando. I read a few comments already, stating the same thing: These players most likely won't see the end of their contracts, if they do, the contracts will be restructured...and the truth is, THEY HAVEN'T SPENT THIS MONEY YET! What is the total guaranteed money on these contracts? Those are the only numbers that matter...

Dumb post!

Hey "maxx" I get that you're mocking me, that's cool. Of course, at first I thought you were agreeing with me, but realized quickly there's little chance your name would also be "maxx" (with 2 x's). Anyway, I realize I've left many comments all essentially saying the same thing, that I want Jason Taylor back, and that I equally (if not more so) do NOT want to see him go to the Pats. But honestly, you're not a real Dolphins fan if that thought doesn't make you sick... and I'm just trying everything I can to stop that from happening. It just so happens that as an average, simple fan, my only plausible path to getting my message out, is on random blogs and forums like Mando's here. Thank goodness for the internet!

Maxx, iam a little concerned about your devotion to jason(twinkle toes ) taylor, remember this is the guy that deceded to forgo off season contiodning, and then told the team he was going tio miss the 1st 2 weeks of training camp to attend his brothers High school graduation, does this guy sound like a guy that deserves your devotion?? i think not , show your devoition to a guy like chad pennington that since the season ended he's been busting his hump non stop(theres a park in new york near the jersy boarder that you can catch this guy mon, tues, and friday running with waights, running with a 30 pount sand of bag accross his schoulders for 3 to 5 hours per day, so please lay off the jason (i want to be the next "rock" but i have no talent) taylor and give your devotion to a guy that deserves it Mr. Chadd (no nick name because he do'snt deserve it) pennington....

i.m.o chad pennington this upcoming season will surprise a lot of people, he's healthy then he's been, no shoulder injury this past year, look for him to sling the ball with some zip this upcoming year, my prediction went from 9 and 7 to maybe 11 and 5 and maybe 12 and 4 depending on the defence

Yeeeesssssss. The menace is in the house and he just happens to be 100% correct.

MAXX. The Moral of this story is the dolphins went from 1-15 ( with him ) to 11-5 ( without Him ). Don't worry about what the pats or taylor do . The dolphins aren't winning the super bowl this year. Be realistic. So why bring him in for 1 year and disrupt the plan of bigger , stronger , faster and younger that will bring miami the super bowl ( maybe more than 1 ) ? And don't tell me about honoring him and retiring a dolphin. they'll be plenty of that when he retires.

$136M in relation to $142M is the same as $9.57 is to $10.

It is also the same as the difference between $0 and $6M.

So who is right and who is wrong?

How can you include Crowder, Bell, and Carey in the free agent signings? These guys have been long time Dolphins, 2 of which we drafted...thats half of the 136 million right there... Were the Jets that were resigned included in the 142 million? I don't think so...

Cuban Menace,

Do you think the reason that Parcells is actually going on these trips to work out draft prospects (after he didn't even go to road games last year), is really to go on a Man Vs. Food type tour, taking on eating challenges across the nation?

I heard that while working out Nicks in Chapel Hill, N.C. , The Tuna took on the Ribs challenge at Bill's Barbecue Shack, downing a total of 50 racks of ribs, 5 fried chickens, 22 pieces of cornbread, a gallon of baked beans, and hold the cole slaw (no veggies).

can you confirm this inside information?

136-134-145-146-134-187-139 who is right and who is wrong in relation to whom is whom ,that's the question.

Its $8Million, which comparitively speaking it is close. And the players we re-signed should be in a different category than new players signed from free agency. That would be the proper way to measure it. I think we over-payed Grove, trading Satale was a bad move, and no WR signings? It hasnt been a bad freeagency period but not close to an A+. Imagine getting a motivated Taylor back and being able to rotate him in the front 7 along with Cam Wake, wow! That, plus having an A+ draft will more than make up for a so so freeagnecy period thus far. Starting with picking up Hakeem Nicks in the first round!

cutler will be in a jet jersey very soon.GO JETS

Picture this,fins will meet pats twice with Tom.B and bills twice with T.O and jets twice with rocket arm Cutler =6 losses for fins already.LOL

Haha... Jets fans...even if you do get Cutler, there is no hope for you... Last year Brett Favre was your "savior"... how'd that work out for you?... same story this year, just a new name... Cutler is a crybaby, interception machine who has never even been to the playoffs, not to mention, who would he throw to on the Jets? Chansi Stuckey? LMFAO! Thats a big downgrade from Marshal, Royal, and Stokely...

Also, looks like the Lions, Skins, and Jags have the most to offer trade-wise.

Therer's no better interception machine than the one the only Chad.P

You mean same Chad P that helped the Dolphins break the record for the least amount of turnovers in a season by only throwing 7 ints?

or were you confused? I think you must have been talking about last year's golden-boy favre, the all time interception leader...you couldn't have been talking about the most accurate passer in league history...you're not that dumb are you? oh yeah, I forget who I am talking to...

gotta go to work, peace out...

You mean same Chad P that helped the Ravens by giving them 4 interceptions in only one game.......Nice

While the $136M number is correct in a manner of speaking, I agree that a caveat should be included that the majority of that money was spent on re-signing our own free agents. While they were close enough to free agency that it was understandable to include them, I think there is a difference between the dolphins spending on players that have been developed in their system and culture, and the Jets picking up high paid players off other teams.

I read all the stories in the New York papers last year about the Jets and how they spent $142 million in contracts. It didn't get them very far. Hope our $136 million goes farther.

Excellent post!


Good job, Mando. Interesting stuff. Your report is on PFT and ESPN.com. I wonder how come Jeff Ireland doesn't talk to the media more often so that we get more of a sense of what his philosophys are.

I understand Pats fans; they've been good and almost won the division last year. If I try hard, I might be able to understand Bills fans; they've been trying all these years and they don't really care now. But there is really no way I could understand Jets fans coming here and talking about our Dolphins after sdpending all that money and wasting all those draft picks and, worst of all, getting humilliated in the last game of the season. I mean, pleaaaaaseeee. Can someone explain to me how come someone could have so little self esteem to come to an archi-rival's blog, which ridiculed his/her team in the last game played?

Jets last year year had the D.Title in hand before our QB melt down that's why we are the real AFC east champs in reality MaCo, GO JETS

And we were heading towards the Super Bowl in 2007 before our O, our D and our ST meltdown. Come on jetfan!

MaCo, you really make me feel smart and not that's strange for me when i talk to a fin guy but you must agree with me that you were bloody lucky last year and the reality will hit you hard this upcoming season when you meet your three night mares pats,bills w/T.O and jets w/ Cutler.then we can talk again and teach you some football tactics.

Yeeeeeeeeees, Jason taylor in the house..........1-15 coming near you

Yeeeeessss , bacala in the house.

What about Zack? is he coming to visit today as rumored in E?

Are you serious NJ Phin Fan? I'm looking, but haven't seen it yet.

after they sign JT,is it true the dolphins will start selling jerseys and shorts in pink ?if so where can i buy some in advance?

ESPEN REPORTING THAT fins and zack reached agreement not to sign him.

Yeeeeeeeeees, cavalierkong in the house

Some observations:

1) Not once in my entire life have I ever used an illegal narcotic, and the few times I have been innebriated from alcohol were nearly 20 years ago. I attribute my seriousness and normalcy to this exertion of self-discipline.

2) During my formative years, Bob Griese was the quarterback of the Dolphins and I can't remember a single time that anyone made fun of his name. Not once. I mean, the guy's name is "Griese." How is that any different than going around with the name "Bob Slimey"? There must be a Bob Slimey out there somewhere, and I'm certain he heard a few taunts. Then again, names do not always represent the person. Cuban Menace is no menace - indeed, that impudent rascal is quite endearing in a Hobbesian kind of way.

3) For lunch yesterday, I brought in my wife's leftover perch and it really stunk up the office. Her tilapia does not have the same effect. My nose is not very good at smelling fish, which is probably why I excel at oral pleasure of the female person.

4) I'm relatively certain that someone will soon post on this board as "Bob Slimey."

Notes from the slimy desk,
1-Griese played in 197o before mando's blog ,if he were here today the cuban menace would be his best abuser.
2-i hope you're no eating tilapia that coming from china,they are number importer of this fish frozen.
3-i am who i am

What about that CFL guy? Cameron Derek Wade? Doesn't he count against the free agent $$$?

April Fools of course NJ,

You got me.

Jets Rock:
I partially agree with you regarding Dolphins' season: we were not lucky, but we had an easy schedule. Having said that, we beat the same teams you couldn' beat (remember the mighty Raiders?). I also believe that the Dolphins are a much better team than both the Bills and the Jets. I don't think Jay Cutler is the Jets answer (and by the way, you won't get him) and neither believe that TO will make the Bills a winner franchise. But all we talk here is mere speculation. Reality is Miami will kill everyone this year, including a blowout against the Jets in Dolphin Stadium.


I have two serious questions for people that think Cutler will go to the Jets:

1. Who do the Jets have to offer in a trade?

(I think there are too many holes on the Jets roster to trade the #1 pick, but we all know how smart the Jets front office is. I guess you could trade Thomas Jones, and that deal would make me very happy as a Dolphin fan.)

2. Who will Cutler throw to if he goes to the Jets? (and he wont)

Stuckey? Cotchery? Yikes, those aren't very good targets for the crybaby Cutler. I think he might throw a temper tantrum if he finds out the Broncos are talking to the Jets.

I have two serious questions for people that think Cutler will go to the Jets:

1. Who do the Jets have to offer in a trade?

(I think there are too many holes on the Jets roster to trade the #1 pick, but we all know how smart the Jets front office is. I guess you could trade Thomas Jones, and that deal would make me very happy as a Dolphin fan.)

2. Who will Cutler throw to if he goes to the Jets? (and he wont)

Stuckey? Cotchery? Yikes, those aren't very good targets for the crybaby Cutler. I think he might throw a temper tantrum if he finds out the Broncos are talking to the Jets.

Cutler will never be a Jet because the jets don't have nothing to offer Denver.....Denver wants a Quaterback as part of the trade for Cutler and Clemmons isn't going to cover it. Plus Denver already said they would rather trade him to an NFC team and there are NFC teams like Detroit (1st Pick), St. Louis Rams (2nd), San Francisco (10), Washington Redskins (13) that have more to offer in draft picks and all have QB issues. So if Denver is going to trade Cutler for just picks the jets don't have it covered either.......So stop dreaming jet fans and make sure next time you go to "GIANTS STADIUM" make sure you give them a dollar so that maybe one day they will built you all a stadium for your loser jets......

Go Phins

Phins 11 - 5
Patsey's 10 - 6
Bill's 8 - 8
Jets 0 - 16
(R.Ryan reminds me alot of C.Cameron, a coach who is not ready for the top job)

your talkin about 6 million dollar difference...now yes if i had 1 dollar or 6 million dollars there is a BIG difference. But in regards to NFL contracts and how much two teams shoveled out in FA....136mill one team and 142 another team its VERY CLOSE!!! ur talkin about one or two average players salaries that would make that difference. i cant believe this is even an argument!

142-136=8 ,,,,,you see what i see

Yeeeeeees , Allien in the house


alien in space- Why would the Fins only play 15 games. You are even dumb at being stupid.

Allien in space can't help but being stupid, he's obviously a fan of either belimidget or the Smelts.

I just got some inside information that a trade between the Miami Dolphins and the Arizona Cardinals that exchanges Anquan Boldin for a second round pick and an undisclosed pick in the 2010 draft is going down tonight!!!!

And i just received word that a trade between the Flatsies and Ringling Brothers involving a swap of Belicheat for 2 circus midgets is about to take place.

fins....0-15 cause they are going a game away to the pats without playing to save money......142-136=15.

Alien man or rex ryan as he calls him self in the house

Is Cutler falling from the tree? 2 Chads to go and we pick up a WR in the draft, we can challenge most defenses


You are not from Golfito

HEY alien in space. stop impersonating me and leave me out of your fights.

Yeeeeessss , vachlito from golfito is in the house. Wait ! who the heck is vachlito ?


I Am vachlito from golfito and i am jose brother in law who told me if you really want football talk you should come here and talk to the menace

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