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Dolphins not awarded any compensatory picks

DANA POINT, Calif. -- The NFL has just awarded 32 compensatory draft picks to 16 clubs and, well, do you want the bad news or the worse news first?

The bad news is the Dolphins were awarded no compensatory picks.

The worse news is that AFC East rival New England was awarded three compensatory picks. The Patriots, which already had four picks in the first two rounds, were awarded a third-round pick (97th overall), a fifth-round pick (170th), and a sixth-round pick (207th).

No other AFC East team was awarded a compensatory pick.

The compensatory picks are awarded based on a formula that values what players a team loses do with their new teams.


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No surprise there, New England has always worked the system in their favorite for years. Maybe teams will start to realize that and do the same things. I am pretty sure Pittsburg got some too.

My my New England, of course this is like a dreaded divorce, you knew it was coming, just didn't want to see it in print.

Did I just link a divorce, the Patriots, and dread into one rambling thought? Seems like it works.

Let's hope the losses of Pioli and Dimitroff in following years affect their upcoming draft. I doubt it though because it seems like with Draft and Free Agency so close to one another, scouts are relied upon much more heavily. My two cents and some extra change.

It has been YEARS since the Dolphins were awarded a pick no matter who they've lost. It's not like they've been out there signing huge name players. Last year they lost Rex Hadnot who was a starter for the Browns, nothing for that? I'd like to see the NFL justify this crap, who were the players the Pats signed and who did they lose? I can't think of anyone where it didn't work out. Ausante Samuel was lost but they signed Adelius Thomas. Let's face facts the Pats are the NFL Pet Franchise. They ignore their cheating and while Pioli made some very good moves but the Pats Championship teams were built on ALL THOSE COMP PICKS THE NFL GAVE THEM OVER THE YEARS.


Any word on which of the three 7th round picks we gave to Jacksonville?

Just thought I would let everyone know if you dont know already: In exchange for Satele, the DOlphins got a 6th rounder from Oakland and it is now being reported that they also swapped 4th round picks with the Raiders as well.

The Raiders have the 8th pick in the 4th round so the pick swap is more valubable than the 6th rounder the DOlphins got.

How about some compensatory picks for wiretapping your opponents?

P.S. Maybe we can nab Ramses Barden early in the 4th

Move over Menace...Aqua"1" is in the house!! Nobody wants to ask you questions. They want answers and I'm here to provide them! Mainly that $60,000 question. Who will the trifecta pick in the draft? The 1st 4 rds...

RD 1( 25) If CB Malcolm Jenkins drops due to poor combine time he's the pick. If not: CB/S "Sean Smith" If used as a CB, a 6'3 218 lb playmaker who will man up w/ Moss & Owens. Adds safety depth also.

RD 2A( 44) NT "Ron Brace" Won't last til 2B (56). A physical beast and great bull rusher to rotate with Furgusen.

RD 2B (56) WR "Johnny Knox" A blazer but with flytrap hands. Big enough to beat press coverage.

RD 3 (87) LB "Frantz Joseph" A fearless tackling machine with heart and character. Can play inside or out. Also wears LT's #56.

Rd 4 (104) (swapped with Raiders for Satele) G "Louis Vazquez"
Could go with center depth here too but if not at 6'6 335 lbs, a monster who benched pressed 225 lbs 39 times.

With Thomas and Vazquez as gaurds it'll be steamroll time baby!!!

Aqua - can't steamroll if the guy inbetween is a shrimp.

Strummer's army . Miami signing J. Smiley cancels out the loss of hadnot . Also A thomas ( 2 years ago ) wasn't signed the same year as NE losing samuel ( last year )

Jimmy Jam ...have faith in Parcels. If he thinks Grove is powerful enough (lifted 500 lbs in college) then who am I to question him. I mean beyond great overall football knowledge the guys forte is linemen. So is Sparano's. Ya, ya, I know about the injuries but lets wait an see.

Also Strummer's army. NE manipulates the system very well. They usually sign players who were cut and became free agents . Teams don't get rewarded comp. picks for cut players . At the same time NE lets their free agents walk and get comp. picks for them.

I meant linemen and linebackers.

Nice insight aqua 1, whats your thoughts on the tuna's visit tonite to the golden corral all you can eat buffet tonite, will he go after the fried fish or attack the sirloin with a vengence? just wonder your thoughts..

Hmmmm. I know...he may decide to bring a couple of linemen to just lift the table while he waits at one end with his mouth open. How's that for a mental picture?? Just kidding BP. God, I hope he doesn't read this blog!

cuban, it will be the sirloin with a few helpings of mashed potatoes... maybe some vegetables if his wife is there


y would BP read this blog?? im sure he would rather look up new cook books each night for some variety in his food

L.m.f.a.o Good one guys...

I think I should take that joke back. I just remembered that Jerry Maguire line..."I ate two slices of bad pizza, went to bed and grew a conscience." Mmmmm...pizza pizza.

Armando, you should make it clear to these biased Dolphins fans that Miami clearly did not deserve any compensatory picks as they significantly signed more in free agency last offseason than they lost. No one is trying to screw the Dolphins. Bill Parcells would have told you last March that Miami wouldn't be getting any comp. picks this year.

P.S. Man some of these comments are ridiculously awful. Especially the draft ones. Most fans really have no idea where players will go, do they? Ramses Barden in the fourth? Not after the workout numbers he's posted. Malcolm Jenkins at 25 and Frantz Joseph in the third? Not gonna happen, and shouldn't happen, respectively.

Armando, I don't see your opinion on the Satele's trade.. Did we win or lose on this one? I think it's kind of too early since Grove would have to prove himself and Satele needs to confirm that he was a bad C, that was not worth the 2nd round pick Scam Scameron wasted on him. I just thought that Parcells was going to keep him to serve as a backup C and Guard, and because he was really cheap; but then again, he would have lost value sitting on the bench. Overall, I'm sad Satele didn't workout for the Fins, but I'm glad we're dealing before the draft starts... I just hope they get rid of Ernest Wilford. Would it be possible to ask President Obama for an stimulus to pay his guaranteed money and send him very far from Miami? that would be nice.

Nobody should get a 3rd for comp picks...that's a little high.
Here goes my draft pred.....
1.Clay Mathews OLB
2.Sean Smith CB
2b.Brian Robiskie or Louis Murphy WR ( maybe Barden, not much tape on him..screw da combine)
3.Cornelius Ingram TE
Draft best Dtacle avail or trade pick to CLE for Shaun Rogers.

That was for 4th rd pick.

Isn't enough that Obama and his admin. turned this country into socialism . Now you want to bring that to our team .

shut up, if you don't like america, get out

go phins

We live in a socialist society already! Schools, police, fire, welfare, social security-FDR's "new deal", anything publicly owned like airports, sports arena's, or government funded universities.
Now is the time for socialized medicine get it done Obama!

Go phins is right carlito from golfito

D4L- Dumbest thing you've ever said. Not going to get into a political debate, but your support of socialism is pure idiocy.
People are missing the frigging point here... THIRTY-TWO picks TOTAL. THREE go to the Pats.
Mando! Why be so ambiguous here? Why not include the NAMES of the guys who got the Patsies those picks?

How's socialized health care worked in europe and other countries ? . That's why everbody comes to america for the best healthcare. Get a clue ! Get obama out Now ! And oh yeah GO PHINS.

not surprising being that the Pats are Goodell's favorite team. I don't even want to know how or why it just stinks. The satele trade seems decent... those early 2nd day picks can be winners. I think a trade down for more picks with the 25 makes alot of sense. there is a lot of depth at positions that will be gone by the end of round three. getting an extra pick might bring more value than 25. I'd only like to see that trade go down draft day though

the NFL gives you for what you picks for what you lost last year.
New England Patriots
Lost: Randall Gay, Asante Samuel, Donte’ Stallworth
Total compensatory picks: 3
Compensatory draft picks
Rd Pick Sel. # Team
3 33 97 New England
3 34 98 Cincinnati
3 35 99 Chicago
3 36 100 N.Y. Giants
4 33 133 San Diego
4 34 134 San Diego
4 35 135 Tennessee
4 36 136 Indianapolis
5 33 169 Pittsburgh
5 34 170 New England
5 35 171 San Francisco
5 36 172 Dallas
5 37 173 Tennessee
6 33 206 Tennessee
6 34 207 New England
6 35 208 Dallas
6 36 209 Cincinnati
7 33 242 Tennessee
7 34 243 Washington
7 35 244 San Francisco
7 36 245 Seattle
7 37 246 Chicago
7 38 247 Seattle
7 39 248 Seattle
7 40 249 Cincinnati
7 41 250 Jacksonville
7 42 251 Chicago
7 43 252 Cincinnati
7 44 253 Jacksonville
7 45 254 Arizona
7 46 255 Detroit
7 47 256 Kansas City
we signed as many player as we lost. the same this year so we should not get any next year.

We can call NE cheaters all day but if they cheat we have to learn how and follow by example. We did not really lose anyone last year because who wanted players from a 1-15 team. I even think that Washington paid us to much for Taylor. From that list I seen above look a the picks for Tennessee.

Want to read something funny? Check out Omar. His bosses are making him try to do a twitter.

"The compensatory picks are awarded based on a formula that values what players a team loses do with their new teams."

maybe i dont get it. so because a team chose NOT to sign more free agents than they lost, that means they get free picks?

a team one year removed from going 18-1 gets three picks for nothing?!? like i said, maybe i dont quite understand this so if im wrong in my understanding someone please correct me so i dont hunt down goodell and beat him over the head with and inflateable dolphin.

It comes down to evaluating and building talent. If you draft wisely and have a team that people want to play for you have 53 good players. Once yu are in that position you are going to have players that are free aents every year. You let some of them go that want more money then you feel they are worth but you hav quality backups or sign cut players not free agents.
Then every year you get 3 or 4 extra picks in the draft to help keep the program going.
WE are still a year away from that happening.
It is frustrating to try to catch the Patriots when all their picks plus an 3 extra ar in front of yours especially when you go after many of the same type of players.
I thik NE comes away really stacked after this draft.

Hey Chris Nelson. When you get to work today, do me a favor. Set aside a Big Mac for me but hold the cheese. Also some large fries with
coke.I'll be over at lunch time to pick it up. I'll even tip you 50 cents so you can call somebody who gives a S*#% about your opinion. Just remember my draft picks while your reading the teleprompter on draft day!
Oh...and by the way...who's your daddy!??

Might as well just crown their azz.

Can't understand how and why the Patriots, long the dirtiest and "cheatingest" team in the NFL continues to get away with their crepe. Going way back to the Snow Bowl of the Seventies, NE continues to pull one dastardly scheme after another, led by the arch-criminal coach of theirs.
I guess there is no God, and certainly no NFL god.....

Can't understand how and why the Patriots, long the dirtiest and "cheatingest" team in the NFL, continue to get away with their crepe. Going way back to the Snow Bowl of the Seventies, NE continues to pull one dastardly scheme after another, led by the arch-criminal coach of theirs.
I guess there is no God, and certainly no NFL god.....

Aqua 1, you just ordered the bill(big tuna)parcells special..races come on, you know full well that N.Eng is the NFLs flagship(also i think Robert Kraft must have compromising pictures of Goodall) would you expect anything else from the NFL???

races i like that one about belichet being a arch-criminal kinda like he's the Lex Luthor of the NFL.. lol

OK kid and hormorphadites(rexryansucks aka m@@c,aka mzb aka "small package") The menace is on the web, whats the first Q for the cuban??

if bellicheat is lex luther then the trifecta must be the super friends

Chris, Alex...

Save your breath. Even though you both are 100% correct, our buddy Armando is still more obsessed with the Patriots than the Dolphins.

This is clearly a ploy by the NFL to elevate the mighty Patriots and screw the lowly Dolphins (eyeroll).

He only knows how to write half-true articles that don't offer any insight, perspective, or well-thought out sentences. Most of his articles are misleading or just flat-out incorrect.

Why take the time to explain where comp picks come from… let's just write bulls--t that will increase my page views?

Correct carlito....I hear warner brothers are making a feature movie called "lex luther VS. the 600 lb. tuna" look for it in early jan. 2010..

It stars Mathew McConaughey as lex and Larry the cable guy as "the tuna", don't know how that's going to play out but look for a strong opening week..

Mando- why aren't you guys in more of an uproar on how we got hosed in the Satele deal? We lost a second rounder with low salary who started 33 games is 24 yrs old and no injury history for a sixth rd pick and a swap of 4ths. I think the Raiders made out big time. I hope the sixth or the 4th can be as productive as Satele. I think Parcells?Ireland needs to explain their thinking on this one. I think they hurt the franchise with this deal.

Armando, it would be helpful if you could provide actual details of how this thing works.

How does the formula work?

Clearly we can all do our own research, but since the topic was raised here and there are clearly a ton of questions around surrounding it, a little more detail would be great.

I mean, look at the idiots who think its an NFL conspiracy to help the Patriots.

At least help them.

"Bellachimp" will be played by Tubby Boots, who's coming out of retirement and has both the grumpy disposition and copious mass to well serve the role. Also included in the cast will be Robert De Niro and Al Pacino (cousin to cappacino), playing tenacious cops chasing the arch-criminal all around Patsville, hoping to find the scoundrel's illegal video tapes, and put him permanently away.
Casting for Parcels is still undetermined.

Maybe getting that game in the dome in Toronto instead of in Buffalo was our compensatory draft pick

can we get a few more of those? it wasn't just the no cold weather factor. Did anyone else see all those canadians in dolphins jerseys??? They were representing in Toronto!


Pats always win, we have very bad manger on our team who can't plan for the future.


This isn't bad news. Apparently, the Patriots got rid of some good players while we got rid of some dead weight.

You guys should be worried about the schedule.

We always get screwed finishing in the cold weather at NY or NE at the end of the season. We dodged a bullet with BUF in the dome. The schedule is where the all mighty PATTSIES twist to screw in their favor.

I predict a road-road finish for us this year and the pats at home for 3 out of the last 5 games.

Races, l.m.f.a. off... great commenentry on the upcoming film"lex Luthor vs. the 600 lb.Tuna... cant wait till jan 2010...

Trade Beck For a 3rd Round pick And Ginn for A 2nd,Who care how many picks the pats get, most of those players after the 3rd round end up been back ups for the rest of their lives or out of the league in a few years,Satele is not a good center at all,he got push around by the bigger guys,you guys need to look at game tapes a little bit,Satele have not value at all,the guy have three false start last year snnaping the football,in my twenty years watching nfl games I never see that before,at least they get to swapp the forth and a sixth for a player that's was gonna be cut anyway

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