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Dolphins not awarded any compensatory picks

DANA POINT, Calif. -- The NFL has just awarded 32 compensatory draft picks to 16 clubs and, well, do you want the bad news or the worse news first?

The bad news is the Dolphins were awarded no compensatory picks.

The worse news is that AFC East rival New England was awarded three compensatory picks. The Patriots, which already had four picks in the first two rounds, were awarded a third-round pick (97th overall), a fifth-round pick (170th), and a sixth-round pick (207th).

No other AFC East team was awarded a compensatory pick.

The compensatory picks are awarded based on a formula that values what players a team loses do with their new teams.


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any one knows any one doesn't need his dolphins game tickets for next season?i can get it of your hands for free.

Here is a link to read-up on how the compensatory picks work.


You will see that it's based on a formula NOT by random acts of kindness by the NFL.

It makes sense that successful teams are given the comp picks, because their free agents are typically targeted at the start of FA.

What team do you think will be targeted… a team that goes 18-1 or a team that goes 1-15???

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From now on, I will be using the screename "The Knight who says Ni!" when I am posting on the Herald. I will reserve this wonderful name only for you people.

any one here thinks that fins will finish year at....10-6?

bungle, Is that "the knight that says neek" made famous by Monty python??

the name "the knight who says nil" i used 3 weeks ago but good try mr.bungle

Now iam confused???


This rings a loud bell to all NFL teams that don't have a great scouting system and decide to go the free agent route. If you sign free agents the odds are you aren't going to be part of the compensatory draft and if that fa is a bust you lose double. We have done this for years and look at what happened. 1-15.
When we are yelling to sign a FA we had better take a good long look at the consequences.

Did someone just suggest that we could get a 3rd rounder for Beck and a 2nd rounder for Ginn?

Thanks, I needed the laugh.

Beck is worth no more than a late 6th and Ginn no more than a 5th.

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Compensatory picks shouldn't even exist.

Can anyone answer me this question? Maybe the Cuban Menance or Nathaniel Dodsworth or even Armando? This has been bothering me since I was a kid.

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That's bull s_ _ t the league needs to look at this formula.

asante samuell,donte stallworth,and randall gay were the reason the patriots received 3 picks.........they determine the picks on the amount of the contract of the departing players...that is the reason they received 3 picks. name a few phin players that were signed away and then you'll realize why you dont get any picks...

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