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Dolphins preseason schedule set [Update 4]

The Dolphins just released their preseason schedule and it definitely has an NFC South feel to it.

Miami will host the Carolina Panthers while playing at New Orleans and Tampa Bay in the coming preseason. The Tampa Bay game will be telecast nationally on FOX.

The team will also host the Jacksonville Jaguars to round out the exhibition schedule.

Although some of the dates are yet to be set the time frame and venues for the games are set. They are:

Aug. 14-18 ... vs. Jacksonville at Dolphins Stadium.

Aug. 22-23 ... vs. Carolina at Dolphins Stadium.

Aug. 29 ... at Tampa Bay.

Sept. 3-4 ... at New Orleans. 

[Update: The dates listed above are directly from the Dolphins. The NFL has released a national television broadcast schedule that lists the Miami game at Tampa on Aug. 27, a Thursday. So I have called the Dolphins and am awaiting word on which is correct. My instinct is that the Dolphins are wrong.]

[Update 2: Dolphins made a mistake. The Tampa Bay game is Thursday, Aug. 27.]

[Update 3: The regular-season schedule should be out in two weeks or so. Expect the Dolphins to return to prime time for the first time since 2007 when they played a Monday night game at Pittsburgh. During the NFL annual meetings a couple of weeks ago, Mike Tirico, who does the play-by-play on Monday Night Football, dropped by during Tony Sparano's breakfast with the media. Someone said the Dolphins hadn't seen him (or a prime-time game) in a while and Tirico said, "I'm sure that will change this year." We'll see.]

[Update 4: For those of you remembering that Chad Henne is expected to get extended playing time in the coming preseason, I serve up this fact: Jacksonville's pass defense was 24th in the NFL last season. Carolina's pass defense was rated 16th, Tampa Bay's was fourth, and New Orleans' was 23rd.] 


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Cool, thanks Mando


A good test for our defense against the pass. Some of our pass rush and secondary questions should be answered vs the pass heavy NFC South during preseason. Which will help prepare us for our own division during the regular season with Brady's return, T.O. in Buff, etc.

It's a good test.

You got your dates wrong, Mando. Especially the Tampa game, which is a Thursday game on national TV.


your instinct? It's clear that the Dolphins were wrong. CBS has the Aug. 29 primtime game.

Isn't hard to figure this out.

Relax dude... Take a zanex or something

happy birthday to me on the 27th of august

Lighten up, Francis

Jimmy starvo is SPORVO . Mando check it out !


I wish the Dolphins were in a division with other Southern teams. I have always hated the AFC East ... it's a bunch of Northeastern teams plus the Dolphins. When the NFL was fixing to realign a decade ago, I lobbied hard to get us into a division with, say, the Jags, Texans and Titans, or by virtue of a big realignment, with the Bucs, Saints and Jags, or something like that. The NFL never cared for anything like that. I'm told it's because the Dolphins' AFC East rivals like having them come every year, and the Dolphins like selling tickets to transplanted New Yorkers. But Miamians will always buy tix if the Dolphins are good, and an all-Southern division seems to work in the SEC! If we played Southern teams twice a year, I'm sure serious rivalries would quickly develop. (Dallas and Washington became a top rivalry within five years of their being paired in the AFC East.) Just think ... the Dolphins being associated with cool Southern football and not some bunch of transplanted New Yorkers. What could have been...

Today is the first day of " VOLUNTARY " workouts for veterens.

Sporvo,do you want jt back?

SS - Re realignment.

How does Dallas and Washington help your point? It is almost the same distance from Dallas to DC as Miami to NY.

Also, Armando, whats up with the Dolphins playing regular season opponents in the pre-season?

Preseason games!!! That means the season is starting!! Go Dolphins!!!!!!!

J-P. LOL . It's still 4 months away !

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who else in the house? speak up please

I, on the other hand, "lobbied" to keep us in the afc EAST with our traditional rivals; my lone regret is that we don't beat them like we used to, but I see brighter days on the horizon. I'm glad we're not stuck w/ the ya-hoo Jaxers etc.

Yessssss. The new jason taylor poster in nothing but overalls and a straw hat is out. And yeeees they have a farm animal in the backround.

thank the lord that when we read these posts we can't see these people's faces.

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who's the fin player who ownes the most cats?

Lights - Cameras - DOLPHINS!

why would they play three teams in the preseason that they play in the regular season? For some reason that does not make sense to me.

Jimmy Starvo is starving for attention. Loser.

1. They always play NO , TB aand jacksonville. 2. IT'S ONLY PRESEASON !.They don't always play the starters or they don't empty the playbook during these games. GEEEZ

Ok kids the menace has arrive, whats the 1st Q, for the cuban?

Same Guys theyve played for the last decade.

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What's The Final verdict on the big dummie jason taylor?

JT will start a new reality show on E if he's not signed by fins and will gust star in the new T.O reality show on CMT,is that true menace?


Its the same damn opponents as the last couple of years minus Kansas City!!!

I am not really sure how I feel about Jason Taylor anymore to be honest. He is full of it

I want taylor. I need Taylor. I have to have taylor. Jason jason jason jason. Pleeeeeeese . I love you.

Maxx.......kinda Gay bro...

Its ok Mr.Bunglito, I was just asking a question. I knew we always played Tampabay and Jacksonville and every couple of years the panthers and NO. GEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ

Anyone in NC or that will be joining me at Erickson Stadium when the Fins will be coming to Charlotte?

can't come soon enough

JT should look for work elsewhere, this fan's opinion

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees, no one in the house,,,,nice

umm...the Marlins are playing at home the weekend of Aug 14-16. So it looks like three games in 11 days, all in the Florida heat in August: Jax on Mon Aug 17, Car on Sat Aug 22, at TB on Thu Aug 27.

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