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Dolphins put coals in Laveranues's stocking

A couple of days ago I shared with you how Laveranues Coles didn't make sense for the Dolphins, especially at his $6 million asking price that I now suggest to you is dropping like lead in water.

Well, ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the Dolphins have no interest in Coles at $6 million. Or at $5 million. Or at $3 million. Or at $1.85 and a box of popcorn.

Citing a team source, Mortensen is reporting the Dolphins spoke to Coles' agent only to say they weren't interested. So this should put an extinguisher on the hot stove Coles talk  ...

... unless the Dolphins are orchestrating all this to seriously, seriously, seriously drive down the price for Coles just before becoming, you know, suddenly interested. It would not mark the first time the team changes its collective mind on an issue as fluid situations change (remember Bill Parcells saying, "We will not trade Jason Taylor?").

Of course, the Dolphins might be putting out accurate information this time. In which case we should all applaud the team resisting the temptation to add a 31-year-old receiver who, as you read in my previous blog post, is on the descent rather than the ascent. 


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I'm surprised of the call but it{s the right choice

We'll draft a receiver and if he's a 1st or 2nd rounder we can trade Ginn (like we'll do with Satele if we draft a center)

woo 1st i think

To me the problem with Coles is that if you are going to bring a complimentary receiver like him on board, he cant bring any baggage. Coles is an absolute baby in the locker room. He forced Mangini to restructure his contract last year (to make the last 2 years fully guaranteed) and this year he made the Jets let him walk even though he was already under contract. Guys with diminishing skills (like Coles) better be high quality guys, which Coles is not.

well im happy there won't be another jet on miami

I would really like to see us trade for Holt hes a class act and can be had for a low draft pick

Why should they be interested he is on the downside of his career we already have a young shifty wr with great hands on the cheap (bess) we need hicks-britt- robiskie or london to come into his own

I think the QB/WR situation right now should involve the WRs we have (minus you know who) and any they draft. As long as they're young I'm happy. Pennington is here to make them as good as they can get for Henne.

We might have to settle for a vet CB but not a WR.

Good!! Its already bad enough getting used to Chad Pennington as our quarterback. I CANT STAND THE !@$#^% JETS!!!

Mando' do u see tuna & co sending a 2nd rounder to clev for braylon edwards? Wr's in the draft can be risky and hate to burn yet another 2nd rounder..feely,culpepper,moore,roth,beck,satele yuck (08' hopefully will change that nasty tide)

Camerillo is every bit as good as Coles, just as tough, just as clutch. And anyone who watched the game where the Dolphins were backed near their endzone (forgot which game it was) and Bess caught that pass while FALLING DOWN for a first down to get them out of hellish field position knows he isn't far behind. We got the clutch guys. We need the stretch the field guy.


Lavernaues Coles is not a member of our football team...

I still hope Laverneous Coles signs with the Bills b/c I want the Jets' offense to be awful next year. It's setting up that way b/c they dont have any good skill position players. Their QBs and WRs are a joke, and their RB is 31.

tom hartman,

we have a stretch the field WR his name is ginn
we need a stretch the field QB his name will be Henne but you'll have to wait

Here is my question as most of you know by now alot have speculated Miami would draft a reciever with there first overall pick. The organization according to another source is in the search for a true number 1. Harrison and Toomer at this point in their careers are look at like number 2 recievers.Heyward-Bay will not I repeat will not be their at 25 and Nicks I think is a reach at 25. Would you not rather try and trade a 1st to the Cards for Boldin who is 28 a true number 2 and can complement Penny great.

Just a Thought


I would rather draft Kenny Britt (6'3 215) or Ramses Barden (6'6 225) in the 2cnd or third

Coles is old and bad.Get a clue you dumbass posters.I am here rockin and postin. I do have a life and other things to do besides post on this website.I wish cuban fhole and J~P and njphinfan Had jobs so they had less time to spend here.Get lives dumb asses .Go away.

I can't wait for the season to begin and watch Ted Ginn step it up so all you "experts" can say how great he is and can't believe anyone would have ever talked about getting rid of him... You all are pathetic pathetic pathetic....

When did Braylon Edwards get placed on the trading block? If so, Washington's second Rd pick sounds good to aquire him. Dont think its possible but sure sounds nice.

"I think we should trade satele , beck and wilford for coles . Thoughts ?" I think that's the stupidest thing I ever heard. Who would we trade them to? Coles is a free agent.

Robert NO on the boldin trade . Tony S . you would be fired if you drafted barden in the 2nd round .

I just saw the other paper is reporting Goodie has signed with the Broncos

I was talking about Kenny Britt in the 2cnd Ramses "I'm a freak of nature" Barden in the 3rd...Everybody was projecting Kendall Langford in the 5th round and I took him in the 3rd...that worked our pretty nice...and thats whats up b!tch

or the third round

A source within the organization told me the Fins and Cards have worked out a trade of Miami's 1st pick (25) in exchange for Anquan Boldin...the trade will be announced on Draft Day. How freakin' sick will our offense be???

In addition, Miami will then use its 2nd round pick on best available C (projected to be Alex Mack). Third round will be CB.

You heard it here first...

Ramses Barden is a beast! If Miami can pick him up in the later rounds and develop him, his outcome can be very promising.

That trade on draft day sounds like total horse crap!!!

That trade on draft day sounds like total horse crap!!!

The problem you're going to run into with a trade for either Boldin or Edwards is the trade of Roy Williams last year. I believe it was a 1st, 3rd and a 6th. I'd have to say Boldin and Edwards are better than Williams. Just an idea as to what the Cards or Browns would be looking for.

Boldin said again over the past day that he'd do a new contract. If I'm Kurt Warner and the Cards will only give 10 mil a year, I'd say I'll take the 10 instead of the 14 I want if you make Anquan happy.

I can't see these guys trading multiple picks. Maybe the 25th for either Boldin or Edwards but neither of those teams would do that.

Mark Higgs,

My first indication that tells me you have no idea what you're talking about is that we have 2 2cnd round draft picks, not 1...Anybody with such good "sources" inside the organization should surely know that.

Ramses barden is a beast , but the level of competition and his inability to seperate from cb drops to about the 4rth round.

Everyone knows (including the Cowboys) that the Cowboys reached for R. Williams and teams are not going to pass on such a high pick for a WR. Both Cleveland and Arizona would bite on that in a second.

As long as Chad P. is going to be the qb of the fins then we are going to need guys that specialize in YAC (yards after catch). The best YAC wr in the league at this time is Boldin. I propose the two 2nd round pics and Wilford for Boldin. Guys who stretch the field are not going to get a chance to show off their skills with Chad P. at the qb. Therefore, we shouldn't get too excited about guys who run well in the 40yd dash we should probably pay more attention to shuttles,three cone drills, route running, and YAC. Just some food for thought guys !!


Any transaction that involves Al Davis or Jerry Jones can be thrown out the window. Now way after last year is Braylon Edwards worth a first round pick, much less multiple picks. Even though I DON'T THINK THIS ADMINISTRATION WILL TRADE A HIGH DRAFT PICK, if they did, it wouldn't be the 1st it would most likely be one of the 2cnd round picks.

Everyone is so concerned with CP's arm strength and stretching the field. The reality is that CP is only going to be the QB for one more year. Thats if CH doesnt show signs of the next coming.....

This is terrible



how about scorpio barber and joe berger for Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne, straight up...thoughts?

We don't need any more WRs! I thought that's why you drafted me?
I can stretch the field and get all the YAC you guys want.
The coaches were telling me to drop passes and run out of bounds I swear!

stubb305 , 2 2nd round picks ? I suggest you put the pipe down .

We just lost Goodman to Denver...I hope the tuna has plans on targeting a CB in FA

No way in hell does Arizona give up Boldin for less than a 1st+. Not this far into the game and not with him under contract for 2 more years. That situation would get ugly before they accepted less.

Now Edwards I admit I might have overvalued but he's still young and shown talent in the past.

They're going to want more than they got for Winslow which was a 2nd and a 5ht next year. I'd put a higher value on Edwards than Winslow just based on the position.

There's my justification as to why they would want more than just one of our 2nds.

Sparano get your focking arse off of here, NOW!

The rest of you suckholes need to read chapter one of my biography, NOW!


Edwards drops too many passes...at this point I think we grab our WR in the draft.

If the Dolphins are looking for a # 1 receiver in the earlier rounds than ya Britt and Hicks are good, but if u want to see value at a later round. Look at Louis Murphy and Tiquan Underwood. Both of them are over 6 feet and run in the low 4.4's. Murphy would have been a lot more productive if not for Percy Harvin also, so he has a high ceiling. Good WR's are a dime a dozen, this has been proven. So get the LB's and Linemen with the high picks so u get quality players at the core position.

And now that Goodman is gone, i see Jason Allen stepping into a larger role in the secondary. He doesnt practice very well but he has proven in games while at safety, now lets hope he can do it at corner, but he needs someone to push him. So, we will still address this position in the draft and if there is a good Corner in available in the 2nd round. We will not pass him up.

Now what you have all been waiting for, the First Round Pick. Now let me start off by saying that i would be open to trade talks by moving up in the first round with our first plus either John Beck or Samson Satele. Because I beileve Rey Maualuga is going to be a Pro Bowl Caliber LB within a few years in the NFL. And I do have a pretty good track record in picking Linebackers in the Draft i might add. But, anyway, if none of that happens and we have our 25th pick. Then I am going to go best player available at a postion of need. So if, and only if, Either Crabtree or Maclin miraculously fall to us than i am NOT taking a reciever. Now in our LB core our OLB's are ahead of our ILB's so I am liking a player like James Lauranitus would be the only available ILB worthy of our 1st rounder. But there are some pretty good players OLB this year so dont be suprised if i scoop up Larry English, Aaron Maybin or Brian Cushing.

Hey Bill,

Can we p-leeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssseeee use all of our draft picks on O-line?

Tuna you need to be worrying about bringing in a CB since you just let Goodman walk. Sparano is the least of the worries at the moment.

The only play that stands out in my mind with Jason Allen last year was when he faked the offensive pass interference and saved a TD. I can't recall what game it was, all I remember is Allen walking away with this cheap smirk on his face.

Who knows, maybe he gets it straight this season. Maybe Mountain Dew will start flowing from my faucet too.

Ok, we know speed doesn't make you a #1WR (Ginn), we also know height doesn't make a #1 WR (Steve Smith). It takes someone with a good combo of size, speed, hands, route running, and ability to command double coverage. So, BP don't feed lines.

Well if the rumors of the trifecta searching for a true #1 by various outlets is accurate then its got be thru a trade..fa are weak or over the hill and rookie wr are risky and even if they pan out take 2 long.. T.ginn is a ideal #2 bess and cam are great slot wr we would be in gr8 shape if we get a #1 hoping for boldin or edwards or with the injury situation with crabtree he may fall and slide and we can move up and grab him imo only him macklin or nicks has #1 potential

We need to let Jason Allen walk...

I am pretty sure Jeff Ireland told you guys earlier that we have an agreement in principle with Hurney and the Panthers for Julius Peppers. John Beck, Davone Bess and pick #44 for Peppers.

The CB positions along with the pass rush were the weak points of our defense last season. The addition of Peppers playing opposite Joey Porter will create less responsibility on the CB positions with respects to pass defense and time locking their man down.

Capish? Now read my biography and quit wasting time here.

Y2K, I agree with you except on Edwards, he drops too many passes

If Peppers comes that cheap...I start wondering what is wrong with him Lol

I'm calling BS on this site.


I've just gone through 5 pages of their news and only 2 stories don't have printed sources. Kevin Burnett to the Dolphins and the Phins have interest in Marvin Harrison. The whole site is a compilation of local media and those are the only two stories that haven't showed up anywhere else and haven't come true.

If the Dolphins were interested in Harrison I suppose they'd at least look at Coles. Burnett was probably just a shot in the dark for them considering the connection with Parcells.

Either way unless a source is attached pay no attention to these guys.

I also heard that V. holliday will be released when the trade is done.

The fins need a proven number 1 WR. The guys they have are all good complimentary guys who will have their moments(Even #19). They need a guy who they can depend on to make plays game after game at a pro bowl level. You can't expect a rookie wr to come in out of college and be the number 1 guy. Big wr's have trouble gettin open coming out of college b/c they are usually shaky route runners and have depended on their combo of size and speed to get them open in college. No thanks to Hicks/ Robiskie/ Britt. Crabtree/Maclin/Heyward-Bey will be gone by the time the fins pick at 25.

Seriously, we need to keep pace with the Jets and Pats. Now, "BP", if you're still here, I know you have worked with the Jets/Pats before, but incase you haven't figured it out by now...we hate them. So keep pace and stop blogging...us fans depend on it.

Peppers is 29 years old and just one year removed from 2.5 sacks.

Did you not miss the fact that a first year quarterback named Matt Cassel with a 63% completion percentage and a near 10% sack ratio was just traded along with Mike Vrabel for pick number 34?

And let's not forget that Cassel is a former 7th round pick who played with a solid line and excellent receiving corps.

Maybe this helps to explain why the Peppers deal was not so cheap.

Now go read chapter one of my biography so you can get a good nights rest.

I cant believe u people watch football games u must be crazy 2 give up anything 4 Braylon Edwards he cant catch a fuc_ing cold. let along talkin multiple picks i glad ya is not the gm of the dolphins!!!!!!

Please, that's Bilicheat helping out his understudy and prior GM

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