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Dolphins put coals in Laveranues's stocking

A couple of days ago I shared with you how Laveranues Coles didn't make sense for the Dolphins, especially at his $6 million asking price that I now suggest to you is dropping like lead in water.

Well, ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the Dolphins have no interest in Coles at $6 million. Or at $5 million. Or at $3 million. Or at $1.85 and a box of popcorn.

Citing a team source, Mortensen is reporting the Dolphins spoke to Coles' agent only to say they weren't interested. So this should put an extinguisher on the hot stove Coles talk  ...

... unless the Dolphins are orchestrating all this to seriously, seriously, seriously drive down the price for Coles just before becoming, you know, suddenly interested. It would not mark the first time the team changes its collective mind on an issue as fluid situations change (remember Bill Parcells saying, "We will not trade Jason Taylor?").

Of course, the Dolphins might be putting out accurate information this time. In which case we should all applaud the team resisting the temptation to add a 31-year-old receiver who, as you read in my previous blog post, is on the descent rather than the ascent. 


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My bad Nicks

There is nothing to keep pace with currently.

We have the draft under control...until the pro days of a select few guys we want a second look at.

The free agent market this year was weak and flooded with overvalued players. Just look at what Denver paid for Goodman and Hill from our club.

I already told you guys we have a three year plan in place. Relax and read chapter one of my bio. I want a full report on my high school athletic years and who my favorite baseball team was growing up by tomorrow!

How about Robiskie? He looked solid at the combine.

Stubb305 , didn't i tell you to put the pipe down ? Robiskie is a shaky route runner ? He might be one of the best route runners in the draft !!! He just might be the most polished wr in the draft,

Uhh "BP" last I looked McFadden from Pitt and Leigh Bodden are still available...both are solid CB and will be an upgrade to what we currently have.

You don't know Bill Belichick very well if you think he is helping out my son-in-law Scott just because they worked together.

You don't see the Patriots throwing any gifts my way for hiring Bill some years back, do ya?

Heck they're still laughing at us after grabbing Welker away, they realized they were dealing with toddlers

Don't forget that we were the ones to let his old man (Terry) go.

And I don't invest heavy in the CB position, when a good pass rush is the basis of my defensive philosophy. Jerry Jones is the one who drafted Terrance Newman, I preferred Jordan Gross that year.

I think Robiskie would fit in well with our system...not sure if he's a #1WR he might be more of a solid 2


What are your thoughts on Chris McAllister?

If we're forced with signing a vet receiver I think he'd be a good fit coming from the Ravens.

The most polished receiver in the draft who is more known for his father being a coach then for making plays. Did you see him stand out in any game this year or last year. Watch him run his routes very smooth but also very slow. NFL dbs will lock him down...He will not go before the mid to late 3rd or even the 4th round..Does not have enough production to be drafted on the first day of the draft.

Uhh "BP" again...there was some solid DT's that we need running a 3-4, that have come off the board. I understand letting the 100Mil man go but the Giants have cleaned up shop. Where were we? Pinching dollars won't help us keep pace in the East.

I would rather take a look at Samari Rolle over McAlister. Sometimes bringing a veteran player back to his home roots is a better fit for all involved.

Keep the pace with the jets? same team that has no qb best wr is old and a fa and their rb is 32 there offense stinks!

I doubt Baltimore let's CM go...I'd rather have McFaddedn from Pitt or Bodden

The draft has some pretty solid nose tackles this year that will be available in rounds two through four. Hopefully we can find one or two to rotate in with Jason this year.

Stubb305, robiskie had one of the best combines of any wr. That's including the on-field drills and his 4'49 forty. He's not getting out of the 2nd round . and that's a fact !!

The Jets will fix the offense in the draft...their defense is nasty...With the Ravens DC now HC for the Jets..that means there defense will win games. Yeah, I say keep pace. Remember the ravens have never been known for a good offense...

If we let Goodman walk, we have to kick Jason out

George, If anyone takes him in the 2nd round I hope its not the fins. He will not play in front of Bess, Camarillo, or Ginn.

I'd be careful what you wish for Bill. Samari hasn't been released yet and in this article from 3 hours ago he says that Rex Ryan was his biggest supporter and likely reason why he was there.

If your opinion is so high I hope you pounce on him before the Jets do. That had to be a shout out in the interview to Ryan.


"BP" I don't think there is many of your "type guys". The best NTs' will be off the board by the time we draft our 1st of 2 2nd rounders. I think Center or CB will be our first round choice. Prob, Center, seeing how Long turned out. That was a good call.

Robiskie might be like Gonzalez from Indy...solid but not a #1WR

Anquan Boldin drops too many balls and complains too much. i also wonder how good he would be without fitsgerald who draws all the attention!

The only WR we have that I'm a fan of is Bess. Granted Ginn doesn't have a QB to get him the deep ball, but running out of bounds doesn't help his case either. Cam is decent to solid as 3rd option

Exactly, and what round did he get drafted in ?

Mad-Dog you've gone mad. Boldin is solid and carried the offense until Fitz emerged. Why do you think he wanted a bigger check after Fitz got one? He was the #1 until 3yrs back.

Who Bess?? he didn't get drafted.

We will see what happens with Rolle. To my understanding he is refusing to take the paycut and I don't see the Jets as suitors with Revis and Shepard on board there with heavy contracts at the position.

Scott, Taylor and Moala will all be going in rounds two and three.

The Fins are only going to have 5 receiver spots and FOUR are already likely taken - Bess, Camarillo, Ginn and London. If they signed Coles, there would be no room for a No#1 drafted receiever. You would have 4 possession receievers and a No#2 Ginn.

....the right move!

Gonzalez was a first round pick...No way Robiskie is going in the first.

I don't think they will be better than what we already have...now, Raji would be...or the other BC DE

Also Rolle has made it very clear that he is not interested in being a nickle back or coming off the bench. Remember that they benched him against us.

Rolle is a high character guy who has lived here his entire life.

I agree, but he will come off the board in the 2nd round

Lets roll over on rolle and go after McFadden from Pitt and or Bodden. There's a reason Rolle got benched...

Nobody metioned robiskie was going in the first round. Gonzalez was picked when 29th 30th, ? at the end of the 1st round anyway . therefore he will go in the 2nd. reports are tuna and ireland like him and he will be 1 of the 30 players outside of florida to work out for miami.

Don't kid yourself "BP" you've never been too concerned with 'high character'...I remember the Dallas days...


Foxworth got 16-17 mil guaranteed. Goodman got 10 mil.

McFadden and Bodden are the tops so considering Foxworth does someone fork over 20 mil guaranteed? Include Bartell in that conversation as well as Greer. Do you see these guys forking over that kind of cash?

No way my son goes to Miami after Bill Parcells and company fired me. That's not gonna happen.

It will be hard to see him going before guys like Nicks and Britt who are more raw and have more of an upside. Robiskie has pretty much reached his peak b/c you know that he has received the best possible individual coaching from his father since he has been playing the position..After not one wr going in the first last year I think NFL teams understand the progression it takes for wr and to see possibly 6 going in the first two rounds this year just is not likely in the NFL....Crab/Maclin/Harvin/Heyward-Bey/Nicks/Britt/Robiskie...Its jus my opinion but as a fins fan I do not want another project I would like a true #1 WR

If you actually remembered the Dallas days then you might remember us releasing Antonio Bryant, Quincy Carter and others with character flaws. While bringing in our own guys.

Gonzalez is not much a benchmark for a first round wr..Its pretty clear that in a pass happy offense he is the third option behind Wayne(from the U) and Dallas Clark...goodnight fellas !!

Terry I have much respect for you, but it was time for you to move on so we could bring in our own guys.


Have you heard from Belicheat lately? Had McDaniels called him crying yet about how that turd Brandon Marshall got arrested for the third time over the weekend and that Cutler won't even talk to him?

Are you guys venting these days?

Damn I got arrested again...

What part of he's going in the 2nd round is it that you guys don't understand . Who said he's going to miami ( they like him ) and who said he was going ahead of nicks or britt ( although he has question marks ) .

stubb305 , you're a idiot. He got drafted in the 1st round before he stepped on the field.He's now a starter . what the hell did that have to do with it

BP I also remember you keeping Irvin, Newton, and other convicted felons...who dab'd in crack for a hobby

Mr Parcells please draft me. I would really like to stay in Florida and I will promise to do my best impersonation of Lawrence Taylor.


Irvin and Newton were long gone by the time that Bill got there.

You're right, I was going for the guilty by assoc. angle...

Foxworth got over paid...Goodman got 5mil guaranteed I think...Bodden or McFadden will come in around the 8-10mil guaranteed range. Either way, we have to fork over the money to get the caliber player it takes to shut down the Moss's, Welkers, Evans (he always goes off against us)and others

I would give up our late 2nd and a 5th or 6th for Braylon Edwards....Boldin will be too much , I think Philly will jump at him.
Maclin's injury might possibly drop him a bit...doubtful to us , but that would be a steal at 25. Heyward-Bey is fast but too many guys with good upside avail in 2nd rd to take risk with raw wr.

Broncos | Goodman contract details
Sun, 01 Mar 2009 17:03:17 -0800

Updating a previous report, Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports the Denver Broncos have signed unrestricted free-agent CB Andre' Goodman (Dolphins) to a five-year deal worth $25 million. The contract includes $10 million in guarantees.

Its 10 mil in guarantees and if you think McFadden or Bodden is going to sign for less I think you're mistaken. If you think the Foxworth deal isn't going to effect it either, well I can't see how it couldn't.

I'm with you on getting good talent at CB but I doubt we're getting any of the CBs including Bartell and Greer as well. I'll keep pulling for it but I don't see these guys forking over more than 10 mil guaranteed for those guys.

I promise that if Goodman got 10 mil then McFadden, Bodden, Barnett and Greer will too. Throw in Foxworth and the market is now done for us.

The only way we'd be getting one of them by now is if there were only 3 other teams with a need at CB which definitely is not the case.

seriously, i would like to see the fins to sing a decent CB from the FAs available... i'm kind of worry that we haven't signed one already....

Hey MANDO good work.thanks
How much would it cost to get CB. Shean Springs
in here.
We should trade beck to the bears for a 3rd.
use it to get Pat White, He could turn the wildcat in to the wildtigger.

do you guys feel Crabtree will drop to the bottom half of the 1st round due to him not running at the combine and now he wont be able to run at his pro day because he is getting surgery 2 days prior?

We need WR Coles.....but not for $6million and RB Ward, this would be an amazing addition to the team, we already lost all the other good free agents... Canty is gone, Brown is Gone, Bernard....
lets see what they can pull off in the next couple of days.

The draft is great but DT and WR, I rather have at least one explosive guy that has NFL experience....

Must be buyer Beware! Ben V at the PBP is reporting CP won't reccomend Coles, the spin is CP doesn't do thant for anyone. Develop a young WR from the draft. Robiskie Ohio ST, Iglesias Oklahoma, or Hayward-Bey Maryland.

I thought our receivers played pretty good last year. The offense was made around what the teams skillsets were. I don't think we need a big name wide receiver as a free agent. Let it go. We need a nose tackle, a linebacker, a cornerback and a backup center before we need a receiver. Reasons for this are many, but mainly Pennington came in and won 11 games with what we had last year. Bess and Camarillo are good solid recievers and Ginn will be better this year. Enough people have been giving him a hard time. We also still have Ricky and Ronnie out of the backfield. Get some meat on the line, get a rushing specialist and a good corner or two and we will be real good. Draft them.

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