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Dolphins put coals in Laveranues's stocking

A couple of days ago I shared with you how Laveranues Coles didn't make sense for the Dolphins, especially at his $6 million asking price that I now suggest to you is dropping like lead in water.

Well, ESPN's Chris Mortensen is reporting the Dolphins have no interest in Coles at $6 million. Or at $5 million. Or at $3 million. Or at $1.85 and a box of popcorn.

Citing a team source, Mortensen is reporting the Dolphins spoke to Coles' agent only to say they weren't interested. So this should put an extinguisher on the hot stove Coles talk  ...

... unless the Dolphins are orchestrating all this to seriously, seriously, seriously drive down the price for Coles just before becoming, you know, suddenly interested. It would not mark the first time the team changes its collective mind on an issue as fluid situations change (remember Bill Parcells saying, "We will not trade Jason Taylor?").

Of course, the Dolphins might be putting out accurate information this time. In which case we should all applaud the team resisting the temptation to add a 31-year-old receiver who, as you read in my previous blog post, is on the descent rather than the ascent. 


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Draft WR at first pick and stop signing gap fillers players as we already have enough of them already.
8-8 at best

Now that Goodman gone McFadden the way to go in my opoion. Far as so many talking bout getting a wr early in draft well that's just not going to happen. Camirilo going be back and will be our number 1 guy. Bess moving up to number 2. Sad for all Ginn number 3. Fins are comfortable with the wr we got and that not going change. We will be using all our early picks on deff front 7 which I agree with completely. As I saw someone else had posted Penn going keep working his majic with short throws and rightfuly so that being his streght. Would be nice to sneak a good yac guy in. What happen to Welker lmao

Speaking of frozen, I was very cold last night but Tinshaker kept me very warm. He kept whispering in my ear that I was his "Goody."

4 a WR with 4 years starting experience I think GINN is nice going to get better and I saw him and CHAD hook up on a few deep passes flea flicker for 55 yard TD and that remarkable catch GINN made when he had to come back because CHAD under threw him Chad threw it about 50 yards but with his high arcs on his passes he has to throw sooner to let ginn run to it.CHAD is not to great on LONG BALL leading receivers.

oh well. he will be signing with buffalo in the next few days and we can all look forward
to this "worthless", "over payed persona non grata catching balls and scoring points all over the dolphins new depleted secondary for the next 2-3 years [as he has always done].

i am starting to believe this regime is drunk
on the 11 wins this team posted last year. it WAS a fluke, and just about every REAL team we faced had there way with us.

mostly due to our lack of WR's and DB's.

the secondary we had last year was garbage, half of that is gone now and the finz seem all prepeared to not sign ANY free agents at the position outside of wilson. [bell is way over payed and overhyped].

and as the article points out, jason allen is now the front runner for the starter job along side will [over rated] allen. feeling all cozey yet?

ditto the WR's. they couldnt beat the real good secondary's, scored like the crippled kid at an nfl cheerleaders convention and spiked there helmets in disgust and embarrasment over
getting beat by opposing db's more than spiking the ball in the endzone.

and, like the db's, the finz appear to have nothing on the horizon of interest other than that fagg reciever from florida state.

yeah! we are going to go into this draft and get a REAL center, 2 REAL db's and REAL wr's in this draft and all will make the club and contribute this year.

meanwhile, the giants [one year off the superbowl] who posess one of the top 3 defenses in the nfl just went out and signed 3
of the highest profile d-linemen in f/a!!

[the good teams dont do f/a's, right?]

yeah, i know, settle down, the trifecta has a master plan. well, it sure better be a doozy
because bill will have 2 years left on his 4 years to bring this team back after this season.

and even with a GREAT draft this year, our schedule AND division are down right brutal so there is no fluke 11 wins on the docket this year.

like i said, with no significant f/a help, this "plan" of the trifecta and this draft better be down right legendary!


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Try me. I'm free.

I understand bout CPenn and his downfeild throws but we better with him than without. Can't say same for Ginn. We get running game improved should open up few more of those 20 to 30 yard passes tho. Really how many times a game does any team without a Moss or Fitz go deep

Long Time Fan,

Ted Ginn Jr. is a member of our football team .We would not have been 11-5 without him. Was he worth the ninth overall pick? Its not my place to say, I didn't make that selection. But regardless of that Ginn has talent and its my job to make sure it gets utilized as best as possible.

Well it's the right choice not to go after Coles however the Dolphins should have addressed the Center position with the Ravens former center Brown. Now they have to address the center, WR, CB and LB positions in the draft and not pick until 25th. The Patriots are in better position to pick up players in the early rounds. The Jets created cap space and are spending in free agency. If the Dolphins are going to compete they have to be a much better team than they were last season with the weak schedule. They needed a dominant center for their running game which was not great last season.

This is an interesting quote from JP on Bill.

—LB Joey Porter said that Bill Parcells didn't talk to him for the first 2-3 months at the facility. "I was there a couple of months before he even said anything to me," Porter told the NFL Network. "I stumbled across him in the weight room and he had Lawrence Taylor in there. He said, 'Come on over here, I want you to meet somebody.' That was our first conversation with Bill, and I'd been there for like three months. He came in last year at the end of the year and I'd seen him on the elevator. 'How you doing, Bill?' He just gets on the elevator. I said, 'All right.' As the season got going I earned his respect and he talked to me. (Now) I think I'm a Parcells' guy."

I've just instantaneously developed a new respect for JP. Parcells ignored arguably the most successful player on our team for 2-3 months. Didn't seem to phase JP. I'd expect him to flip off the Tuna the first time it happened. But he didn't.

At the age of 31 a multimillionaire with a ring decided to prove himself to Bill instead of look at Bill ignoring him for 3 months as a negative. Makes sense with the respect Parcells commands as long as Joey responds correctly.

Could this be the same road Bill was trying to take JT down? Makes sense.

Anything Chris Faggoten reports on is fictionally, not that I want Coles, but any guy who claims the football season is a drag and then in the same sentence says he's off to Hawaii to cover the Pro Bowl should be put out to pasture ....

Has anybody seen Patrick Turner? (6-5, 220)
check this out:


I don't hear people talking about this guy.

I don't think receiver is as big a problem as some others do. I think Camarrillo and Bess are good receivers, who along with Ginn stretching the defense, can provide a good passing attack. No question Ginn has been a disappointment thus far, but I don't see the point in getting an aging receiver for big bucks who most likely will replace Bess or Camarillo, not Ginn.

Personally I like Coles, & think he would be a good addition for the right price. That price is under 2.5 million. He is declining but does add speed on the other side. I think the phins are not interested for a handfull of reasons
#1 Age/& declining skills
#2 Money
#3 They have youth @ WR now, & just shored up Camarillo, Bringing in another WR would cause some issues, Who gets benched Camarillo or Bess? Both are good & young. So there lies the problem. An experienced VET WR will be nice Tho or another speedy


I hope they only sniff at vets last minute. It makes sense if they aren't concerned with which vet it is but that they're coming in at the lowest possible amount. That kind of signing would keep them in their place as well. Those guys are coming with baggage so no need to hire a quote machine months away from the season.

Our needs at C, WR, NT, LB and CB are broad enough that we should be able to take best available come draft time.

Do any of you project us in a position to grab a NT with one of those first 3 picks?

Being realistic at what pick do you see us being in a position to draft a CB when the value matches our draft position?

i jusi got my drive way and two cars cleaned of almost 1 foot of snow for free thanks to two guys i told them that i always thought dolphins is going to 4-12 next season and they were very happy to hear it.BTW THEY WERE GIANTS FANS.


please spare us your extremely long posts (longer than the blog) and your anti-american sentiments...maybe you can find an iranian or north korean blog where the readers might be more sympathetic to your views

Sporvo, No one is trading a first round pick for Edwards. Put the pipe down.

i got your next blog headline right here....Goodbye Goodman...
Your welcome

after reading your post ,i am ready to say that a new creep is born.u.s.a is and will be for ever the best country on earth and please spare us as tony said earlier

who do we replace jason allen with?
i like his special teams play and he is a ball hawk.
i say we should keep allen

Dolphins are taking Lb with first pick prob with second to. Then best DE that fits size they looking for. We get our new center in third round best available rest of the way. Think we going get a corner to replace Goodman this week.

Sporvo, No one is trading a first round pick for Edwards. Put the pipe down.

Posted by: wow | March 02, 2009 at 10:33 AM

When did I say someone would trade a first round pick for Edwards? I said they just got a 2nd and a 5th for Winslow and I'd put a higher value on Winslow than Edwards.

To me that means Edwards remains on the Browns.

Big difference in what someone is worth and what someone will get.

The Browns did well in the Winslow deal so it is unfair to set that mark or higher on the Edwards trade but its the stance Cleveland most likely would take from a bargaining standpoint.

Another case we debated yesterday was Beck's value. nj phin fan said he thought I was over valuing Beck being worth a late 3rd rounder. He's probably right but my value is based on the Rosenfels deal for the 4th. We then debated Beck versus Rosenfels which is a complete different story.

My point is like in most of these cases the player won't get traded.

Excuse me, I meant to say I'd put a higher value on Edwards then Winslow based on position.

We should ban some people from commenting. I hate when people make outlandish trade claims. It isn't Madden people...

my heart
my dark trade and
wishful thinking
by you and me
grave and grace

mama mia all these players you wasting your time talk about are no good even Berger is better than edwards.

Free agent LB Kevin Burnett will visit with the Raiders Monday.
Burnett is a standout special teamer, but he's limited to passing downs as a linebacker. The Cowboys may not try to match offers now that Keith Brooking is on board.
Source: Dallas Morning News

Amando said -----CUTTING EDEG ANALYSIS for what he just wrote.what an analysis? it must be for the smart up to the minute fin fans.

To someone with a good understanding of compensatory picks...

Does Gibril Wilson still count against us next year even though he was released and signed before the free agent period began?

Here are our players of interest guys.

Via trade. We already told you guys about the Julius Peppers deal.

Via free agency. We are currently contemplating bringing in either Mike Goff or Matt Birk this week. We need to talk price range a little later in the week if these two remain on the market. If Samari Rolle becomes available we will bring him in.

Via the draft. Round 1. Everette Brown, we would consider trading up for this guy. Brandon Pettigrew. Percy Harvin. Tyson Jackson. Clay Matthews. Vontae Davis. Max Unger.

Round 2. Andy Levitre. Dorell Scott. Terrence Taylor. Jonathan Luigs. Duke Robinson. Sean Smith. Keenan Lewis. Kenny Britt. Donald Brown. Jared Cook. Trevor Canfield. Marcus Freeman. Victor Harris. Coye Francies.

Round 3. Cody Brown. Jason Watkins. Herman Johnson. Worrell Williams. Chase Coffman. Bruce Johnson. Fenuki Tupou. Louis Vasquez. Jasper Brinkley. Demetrius Byrd. Scott McKillop. Ian Johnson.

Interesting, from Peter King's MMQB,

8. As free agents go, I think I would want a brittle Shawn Springs right now more than I'd want Leigh Bodden.

OK . after shoveling and laying salt on my 2 houses ( complete with driveways ) and the front of my business ( thank god i have a friend with a truck to clear the parking lot ) , i'm able to get a few words in while having lunch . Sporvo. miami loves nt ron brace whom they might take in the 2nd round and nt terrance taylor whom they also like in the 4rth. Also to ALIENMAN , who do you like cutler now. He's crying like a baby because of the trade talk and won't come in and meet with the team to clear the air. Another question about his leadership skills ,LOL

profootballcentral continues with their BS about Burnett. If you didn't see my post yesterday about them check out my comment on this article. 5 pages, 2 stories with no source, both involving the Dolphins with Burnett and Harrison.

These guy are full of it.

forgot link


nj phin fan, we have been told that either the Jets or the Patriots are going to take Ron Brace in round 1. We won't be trading up for him as he has second to third round value in our view.

Sporvo , wilson doesn't count as far as compensatory picks go because he was cut.

thanks nj

Jeff Ireland,

Why would the Jets or Pats take Ron Brace in the first? The Jets pay big money to Kris Jenkins and the Pats are about to extend Vince Wilfork's contract...they may take a NT, but not in the 1st, as it is not a huge need and they are both paying big bucks at that position...You don't know what you're talking about...Oh, and Bill likes me better...

they found only one person who is a 19 years old kid on the boat and no one else from nfl fishing trip of florida coast

Rolle feeling unwanted by baltimore. I posted earlier I thought our Fins would sign a vet cb this week and I hope this is our guy. Balt was asking a 3rd rounder for him now they take whatever they can get. I really hope we get him. If not maybe we can get McFadden. Its a spot I feel we desperately need to fill before all the quality guys are gone. Who u guys like

It's an art to talk about trades and draft picks even though you talk about players who will never mount to any thing big,i hear nj fan and alienman and sprovo every day talk about players who will be a key in 3-13.LOL

0-16 my dream will come true

Tony Sparano, Thanks . I was about to say the same thing involving the jets and pats taking brace in the 1st round . They have wilfork and jenkins. Yes they need depth , but they're not wasting a 1st round pick on one . Brace would be a reach and isn't going higher than the 2nd. That ruined all credabilty that the imposter jeff ireland had with me. LOL

nj phin fan does sound like alienman.100 percent loves to talk to himself like our fririend sprovo

i didn't hear much today from nathaniel the soap man or aienman from romania

NJ Phin,

I'm glad your confidence in impostor Tony Sparano continues unshaken...

If I met Rex Ryan in a dark alley, I'd kick his arse

Tony sparano,
You aren't my favorite coach but it's Ok for this team

If you were Tony Sparano, which you're not, you would understand why both the Jets and New England have interest and have graded Brace out as a first round pick.

Let me help. The Jets defense run by Ryan, clue yourself in as to the defensive looks Ryan prefers. Clue #1. Why do you think Jenkins hit the FA market last year? Clue #2.

Let me help again. Do you know what Vince Wilfork's contract status is? Clue #3.

Have a good afternoon whomever you are...

REX RAYN already kicked you in last playoff Sparano

Not your favorite coach? And you consider yourself a dolphan? I'm the new Don Shula...get used to it.

Jets rock , I mean cuban menace. You should be the last one talking about loving to talk to himself . How's your imaginary friends luggi and monkey doing, since you like talking to yourself.

That fat coach in a little coat didn't kick anyone's ass...Ed Reed did the ass-kicking on that day...

Jeff Ireland, You good sir are an impostor that has no idea what he is talking about...Is your name by any chance Randy Mueller?

Don Shula was most over rated coach since jesus days,he was playing himself most games. So are You

Ron, I'm sure that you are attracting a lot of attention since you're one of the draft's only players who could play nose tackle at this next level. Which teams have shown the most interest in you so far?

"Yeah I got a lot of attention at the Senior Bowl. I spent a lot of time with teams running a 3-4. The Dolphins, Cowboys, Chargers, Steelers, Broncos, and Patriots, to name a few."

From Draftdaddy.com:

Here's a small scouting report we recently received from someone very close to Boston College star Ron Brace: "Maybe the only true nose-tackle in this draft, Ron Brace is the prototypical run-stuffer (i.e. Shaun Rogers) in a 3-4 defensive scheme. Brace was named second-team all-A.C.C. last season, playing alongside all-american teammate, BJ Raji. Had 11 tackles-for-loss and 3 sacks as a senior".

While most project Brace as a 2nd-3rd rounder, the same source also told us: "Several scouts have said Ron is curently a late 1st on some team's draft boards". Teams that we (DD.com) believe could be looking at Brace in round one include: San Diego (Jamal Williams will be 33 soon), Miami (They have a huge void at the spot), New England (Vince Wilfork's contract is up in '10) and Pittsburgh (Casey Hampton is good, but getting older).

Jeff Ireland ( the Imposter ) Clue # 4. let me help you GET A F'N CLUE

Tony Sparano.........Rayn kicked your ass,
Ed Reed kicked your ass,
Suggs kicked your ass,
next year TOM BRADY will kick your ........

In a time like these when Tom Brady comes back and rex Rayn with jets all fin fans can hope for at best 5-10 and i would like Sprovo analysis for that.

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