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Dolphins to release Vonnie Holliday [Update 2]

The Miami Dolphins will release defensive end Vonnie Holliday today, his agent Brian Levy is telling me.

"He enjoyed his time here," Levy said. "He did everything asked of him and he can leave with his head held high. This is a business. Players leave teams and teams leave players. It's an amicable split. He's happy to have left the Dolphins on a winning note."

The Dolphins are taking this step because they were due to pay Holliday a $1.5 million roster bonus Tuesday and another $500,000 workout bonus later this offseason.

The team offered Holliday, 33, an opportunity to renegotiate his contract but it was obviously at a pay cut and not one the player or his agent wanted to accept.

Holliday would have cost the Dolphins $5.75 million against the cap had he collected the bonus and his base salary in 2009. The team saves $3.25 million by cutting Holliday but he still will be on the books as a $2.5 million cap hit.

Holliday was a team captain for the defense and one of its leaders. He led all defensive linemen with 46 tackles and 3.5 sacks.

The Dolphins are obviously expecting second-year player Phillip Merling or 2008 acquisition Randy Starks to step into the starting job, with Kendall Langford handling the starting job at the other defensive end spot. The club also has second-year player Lionel Dotson on the roster.

The defensive end spot does not immediately become a need with the termination of Holliday's contract, but it is diminished by the loss of experience and leadership. The Dolphins will likely add another defensive lineman sometime this offseason.

[UPDATE: The Dolphins have confirmed my report and released the following statement from general manager Jeff Ireland: "These types of decisions are always difficult ones, especially with someone like Vonnie, who has been a role model both on the field and off it. He was one of our captains last year and was a proven leader, not just in his tenure with the Dolphins, bit throughout his 11-year career. We are grateful for all his contributions to the Miami Dolphins organization and we want to wish him and his family the best of luck in the future."]

[UPDATE 2: The Dolphins had no unrestricted free agents visit on Monday.]


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Whoa souljabeats, my first time on in 48 hours bro,.. whats up kids???

I am not even going to pretend to know more than Parcells or Ireland. However, it sure would have been nice to sign at least one of the big free agents that have already been signed. Even the almighty Patriots have opened up their wallets over the years. Our biggest signing in 2 years is a safety released by the Raiders. THE RAIDERS! The draft does not solve everything. All the big players are now gone. We have the cash available and we are under the cap, so lets spend a little.


Ask yourself one question, would you want a player that did not want to participate in off season pratice instead he wanted to be on a moronic reality show, then the next year his new team wants him to participate for an extra 25 days of conditioning for his 8.5 million dollars, and he says no?? i wouldn't want this retard living in the same city as me, enjoy jason trying to make 8.5 million dollars in the real world, your a idiot....

cudan you want to know who is souljabeats. that easy a MADDEN GM. how thinks its easy to fix everything. Welcome back you wacko

if we don't start doing something soon I will go normal.
that because i'm already crazy.
war to the dolphins beating up on the afc east next year.

NO go with Zach too, he wanted to win a championship ring before he retired , now he's in Dallas... Good luck with that..

Guys , how's the weather in miami???

More news up on the new blog post so go there and get your information feast.


just make a typepad account then people can't impersonate u cause ur name will be blue

got it fsudolphins

menace ,
where have you been ?we missed you

Hmmm... We are all such football experts out here. I cant for the life of me imagine why its BP&Company cashing the decision making paychecks and not us. Oh here's a hint, An 1-15 team goes to 11-5 in a 1yr turnaround. Dont know about you guys but when it comes to NFL football. It's in BP&Company I trust and not any of you. LOL

I liked Vonnie for the leadership and class he brought to the team in its darkest hours. He was a key foundational piece in the team's resurrection. I hate to see him go because that sort of selfless leadership is difficult to replace in today's professional sports world. Good luck to you my good sir!

Also, I hope we can bring back Jason Taylor for another go 'round. Since we can essentially grab him for any price he'll agree to, we should at least give it a go. He's getting on in years but could be an outstanding guy to play as a part-timer and fill in starter. I bet his numbers would be pretty good too in a limited role where he wasn't asked to expend himself too much on run plays.


Thanks for the non-news. In other non-news:


newest mock draft by yahoo sports:

this would fall just about perfect for miami if it came to be.


The Phins release Holliday the SAME Day the Foreskins release J Taylor....INTERESTING.
Bring 'em back

>Also ignore eric, he's a closet jets fan.

He's a closet something or other...

>Vonnie is a great leader and one of the classiest guys in the world,

Wow. In the world!

Anyone got a link to the official 'classiest' listing? I wonder where I rank? 7,556,679,111st?
Thats my guess. Damn, I want to be like Vonnie. Near the top.

Ok so evreyone is going to Vonnie he was a great leader and could have use ful in developing young players but that is what coaches are for. This money will hopefully be used for a player in free agency that is not some unproven OL that will flop and be released before 2011. And I hope nobody is thinking JT or peppers, JT is not a team player and peppers would cost to much they should have picked up Nate washington or Cantty.
I.P.W.T Go phins

Vonnie, one the world's classiest guys speaks!

...the veteran defensive end thought he deserved better from the Miami Dolphins.

"There's no loyalty in this league...

Alot of you guys like seeing your comment up here lollike u get off on it!It makes me sick to read some of it! First learn what you are talking about before you leave a dumb comment! A roster cant have 53 vets on it! we have Fergason to mentor the line! I see all these comments about sign this guy sign that guy, IT TAKES $$$$! Hes over the hill and we have other needs! Atleast we have a fill in there! Tell me who our starting CB is now that goody is gone? The market for CB's are up this year and we need about 7mil to sign our draft picks! 7mil for picks 6mil for a good CB leaves roughly 6mil for all other holes to be filled including depth! Thank god 90% of u guys on here aint the brain trust for us! We would be worse than Detroit if thats possible!

I cant co-sign this
yeah i understand going younger
but dude put up the most tackles then any other lineman (46)
was stout on the run (3.5 sacks) same as JT
and a leader that helped the youngins!
what more do you want bill?
especially with other holes to address (c,cb,wr,d-line)

if anything u cut him next year!

Been reading everyone's comments and had a case of deja vu. Seems I recall reading the same stuff last year when JT and Zack were released. I have the upmost respect and admiration for JT, Zack, and Vonnie, but honestly we can't have our cake and eat it too. The popular decision is not always the right one. Parcells and company have made good decisions up to now and right, wrong, or in different, how can we as fans not keep the faith in the moves that they are making given what has been accomplished so far. As much as I hate to see a player like Vonnie have to go, I have to keep the faith in what they are trying to do, because as fans we would rather see a title than to a team full of "the good guys".

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