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Draft order, what picks need to bring [Update]

The NFL has released its official draft order for the April 2009 draft and although the order might change slightly at the end of rounds 3-7 because of the addition of compensatory picks, you can pretty much bank on much of this remaining.

So here's the 411 on the Dolphins:

They have nine overall picks. They have at least one selection in every round, except the sixth when they have no pick. They have two picks in the second round. They have three picks in the seventh round.

The picks by round:

FIRST -- 25th (25th overall).

SECOND -- 12th (44th overall) from Washington and 24th (56th overall).

THIRD -- 23rd (87th overall).

FOURTH -- 26th (122nd overall).

FIFTH -- 25th (153rd overall).

SIXTH -- 24th (184th overall) to Dallas.

SEVENTH -- 5th (197th overall) from Cleveland, 23rd (215th overall), and 28th (220th overall) from Carolina.

Alrightie then. So what do the Dolphins do with those picks, those nine opportunities to improve the team?

Following the league-wide cooling off of free agency at the end of this week, I think it will be obvious to everyone the Dolphins are not about to sign a sure-fire, starting-caliber player the remainder of free agency. Oh, some unrestricted free agent might sign and have the chance to compete for a starting job. Some veteran might even be cut unexpectedly -- as Chad Pennington was -- and also fit in as the Dolphins look to get an answer at a questionable position.

But are the Dolphins going to find someone in what remains of free agency that will be anointed a starter from the moment he puts signature to contract as Gibril Wilson and Jake Grove were? Probably not.

So it is the draft that will offer Miami the next greatest opportunity -- outside of trades -- to find starters. And on a team with as many needs as the Dolphins still have, one would expect they could find at minimum one and perhaps even three rookies to start relatively quickly out of the coming draft.

And where does Miami need these starters?

Cornerback. Wide receiver. Outside linebacker/pass rusher. 

The cornerback spot as currently filled on the Miami roster shows what happens when a team invests a high draft pick on a position and the player flops. The loss of Andre' Goodman in free agency wouldn't be a big deal if Jason Allen, the first-round pick in 2006, were ready to step up and step in. Allen's not, at least coaches haven't thought so -- demoting him time after time after time, to the point he was mostly a special teams player at the end of last season.

So the Dolphins need a starting caliber cornerback and, at minimum, need someone with great promise to groom so he can step in when Will Allen is out of contact after the 2009 season. Cornerback, in my opinion, is currently the team's most glaring need.

Then there is the receiver position. The Dolphins need a No. 1 receiver. Can a rookie be a No. 1 receiver? Most cannot, but rookies can certainly make a difference as evidenced by the work Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson and Donnie Avery did as rookies last season.

Hakeem Nicks screams "draft me" to Miami. He is polished. He is strong. He has experience in a pro offense. And Nicks is a great competitor as evidenced by the fact that when teammate Brandon Tate went down with an injury and teams rolled their coverages to Nicks, Nicks responded by improving his production. He was better when the pressure was on and teams paid closer attention to him. He would start on the Dolphins tomorrow.

But I doubt the Dolphins would be able to get him unless they get him in the first round and I don't know if that is the plan, given the relative value Bill Parcells places on wide receivers. We shall see. [Update: The youtube video I had up previously was of Nicks in 2007, his sophomore year. Thanks to N.C. fan Reggie Harrison for pointing it out. I've replaced it with a highlight look of 2008 action, including one of the sickest catches of the year at the 2:47 mark against West Virginia. Check out the concentration as Nicks brings the ball behind his back.]

The next highest priority is clearly improving the pass rush and the Dolphins will do this, in all probability, by picking an outside linebacker. Don't get hooked on strong side or weak side. As a rookie that player doesn't really have to start. He can be a situational pass rusher that plays in every passing situation as one of Miami's quarterback-chasing-front-four in the nickel and dime packages.

Eventually coaches will decide if that rookie rusher is Matt Roth's replacement in 2009 ... or Joey Porter's replacement beyond that. Again, don't get caught up in weak or strong side right away. The coaches will figure that out eventually. Concentrate on the need to get pressure on the quarterback from a source other than Porter, particularly in the nickel and dime packages. That's the key.

Actually, those are the three greatest keys to improving the Dolphins in 2009 now that free agency is about to slow to a trickle.


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Armando, that pass rusher could very well be Cameron Wake... You still draft one because Wake offers no guarantees of success in the NFL, but apparently QBs were running for their lives trying to get away from him in the CFL...So we'll see...

Derek Cameron Wake - replaces Roth.

I agree with the CB and oustide linebacker needs but I would not use a high pick on a receiver but I am sure they will add one in later rounds. I just don't see it as a top priority the young receivers we have will only get better and have plenty of upside. If anything they should add a vet via free agency.we definately need some pass rushers. Looking forward to the upcoming season.

Good Article! I like your emphasis on the CB position being a "must"! Everyone keeps beating down that the WR position is the greatest need, but i disagree. I disagree because Phins have all young players at WR who will continue to grow with a veteran QB in his 2nd yr with team.

Phins need serious help in pass rush if they expect to repeat as AFC East Champs! LB position may be addressed with #25!

Hakeem Nicks makes me drool. Draft that mofo.

WR - not in the 1st unless one of the top 2 drop.

CB - likely in the 1st unless an unexpected top 15 drops for non-injury reason.

LB - Probably 3rd rd and beyond --- like a Zack Follett from CAL @ OLB and ST demon.

1st rd. Wilcards - Connor Barwin (combine freak - needs time); Percy Harvin and maybe even Pat White in the 2nd.

Why aren't the Dolphins going after Steeler cornerback McFadden? Is his price tag out of their market? What about McAlister or Ivy or Law. At least they would have some experience at the position in case a draft pick or current roster player doesn't pan out. I guess they might be hesitant to throw money out there after what happened with Wilford??

I agree with Nicks Armando. You have to love the way this guy runs with and without the ball. He looks so determined. He looks for contact. He is #1 WR material. You can rule out that he could be there at at first 2nd round pick. Its possible and wouldnt that be a treat?

Mcfadden wants 7 mil a year and Ivy signed with the jets . law and McAlister are 157 years old. Also wake will replace roth on 3rd down in pass rushing situations while he learns the olb position and miami's schemes.

1strd. Larry english
2nda.Alphonso SMith
2ndb.Brian Robiskie
3rd.Pat White
Whattya think?

Nicks is a beast. If he fall to 25 we should grab him. Than in rd 2 get BC'S NT Ron Brace and a 3/4 Rush linebacker like Clint Stitem. We could address corner in the 3rd and 4th Rounds.....

The CB position was disappointing at the combine ( poor 40 times ). So the better value , along with WR is in the 2nd round . Miami will have its pick with 1 of many good olbs ( matthews, sintim, english, cushing ? etc ) in the first round. Nt will be addressed in the 3rd round. After that is anybodys guess. GOOD NIGHT .

If a worthwhile WR pick is there, the dolphins have to take. The offense is never gonna go anywhere if there isnt a passing attack, which in turn kills the running game. Pick that guy whos gonna open up the offense and go defense rest of draft for all i care. You think they put all that money into the line so they can throw to a bunch of no name, no experience receivers? come one....push the button...

Don't agree on Nicks. Where is the speed?
He looks like a player some NFL teams may want to mold into a TE.
I would like to see us trade our early second rounder we got from the Skins and maybe a 5th rounder to trade places within the first round with Detroit.
Then draft Crabtree.

Hakeem Nicks looks like a beast at WR, But so did Ted JR. With our first pick I think we should go with Clay Matthews from USC. Hes a 6-4 240 OLB. Playing in USC is like the NFL. This guy is the clear choice if he is still there.
Hey guys I live in CAL. were in the internet can I hear Dolphin talk.

wr will not be a first round selection unless crabtree or maclin drop and even then.... It will be OB Cushings, Mathews, Laurinaitis, Maybin, English, or Maualuga depending on who is left.

And what happens if Mccoy goes before Moreno and he is sitting there with our 1st second rounder? I wouldn't be surprised if Moreno wouldn't be taken. Hopefully D.J. Moore, Gilbert, Hood or Brace is sitting there when we make first 2nd round selection. The second 2nd rounder could be a Butler, Sintim(room with 1st rounder and be 2 backers for years to come) or even a Iglesias. Even a Loadholt or Duke Robinson at that spot wouldn't surprise me.

Im surprised you didn't add NT to the list...

Ferguson is old, and Soliai hasn't proven himself. NT is arguably the most important position on a 3-4 defense, and if Ferguson got hurt, we would have nobody to replace him.

At WR we have Bess, Camarillo, and Ginn, all of whom are capable of making plays. Having a #1 receiver would be a luxury... it is not a need.

Nicks looks like a possession type receiver in that video. Not a lot of YACS except for the last highlight. They could probably sign OJ McDuffie out of retirement to do the same for a lot less.

either way i cant wait till April...freakin excited for the future of the team

I think Nicks is a must in the first round. He played in a pro style offense and i think will be a true number one. I think this video is better than the one posted. It is mostly in the bowl game against West Virginia


Then in the second round grab either a olb/pass rusher with our first pick or Darius Butler of UCONN. 4.4 speed with a 43 inch verticle which will help against Moss. Then with the second pick in round 2 grab whatever is our biggest need left. Just my opinion

That's pretty crazy that the Dolphins' 2010 starting cornerbacks aren't on the roster right now. They need 2 starting cornerbacks in 2 years. Damn.

That Nicks highlight reel was nothing special. Ted Ginn's college highlight reel was 10 times more impressive.

Guys, I keep saying this in other posts...but forget Nicks early in the draft, and forget Tate coming off a ACL.
IMO, the better UNC WR in the NFL will be this guy Brooks Foster.
He's bigger, faster, with a big upside, than both Nicka and Tate. Plus I think we can get him on Day 2.


we have tons of LB's and Wake will be a steal i think! we need a NT a WR and all other picks go for DB help! in case you guys haven't noticed we have none! i'm not ready to put our season in jason allens hands!

Yes we need CB's. I'd like to see us still get a vet in FA, especially Bodden, but if he wants alot like McFadden, then I think Ken Lucas could be reasonable.
Then draft CB's to groom, I like Butler late in 2nd rd., then Mark Parson 3-4th rd., or Glover Quin 5-7rd.

Ahhhhh we Had Oronde Gadson before. He looks a little slow

He looks good, even great. Nice catch and he doesn't lay down after the catch, always seemed to break a tackle after he catches the ball, catches balls in traffic and comes back for the ball.

He will probably be gone in the first round. He didn't look slow to me. He looked open with soft hands. And he looked like he has some meat on his bones so he isn't a ted ginn.

Ginns last year high lights was better and he played against the best of the best not college players. you see one maybe two plays when he had YAC not impressed. good hands cant out run strong safties in 2nd tier schools like VCU and GT he will be a number 3 WR in the NFL. what was his 40 4.45 looks kinda slow.

I thought we had our quality outside linebackers. Joey Porter and Cameron Wake, right. The linebacker need is actually at inside linebacker as Akin Ayodele is pretty good but not quite an impact linebacker. Also, although Crowder can rack up the tackles, it's no secret that he has been given that same label. So, in my opinion, it's an impact, stud linebacker that we need, Armando. Thoughts?

Sorry but I didn't drool from the video. I did pass some gas though! He looks good but not exactly electric. I concur with a couple of other posts...the video shows mostly possesion type catches. Just being honest.

Regarding WR, I am not thrilled about Harvin since we already have Ginn. I like Heyward-Bey because he is fast as hell and has great size... but he is raw. Armando seems to be right about Nicks... check out this video and look at a freaking competitor with RIDICULOUS hands...

for nose tackle why not trade for saun rogers in cleveland. he wants out and hes a beast. nicks is the real deal. remember players get bigger,stronger, faster when coached in the nfl so all you nick haters get off him like ginn. we grab this guy we have the best young (key word being young) fastest group of receivers in the leauge. but i agree corner back is and should be one of our first prioritys. we are to old and slow back there.

For CB I like Sean Smith, Victor Harris and Darius Butler (in that order)

If we go for a WR I like Kenny Britt, he is bigger than Nicks and we could probably get him with our 1st pick in the 2cnd round...I don't like Harvin (too small) and I don't like Hey-Bey...Heyward-Bey is just fast, he is unpolished, inconsistent, and takes plays (and whole games) off, he is definitely not the guy we need...later round guys I like are Iglesias, Murphy, and Barden

Nt I like Ron Brace and Evander Hood



I don't see Smith as a CB. He looks like an NFL safety or nickel back to me. I prefer Butler over Harris. The guy has make-up speed and an exploding leap.

Ron Brace... I have been mentioning him all along, but Armando continues to believe they will opt for NT in a later round with Terrance Taylor out of Michigan. He is 6'0" 300 lbs. Taylor had impressive bench numbers at the combine putting up 2nd most (37), but I don't know much else about him.

Armando, The receivers that the Dolphins have are average at best. They are productive between the 20 yard lines. What we need is a big WR that can be productive over the middle and especially in the RED zone.


Butler and Harris are about the same size (5'11 185) but I think Harris is much more of a ballhawk...I heard Butler was kind of weak and not that into working out, but that would have to change anyway with this teams training program...Butler is also from Tamarac, got to love players from South Florida...

I know people say Sean Smith might be a Safety in the NFL, but I like him at corner...He played well in coverage in college, and if you keep him at corner (instead of moving him around between positions) I think he will succeed...The guy is 6'4 215, if he has the speed to go with it he could challenge even the league's biggest receivers for the ball..

What about NT? Without a solid NT to clog up the middle the 3-4 defense can't stop the run and the linebackers can't effectively rush the passer. Ferguson is getting too old, and with releasing a bigger body in Holliday, we need a NT who can come in and learn from Ferguson and play half the downs. Ron Brace from Boston College may be available in the second round. Not a big threat as a puss rusher, but a good hole clogger to stop the run and take on two blockers.

Ron Brace is 330 lbs! He is the monster we need at NT!!! I think he will be taken in the 2nd...

First off I think the trifecta likes Nicks but not at the 25th spot. So if they get that far look for the Fins to try and trade down to the Steelers or Cards to pick up a few extra picks if possible. It's risky but could be worth it.Besides I like Clay Matthews anyway and if he isn't at 25 then there is no reason to stay at 25.
CB and OLB are weaknesses that can be adressed in the 2nd and third round. MLB is the spot, just like Center is on O, the MLB's in the 3 - 4 need to be big and strong. Crowder is nice but he needs a playmate. I think they should flip Roth and Adolye and use Wake on 3rd downs. Wake is to small to play the strong side he is JPeeze's replacement in 2010 if he can handle the NFL.
This regime seems to scout better and will find another Donald Thomas in UConn CB Darrius Butler. He is big and while not super fast he can cover and should be there in the 2nd round.He is the sleeper of all these DB's.
At WR one of those 7th round picks should be used on Brandon Tate who tore his ACL in 2008. He was better than Hick's and faster.

Fish Fan,

you got it mixed up, Darius Butler is not big (5'11 180), but he is super fast...

Percy Harvin or Hakeem Nicks has to much up side not to take in the first round if there not available, take a CB or LB which ever has the most upside then go receiver or DT in the second round

The Dolphins could have addressed the NT problem back when they drafted Ted Ginn. Instead of Ginn they could have drafted Amobi Okoye, who has started just about every game for Houston and played pretty well. Or they could have got Darelle Revis who has started and played well for the Jets. But we have Ginn who starts only when the roster is depleted by injuries. Thanks Cam, I hope Ray Lewis accidentally hits you during practice sometime.

Sean Smith would be a good CB in the NFL, he did good at the combine. Did anyone see the Utah/Alabama game where he shut down any Alabama receiver he lined up against.

Could have schmould have. Every team could have had Tom Brady but passed on him. Every team could have had this one or that one. It doesn't matter. By the way, Amobi Okoye and his Texans and Darelle Revis and his Jets didn't make the playoffs while Ted Ginn and his Dolphins did.

They should trade Beck for maybe a 4th round pick, then use one of the 7th round picks for a backup QB. Use the additional 4th rounder for drafting another CB.

You're all wrong, wrong, wrong! I will put a beat down on you just like I did to Todd McShay when he tried to muscle into my draft analyst spot at ESPN. This is my thing and Nobody better mess with my livelihood or I will mess with your manhood (in a non-gentle way). Again, this is what I do and I do it very well.
Now - if you ladies ... err boys want to ask Mr. Mel a nice question in a respectful manner, I will be happy to bestow some of magnificence and accumen on the the 'littles' of the world.
I know how it is I used to be like you, slaving in a dead end job, living at the parents house, sitting around blogging with no prospects for babes, a job or a nice car.
But now I am a star, and look I don't know how to break this to you, but I am kind of a big deal now. Did I mention, my hair looks astonishing.

Well that is all. You may admire now.

Brito.. NO WAY we would draft Percy hes too much like ginn

The problem with taking Brace in the 2nd (and believe me I love the guy) is you normally want to get a starter with a pick that early... Brace isn't gonna be starting unless Ferguson gets hurt. For that reason I might agree with waiting to pick up Taylor in round 4.

"We got a guy up here ... and who in the hell is Mel Kiper, anyway? I mean, here's a guy who criticizes everybody, whoever they take. He's got the answers to who you should take, to who you shouldn't take. He tells us about your team. He tells us about the Rams. Mel Kiper is a tortoise. He tells us about Tampa and everything else. In my knowledge of him, he's never even put on a jockstrap, he's never been a player, he's never been a coach, he's never been a scout, he's never been an administrator, and all of a sudden, he's an expert. He's in our paper two days ago, telling us who we have to take. We don't have to take anybody that Mel Kiper says we have to take. Mel Kiper has no more credentials to do what he's doing than my neighbor, and my neighbor's a postman and he doesn't even have season tickets to the NFL."

Mr.Bungle,can you please tell me what you think of Ted Ginn and his numbers from last year,thank you.

I would like to see us make Tedd Ginn into a cornerback. He is fast and doesn't need to get open as a defender.

AMEN....Bill Tobin.....Today all you need to be a NFL EXPERT you just have to own few good looking suits .

luggi, have you contacted Armando about writing a feature on him?

If Hakeem Nicks is there Miami has to take him. If folks notice in the highlights he catches everything with his hands, a sign of a great receiver. I live in Raliegh and am more of a NC State fan than UNC fan. But I will tell you Hakeem is unreal. And the highlight film you showed doesn't include the bowl game against West Virginia where he had over 200 yds. and made just about the greatest catch I ever saw....One other thing....he seems like a great kid who has lifted himself up from a troubled childhood to be where he is (his brothers are in prison). Football is important to him....and that is what Parcells, Ireland, Sparano will love about him....Here is an article in the Raleigh News Observer a few months ago that provides insight into who Hakeem Nicks is..http://www.newsobserver.com/sports/college/unc/football/story/1346736.html...

Mr .Bungle....Some times i think about writing great things but as you know my english needs major help and when it comes to armando who i don't know any thing about although i got the feeling that he's a good family man plus he try's very hard to make every one happy on this blog from the good ,the bad and the ugly . i think you should write a feature about him since you have the knowledge of football which is big part of his life and you the in Comand of the english language.Now i have a head pain.


I expect to see outside LB listed as a need on sites that haven't got a clue about the Phins personnel like ESPN, NFL.com and such but I expect more of you.

We have like 8 outside LB on th eteam right now...why do you think we chased down Cameron Wake??
Roth did a fine job at sealing the edge and playing the run and Wake will come in on passing downs and eventually replace Porter.

Even if we need more depth there, we have other positions that need a lot more help!

1. CB
2. WR
3. ILB (this will be the first rounder in my opinion)
4. NT
4. backup Tackle
5. CB again

ALL of these are more important than OLB right now.

Luggi, I understand. You're right, I do think I am wonderful so maybe I should handle the writing. Thank you for your praise. I also agree that Armando is a good person and works very hard to keep us happy. I would like to see Armando host a 1970s style variety show.

I Just got an idea mr.bungle, give me two reasons why BP should get a raise.

i would like to know how many times HICKS fumbled the football last year?

He should not get a raise. He should send me money. In fact, if every person in the U.S. would send me just a quarter, I would be very happy.

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