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Draft order, what picks need to bring [Update]

The NFL has released its official draft order for the April 2009 draft and although the order might change slightly at the end of rounds 3-7 because of the addition of compensatory picks, you can pretty much bank on much of this remaining.

So here's the 411 on the Dolphins:

They have nine overall picks. They have at least one selection in every round, except the sixth when they have no pick. They have two picks in the second round. They have three picks in the seventh round.

The picks by round:

FIRST -- 25th (25th overall).

SECOND -- 12th (44th overall) from Washington and 24th (56th overall).

THIRD -- 23rd (87th overall).

FOURTH -- 26th (122nd overall).

FIFTH -- 25th (153rd overall).

SIXTH -- 24th (184th overall) to Dallas.

SEVENTH -- 5th (197th overall) from Cleveland, 23rd (215th overall), and 28th (220th overall) from Carolina.

Alrightie then. So what do the Dolphins do with those picks, those nine opportunities to improve the team?

Following the league-wide cooling off of free agency at the end of this week, I think it will be obvious to everyone the Dolphins are not about to sign a sure-fire, starting-caliber player the remainder of free agency. Oh, some unrestricted free agent might sign and have the chance to compete for a starting job. Some veteran might even be cut unexpectedly -- as Chad Pennington was -- and also fit in as the Dolphins look to get an answer at a questionable position.

But are the Dolphins going to find someone in what remains of free agency that will be anointed a starter from the moment he puts signature to contract as Gibril Wilson and Jake Grove were? Probably not.

So it is the draft that will offer Miami the next greatest opportunity -- outside of trades -- to find starters. And on a team with as many needs as the Dolphins still have, one would expect they could find at minimum one and perhaps even three rookies to start relatively quickly out of the coming draft.

And where does Miami need these starters?

Cornerback. Wide receiver. Outside linebacker/pass rusher. 

The cornerback spot as currently filled on the Miami roster shows what happens when a team invests a high draft pick on a position and the player flops. The loss of Andre' Goodman in free agency wouldn't be a big deal if Jason Allen, the first-round pick in 2006, were ready to step up and step in. Allen's not, at least coaches haven't thought so -- demoting him time after time after time, to the point he was mostly a special teams player at the end of last season.

So the Dolphins need a starting caliber cornerback and, at minimum, need someone with great promise to groom so he can step in when Will Allen is out of contact after the 2009 season. Cornerback, in my opinion, is currently the team's most glaring need.

Then there is the receiver position. The Dolphins need a No. 1 receiver. Can a rookie be a No. 1 receiver? Most cannot, but rookies can certainly make a difference as evidenced by the work Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson and Donnie Avery did as rookies last season.

Hakeem Nicks screams "draft me" to Miami. He is polished. He is strong. He has experience in a pro offense. And Nicks is a great competitor as evidenced by the fact that when teammate Brandon Tate went down with an injury and teams rolled their coverages to Nicks, Nicks responded by improving his production. He was better when the pressure was on and teams paid closer attention to him. He would start on the Dolphins tomorrow.

But I doubt the Dolphins would be able to get him unless they get him in the first round and I don't know if that is the plan, given the relative value Bill Parcells places on wide receivers. We shall see. [Update: The youtube video I had up previously was of Nicks in 2007, his sophomore year. Thanks to N.C. fan Reggie Harrison for pointing it out. I've replaced it with a highlight look of 2008 action, including one of the sickest catches of the year at the 2:47 mark against West Virginia. Check out the concentration as Nicks brings the ball behind his back.]

The next highest priority is clearly improving the pass rush and the Dolphins will do this, in all probability, by picking an outside linebacker. Don't get hooked on strong side or weak side. As a rookie that player doesn't really have to start. He can be a situational pass rusher that plays in every passing situation as one of Miami's quarterback-chasing-front-four in the nickel and dime packages.

Eventually coaches will decide if that rookie rusher is Matt Roth's replacement in 2009 ... or Joey Porter's replacement beyond that. Again, don't get caught up in weak or strong side right away. The coaches will figure that out eventually. Concentrate on the need to get pressure on the quarterback from a source other than Porter, particularly in the nickel and dime packages. That's the key.

Actually, those are the three greatest keys to improving the Dolphins in 2009 now that free agency is about to slow to a trickle.


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MR. bungle ,you sound like you work for the food bank.Are you? i am teasing.

LOL luggi. No, I just am trying to save up so I can buy a special gift for my friend Tin.

The draft order has been out for weeks. You can't ask your draft picks to be starters right away as rookies. If it happens that's great, but you can't expect it.

Matt Roth will be the starter on the strong side on early downs again in 2009 because he played exceptional there last year.

LOL ....Tin Tin best comic book ever------

Here are three possible picks in the 2009 NFL draft for the Dolphins. I would be surprised to see the Fins take any other corner with the first pick. I don't think the Dolphins take anyone else here at 25 because the whole crop of CB's weren't that good at he combine. A WR at 44 could change if Bey, Nicks, or Macklin drops into the Dolphins lap at 25. I don't think Robiskie is on the Board at 55. Conner Barwin's good combine could make his availability a question at 55 also. The Dolphins however could flip flop these picks.

1st Pick Vontae Davis, Illinois 5-11, 203
biggest, fastest, corner who played to his ability.
2n-Wr Brian Robiskie Ohio State http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K2duECvE9U
Great Hands, speed, Pro-set, senior, may be best route runner in draft Anquan Boldin like. I believe Hakeem Nicks, Crabtree, and Macklin are gone before 25th selection. Robiskie had a good combine.
3rd Conner Barwin Cincinnati 6-4 260 DE/TE/Special Teams
A Parcells Guy nitro motor Defense/Offense/Special Teams

What needs to happen is and many would probably disagree we need to resign Jason Taylor he proven to be able to play Linebacker in 3-4 scheme. Draft a young Receiver Hicks would be great if available. In 2nd round get Clay Matthews Jr probably will still be around pick him up and a CB. Later picks were Parcells has proven do be a genius find that hidden player that everyone has overlooked get.


I though Cameron Wake was going to be the OLB/ Pass Rusher answer? Leaving WR, CB and NT which was not mentioned. Any word on Wake?

Why not draft Nicks at 25? He's worth it, and he fits the offense the Fins run.

I personally think the Fins should go with Larry English at 25, but if he's not there Nicks is a good pick to go with.


Sign JT? For how much? If he's willing to take a huge pay cut and accept structuring in his contract that would force him to participate in the offseason program- then maybe the Fins should consider bringing him back.

I can see 'go phins' aka 'fan', has hijacked my name and now posts under my nickname Mr. Bungle exclusively. What the hell is wrong with you dude? You can't just pick another name? If that's what really gets you off, I feel sorry for you.

Just remember anytime you see the name Mr. Bungle posting on the Herald or the Palm Beach Post it's 'go phins' and 'fan' not me. Have fun with the name, obviously you're attracted to it creepy dude.

why not the wr from cal-poly in the 2nd or 3rd round... the kid has amazing hands and is 6-5 i think. get the CB needs in the 1st.

Lets not forget what happened with Anquan Boldin...waited too long and he was gone.

Looks like Nicks is the same type of player. If possible, move down in the first round, pick up an extra 4th or 5th round pick, then grab Nicks. He seems to be the "real deal."

I heard Dwayne Wade will be the Dolphins starting cornerback in 2009 and Usain Bolt will try out for the #1 receiver spot. Why are you all talking about these no name players and old man T.O? Wade and Bolt are the obvious solutions. Tuna has it under control and will not tell anything to South Florida reporters because he knows you will spill the beans and tell everyone else. You should consider yourselves lucky that I am letting you in on this little bit of insider information.


I agree with you, Ramses Barden is a freak of nature...he is 6'6 225..he would be an awesome 3rd or 4th round pick and I think someone like him (or Kenny Britt) is the reason the dolphins will not pick a wr in the 1st round

I am on the fence about Sean Smith. I think he could make it as an NFL CB, but as a Ute fan I admit I am biased there. Because of that I was a lot more comfortable with the idea of the Phins going after him before they shored up the safeties by adding Wilson (my prior justification being, if he cant hack it at CB, so what? They need another safety too)
I like a lot of the names being tossed around here but I think there are a few unrealistic expectations for some guys still being on the board for Miami (most notably Sintim at #56 overall. Alex, I know crazy things happen on draft day, but there is no way. I suspect he'll even be gone before the #44 pick)
So for the first 3 rounds I'm leaning toward OLB-CB-WR-NT but I can see flip flopping any pair in that order if the right guy who should be gone is still there at any one of the first 3 points.

If you can't see the Dwayne Wade will be the best corner in NFL history because he is fast as flash and can jump because he is basketball man. I feel sorry for you because you know nothing about the american football and never will. Also Usain Bolt will be the best receiver because he is fastest man in world, young and looks like a skinny T.O.

i don't know why everyone is all hyped on picking an OLB...We only have a million of them on our roster including 3 possible starters (Porter, Roth, and Wake)... I think ILB is a much bigger need and a better possibility as a 1st round big...maybe we even trade up to get Maualuga

What's up with the focus on non line positions? Have you forgotten what the Trifecta is all about? Aside from CB, the Fins will focus on dept on both lines. We have to run the ball before we can pass, regardless of what WR we get in the draft or free agency.

Why are people so on the jock of English? He didn't play against top level competition. The top 2 programs/teams he played were Tennessee at 5-7, and Minnesota at 7-6 (if memory serves, on both those teams). At the combine he performed quite poorly on the bench press for his position, which indicates very limited strength at the point of attack. Also, his 40 time was terrible at 4.87. That's Offensive Lineman slow... yet some of you want him at LB because Mike Mayock has him in a mock for us? That's silly. Seriously, I'm in my mid 30's, and I could run a 4.87 right now easily. That is CRAZY slow for a guy wanting to play NFL outside LB in a 3-4.
More and more sites have him sliding into the 2nd round now, so I say *maybe*, IF he slides to the 2nd round we draft him.

Hey guys;

Armando, good article and digging up good background on Nicks. So, based on past articles, you seem to still want a stud WR, but recognize with Goodman gone CB is now #1 crtical. OK, I can agree with that;-)

Several people are reminding us about this CFL stud, Wake...great if he does work out but at the least he can platoon with the draft newbie...

Also, NT needs to be addressed somewhere soon.

How about this one from a draft junkie:

1. Sean Smith: big, fast, versatile CB
2A Kenny Britt: big, fast, productive WR in college
2B Clint Simtin: big, productive OLB
3. Terrance Taylor: proto NT
4. Pat White: turn him loose in the Wildcat
5. The biggest nastiest Guard left on the board

With its first day picks Miami will simply go with the best player available, period. They will not draft based on positional need. If anything, they may draft best defensive player available.

They have set themselves up in FA, and will continue to do so (through the signing of a solid veteran CB), so that they don't have any glaring, immediate needs. This frees them up to simply draft players with the best potential to be All-Pros, regardless of position.

Now the thing to note is that this regime puts a premium on certain positions (OL-DL-OLB) that, compared to the draft boards of other teams and draft pundits, may bump players who play such position up in the "best player available" analysis. However, it does not change the fact that this team will simply not draft based on need with its high picks.

Other Bungle, I don't care. Call yourself Bungle if you want. I don't care. But my e-mail and blog show that I am Mr. Bungle. Anyway.

Maybe the Vikings will trade their entire draft to us for Ronnie Brown.

Impostor Bungle. You are seriously such an idiot. Nice life.

Dwyane Wade is going be great as Cornback if there's no hitting in football

MR Bungle , who cares if somebody is using your name on PBP or anywhere else. Your a nobody loser poster who's on blogs 24/7. Go cry somewhere else. Nobody wants to hear it.

At CB Parcells like Victor 'Macho' Harris from Virginia Tech, that's who he was scouting when he went to the VT-Canes game in the Fall.
At WR it's Heyward-Bey head and shoulders above he rest.
If we're willing to take Pat White than we can get one of the Lions 1st rounders for Henne, take a stud receiver and at worse get either Stafford/Sanchez or White in the 2nd round.

I heard Dwayne Wade will be the Dolphins starting cornerback in 2009 and Usain Bolt will try out for the #1 receiver spot. Why are you all talking about these no name players and old man T.O? Wade and Bolt are the obvious solutions. Tuna has it under control and will not tell anything to South Florida reporters because he knows you will spill the beans and tell everyone else. You should consider yourselves lucky that I am letting you in on this little bit of insider information.

No mention of a NT to improve/backup Jason Ferguson.

AlienMan, I agree. That guy is an idiot. He knows I run a blog with my name but he can't let it go. Every time he comes here it is the same thing. He cries about nonsense instead of having fun and/or talking football. He should try to have fun, like you, or Charlie, from the Sentinel blog. In fact, I think you guys would be friends if you ever met.

Usain Bolt can take a reverse for a touchdown on every play because he is the fastest man in the world. Everybody knows that he is better than Randy Moss because how many gold medals does Randy Moss have?

Armando should ask every one writes on this blog for his best picture of himself so every time you read a poster then you look at his photo next to his comment then you start laughing like crazy cause then you connect the dots.


Chad Henne is not on the trading block, he is the future of the dolphins...Pat White would be a serious downgrade at the QB position...If the dolphins did draft him it would be as more of a wr or wildcat option...And Heyward-Bey is not the best receiving option he is fast but thats about it. He is inconsistent and unpolished... I do like Victor Harris as a cb option though.

luggi, fun idea! I often wear sunglasses and a huge collar to hide my face because, well, it just isn't pretty.

Would be lovely to see every one on this blog's photo.

NJRICH , what are you talking about ? We drafted henne and merling in the 2nd round and they weren't starters either. So yes , you draft brace and let him learn behind ferggie , while rotating the both of them.

I Can tell this last Mr.Bungle poster isn't him.just the feel of it

Many-me: By the way, last night I was just messing with you. I thought that's what you said you wanted? I knew it wasn't you...

Why are you sending me mixed signals? It's like that girl I used to date... one day she's loves me and I can do no wrong. The next day she hates me and I can do nothing right.

You forgot NT. This is also a glaring need as well, and I think it will need to be addressed in the 1st 2 rounds, with LB being picked in the 3rd (although BP and Ireland will pick a LB in the top 3 (CB, NT, LB) AND wait for the third round to pick up a WR if history is our guide).

OK...alienman yes we can play but when talk to people about an issue involving you with people don't blame me or get me in the middle cause you like to get yourself out of a jam.BTW i enjoyed reading your posts when you talked football.PEACE

RED ZONE wide reciever is the biggest need on offense and corner on defense. we need a plaxico body type at reciever. im very concerned about our corners, because it's going to take AT LEAST a quarter of the season for whoever we get to gel together and get a feel for playing together.

nicks looks like a mini megatron calvin johnson

jets: got lito sheppard
patriots: got shawn springs
dolphins: ?????

My fellow fins... How about drafting?

1st-cb-alphonso or davis
2nda- Center Unger/next best available
2ndb- Wr roboskie

Dolphins should be very very very nervous that Tom Brady is coming back cause every time he will meet fins next season his pretty wife will make sure he's happy and ready.


> I would like to see Armando host a 1970s style variety show.

Oh yeah! Wide collar over a leisure suit, unbuttoned to show a nice big gold chain. Maybe then he can update his file photo!

The pick has got to be for a CB. Will Allen is a "decent" CB and then there is Jason Allen who has been a horror show. We need to upgrade both CB positions. I like Darrius Butler from UCONN and I think he needs to be a 1st rounder because I do not think he will be there when we pick in the 2nd. If he is there in the 2nd it is a no-brainer. Alphonso Smith is another excellent option. Ideally we get one of those 2.

>2-14 Posted by: who am i?

arawak, the lost Jets fan from Haiti.

FYI, Mr. Bungle is a copyrighted name for a California rock band. So if someone created a blog using the name Mr. Bungle you could have some legal issues.

You need a better legal book, Silvio. But thank you for your concern.

Nice article Armando ,

One question though , you said "He would start on the Dolphins " referring to Nicks . How do the Dolphin players react to you when you make a comment like that? In this case the receiving core. All in stride or " watch you talking about"

Good article - good questions. I bet it all takes care of itself, come draft day. Of the three, I'm thinking receiver, in rounds 2 and 3, will somehow all fall into place. There are several with great size, speed, and hands that will all be available in our pick range. Louis Murphy is another worthy of consideration. Maybe Nicks and Murphy fall our way, and round 1 promises to show a good pass rusher in the area of our pick. So round 3 CB's?

i have a complete legal rights of name MONKEY no one should use it.

i have a complete legal rights of name MONKEY no one should use it.

Posted by: monkey | March 06, 2009 at 12:09 PM


Isn't Wake considered to be an OLB/Pass Rusher Doesn't that kind of reduce the need for a "immediate impact" player at that position?

Miami Dolphins will draft Usain Bolt from the University of Jamaica Olympics. Everyone knows he will be better than Randy Moss.

Dwayne Wade will be the best corner back in the league because he is fast like flash and can jump high because he is a basketball player. Everyone knows Tuna will pay him the big money and he will play cb for Miami. Basketball is over by training camp anyway, its easy.

Hey Mario,

Nice to hear from a fellow Nicaraguan, funny stuff. I agree that cornerback and wide receiver may be our first two picks. I have a feeling that Mr. Wake will cause some havoc on quarterbacks when brought in the system. Also I agree that Roth is good enough from the edge to keep in there. What about trying Roth out in the middle with Crowder? Nose Tackle should definately be addressed as well.

Kimbo Slice will line up beside Channing Crowder at ILB. Everyone knows he is better than Ray Lewis.

Armando pretty much has it in order in the article. 1ST CB/ 2ND WR, OLB/ 3RD NT/ 4TH DB or OL/ 5TH RB / 7th DL,OL,best player left. The only thing I would say is that with the first pick they could switch the two needs if someone is available higher on their board. Meaning if the plan is to go with a CB but there is a WR they didn't expect to fall that is higher on their board they take him.

The o-line is in my mind still a pressing need if they can't open hole for ronnie and rickey without the wildcat we are in trouble I know we signed grove and our guards were hurt but untill i see our running game get rolling i feel we need to keep improving that line with pennington at qb the running game is essential for success drafting a big strong center should still be top priority

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