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Draft order, what picks need to bring [Update]

The NFL has released its official draft order for the April 2009 draft and although the order might change slightly at the end of rounds 3-7 because of the addition of compensatory picks, you can pretty much bank on much of this remaining.

So here's the 411 on the Dolphins:

They have nine overall picks. They have at least one selection in every round, except the sixth when they have no pick. They have two picks in the second round. They have three picks in the seventh round.

The picks by round:

FIRST -- 25th (25th overall).

SECOND -- 12th (44th overall) from Washington and 24th (56th overall).

THIRD -- 23rd (87th overall).

FOURTH -- 26th (122nd overall).

FIFTH -- 25th (153rd overall).

SIXTH -- 24th (184th overall) to Dallas.

SEVENTH -- 5th (197th overall) from Cleveland, 23rd (215th overall), and 28th (220th overall) from Carolina.

Alrightie then. So what do the Dolphins do with those picks, those nine opportunities to improve the team?

Following the league-wide cooling off of free agency at the end of this week, I think it will be obvious to everyone the Dolphins are not about to sign a sure-fire, starting-caliber player the remainder of free agency. Oh, some unrestricted free agent might sign and have the chance to compete for a starting job. Some veteran might even be cut unexpectedly -- as Chad Pennington was -- and also fit in as the Dolphins look to get an answer at a questionable position.

But are the Dolphins going to find someone in what remains of free agency that will be anointed a starter from the moment he puts signature to contract as Gibril Wilson and Jake Grove were? Probably not.

So it is the draft that will offer Miami the next greatest opportunity -- outside of trades -- to find starters. And on a team with as many needs as the Dolphins still have, one would expect they could find at minimum one and perhaps even three rookies to start relatively quickly out of the coming draft.

And where does Miami need these starters?

Cornerback. Wide receiver. Outside linebacker/pass rusher. 

The cornerback spot as currently filled on the Miami roster shows what happens when a team invests a high draft pick on a position and the player flops. The loss of Andre' Goodman in free agency wouldn't be a big deal if Jason Allen, the first-round pick in 2006, were ready to step up and step in. Allen's not, at least coaches haven't thought so -- demoting him time after time after time, to the point he was mostly a special teams player at the end of last season.

So the Dolphins need a starting caliber cornerback and, at minimum, need someone with great promise to groom so he can step in when Will Allen is out of contact after the 2009 season. Cornerback, in my opinion, is currently the team's most glaring need.

Then there is the receiver position. The Dolphins need a No. 1 receiver. Can a rookie be a No. 1 receiver? Most cannot, but rookies can certainly make a difference as evidenced by the work Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson and Donnie Avery did as rookies last season.

Hakeem Nicks screams "draft me" to Miami. He is polished. He is strong. He has experience in a pro offense. And Nicks is a great competitor as evidenced by the fact that when teammate Brandon Tate went down with an injury and teams rolled their coverages to Nicks, Nicks responded by improving his production. He was better when the pressure was on and teams paid closer attention to him. He would start on the Dolphins tomorrow.

But I doubt the Dolphins would be able to get him unless they get him in the first round and I don't know if that is the plan, given the relative value Bill Parcells places on wide receivers. We shall see. [Update: The youtube video I had up previously was of Nicks in 2007, his sophomore year. Thanks to N.C. fan Reggie Harrison for pointing it out. I've replaced it with a highlight look of 2008 action, including one of the sickest catches of the year at the 2:47 mark against West Virginia. Check out the concentration as Nicks brings the ball behind his back.]

The next highest priority is clearly improving the pass rush and the Dolphins will do this, in all probability, by picking an outside linebacker. Don't get hooked on strong side or weak side. As a rookie that player doesn't really have to start. He can be a situational pass rusher that plays in every passing situation as one of Miami's quarterback-chasing-front-four in the nickel and dime packages.

Eventually coaches will decide if that rookie rusher is Matt Roth's replacement in 2009 ... or Joey Porter's replacement beyond that. Again, don't get caught up in weak or strong side right away. The coaches will figure that out eventually. Concentrate on the need to get pressure on the quarterback from a source other than Porter, particularly in the nickel and dime packages. That's the key.

Actually, those are the three greatest keys to improving the Dolphins in 2009 now that free agency is about to slow to a trickle.


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Wake will be the star of this team .Watch him closely

Everyone knows the Tuna is in contract talks with Kimbo Slice to sign as ILB.

I agree with everything you said Salguero except that I think receiver is the number one need. We have nobody, please don't comeback with Ginn. On almost any other team he's the #3 guy. Do you think if the Rams let Torry Holt go in the next 10 days as is expected the Dolphins would be seriously interested?

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4-12 at best


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monkey and I are having sex as I type this. He is one crazy monkey.

Posted by: Mr. Bungle | March 06, 2009 at 12:36 PM

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Hey Luggi,

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We don't need harvin or pat white. Harvin is like GINN, we need a big WR. But most importantly we need to draft a pass rusher an CB thats our biggest need. We can always pick a WR in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. We have a 1st an 2nd round picks to get a LB, CB, and WR.

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I've been banging the Nicks drum for three months now, so it does my heart good to see support mounting.
My hope has been Nicks at 1, Butler at 2a. and BC DT Ron Brace at 2b.
There are a glut of stud 3-4 OLBs coming out next year (USF's Selvie, Clemson's Ricky Sapp), so wait until you get real value. Plus we can survive w/ what we have now.

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Hakeem Nicks is exactly what the Dolphins need to complement Ted Ginn. He is very strong, has great hands and can score. You can consistently see him catch the ball at 8 yards and gain 4 more on his own. Especially with Chad throwing the ball, he could really do damage even as a rookie. His production doesn't lie... He reminds me of Reggie Wayne when he was coming out of UM. Everyone was saying how polished he was but he didn't have long speed... I bet you wish we had him now... He ended up going to the Colts at like number 30 I think... We chose Jamar Fletcher... A CB... You want to see his Nicks speed, check out this video at about the 2:35 mark...


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Maybe I've just missed it, but I'm surprised no one's posted a link to the definitive catch of Nicks' career:


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I agree with everything you said except for our supposed need for an OLB. Oh, we need to get pressure on the QB but I think that our need for a DT (considering it may be a 2 year project) trumps that of our need for OLB. I think we will address OLB in the later round by converting an undersized DE. I think that in an ideal situation we would draft WR, DT, and CB in the first 2 rounds.

I love Nicks!! I hope we do draft him, but I think we need to pick him up with our first rounder in order to get him. Then we can address DT and CB with our next two picks preforably in that order.

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Bill Parcells loves players with NFL pedigrees - see Marion Barber III and Bobby Carpenter for recent examples. He'll be unable to resist drafting Clay Matthews III, if available.

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NYScott is a good poster. I was just asking what he meant. Speaking of football topics, check out this great new idea I had: http://mrbunglesfins.blogspot.com/

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What I want to see in the draft.... 3 picks for each up to rd 5

25th pick Hakeem Nicks WR/ Aaron Maybin DE*OLB*/ James Laurinaitis ILB

44th pick Darius Butler CB/ DJ Moore CB/ Duke Robinson G

56th pick Shonn Greene RB/ Larry English De*OLB*/ Fili Moala NT

87th pick Ramses Barden WR/ Evander Hood NT/ Dannell Ellerbe ILB

122nd pick Dorell Scott NT/ Kraig Urbik G/ Patrick Chung SS

153rd pick Darcel McBath FS/ Shawn Nelson TE/ Jarron Gilbert DE

What do you think?? Armando?

1 Sean Smith CB Utah

2nd Round

Clint Simtin
Brian Robiskie or Ramses Barden

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I enjoy going to every dolphin blog and making fun of myself, then posting as someone else making fun of me, and having a conversation with the person making fun of me

Seriously though, if you read these comment sections on this blog you've got problems. It doesn't even resemble what a football blog should be about. People just going back and forth trying to give each other a hard time/impersonating. Holding some vendetta against other people due to some digital conversation. You can't even discus the day's topics without getting annoyed. This makes me not want to read these comments or the article, I'm going to buy the real paper from now on

thats why I put three picks up. Its either one or the other at WR and Shonn Greene would be a steal at 56 if he is there I would nab him for sure no doubt... phins need a big bruising back behind Brown and Williams is not it neither is Cobbs If they pass on a guy like Greene they should be fired

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No one cares what you think, go check out my blog please

Barden is 6'6 and Nicks is 6'1 completely different athletes either one or both would help the Phins.... DJ Moore really intrigues me 1st rounder that will probably drop to the 2nd. if your the expert who do you like?

Mr Bungle or should I say Charlie because that's what you call youself now on the SS. We know that's you impersonating me. Go cry somewhere else. Nobody wants to hear your wendy whiner impersonation.

I was just thinking that we should bring back leather helmets, here's why

#1 Everyone loves the smell of leather
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If your going to post dumb idea's like that Mr.Bungle post them on your own blog

I'm not Mel Kiper but I believe I have as good a grasp on the Dolphins as anyone (excluding you Mando). Obviously, the Dolphins are looking for a CB and I'm still wondering why we haven't made contact with McFadden or Leigh Bodden? Both are relatively young and both would be great alongside Will Allen. I do not trust (nor does the trifecta) Jason Allen. I'm thinking the Fins are letting the Corner market settle and will go out and get 2 FA corners on the cheap after the signing frenzy...perfect opportunity for Bodden/McFadden right now. Here are my thoughts on the draft:

1st round - Brian Cushing or Clay Mathews. Parcells goes defense in round 1 70% of the time. These guys are low risk high reward character guys. They have the "it" factor and will help stabilize the middle of that defense along with Crowder for the next 3 years.

2nd round - Hakeem Nicks. If Nicks is there in the second round, he is the value pick here. The trifecta believes WR can be easily found but realize the importance of gamebreakers. Ted Ginn will spread the defense, Bess/Camarillo can collect the short slants/outs and Nicks can be our Michael Irvin/Keyshawn Johnson in the middle of the field.

2nd round - Sean Smith Cornerback, Utah. I think he's the best CB available and if he were to fall to us in the 2nd round, we'd be dumb not to take him. Current projections have him going in the middle of the 2nd round. Either way, we are in desperate need for a young CB because Will Allen is up for FA after this year.

3rd round - Defensive Tackle. Parcells knows his DT and we need to find one here to groom.

4th round - Cornerback

5th round - Linebacker

7th round - WR, LB, Special Teamer

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