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Draft order, what picks need to bring [Update]

The NFL has released its official draft order for the April 2009 draft and although the order might change slightly at the end of rounds 3-7 because of the addition of compensatory picks, you can pretty much bank on much of this remaining.

So here's the 411 on the Dolphins:

They have nine overall picks. They have at least one selection in every round, except the sixth when they have no pick. They have two picks in the second round. They have three picks in the seventh round.

The picks by round:

FIRST -- 25th (25th overall).

SECOND -- 12th (44th overall) from Washington and 24th (56th overall).

THIRD -- 23rd (87th overall).

FOURTH -- 26th (122nd overall).

FIFTH -- 25th (153rd overall).

SIXTH -- 24th (184th overall) to Dallas.

SEVENTH -- 5th (197th overall) from Cleveland, 23rd (215th overall), and 28th (220th overall) from Carolina.

Alrightie then. So what do the Dolphins do with those picks, those nine opportunities to improve the team?

Following the league-wide cooling off of free agency at the end of this week, I think it will be obvious to everyone the Dolphins are not about to sign a sure-fire, starting-caliber player the remainder of free agency. Oh, some unrestricted free agent might sign and have the chance to compete for a starting job. Some veteran might even be cut unexpectedly -- as Chad Pennington was -- and also fit in as the Dolphins look to get an answer at a questionable position.

But are the Dolphins going to find someone in what remains of free agency that will be anointed a starter from the moment he puts signature to contract as Gibril Wilson and Jake Grove were? Probably not.

So it is the draft that will offer Miami the next greatest opportunity -- outside of trades -- to find starters. And on a team with as many needs as the Dolphins still have, one would expect they could find at minimum one and perhaps even three rookies to start relatively quickly out of the coming draft.

And where does Miami need these starters?

Cornerback. Wide receiver. Outside linebacker/pass rusher. 

The cornerback spot as currently filled on the Miami roster shows what happens when a team invests a high draft pick on a position and the player flops. The loss of Andre' Goodman in free agency wouldn't be a big deal if Jason Allen, the first-round pick in 2006, were ready to step up and step in. Allen's not, at least coaches haven't thought so -- demoting him time after time after time, to the point he was mostly a special teams player at the end of last season.

So the Dolphins need a starting caliber cornerback and, at minimum, need someone with great promise to groom so he can step in when Will Allen is out of contact after the 2009 season. Cornerback, in my opinion, is currently the team's most glaring need.

Then there is the receiver position. The Dolphins need a No. 1 receiver. Can a rookie be a No. 1 receiver? Most cannot, but rookies can certainly make a difference as evidenced by the work Eddie Royal, DeSean Jackson and Donnie Avery did as rookies last season.

Hakeem Nicks screams "draft me" to Miami. He is polished. He is strong. He has experience in a pro offense. And Nicks is a great competitor as evidenced by the fact that when teammate Brandon Tate went down with an injury and teams rolled their coverages to Nicks, Nicks responded by improving his production. He was better when the pressure was on and teams paid closer attention to him. He would start on the Dolphins tomorrow.

But I doubt the Dolphins would be able to get him unless they get him in the first round and I don't know if that is the plan, given the relative value Bill Parcells places on wide receivers. We shall see. [Update: The youtube video I had up previously was of Nicks in 2007, his sophomore year. Thanks to N.C. fan Reggie Harrison for pointing it out. I've replaced it with a highlight look of 2008 action, including one of the sickest catches of the year at the 2:47 mark against West Virginia. Check out the concentration as Nicks brings the ball behind his back.]

The next highest priority is clearly improving the pass rush and the Dolphins will do this, in all probability, by picking an outside linebacker. Don't get hooked on strong side or weak side. As a rookie that player doesn't really have to start. He can be a situational pass rusher that plays in every passing situation as one of Miami's quarterback-chasing-front-four in the nickel and dime packages.

Eventually coaches will decide if that rookie rusher is Matt Roth's replacement in 2009 ... or Joey Porter's replacement beyond that. Again, don't get caught up in weak or strong side right away. The coaches will figure that out eventually. Concentrate on the need to get pressure on the quarterback from a source other than Porter, particularly in the nickel and dime packages. That's the key.

Actually, those are the three greatest keys to improving the Dolphins in 2009 now that free agency is about to slow to a trickle.


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nicks sucks he is slow as hell and runs like a lineman he ran a 4.52 i mean come on that is so slow in the NFL! we got to get darius heywardbey if anybody that man ran the fastest at the combine 4.30 beat that!

I'm not Charlie, nor have I ever posted on the sunsentinel. If their is a Mr.Bungle who posted on the sunsentinel it is pure coincidence that we randomly choose the same screen name. I have my own blog of the same name

has anyone seen that youtube video "charlie bit my finger" hilarious

I think Charlie also bit AlienMan's finger.

Bungle I was just commenting on a ridiculous post I made the mistake of reading and wasting 30 seconds of my life. Politics in a football forum? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Anyway I am LOVING the anti-T.O. sentiment around the league. A buddy just called me and said that (espn reported) there were only two teams possibly interested in his services, S.F. and Oakland. S.F. is said to have very minimal interest so I guess that leaves Oakland. HAHAHAHAHAHA! It's about time that teams start realizing that these ME FIRST guys are cancers to team chemistry. Good stuff.

I think it looks like ireland and the tuna are getting fired because they're not taking greene in the 2nd round . I'll bet you a keg LOL. Also I bet you another keg miami doesn't take 2 wrs ( you stated or both ). That being said i would take barden in the 4rth round. also i would take 1 of the cbs in the 2nd and Brace with the other 2nd. The 1st round would be a lb ( matthews, cushing ? ,maybin ,etc. How That

Have you checked out my blog yet?
I won't be useful for any of our old football discussions any more due to the fact that their are 5 or 6 of me running around
If you want to you can go to the SS because Omar ban's posters who impersonate (which is why we all congregate around here)
Or you can got to Tin's site because PsuedoBungle is banned there too
You can also post here in the looney-bin, but you won't be getting the same kind of conversation

For all of you that think Harvin is like Ginn, you obviously never have seen him outside of Sportcenter. HARVIN IS GINN WITH MUSCLES!!! That makes him a better NFL prospect. That said, I don't see him as a fit here...we need a taller WR. I remember watching Nicks in his bowl game and he jumped off the screen as a baller. I would love to see Nicks playing for the Phins and Harvin in the NFC

Mr bungle, be careful what you say about alienhead . He might cry to armando and try to get you banned.

Here's a cool possibility given Parcells past and the options that the pick provides. There are a couple of draft sites I like to visit that have TE B. Pettigrew slipping way down the list in 1st round. I say, take that beast of a TE with 25th pick and if he's as good as everyone says you have done 3 things with that one pick;

1. Pettigrew improves the running game
2. he improves the passing game and,
3. given his ball skills and size, you can put off picking a WR until later rounds- for example there are about 8 WR with size and talent (Aaron Kelly, Massaquoi, D Byrd) that are ranked between 109th and 128th). This strategy accepts that Ginn remains as the speedy WR that keeps the DBs honest which can compensate for any lack of speed/quickness in the 4th round WRs. Also, for a QB like Pennington, a BIG WR is more important than speed.

Round 2; at no 44 I say take the lockdown CB like D. Butler (if he slips), Coye Francies, J Byrd
at no. 56 USC DT Fili Moala should be there. Moala was a highly touted leader at USC and fierce competitor- a nice replacement for Holliday. According to what I see R. Brace is a reach at no. 56 but 'phins could take him there instead.

Round 3; at no. 87 I say take MLB D Beckwith or Jason Phillips. Akin Adele could use some competition and Crowder could use some insurance due to injuries.

Round 4; a whole slew of WRs are still available with size and/or skill. In addition to those I mentioned above there's, Q. Cosby, B Tate, USC's P Turner.

So, you read it here first, 'phins to take Pettigrew with no. 25 pick! Remember Ben Coates, A Bavarro, Whitten! All Parcels guys. Pettigrew is not out of the question.

ghonCT I had to respond to the "NYScott wants the blog all to himself" comment. That couldn't be further from the truth. "How much can you talk football all of the time"? As many times as I come into a football forum TO talk football. You see I have friends and family that I can talk to about life,politics, movies etc. but there aren't a lot of Dolphins fans here in NY so this is one of the best spots to talk Dolphin football. Or it used to be anyway. I'm sorry if I have offended anyone with my opinion but it's not fun for some of us to read about politics on a football forum.

Other Mr. Bungle (Charlie Bungle AlienMan), you really are sounding sad and defeated. NYScott can have chats anywhere he wants. I'd be happy to discuss football. You complain about nonsense, yet you're the one coming here posting in multiple names and going to the Sentinel and posting as various names (Bungle, Charlie). Please just relax and enjoy life. You're wrapped too tightly.

thanks fan. I'll keep that in consideration, and I leave the crying to those whom can't get in an elitist blog club

"I JUST SAW ONE POSTER SAYING TO OTHER PEOPLE TO STOP TALKING ABOUT WHAT EVER THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT" Who did that? I read over a few posts and didn't see anyone say that people had to stop talking about what they were talking about. Where did you see that because that is SO wrong and this person obviously isn't aware that this is an anti-democrat blog geared for people who want to point out their political views and imply that anyone who disagrees is a moron.

Mr. Bungle, Charlie, AlenMan, fan
You are pathetic, NyScott can do whatever he wants. He likes talking football with me, leave it alone already
3 things you shouldn't discuss are
#1 religon (its all a crock anyways)
#2 politics (also a crock)
#3 Imposterizing (little girl)

Okay, the real Mr. Bungle has to split. Have a great weekend everyone, even you Charlie Bungle Alien. Be sure to check out my blog if you have a chance. Thanks for the hard work Armando.

Bungle if this is serious I will check it out. Post the blog name again. Also, If you are serious I would think you would just sign in and then you will be the only one allowed to use the name 'Mr.Bungle'. All others would be known to the rest of us as imposters. That is why I have trouble taking anything some people take seriously. They run around here calling people names and insinuating that people are p**sies but they don't have the nuts to sign in and be held responsible for one name. That way you can say whatever you want and if you offend anyone or say something stupid you can just change your name to hide from reprecussions. Notice how my name is ALWAYS in blue at the bottom of my posts. I back up everything I say and don't hide behind different alias'.

NYScott, fair point. I will try to remember to start using this name signed in when I can.

I don't know if Nicks will be picked by us in the draft or not, but he has me more intrigued now. What that video showed me is more than just 40 time or size, like Heyward-Bey or Britt have. It showed me that this kid has got what it takes to be a NFL receiver. What makes me say that? Two-thirds of that highlight video is from the game vs. WVU. After a minute worth of clips from that game I was thinking wow, I didn't know UNC played WVU twice. That was until I saw the clip towards the end "6 catches, 189 yards, 3 TDs." And he still had a few more catches after that clip.

Then I thought, "So what he had ONE big game, no reason to get that excited." So I went back and watched it a second time and realized that this was their bowl game, and it was a pretty close one at that.

Those type of catches, in a close game, in the biggest game of the year? Yeah, this kid could help us right away. Speed, size, meh...I want this kid.

Mr. Bungle, NICE! I hope we can get all of the better posters to do the same. Love the blue!

Beselfish! Awesome post. Great read with well thought out opinions and options. These posts are what make this site great to visit!

NYscott , you are even more stupid then you sound (or read ) . I hope you enjoy Mr Bungles new web site. LOL. By the way , you can post your name in both black and blue. The only person that can tell the difference is mando and he's to busy to keep track all the time LOL

I like the keg idea... okay its not likely for both but I'd like atleast 1 WR and Greene at RB in the first 4 picks... I don't see Cushing or Matthews being there and I don't see LB as big as a need as WR is for the dolphins. Nicks is a guy that will start and improve our offense immediately and I wouldn't want to see him playing in NE. That is where he'll end up going if we don't snag him. He WAS a 2nd rd pick but his stock has risen and he will be the fifth WR taken in the First. Ron Brace is a good pick, I'm just more of a fan of Fili Moala. I think he will fill in just as nicely

Okay, NYScott and others. I'm out.

Pettigrew was a guy I thought phin's needed badly way back as our 25 guy.... He is a beast but I don't know if the Trifecta think we need to upgrade badly as we already have Fasano and Martin.... I personally think that would be a steal and a gem or diamond whatever. the likely-hood of it happening based on stated needs of the team is low.

NYScott, that is not the real Mr. Bungle and that's not his blog either. That is 'fan' aka 'go phins' impersonating him because he's obviously obsessed with Bungle. The real Mr. Bungle is also not using the name Charlie on the Sun Sentinel. fan thinks he knows Mr. Bungle's new nickname but he doesn't and he'll never find out, as if it matters.

Notice that Armando cares so much about the integrity of his blog. He only cares when his name is impersonated. Look at the level of crap on this blog. Most of it is fan having discussions with himself under different names. Pretty sad.

The real Mr. Bungle will never post on the Herald again. Oh by the way, fan took your advice and already signed in as Mr. Bungle so the blue Mr. Bungle is him. From this point on they're all him.

I wouldn't waste your time on this blog. It's filled with idiots and immature weirdos.

Armando, ohh noo you fired up Dolphin nation! With the talk of the drft and Hakeen Nicks, who, I stated if still on the board at 25 will be taken by the Dolphins. He reminds me alot of the playmaker in dallas, no not TO but Michael Irvin but with speed. Because there are no really good CB's with speed we probably won't take one in the first round and might wait to pick one with our third pick. Our second selection might be Clay Mathews from USC, I like him and looks to go early second round. Dolphins last pick of day one will be a CB and I love Alphonso Smith from Wake Forrest...keep an eye on Mike Mikens from Cincinnati he's flown under the radar and is a good one.

Draft whoever you want......just as long as we start Chad Henne this year!PLEASEEEEEEEE Start Henne!

I like his speed and size,,, the question is if we can get a #1 receiver in the 2nd round,,, if not then i say draft Nicks


Elliot Ness or should i say private "dick" . I don't know who the hell this go phins person is , But I assure You I'm not Him.

NYScott, your vituperations may inspire the masses in a pernicious Hobbespian choice of whether to gainsay who dare, but your advocacy of Wilsonian intervention only breeds contempt for illicit paregrenations thorugh uncharted territory and abstemious calumny.

Oh, and you suck.

im all for drafting hakeem nicks in the first round i think the tuna might do it the way i see it might be like this

1st: hakeem nicks N.C.
2nda: alphonso smith wake or sean smith utah both CB
2ndb: coye francis san jose state i believe or victor harris of V.T.
3rd: David Veikune hawaii DE/LB
4th: zack Follet Cal LB
5-7 find that diamond in the rough

these draft picks could all be very possible
what do you think?

fan, that was funny what you just wrote

DAM Nicks looks good!!!! As much as the Jets have bolstered their defense, I have to believe that Tuna will break his own rule and a draft a receiver in round 1. Wouldn't be surprised if we move down a couple spots and pick up an extra pick..

in my opinion ,nathaniel has and always will have the wisdom of writing and i recommend his last post to learn form wise man indeed

im all for drafting nicks

1st round: hakeem nicks
2nd round: alphonso smith or sean smith
2nd round b: victor harris or coye francis
3rd round: david veikune (theres that pass rush)
4th round: zack follet (look at that more pass rush

5-7 find that diamond in the rough
this is very possible as the phins need 2 CB I THINK...SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Seriously, stop showing videos of this guys or the Jets are going to take him. Man, that guy is good and it always takes about 2 or three chances by the d to catch him.
If you want a strong defense you need guys like that on offense. I see a lot of first downs in that guy.

nathaniel last post .i only understood four words ,
oh.and you suck even if i don't know who he's talking to,after all i am a fin fan.

That was a great video
Kudos to the dude that found it
The first video was good
but second video was amazing

The things i like most about Nick's is it seems like he catches everything with his hands and it takes two or more guys to bring him down
and seems to have deciptive speed hopefully we can get him

so Obama is the second worst president in just a little under two months of his presidency
WOW you must be a real special dude and when I mean special I mean SPECIAL

Dude I got you I hate looking through all this CRAP just to read a good post about football on a football blog.

Brandon Tate was the No.1 receiver at UNC before his injury! IMO, he will be the steal of the draft. I'd rather have him in rd.3 than Hakeem Nicks with the 25th!

We need a pass rusher with the 25th pick! There's nothin more important than getting to the quarterback! With the 44th pick we should go CB and then ILB at 56!

who cares about wr pennington cant utilize him deep for know get a cb or olb get a harrison or even t.o to take pressure off ginn and bess and camarillo nuff said see the facts no deep passes maybe run a 2 tight end set this year with marty and fozz often with a hint of wild cat why does a team get lito shephard for a 5th rd pick i dont understand why the pats keep renting these proven awsome players and producing while weere just watching here in the offseason im not impressed what are we waiting for everybody keeps upgrading and were still losing players SOMEBODY COMFORT ME AND HOLD ME. pLEASEE MIKE VICK WITH THE 6TH RD TRADE AS KR WR AND OUR NEW WILD CAT LEADER SOMEBODY ANYBODY.

Amen on NYscott , nathaniel.

Finfab in orlando , so far obama has been adisaster. Also if you don't like the blog, get lost. There's always Disneyworld.


Your casual slander of the mentally challenged bespeaks an indifference and cruelty foreign to the civilized mind. I might remind you that we are all only one extra chromosome away from becoming a NYScott.

Nicks looks good in the highleght video.

I say we have a big fast receiver already who has hands of gold (at least last year): David Martin. TE? Was a WR. Has speed and is huge. Use him like Shannon Sharpe. Not saying don't draft a Nicks, just saying line Martin up wide and take a few more shots this year than last with him. He's tough as nails too. Could be the answer we're looking for and can spend the pick elsewhere.

Freddy, you're probably right. It's that crybaby alienhead . Either way he's still a private dick impersonating elliot ness.

We should display every one's photo next to their post like this we can read and when we finish reading we look at the photo then we say now i know how an idiot looks like.

we all should ask our friends or any we know to come to armand's blog and visit ,i am for one i am going to all who i know from costa rica and nicaragua and here to come and support him.

LUGGI . I agree with the photo thing . Then when Alieman( HEAD ), NYscott and Mr Bungle photo's appear we can blow them up just like belecheat's head on Mr Bungle"s blog site.

keep hearing olb 1st round. have you forgotten parcells gave starter like money to cameron wake? gotts believe cfl is at least as good as our college teams and this guy completely ripped it apart the last two years. what he did in the cfl has to be at least a half notch better than any olb in this years draft. havent heard of any olb in this draft compared to lawrence taylor. use your brains guys, why do think parcells signed this guy to starter-like salary. to do this then turn around and use a #1 pick on a olb is perposterous!

fan, PLUS when you see the photo you have the choice to respond or not based on the fear factor

GET JAY CUTLER NOOOOW!!!! We should of drafted him when we had the chance! Heres our chance!! I don't want to wait for Henne to pan out ...or not. Cutler's arm is light years more powerful and deadly accurate than Henne's!


I am really excited about Cameron Wake and think we would be more likely to draft an ILB than an OLB, but Wake did not get starter money. He got 4.9 mil over 4 years, that is hardly starter money in the NFL, maybe 2nd or 3rd round draft pick money.

Jay Cutler is a whiny bi-atch and throws too many interceptions. He thinks he is the best ever and has never accomplished anything. How are you gonna say you're better than Elway, that is ridiculous. This dude needs to have his head checked.

Superfin72. Wake got 4 years 3.7 mil . That comes out to 3rd round pick money , not starter money !! we don't know what he's going to be. He already failed in the nfl once. wake is going to spell roth on 3rd down (obvious passing down). also porter isn't getting any younger and makes alot of money. He's gone next year ,so you're going to need another young pass rushing olb for the future. You never have enough of them. So before you come on here telling people to use their brains ,maybe you should use yours and GET A CLUE !!

Fan- Idiot. I have signed in with the Alien moniker since I began here, and the Alien name alone. It will now and always be AlienMan and blue, as long as I remember to sign in. It was AlienFinz for 1/2 a day after I was repetitively impostored... then Armando said he would get my back, so it is permanently AlienMan.

It is idiots like you who post under different names. Now, because you do it you believe everyone else has multiple sign-ins... so then you show how truly stupid you are, by accusing everyone and their brother to have multiple sign-in names.

If Armando wasn't so busy and had the time to check, he'd confirm I've never signed in with any name other than Alien. But instead he's left to babysit the likes of you and your idiotic stalking and multiple identities.

I used to post multiple times a week for a couple years at Cole's old site, "Ask Jason". We never had this crap because everyone was forced to sign in with a unique user name. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but one day in our near future the Herald will be forced to go back to that type of set-up because of all the garbage that goes on here, as evidenced by the clutter on this blog today.

You fail to see we have a good thing here. You and your actions are the type of coxsucker who will be to blame for its ruin. I know you don't care. It's fine you chased the real Mr Bungle off to the SS and we're left with only a few good conversations and bloggers. I know you don't give a crap. You are a punk and have no respect for people who care about football and what our team really may or may not do. Some of us do.

So, quit accusing me of using multiple names or being someone else on any blog anywhere. It's not in my character. You can find some of my other blogging's under the Alien moniker at seattletimes.com, and every blog I frequent anywhere will have that name. I Know none of those fools on SS. If and when I go to SS it will be Aliensomething.

OK Everybody I got a topic for ya,

Darius Butler, DJ Moore, Alphonso Smith, or Macho Harris?

Are Malcom Jenkins and Vontae Davis worth moving up for?

I say no on Jenkins and Davis, they are good but not THAT good.

I like Moore and Harris because they are the ballhawks of the group. I'd give the edge to Harris because he is a little bit bigger and a tough guy (also a very smart player). Darius Moore is fast but I'm worried about his strength and Alphonso Smith is only 5'9...

No way in Hades Parcells passes on Nicks in any round. No one on the Fins has strength to get off the line and run after catch like that 215 pounder. At 25 no cb or lb will bring that much value, and Parcells already spent top $$$ on DB's (Wilson, Bell) and LB (Wake). Now it's time to invest top pick on wr (Nicks if he's there). The 2nd rounders will be for cb and dt, and thereafter best value will dictate the choices.

Is it necessary for me to drink my own urine? No, but its sterile, and i like the taste.

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