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McDaniels on Dolphins trade radar [Update]

The Dolphins have held conversations with the Jacksonville Jaguars about acquiring defensive tackle Tony McDaniel and are close to finalizing a deal, according to an NFL source.

McDaniel has apparently been on the trading block since late February and the Jaguars have contacted several teams, including the Dolphins, about the possibility of trading for him, the source said.

For the trade to be finalized, McDaniel has to pass a Miami physical. If that happens, the Dolphins would be getting a 24-year-old player with three years of experience, most of those as a backup. McDaniel has played 25 games during his professional career.

It is uncertain what the Dolphins are giving for McDaniel. But it is unlikely any compensation for him would rise to the level beyond a seventh- or sixth-round pick.

McDaniel would give the Dolphins the kind of young backup behind 34-year-old starter Jason Ferguson that they need. But McDaniel has not really played as a nose tackle during his career, so he might also project as a 3-4, run-stopping defensive end.

The Dolphins have Paul Soliai as the backup to Ferguson but he has yet to blossom into a player that could be counted on as the heir to the starting job. At the defensive end spot, the Dolphins earlier this month terminated the contract of Vonnie Holliday so they can use another body at the position to compete with players such at Lionel Dotson and Rodrique Wright.

[Update: McDaniel passed his physical. The Dolphins announced Friday they had indeed made the trade for an "undisclosed 2009 draft choice," which I am disclosing to you is a seventh-round pick.] 


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Another 2nd stringer, yeah baby order those super bowl tickets...lmao

OMG wake me when we sign or trade for a player who has actually accomplished something in the NFL.

The truth of the matter is the the Tuna and Tuna Helper are just filling in the gaps around the edges of the roster. The big acquisitions won't come until draft day.

Hey Mando, I stole your Tuna Helper line. The sincerest form of flattery.

Hey, I get to say first!

I also get to say, this isn't exactly mind-numbing news. But it's cool Mando, you can only report what happens. And right now, not too much is happening to get excited about.

Well now, Mr. Menace, in my Madden game I ended up with this dude on my team, and no joke, by 2012 his rating got up to an "87." So apparently the video game world thinks he's got potential. haha


From Wikipedia:

On March 19, 2009, McDaniel was traded to the Miami Dolphins for a 7th round draft pick

ESPN reporting that its a done deal and 'phins gave up a 7th round pick for McDaniel.

Looks like he's put on about 15lbs since drafted. You gotta admit, 6'7" 310 lbs is Vince Wilfork-like size or better. McDaniels is a beast and I hope he surprises.

Updated: July 28, 2005, 8:32 PM ET
McDaniel gets probation for throwing punch
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Associated Press

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee defensive tackle Tony McDaniel pleaded guilty Thursday to hitting a student in the face during a pickup basketball game in January.

McDaniel, suspended since the incident, will be allowed to return to the team, but coach Phillip Fulmer announced that McDaniel will have to sit out the first two games of the season, complete community service, attend anger management counseling and abide by a curfew for the fall semester.

"He is a good young man that made a bad decision and now has a second chance to move forward. I hope and feel he will take advantage of it," Fulmer said.

McDaniel made a deal with prosecutors to have the original felony charge reduced to misdemeanor assault. He was sentenced to 11 months and 29 days but was placed on immediate probation and isn't expected to spend any time in jail.

Knox County Criminal Court Judge Ray Jenkins told McDaniel that he will remain under supervised probation until he pays restitution to the victim.

McDaniel was charged with aggravated assault in January and could have faced up to six years if convicted under the felony charge.

His case was also dealt with by the university, which placed him on indefinite probation. He was suspended for the summer school sessions and is not allowed to enter the student recreation center where the fight took place, school officials said.

The 6-foot-7, 295-pound McDaniel was accused of hitting Edward Goodrich, a 26-year-old student. Goodrich testified during a hearing in April that the punch broke his face in four places and doctors had to insert a metal plate to treat his injuries.

McDaniel declined to be interviewed after the hearing. His attorney, Don Bosch, said he was very pleased with the outcome.

"We appreciate Mr. Goodrich's position and, frankly, the seriousness of his injuries. This is a very serious matter that was unintended by Tony. We're going to make this right with Mr. Goodrich," Bosch said.

McDaniel, who will be a junior this fall, made his first career start for Tennessee in the Volunteers' 38-7 win over Texas A&M in the Cotton Bowl.

The defensive tackle is one of 13 Tennessee players who have been either arrested or cited for crimes ranging from aggravated assault to underage drinking since February 2004.

(here is a video from the gym security cameras, he clocked the guy 19 seconds in, underneath the basket. Apparently he didn't like the no-call)


You guys are all baffling. This is exactly how you find diamonds in the rough. You churn the low half of the roster. You sift through a lot of career backups to the backups or short timers in the NFL, but you end up with a few solid backups and an occasional starter. What do you expect to get in a trade with a 7th rounder?! If he sucks you cut him. Depth is crucial in this league and that is why we went 1-15. Tuna knows what he is doing.

Also, McDaniel wasn't drafted. He left after his junior year and made the Jags roster.

Welsh Gator - nice post. That's what you get when you talk trash to a 6'7" 300 lb guy on the court. I don't think there is a pickup guy out there that couldn't have a similar story. This is a non-issue.

You guys that keep whining about how we aren't signing marquee names need to remember a few lessons from the past.

1) Just signing big names doesn't mean squat if you recall the 1995 Miami Dolphins who accumulated 19 first rounders and managed to go one and done in a playoff drubbing at the hands of the Buffalo Bills. We also gave up 300+ yards rushing in that game with our FA personnel geared mostly towards defense.

2) In 2001, the New England Patriots were blasted across the league for singing over a dozen small named guys, marginal starters, and several backups. One guy in that group was Larry Izzo whom they paid handsomely to be a backup LB and starter on special teams. Oh yeah, that team won the Super Bowl to the complete and total surprise of anyone not named Bellicek.

3)Signing smaller guys who can play and grow means your cap figures aren't strained to the point to where you can't have the option of signing a bigger named FA if he comes available or comes in trade.

And even if we don't actually go after Cutler in a trade, we'd have no chance if we'd blown all our cap space signing 1 or 2 big name guys like a Haynesworth or a Bart Scott. As it stands now, if the Dolphins are willing to pony up the trade value, Cutler is there for the picking.

You gotta look at the whole scope of things and not be so myopic.


Hopefully he pans out. At worst, I'd give a 7th round pick for a backup 315 pound nose tackle any day. I just won't be playing pickup BB with him anytime soon.

Posted by Mike Florio on March 19, 2009, 7:32 p.m. EDT

On Wednesday, veteran safety Darren Sharper expressed pleasure regarding the fact that his decision to sign with the Saints would reunite him with cornerback Mike McKenzie.

It was a short reunion.

The Saints have announced that McKenzie has been cut.

“Decisions such as these are the hardest to make in this business,” G.M. Mickey Loomis said. “Mike has been a standout performer for the Saints both on and off the field during his career with the Saints. We wish him well in his future and thank him for all of his efforts representing the Saints.”

McKenzie was entering the final year of his contract, at a base salary of $4.45 million. The move, then, frees up $4.45 million in cap space.

Picked by the Packers during their 1999 “Stop Randy Moss” draft, the third-rounder was traded to New Orleans in October 2004 after a contract dispute in Green Bay.

Sounds like a good developmental acquisition to me. Young and hopefully mean and hungry.

Welsh Gator,

Awesome, I like a guy who will hit somebody square in the f'in mouth! Kudos McDaniel!

Cuban...Repeat after me. The Miami Dolphins are the 2008 AFC Eastern Division Champs.

Enough said.

(I'm just going to keep cutting and pasting this one I guess) "The 1st post is a perfect example of 'not getting it'. We were told from the very beginning, the Dolphins are in the middle of a complete rebuild. They are trying to add depth first and aquire most of their talent through the draft. When they're comfortable with their core group they'll go after the higher priced free agents and vets. They are not the Patriots. They are not ready to go out and sign high priced veteran free agents because they don't feel they will be in a position to make a run for another couple of years. That's exactly when those free agents will have lost a step and become worthless to the team. There is no trade value at that time and they would be released with nothing to show for it. This is how Spielman tried to build the team and never could figure out why he was such a failure. Big names, no chemistry. They are signing guys that they feel they may be able to "coach up". SO, in two years when they have some time under our system they can either contribute on the field, or contribute as trade bait to bring in a piece we need. Everyone who makes sarcastic remarks about the way Tuna is building this team needs to think outside the box. You are looking at the premier teams like the Pats and saying "well they're really good and look at how they're signing guys, shouldn't we be doing it that way"? And the answer is we are doing it that way. Those teams started the same way we are now and it's a major reason why they are contenders every year. They told us we needed to be patient and this wasn't going to be a one year fix. We were told by even Mr. Marino himself that we would need to be patient for at least three years. That plan has not changed because they had some modest success against a very weak schedule".

paul solai is mch better r run d was mch better with him just find a way 2 keep him out of trouble he'se our true future at NT this guy is to tall at 6'7 2 be dominant @ NT remember football is a game of leverage and when in the trenches the guy that's lower wins that battle 9 out of 10 times if we're risking his backround we might aswell just continue to develope paul soliai hese a beast wen on da field

Sorry if that sounds snarky but it would be nice to have a spirited debate about this instead of the normal knee jerk reactions and boring pointless drivel we get from some people.

Ron in Charlotte,

Then you're gonna love yourselve some Tony McDaniel!

Who is cutting and pasting stories from other papers in here? Pretty ballsy,,,,lol. Mando you seeing this?

We're trading one of our 7th rounders this year. Basically that means that we will be picking up McDaniel for Travis Daniels, who we shipped to Cleveland for the pick.

I'd say we got good value there. We got a projected backup NT for a CB who was cut this offseason and has yet to latch on to any team.


Its okay if you cite the source :)

Oh, and could you please use paragraphs next time, its tough on my eyes. Though I totally agree with your points. Most sport fans are knee jerk though, and relatively 'unknowledgeable'.

people want big names free agents, but just ask yourself this, how has it worked for the redskins over the years? the steelers don't like to pay big bucks for there own free agents, so they replace them through the draft and it works well for them. also we need to get rid of these fair weather fans that do not know anything about football like CUBANE MENACE.
wake me up when you learn something about football.

John, ive forgotton more about football then youll ever know about the game,go back to the sun sentinal, they have a good gay section youll like.

McDaniel will be asked to play bookend, not NT.

He could turn out to be a poor mans Chris Canty and add good rotational depth provided he can stay healthy. His past injuries were of the wrist and toe variety, not major weight bearing joints.

Not a bad deal for a 7th Rd. pick on a young project at all.
If you notice the draft class isn't real deep on DT's suited for 3-4 D.
This is a move that may prove to be solid, since they have 3yrs of NFL tape to look at vs. tape on the college DT's still on board in the 7th rd.

McDaniel he was also stuck behind fellow Vols alumni John Henderson in Jax.
So now he can compete in camps and hopefully makes the best of his 2nd chance at an NFL life in Miami.

hey coach john, you must be related to cam(cant win)camroon and i know you must be related to dave(no testicals)wannstadt can you out coach either one of these losers?? no huh? your a joker buddy ,keep up the great coaching john, your the man.

We're telling you the Dolphins are concentrating exclusively on the draft now and not this trade stuff or free agent stuff. We also reported Tuesday that Tony Sparano and Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland would be at the UF workout Wednesday -- even though on Wednesday everyone found out they didn't attend. Win some, lose most. We suck.

Cuban Manace,

I thought I dropped you off at the pool?

N.j, You talking about coach john or mr.muddbutt, not sure who mr.mudbutt is but coach john is marc's male boyfriend.

lol keep up the good work cuban

and mando thnx for the info. u have become my only dolphins source

This was a great trade. McDaniel is someone who could develop into a key contributor, if he can stay healthy. And the Dolphins still have two more seventh round picks..

I like the receiver prospects in the draft, Dolphins should do their best to grab one of the top four or five with their first pick..Even so, if they can get their hands on an Aquan Boldin or some other experienced, successful receiver, it would be an upgrade over Camarillo, who is not what is needed on the first team. Camarillo is reliable, but to take this team to the next level the Dolphins need game changers at the receiver spot.

Now, if we could only eliminate the mutants in New Jersey...NJ phin fan: which Superfund site do you live in?

That guy is a beast.
Anyone who didnt watch that video that Welsh Gator found on McDaniels, go watch it.
Thats the kinda players Bill wants on his squad.

Jed, Or you kidding about camerrelo, he's a beast, much better then ted(where's the sideline)ginn dont you think.

Yall Dullfans go ahead stick your nose wayyyyyyyy up in my butt crack and take a nice
good whiff. Go ahead, you know you want to.

Saw the video, and he sucker punched a guy half his size who seemed to just be playing the game... I don't think that is reason Bill signed him, more like that was why he went undrafted.

I found this on him - he has star potential, but has not contributed much yet:


By the way, the Miami Dolphins could surprise again next year... everything had to go right for us to pull out the division last year, but we are a smart and confident football team that knows how to win games.

Ok . I just finished tipping over some cows and playing with my Mutant relatives . I just looooooove a man in sheeps clothing. It brings back memories . GIT-R-DONE !

Jed . do you live behind a walmart , golden corrall , cracker barrell or hardee's ? Maybe just on top of a Liqour store or Brothel , HUH. GIT-R-DONE !!


Quit trying to steal my identity. And BTW, The real Rex will turn out to be a bigger bufoon than his sawed off, 1/2 pint, midget father was.

Cuban Douche:

Keep squirming and puckering up that sphincter of yours over the brilliant construction of the Fins. Your sorry Schmets will continue to pursue old past their prime players and finish in the basement where they belong.

P.S. remove the gerbil from your butt, that would help.

Parcells and Co. must really like searching for diamonds in the rough, cause all these guys they've been signing or trading for lately are a bunch of nobodies, average at best. Can't wait for the draft, the Fins will finally be getting some players we've all heard of before.


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is it true that RexRyanSucks used to coach high school football,if that true what he thinks about Sparano so far?

I know this guy is a career backup, but he is 6'7 310...thats a big dude...

one more back up and we will be SUPER BOWL CHAMPS

6-10, excellent question, true r.r.s coached in highschool but it was womens tennis, it's here where he met coach john where they fell in love and decided to get married. interesting enough they married in calif. the same day as george(weapon of mass destruction)takia and his husband did..i hope this answers your Q.

did they have a son his name starts with M?

4-12, You already know the answer to this question, i know what your thinking"but menace how can 2 men have a baby?" well it turns out that r.r.s is a hormorephidite. so again i hope this answers your Q.


Your On the web with the menace, whats the next question for the cuban.

my question is,how can fins cover the beast MOSS and the beast T.O?

Afc, have you tried that 3 brothers tequila yet?

We will win the super bowl and We will go to disney to celebrate and henne will end in the hall fame after penne gets there

I like this signing, 24 years old, 6'7 310, and cheap...there's alot of upside to this deal...with the right training and coaching this guy could be a real beast...and if not, cut him after training camp...no big deal.

SOULJ ,crude comment about a player not even signed you started saying nice things about him then you ended by putting in the trash after training camp.

afceastchamps, make sure you have someone else drive, remember"friends dont let friends drive drunk"

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