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McDaniels on Dolphins trade radar [Update]

The Dolphins have held conversations with the Jacksonville Jaguars about acquiring defensive tackle Tony McDaniel and are close to finalizing a deal, according to an NFL source.

McDaniel has apparently been on the trading block since late February and the Jaguars have contacted several teams, including the Dolphins, about the possibility of trading for him, the source said.

For the trade to be finalized, McDaniel has to pass a Miami physical. If that happens, the Dolphins would be getting a 24-year-old player with three years of experience, most of those as a backup. McDaniel has played 25 games during his professional career.

It is uncertain what the Dolphins are giving for McDaniel. But it is unlikely any compensation for him would rise to the level beyond a seventh- or sixth-round pick.

McDaniel would give the Dolphins the kind of young backup behind 34-year-old starter Jason Ferguson that they need. But McDaniel has not really played as a nose tackle during his career, so he might also project as a 3-4, run-stopping defensive end.

The Dolphins have Paul Soliai as the backup to Ferguson but he has yet to blossom into a player that could be counted on as the heir to the starting job. At the defensive end spot, the Dolphins earlier this month terminated the contract of Vonnie Holliday so they can use another body at the position to compete with players such at Lionel Dotson and Rodrique Wright.

[Update: McDaniel passed his physical. The Dolphins announced Friday they had indeed made the trade for an "undisclosed 2009 draft choice," which I am disclosing to you is a seventh-round pick.] 


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In the 7th round of the 2009 draft Miami selects 6'7" 315lb DT out of Tennessee.. slightly older than most rookies at 24.

And the fan base goes wild because of the upside and the fact we got such a big body that our 30 front needs in the later rounds.

Man there is some narrow thinking out there.. Lets not forget he has 3 years Pro experience already..

Keep up the good work Jeff Ireland...

p.s. Cuban Menace... love the new vocab...


space man is an alien

the truth is, we need somebody who can knock out Matt Light when we play the pats...crowder couldn't get it done last year...

i agree with the idea of signing Mcdaniel

I think he'll be a backup DE on the 2-4 and allow Starks to be the NT (Langford and Merling will start at DE)

he will add depth to our injured reserve list.

I love it when we trade for big lineman at that age. It's a typical Trifecta move, guys with some upside who have a track record in the NFL and easy to motivate cause they haven't gotten that big contract yet.Go Fins

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