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Eric Green (not that one) visits as UFA

The Dolphins announced today at 4 p.m. that Arizona cornerback (not the tight end) Eric Green is in town for a free agent visit.

Green, 27 on March 16, has been a starter much of his time with the Cardinals the past four years. He started nine of 13 games this season but the Cardinals have pretty much upgraded with the promotion of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to the starting lineup.

Green, meanwhile, seems to have fallen out of favor. He is listed third on the Arizona depth chart at the left cornerback spot. Green also accumulated zero stats during the postseason because he didn't play in any of the Cardinals' playoff games.

Green has two career interceptions in 51 career games.

This is what Scouts Inc. says about Green for the 2008 season:

"Green is a four-year veteran who the Cardinals drafted in the third round of the 2005 draft. He has excellent size, speed and athleticism for the position. He is smooth, explosive and can extend the cushion with his pedal and transition to close on the ball in front of him or to the sides. He has fluid hips which he can flip to turn and run with receivers deep and he has a burst to catch up when receivers get a step on him. His biggest issues are his lack of concentration and lapses of techniques.

"He tends to gamble and can get out of position, overestimating his ability to make the play. He has average ball skills when he can get in the area and has just one interception in his first three years, that coming his rookie season. He is not timid about getting involved, but could be more physical in run support. He pretty much needs to be 100 percent healthy to play effectively and could be tougher, mentally."

By the way, how many of you remember Eric Green, the tight end? He came to Miami in 1995 as an unrestricted free agent. This at a time the Dolphins were needing a pass-rusher, not a tight end. Anyway, he missed 39 practices that year and after Jimmy Johnson took over the next season, he immediately cut the guy. He went on to play five more seasons with Baltimore and the Jets. 


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Do you know if they have any interest in Justin Miller? Miller has that great “position flexibility” skill they love. He is a a former Pro Bowl KR which could help our Special Teams as well. Can’t imagine Miller would require a large contract at this point. The Fins put in a waiver claim on him last year before the Raiders picked him up, so you know they have some interest in him. Last year he had two KO returns for TDs and 24.8 AVG and 4 returns greater than 40+ yards.

i say we should sign him and let our staff improve him

Green has all the physical tools, but lacks discipline. Perhaps, the Trifecta believe they can give Green discipline. After all, the less physically gifted Goodman had a career year under the Trifecta.

Sounds to me like he just needs a good coach. If the downside of his game is concentration and technique that's a plus for us because it seems that Tony and the other coaches are good at coaching those types of things out of players. He already has size and quickness which are two things that cannot be taught. If nothing else (if signed) he pushes J Allen and a rookie cb to improve and/or will be adding some depth to the defensive backfield.

Sorry guys and I promise this is the last time I bring this up.ALIENMAN,I just read your post and I'm in total agreement. I e-mailed Mando earlier and not only did he delete the comments but they banned the address that it was coming from. As he stated this isn't foolproof because of floating addresses but it's a start. I made a suggestion a while back that everyone who is serious about wanting to talk Dolphins football simply pick a sign in name and use it every time you visit the site. Your name will appear in blue text and we will be able to sift through some of the other garbage easier. Everyone will be accountable and if someones name isn't in blue you simply skim over their post if you choose. There are so many great posters in here with intelligent ideas and commentary. Mando does a great job keeping us up to date and informed and but there are always a few nutjobs who ruin it for everyone else. I've seen a few blogs lose loyal readers and contributers and go right down hill because of these people. I think we can all do our part and take the blog back from them. So why not sign in? Go Dolphins!!!!!

back to the O-line and away from another none play maker in the secondary!

Maybe they are thinking of Grove in a guard spot with his size and speed? Satele competing for the other guard position with the same size and speed, and drafting a stud center. umm the possibility.... what depth....

Maybe we thinking of a single back set with 4 receivers and draft a stud receiver in the first with the type of better suited zone blocking lineman we currently have in the interior. Draw to Ricky or Ronnie, poor safeties:)

Nyscott, with all due respect and i don't blame how you feel , but this constant posting and complaining on this same subject is starting to get just as annoying has some of the posters your complaining about ( I know , That hard to believe ). Mando took care of that idiot, geez . Also I bet you thought that poster was me LOL

The fact that he has 2 picks in 4 years as a starter and that he was benched during Arizona's best defensive run in the last decade (this past playoff run) makes me want to pass on this guy in a big way.

I think either the Tuna & co. will have to invest in a top tier corner in free agency (McFadden/McAlister) or draft one (Vontae Davis in Round 1 if he slips or DJ Moore/Macho Harris in round 2).

What about Leigh Bodden? Is he too expensive?

Remember Eric Green? Of course, but only cause of the splash he made jumping into the pool. He later snuck out while no one was watching.

They need to get this guy or Justin Miller to push J. Allen and draft a cb 2a

What happen to the fagg guy? how did his workout go?

How much cap space do the phins still have?

Green sounds like an affordable CB to look at and could bring some good competition to the spot opposite Will Allen.

We'd all like Bodden but he must be holding out for large money.

I keep harping about bringing in Ken Lucas for a looksie, he's solid and consistent.
Also Leigh Torrence could be a nice affordable addition. He is a RFA, but Saints put the lowest tender on him so he wouldn't cost us a pick.

Folks once we sign one of these CB's, the freedom to draft BPA in each round will be paramount in building the Dolphins for longterm success!

We have a very smart trifecta as year #2 grocery shopping takes shape. Us fans should be well fed for years to come :)

GetterDone Phins

They are at least bringing in better athletes to fill the voids. I don't know if he is a better cb than the guys that left but that is for the coaches to train him. I like a risk taker once in a while. It can change a game real fast when something unexpected happens in a teams favour. And if he can hit that is great because I believe that guys like Moss can be intimidated by hard hitters.

The thing that made Eric Green so hard to stand was that we got rid of Keith Jackson in order to bring Green on the team. WHAT WAS SHULA THINKING!!!!


Thank you for taking care of that post last night...It is much appreciated...

Keep up the good work!

go phins!!!!!!!!!!!

We signed Grove, although he is constantly injured..

We are considering Green even though he lacks concentration and discipline..

I trust the heck out of the trifecta, but I hope they don't become arrogant and start thinking they can make chicken salad out of chicken sH*^t..

For now, however, they have done enough good to earn our trust.

NY Scott is becoming very annoying he accuses every one when armndo already banned the bad guy .now it looks like we have 2 very annoying poster alienman and NY Scott.

Forgot to mention we also signed Gibril as a FS when other teams thought he wasn't good enough...


Sorry, I thought that post from last night was yours...I got no beef with you...I realize it was not you and I agree with you completely about the "impostors"...Regardless of who posted that, it was waaaaay out of line...

Oh yeah,

GO PHINS!!!!!!

mando, did you delete my post? Why?

That was weird... they just appeared!! Sorry little buddy!!!

Eric Green was right before Keith Jackson, wasn't he?

Trifecta are shaping the team up right. Theyare setting things up so that they can draft for needs. These guys may not be the fancy names or player but they fit the needs.

Do you think they need more leadership on defense though with releasing Holiday. Who is a solid leader on defense in your opinion? Penny is good on offense.
for first round
i'd say hakeem nicks wr or Cushing.....
then i think it maybe curry?? i forget sorry in 2nd he is perfect for wildcat.

Jersey, agreed. That's why I said it was the last time and I meant it. Now,6 months until preseason is too long! Can't wait for draft weekend.

If they sign this Eric Green guy I think he might be good competition in training camp at cb for J. Allen and whoever we draft at that position...hell, at least he's a career starter, thats more than allen can say...

I hate the long wait till next season as well. Im constantly looking for new info. If the O-line is good to go, then all we would need is a #1 reciever to have a pretty good offense. I hope Henne gets some good playtime in the preseason as well. And even more than that, I hope Sparano gives him a legit shot at winning the starting spot as well. I know he stated Penne is the starter, but if Henne looks real good, I hope he would let him play.

i agree with lxxy13

Souljah, did you see this? http://mrbunglesfins.blogspot.com/

I understand we are looking for a "deal" at CB, but I believe we should put up for a solid DB. Our defense is 2 players short of being a top 10 defense. We need a CB and a Pass-Rusher. I'm not a JT fan, but bring him back at a discount and sign Dre Bly. Dre Bly is a solid CB and could pair up great with Will Allen. Draft more line and WR. Groom Henne for the future and I see no reason why this team cannot be in the playoff hunt every-season for the next 6 to 7 years.

NYscott and Ixxy13 , It is along wait. The draft is a little less the 2 months away and the preseason is a loooooong way off. I suggest you guys get a hobby or join a gym ( I would let you join 1 of mine if you lived in my area ) , because waiting for info is going to drive you nuts !! also to much info like right before the draft , just wants you to get the draft overwith so you know who you got already , LOL. You know i'm right !!

very funny fan

i feel this could be a very good move 4 the phins, i'm sure the trifecta can make him a lot better. plus, we need a go-to wr. why not try to get clayton? he has great hands + skills. then we could use the draft for some of our other needs.


It's all about VALUE. If the Trifecta see something in him, and at the right price, go for it. From what i just read, he has the physical tools, but needs coaching on discipline and technique. At the very least he will be a serviceable backup, but who knows, could develop into a keeper.

Once again, I'll defer to Tuna's judgement. He won't overpay. So many players in this league take time to develop, Tuna must figure this is one of those guys, and if it does not work out he'll be on the practice squad or gone in a year. It will be worth the experiment given his physical skills "IF THE PRICE IS RIGHT".

A stud receiver that can go deep (Bey) to prep for henne's gun 1st or a stud cb like alphnso smith which ever has better value on there board. And one of the stud centers with first 2nd rounder, push satele and grove to compete for guard and mentor, result our new o line of hell. Long,grove,Unger?,satele(thomas),carey. Both grove and satele are pontentially great pulling guards

mr bungle,

it won't let me post on ur blog but other than that good job with it

Did you get an error fsu? It looks like a couple other people posted okay.

no... it just won't let me put a user name
i think the set up won't work with my ps3

What's the mater with ted (never met a side line he did'nt like) ginn, i thought he was everones soon to be hall of famer...lol...

Just great, now bungle has a blog. Another idiotic blog that nobody goes on. Also another shameless plug on somebody elses blog site. No class and no respect !!!

Fan, you're seriously trying to tell me you didn't make that blog?

Everybody else,

the two guys I think the dolphins should definitely consider in the draft are CB Sean Smith(6'3 215!), NT Ron Brace (6'4 330!) with an honorable mention to WR's Kenny Britt(6'3 218) and Ramses Barden(6'6 225!)...

everyone should go and see mr bungle's blog and at LEAST blow up belicheats face a few hundred times lol

that was awesome mr bungle

bungle, went on and blew up belicheat, it was a hoot, and good luck with your blog

1st round: either hakeem nicks or clay matthews
2nd round: sean smith
2nd round: alphonso smith (hes fast as hell hes a ballhawk) or victor harris
3rd round: david veikune
4-7 find that diamond in the rough???

what do you people think?

With Tuna always looking for the next LT I can't imagine, with the depth of DE/LB, any other first round choice other then a LB. I am hoping for one of the 3 USC backers with English a definate possablity. In the 2nd I could see either Brace, D.J. Moore, or Britt being the choice with first one and with second center or wr. Unfortantely I don't see an CBs warrenting 1st round pick other then Davis or Jenkins and getting either Smith, butler or Moore in second round seems long. I am guessing if we get a CB in first 2 rounds it will have to be with first choice of second round thus having to choose between Britt or whatever corner is there. Personally I would take any of the 4 cbs mentioned ahead of WR if we have that chance and then draft a Robinskie or Iglesias or DT with the second one. Personally I would like the draft to fall where we get a Cushing then Moore, then Gilbert, Brace, or Jackson and getting a WR in 3rd or 4th round *shrugs*


I think Ron Brace is that huge beast of a NT the Tuna is looking for...Ramses Barden as a mid-late round steal...the dude is a monster

It's clear that the Dolphins' FA plan is to find cheap, but effective players. Now, I'm not sure how effective this guy would be if he does sign with the Dolphins, but I have to hand it to Tuna. He's sticking with his principles and not getting baited into any of the big name FA's out there.

In terms of his approach, I like the fact that he's not overpaying for guys and he's looking for the best of the rest. We've seen what a relative makeshift team can do when they work together in last season's Dolphins, so I'm not going to start questioning the moves now.

Yeah, I just made another jug of tuna flavored kool-aid...all you doubters should try a glass....

No Kieth Jackson came as one of the very first free agents in 1992.Irving Fryar and Mark Ingram followed in 93 and Marino had the offense to win the SUper Bowl that year had he not gotten hurt. Byars, Higgs and Kirby made a good backfield, the defense was good but Scott Mitchel was not a playoff ready QB. I always think about 93 and wonder what if....

T.O. just released by the cowboys would he look good in aqua and orange for a yeqar or 2? I doubt he would cost what the tuna would pay BUT... :)

Unless Tuna can get him to wear a ball gag, T.O. will die a horrible sad drop off end of career death in Jokeland after Al Davis over pays for him.

No, he will never sniff the locker room in Miami.

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