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Demarcus Faggins courted by other teams also

Most of your were not too impressed by the fact the Dolphins brought cornerback Demarcus Faggins to town Wednesday for a free agent looksee. Faggins, a seven-year veteran of the Houston Texans, is looking for work because his old team is going in a different direction.

Well, the Dolphins aren't the only team interested in Faggins.

On Thursday, Faggins visited with the Tennessee Titans. And today he is scheduled to visit the Cleveland Browns. Miami, Cleveland and Tennessee are all looking for depth at cornerback.

The Dolphins need a starter at cornerback despite the signing of Eric Green earlier this month, but that's another issue -- one that may not be resolved until the end of training camp when someone will undoubtedly win the job opposite Will Allen. 

Hey, I feel a poll coming on ...

Please take the poll and explain the reason for your answer in the comments section. 


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Green becouse ther are no shut down corners in this draft.Maybe someone who is yet to be cut becouse of salary cap.

None of the cbs currently on our roster is a starting material. I believe we draft one, hopefully Sean Smith.

Good blog Mando. However we don't need De Faggins. Nate Jones can play either nickel or dime exceptionally well. And obviously he can also blitz. He is not a starter though. E.Green is a physical type corner who can probably even play safety at some point. He should be in a zone blitz package because he doesn't have the speed to keep up with quick or fast players but in a zone he is able to keep players away from the ball. J. Allen IMO should be the starter. He has done everything they have asked of him and when it comes to game time he's done more. He is not as physical as Green but he kan keep up with recievers which is what we need in this blitz happy 3-4. Everyone keeps talking about J. Allen being beat by Moss like that's not a good thing but I remember Allen also causing an interception because of his good Dfense on the great Moss. In that game and then some W.Allen did not stop Moss at all. If a corner can shut down Moss for a whole game then crown him "King of all DB's". Other than that I cannot see another reason to give J.Allen the starter spot. Also we have enough corners. As I have continously stressed and only a few agree, you don't need a Champ Bailey corner if you have a good pass rushing team like the Cowboys or Steelers or Ravens or the postseason Cardinals. We need to have someone pass rushing other than Joey Porter. Hopefully we draft one or that Wake guy is "THE ONE". GO DOLPHINS!!!

Green - since nobody else looks like a starter, and starting a rookie is crapshoot (assuming we even draft a rookie CB) Green has the biggest upside.

Now, whether or not he keeps the job after getting toasted a few times - that's another story.

who ever said yesterday it all starts at the line of scrimmage is absolutely correct,whenever mia. got a good rush on brady he was ineffective, that's what the giants did at last years super bowl. so i.m.o it starts at the defencive line, have a good line and the rest will fall into place...

I picked Jason Allen because I want him to succeed.

If the light bulb doesn't come on this year he will always be a bottom third of the roster player - maybe special teams will let him hang on.

I think he has the best physical tools to be a big banger at CB.

Hey Mando,

I think a rookie will eventually become the starter opposite Allen. Green and Faggins would make great nickel and dime corners. Especially in a division as receiver heavy as the AFC East now, I would expect the Trifecta to address corner early in the draft. By mid-season, I say this rookie should be poised to take over. I predict we take Butler in the first round and go for a Robiskie type WR in the second.

By the way, I think Butler is this year's version of Rogers-Cromartie

Hopefully Jason Allen will learn how to play football and stay with the dolphins for a few more years.

Ur face and the popups make this unbarable to read

We should still draft Butler for future mismatches. Everyone close your eyes(even if you are driving) imagine the future Dolphins with a 6'3 200 what ever pound corner on one side and a 6'0 200 whatever pound corner on the other side. both with speed like cheetahs and feet graceful like gazelles. J.Allen and Butler would be a perfect one two combo for our future. (No I'm not high) GO DOLPHINS!!!!

i feel allen my shine dispite being a poor practice player he always seem to be in the right spot during games, creating turnovers, which correct me if i am wrong he has caused more turnovers than will allen

J-p . who's 6-3 200 and who's 6-0 200 ?

Can somebody tell me whats wrong with ken lucas?

I picked Jason Allen because is his LAST chance to succeeded, and every body knows it, but also I'd like the dolphins pick a CB in the draft's first two rounds.

I'm still hoping our first choice in J.Allen isn't a complete bust.

I think Jason Allen has the most upside, am hoping he will finally get it together this year. He has the ability to be a shutdown corner.
If not, then thats why they got Green, someone who can do an adequate job at the least, but with some upside, too.
That said, its a worrisome situation as both of these guys have been inconsistent and make mental errors.
Re: Faggins, its always good to have deep depth in the secondary.

I think Eric Green will start... That said, I hope we draft Sean Smith and hopefully they can work him into the starting rotation


Why isn't Paul Soliai on there? I wanted to vote for him. I'm a big fan. Well, a big something anyway.

AFC, Dont forget tequila...

I know you're all wondering what I make of President Obama's insulting remark about The Special Olympics on last night's "Tonight Show."

Let me say that I am deeply offended and troubled by this unprovoked attack upon the physically and mentally challenged. Have we made all these great societal strides in recognizing the talents of the handicapped only to see one remark by an uncouth and untested politician derail all our progress? Mr. President, I beseech you to show more thought and more sensitivity towards your fellow Americans! If you choose to be so callous - so uncivil - please keep your remarks away from the microphones so you do not hurt and betray those who need our help! We should ALL be careful about the language that we use, lest we offend those who often can not defend themselves.

Mr. President, I beseech you - stop being such a friggin retard!

Nathaniel...is talking to us like we are goats,the same way fox news talk to their viewers using a lousy joke to use the blog to lead the low educated fin fans to darkness.BTW since when a R cares for the weak among us and please nathaniel stick to sophia loren.

I have a feeling Nathaniel Dodsworth is a Special Olympian

Okay I hate doing this, but...what about Miami Beach High's own Samari Rolle? Yes he's old. Yes he's coming off injuries. But he's great in the locker room...might be able to help JAllen understand the game.

Ideally, I would like to see the rookie CB the Fins will inevitably draft in the first two rounds step up and cement himself as the starting CB for the foreseeable future.

Realistically, I see the Fins going with a CB-by-committee approach where they start the "hot hand" and take it week-by-week because I don't see any of the guys they currently have as being talented enough to separate themselves from the rest of the pack.

Stave is right dolphins should sign Samari Rolli cause he's from FL,he's a good guy and he can help JAllen understand the game.i like to add that he should have his own custom sofa on the side line to lay on during games since he's here only for support and not to play .

Evidently, RobertNJ and Souljahbeats know as much about sarcasm and satire as Bill Parcells knows about dieting.

They obviously missed the brilliant denouement in my concluding paragraph. Oh, Cuban Menace, YOU explain it to them!

Nathaniel...you now very well that you guys don't care about any in this world but you own so to say that we missed you brilliant crap is a joke ,i didn't know that when you put big words to gather it meant to be brilliant writing.i call that shame writing .Stick to sophia loren .

No, I got it, just didn't think it was funny...

wow, robertnj, I didn't understand any of that...

I have a feeling souljabeats is a left wing liberal.

Rookie. None of the existing players are good enough.

Not that it matters for a football blog...but I am neither Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative...thank you, that is all...

SOULJ....I meant you guys Republicans

Green as of right now is probably the most logical choice. Although, I have seen Faggins play and I would say he is more solid than Green. Then again, Faggins did leave Miami without an offer.

AFCCHAMPS, i love the phins,guys Nathaniel was just being humorous,and yes it was a slip by Mr. Obama, maybe NBC should have deleted that comment, i don't think Mr. Obama was being insensitive, he seems like a decent man, but lets face it guys we all something inappropriate once in a while..

CUBAN menace is sincere guy when he makes a comment like this last one.Well put menace

souljah, your not one of those anarchist are you??

why don't we got get pat surtain back he's a free agent, i think the dolphins are missing out on players that can help the team but because of age, i see the dolphins aren't messing with anyone over 30,

Green will be the starter opening day but like in Arizona when Cromartie eventually took over when Green got hurt, the same will happen with the Dolphins. The rookie we draft in the 2nd rd will push Eric Green for that spot.

The Faggins situation doesnt look good, Miami and the Tuna Helper will not get into a bidding war for role players we are adding for depth. The whole point of bringing him in was for a discount like Green.

The Dolphins aren't gonna hand over the starting job to a rookie Corner, he is going to have to earn it and beat out Green and impress the coaches, i don't see it happening

25% say J.Allen? How much longer is this overpaid bust going to be around Miami. Most likely it will be Green until the rookie Miami drafts is ready maybe mid season.

Green starter. unless rookie impress and wows coaches in training camp. Job won't be handed to a rookie DB, he'll have to earn it over Green.

Paul , you just answered your own question.

I see the cuban menace is back to talking to himself with multiple post names and being a complete idiotic moron.

paul,good idea man Surtain will be great even if he's 38 years old as long as he can move plus he will be good in looker room and picnics .

Bring back JT to rush the passer and you don't need a top corner.

Jason Allen must become the starter. We cannot afford to waste a 16th overall selection in the draft. He has the size and athleticism to succeed, and he creates turnovers. GIVE HIM A CHANCE!!!

I think it will be Jason Allen. He has shown he is very athletic and he has good instincts to go after the football. I think his main problem is if he has to think to much before the snap he hesitates or gets caught out of position. We know Mia's defense is now "simplified" and I think since Mia now has two excellent safeties to help him out and stability in coaching it will give Jason a legitimate chance. Up until last year the whole secondary has looked like crap. There had been tons of injuries and bad coaching. Saban was a douchbag but if anything he should know secondary personnel.

i see us drafting a guy cause nobody on the teams is good enough for the starting job except allen at less some improves and stands out at train camp.

WE NEED TO DRAFT A CB!!!!!!!!!!!! bills have TO and pats added galloway and lewis to welker and moss!!!!!!!!!!


Put them on the bill(big tuna)parcells diet...See food, eat food, food good...

Didnt Ravens let go both of thier corners this offseason. Hmm... wonder why. Had #1 NFL pass defense in 08. Eureka! I get it now! they were #1 in NFL in qb pressures! Ditto! LOL

i don't like typing this anymore then you guys like reading it but : miami's corners are terrible, to say the least.

it would be prudent to draft a corner in the first round. just look at the receivers in our division:T.O. and Evans in buffalo; Randy Moss and Wesley Welker in NE and in NY the don't have great receivers, however, they will be aquiring jay cutler soon(heard it here 1st :) -- so he will certainly compensate for the lack of talent.

i think miami will be hard pressed to finish 3rd in the division--i really do.

jordan jones

Birmingham, England

ps: i know most of you lot will laugh at this but i am telling you the phins are going absolutely nowhere with those vile corners... jason allen what a fuc*ing bust (thanks Saban)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm If its not a rookie ro a proven vet that we sign later, everyone else on teh roster will be poster childrn & on highlight filsm courtesy of T.O., Lee Evans, Moss, & Welker. & Mark my words dolphans, MARK THEM I SAY. Leigh Bodden will make teh probowl this yr & make us regret not signing him. I promise u. AN elite WR in this league, despite his mouth Chad Johnson who put on a show on against Champ baily ; a healthy Champ, said Bodden is teh toughest CB & covered him teh best soooooooooooooooooooooo wait & see. Love em or hate em, & I hate em, NE playrs will be on teh Fantasy team this yr


i think jason allen will be the starter this year,he is gonna play better,is gonna be do or break for him,i can see the dolphins getting a young corner with one of the twos and one later on to develop,for the people suggesting butler in the first round that's stupid,he is not a first round talent,he is got talent but no for 1st,he will get push all over in this division by the moss and owens of the world,English,Britt,Shawn Smith.Go Dolphins


Nah, i'am mor of a grouper guy myself...

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