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Free agent CB market looking thin [Update 4]

Whatever the Dolphins interest in signing free agent Bryant McFadden was, it apparently was not as high as the Cardinals' interest because McFadden on Sunday evening signed a two-year deal with Arizona, according to espn.com.

McFadden's contract is worth $10 million. The deal pays a guaranteed $4.75 million in 2009 with an extra $250,000 in a workout bonus. There is a $5 million in base salary in 2010 but that is not guaranteed. Sounds like a one-year deal to me unless McFadden plays well in 2009.

So where does that leave YOUR Miami Dolphins as they try to fill the cornerback void?

Eric Green, who included the Dolphins among his free agent vists that also saw him travel to Tennessee and San Francisco, is still available. Although the Dolphins didn't make Green a contract offer last week, he expected to begin fielding such offers this week and it would not surprise, considering Miami's situation at cornerback, that they make him an offer.

There are other cornerbacks on the market but the fact they are still available a full 11 days into the free agency signing period suggests they are not necessarily sure-fire starters. In fact, most are not.

Leigh Bodden, released by the Detroit Lions in early February, is a curious situation. Bodden didn't have to wait for free agency to begin to sign with another team yet no one pulled the trigger on him nor he on them. Either the guy is pricing himself too high or teams simply aren't that impressed with a guy who Chad Johnson once called the toughest cornerback to ever cover him. Of course, that was way back in 2005.

Dre' Bly is another former Pro Bowl cornerback that has remained on the market despite becoming available before the start of free agency -- again suggesting something is amiss with the player or his asking price, as no team has stepped forward to sign him.

[Update 1: One name to keep in mind is Justin Miller of the Oakland Raiders. He remains unsigned and is a solid prospect. He is a depth guy, not a starter candidate. But when he was on waivers from the Jets last November, the Dolphins put in a claim for him. It likely had a lot to do with the fact he's a very good special teams player, but he has a future at CB. Tennessee's Chris Carr is a similar type of backup CB/return specialist. Anyway, what ever happened to improving special teams?]

Frankly, many of the other cornerbacks left on the market seem either too old or too stained for the Dolphins. Let me throw some names at you so you understand my point:

Karl Paymah, who the Dolphins burned repeatedly last year.

Sam Madison, who would be great if this was 1999 instead of 2009. 

Patrick Surtain, who has had injury issues of late.

Adam "Pacman" Jones, who is a very safe pick considering there are no strip clubs in South Florida.

Ralph Brown, who lost his starting job to Green who then lost his starting job to a rookie.

RW McQuarters, who belongs in a western with a name like that.

David Barrett, who was cut by the Jets.

Oh, and there's always Jamar Fletcher. Fill in your own line here.

All of a sudden, Eric Green is sounding more appealing. All of a sudden, one has to wonder if the Dolphins shouldn't have tried a little harder to re-sign Andre' Goodman.

[Update 2: I have received a crush of e-mails from you suggesting the Dolphins sign this guy or that guy and I appreciate the concern, as I'm sure the Dolphins do. But think about this the next time you believe the Dolphins can fill the void with numbers: Last year the team decided it needed a veteran quarterback in its midst. Free agency offered options but no solutions. The Dolphins went with one of those options anyway, signing Josh McCown even though his career had shown him to be a journeyman backup. When camp opened, amazing but true, McCown looked like a journeyman backup. The point is sometimes signing someone in free agency for the sake of having a body is not the answer. That is a fact the Dolphins no doubt are weighing now as they go through the thin list of talent left at the CB position.] 

[Update 3: No need for you guys to get too worked up about this, however. Bill Parcells is not. Tony Sparano is not. Both were at the New York Mets spring training complex Monday morning, hanging with Jeff Wilpon and Jerry Manuel. Sparano is a Mets fan. Trust me, they weren't there scouting Livan Hernandez as a CB prospect.]

[Update 4: The Dolphins are reporting no unrestricted free agent visits today. The team does not report street free agent visits so players such as Bodden and Bly wouldn't be included there.]


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I think they should just draft one in the 2nd round. No doubt the trifecta can find a good one in the draft.

we need travis daniels back on the team ASAP

I think miami is going to make a real hard push for green, They'll follow that up with drafting 2 corners , 1 in the 2nd round and another later day 2. Remember that will allen is a free-agent next year.

Something curious about the McFadden deal. Perhaps he just wanted a shorter contract so he could hit on the big bucks after starting for two years.
Given how few free agents from 2008 actually started I'm not surprised that the market is slow.

Sign Alienman.

Yeah sign alienman , he's out of this world .

I like CB Butler or WR Nicks or Heyward-Bey in rd 1 or 1st pick in 2.. we need to focus on skill positions early on because of how shallow the talent pool is this year.

RD 1 - CB/WR
RD 3 - NT/LB

I would love to see Darius Butler at #25 with one of our 2nd rounders on a next-level guy. Jarius Byrd and Victor Harris could be value guys. While we do have Allen for one more year, having two rookies to battle for the starting job with the loser working towards 2010 would help me sleep at night, boy howdy.

I love what the Trifecta is doing. So dont get me wrong. But They made a mistake not resigning Goodman. He was lights out at the end of the year. I know he is on the wrong side of 30 and that no one will confuse him with Champ Baily but it is so hard to find good corners.

With all the strip clubs in soutn Florida Adam "Pacman" Jones seems like a great fit for the Dolphins.

I think all three of these players will be available with the 1st of our 2 2nd rounders.

Alphonso Smith CB
Darius Butler CB
DJ Moore CB

I also think Sean Smith will be available with our 2nd, 2nd round pick. So that is always an option if we don't pick one up sooner.

I'd love for Miami to get Nicks or Harvin at #1. To me, it's just a more exciting pick. Realistically though, knowing Parcells and Ireland's history, I think they'll go DE/OLB then CB. With a solid D we won't have to score much anyway :(.

screw it let jason allen man the corner opposite will allen if he gets smoked so be it I gauranty we wont be picking @25 again then we can get better players in the draft

lol botchedd that word in my 1st post way tooo much beer

Hey Armando,

Any word on the Dolphins & Torry Holt? He is only 32 and is still a decent #1-#2 WR option. If we were able to pick him up, we'd be able to focus the draft on defense. We'd at least be able to pickup 2 starting caliber corners without having to worry about drafting a WR.

Hey Mando whats the chance we could get Orlando Pace if he is Let go.
As for the CB can we sign Sam Madison to back up Will Allen it's time this guys shows us what he can do.Sam Madison knows the defense he played it with the GIANTS.
THis way we can pick up a CB or 2 in the 2nd round of the DRAFT. The first round Clay Mathews
OLB from USC the L.A. NFL team.

It's time to move on. forget about bringing in former dolphins players.
Losing Goodman was big for the secondary but the plan is the same: younger, stronger, faster and cheaper.
Relax, we're still in rebuilding mode.

I hope miami takes a look at wideout Patrick Turner (6-5, 220) he should be available in the final rounds.
i know hes not a CB but im just saying.

Doesn't look good at all. One also has to wonder if any of the CB's in the draft is a sure fire starter? If we draft a CB in the 2nd round is it realistic to expect he'll be able to start right away and effectively cover WR's such as Moss, TO, Ward, Welker to name just a few. I would start worrying just about now!

The dolphins definitely do need a corner, though it seems they are pretty set on drafting one, or two this year. They really seem to know what they are doing under this Parcells regime so I am not too worried. I just watched my favorite team go from 1-15 to 11-5, so that's a good start.

When I stop and think about it, I actually can not think of too many things the dolphins do need badly at this point. Of course any player could have a bad year next year, but based off of last years performances, I am confident that we have a pretty decent/above average receiving core.

We will have Camarillo back by the start of next year, along with Bess who played very great late last season, and Ginn will improve even more, especially once other young receivers on this team (Or Earnest Wilford) start getting open down field.

I would not mind drafting a running back in either the 3rd or 4th round to come in as the 2nd back seeing as Williams' contract expires the end of this season.

I hope that since we've taken so long and that all the good corners are gone that we didn't drive the price up even further for Green.

I would take Sam Madison back if he's super cheap.


And draft Alphonso Smith from Wake

Of course I know next to nothing, but if I put on my GM cap for a minute, we'll draft two corners this year -- at least one in the first two rounds (although I could conceivably see us drafting two on Day One, hoping that both eventually become starters by 2010).

As for the free agent crop, I think we'll play the wait-and-see approach after the draft. If the market is too high for corners right now, the FO should just wait to see which CBs get cut during camp.

I think the plan is to try Ginn Jr out at CB since he doesnt play WR or KR or PR anymore.....

Maybe try Ronnie Brown at LB since he only plays 10 snaps a game at RB....

Forget about Madison and Surtain... The only free agents we might sign are Eric Green and maybe Leigh Bodden... Darius Butler and Sean Smith are the front runners for us at corner in the draft

Not that I disagree with how the coaching staff uses Ronnie or Ginn or anything....

If they can improve the pass rush then they don,t need an allstar corner it would be a mistake to spend to much on any corner it all starts upfront and i am sure parcells and company know that too bad that could not keep goodman though i liked him go dolphins

I agree that with a better pass rush the secondary doesn't have to be as good, but we do need two corners. I would sign Madison since he has played with G. Wilson in NY, and then draft a cb with one of the first three picks we have, then draft another cb later in the draft. That way Madison can start out the year as the starter and the rookie can move up as the year goes on. With Terrell Owens now in Buffalo CB needs to become even more of a high priority. Sean smith from Utah has size and speed to cover Moss and Owens.

RW McQ? Sam? Patrick? Hey old guy. You forgot Deion, Daryl Green and Lester Hayes. C'mon man we're trying to build a team here - 1 year contracts ain't going to get it - we'd be having this same conversation next year. We're still another year away, no matter how much you spin it. Draft what you can and live with the growing pains. Feel the pain. Take it like a man. Grrrr. Nuff said.

The front office really dropped the ball on this one. I mean, signing Crowder before Goody? Now we are screwed. We need a veteran CB and Leigh Bodden is the only free agent that looks appealing to me. Even then, there is the question of depth. If a starter in the secondary goes down, we are screwed. And please, don't talk about Darius Butler like he's some tremendous playmaker. He lacks durability, lacks strength, and lacks catch-up speed. If we draft him, I'll puke.


You really think Goodman was worth the 5 million a year that the Broncos are paying him???? Yes he came on strong at the end of the year, but we're talking about a 30 year old, short, injury-prone player. Crowder is young, has his best years ahead of him, signed a cheap deal, was our 2nd leading tackler, our signal caller on d, and would have left a major hole if he went somewhere else...Goodman was only paid $1 million last year and gave up ALOT of big plays against larger receivers...Don't throw the front office under the bus cuz you don't know what you're talking about

What about Chris Mcallister? I know he is 31 and was injured the past two years but he is close to being a #1 CB when healthy and if you can get him on a 1-2 year contract, I think he is worth it.

I like Leigh Bodden. He's a hard hitter. You combine him with Bell & Wilson, that'll put some fear into the opposing WRs.

Mando makes a good point though...why are other teams avoiding him like the plague? Sure, he played for a winless team last year, but a lot of the successful Dolphins players last year played for a 1-15 team the year before that!

Of course, I'm willing to trust that the trifecta have their eye on a diamond in the rough during the draft.

The challenges through the air for the Dolphins defense next season are going to be tough. Owens & Evans x 2, Moss & Welker x 2, Andre Johnson, Steve Smith, Antonio Bryant, Roddy White, Santonio Holmes, Reggie Wayne....its going to be a challenge EVERY week!!!


Go ahead, insult me. It won't change the fact that Miami's secondary is Swiss cheese. Goodman got $5 million and so did McFadden. That's the market right now. It was a weak free agent crop at corner.

For those saying that we should go young, why don't we just dismantle the whole team? This was a playoff squad last year. We had a real chance to get better. Now, without any depth in the secondary and a lack of a pass rush, I believe that the Phins will be in for a lot of pain this upcoming year.


IMO the re-signing of Bell and the signing of Wilson have already made our secondary better than last year. Don't forget, our secondary gave up alot of yardage in 08...Now we have 2 very physical safeties in the defensive backfield that both had over 120 tackles last year. We have a question mark at one of our corners...no big deal...let Jason Allen, Nate Jones, and whoever we draft compete for the starting spot, we'll be fine...throw an Eric Green or Leigh Bodden in the mix wouldn't hurt either

I can't knock that Wilson signing, I'm just itching for another veteran corner.

The panic and reality are setting in,say afer me
tom brady
randy moss
and fins has no fast or smart CB

Whatever the case, it looks like training camp is Jason Allen's last chance to prove himself...I like Nate Jones, he came on strong last year, but if he made the transition from nickel back to starting cb I would be suprised...

Bring back jamar fletcher! After all, he is a better football player than Drew Brees according to Dave Wannstedt.

Why do I think more and more that the Dolphins will trade their first pick and try to get another 2nd rounder? After all, what do the Dolphins need? CB, OLB, and according to Mando, WR. There are an abundance of those players projected to go in round 2.

No panic here Luggi, try the New Jersey Paper Airlplanes

Dolphins needs are;
2 CB
1 RB
1 WR
1 QB

The word PANIC in english means , when the fin fans in complete disagreement about dolphins needs.one note, is you can't build your future strong team based on one or two trade other teams make like one year deal for T.O.

We can trick Moss and T.O as follow;
CB who will cover these guys can pretend that he's not paying any hoot to the play then when the ball in the air he strike the fottball and catch it before Moss or T.O


how can we prevent dolphins from having 3-13 this year?? and how many TD Owens will have against your team this year?

Apparently the Dolphins weren't the only team not interested in McFadden or any of the other corners. Even the Steelers, who know McFadden, weren't interested either. We have enough bodies at Corner but not enough players. Thus the draft is what the trifecta is looking at to grab a corner, and hopefuuly they won't pull a Saban (Jason Allen anyone).

ive said it before.. and ill say it again... SURTAIN and MADISON reunite in miami!!! bother are a lil older..surtain is 31 or 32 i think and madison is 34.. they can still play and i bet both would come back here for short money.. but in reality if we did sign a CB it would be one..SURTAIN is the best bet..hes vet and has been a great cb.

I think everyone needs to relax!! We've had a good offseason so far and the trifecta knows what they are doing. You guys want them to run around and throw money at every guy available. Patience is what the Patriots practice and we should be doing the same. Goodman was good down the stretch but NO WAY is he worth five million a year. You watch, the Denver D will be mediocre again. Green would be a good adition but there are other guys available too and we can add through the draft. Our secondary will be just fine....take your hands off the panic button fellas....


What about dre bly? great hands, smart. a bit old but if we can get him for 1-2 years should be able to match up to the top receivers and get picks, until one of our draftees develops into a starting corner.

oh and Eric Green seems to fit the parcells bill perfectly, 5 ft 11, 196 lb. Only concern is apparent lack of picks (2 in NFL career), but this could perhaps be because of limited playing time at the cardinals.

The failure to sign Goody was a major mistake; we will regret this omission this season.

Moreover, all of you who think CB can be solved in the draft, check & see how many draft pick corners contributed significantly their first season.

God, there are some people that were born without common sense or the power of rational thought. For example, one post on here suggests we require another RB, WTF? In Brown and Williams we have two superb RB's and with Cobbs a more than able third choice back up, this claim makes no sense at all, especially with our apparent desperate need for a cornerback. This brings me to my second issue, Bills fans gloating about their new saviour that will come down here and tear us a new A hole. Terrell Owens joining the Bills oooooooh BOTHERED!, Yes he was an elite WR, and in the right team (not the BILLS) probably still is, but come on it's the Bills, one man will not make that much of a difference to such an average side. If Owens couldn't take a star filled roster like the Cowboys to a Super Bowl, then what hope does he have in Buffalo. Owens will soon get fed up of the Bills as soon as the going gets tough (and that ship hasn't already sailed has it now!)and start critising the teams and make wild statements of how he is too big for the Bills and BOOM the team implodes and fails to make the play offs. So we don't have a corner back, but we don't have any games coming up any time soon, so it's not really an issue that will cause the 'fins hierarchy any sleep less nights at present. We'll be fine next year, we have a tougher schedule but we do not get the credit we deserve and will surprise a few people next year!

To say Justin Miller has a future at cornerback is pretty presumptuous. If he did, the Jets wouldn't have cut him. And yet when they only had one corner worth anything (Revis) they let him go. He's got the speed and athleticism, but at this point he hasn't been able to establish himself on defense and there's no reason to assume he will.

goodman was excellent later in the season, but was not worth $25 million over 5 years. I rate he has only one or two more years left in the tank. I agree, surtain sounds appealing, has matched up against every current top WR. might be a bit slow tho.

Chris, buddy, think. The Jets cut Chad Pennington last year also. How'd that work out for them?

Tom@jax: The Steelers did try to re-sign McFadden. They made him an offer, although one that suited themselves and obviously not McFadden.

Calm down Jimbo, everyone is losing their cool because now buffalo had TO. The trifecta knows what they are doing. Godman got torched by Moss at the end of the season then Mason schooled him too. We will draft a staring corner I say in round two first pick, Butler looks good and there are a few others, but I bet the value corner we draft will come on day two. The trifecta will uncover a guy who not alot of people have heard of or has flown under the radar and viola, same magic parcells and company has been pulling off since he started coaching.

Pacman Jones is not a bad choice. All the Dolphins need to do is put a dancing pole in the place that he will be residing. Help pay for the dancers traveling expenses and Pacman will take care of the rest. Pacman then will not be exposed to the elements that get him into trouble.

Ok menace,
What will be records of all teams in our division?

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