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Green heads to Tennessee, elsewhere

You read here Wednesday that Eric Green visited with the Dolphins. The Dolphins have not brought players to South Florida this free agency period without having serious intentions to sign those players. In fact, the Dolphins signed all (two) players they brought to town before those guys left.

Except this time.

Green isout of South Florida and visiting the Titans today according to the Tennessean. He will visit the 49'ers Friday.

So if the Dolphins want to fill their vacant starting CB job opposite Will Allen with Green, they're going to have to overcome some competition.  


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You're working hard today Mando. Keep up the good work.

please do not overpay for these guys! if they were any good they would have been signed by now. wait for the draft!!!!

Armando, can you start texting me when you get any Dolphins news? Thank you.

I actualy read Green visited Miami on the fins site long before you wrote it. nice try.

Mando you said Friday the Dolphins had shown interest in Bodden, nothing has been heaard since and that is just the way Miami like to do business have you heard anything on him

Did Chris Mcallister sign with any team yet?

mcallister is still teamless :)

T>O will go to new england, where he'll criticize tom brady... i don't think that's going to happen, i bet he ends up in k.c with his new punching bag matt cassel..

Sean Smith, Sean Smith, Sean Smith!!!!!!!!

Sean Smith, future cornerback of the Miami Dolphins

Mel, you suck and the Dolphins website sucks.

Sometimes I just dont get what they are doing but still have trust in the front office. We need a good CB! We need to sign someone that can start. Dont think Jason Allen is that good. Unless in draft but think we are going elsewhere with 1st rounder.

Whatever happened to Sprovo? Was he banned for good? Dude should've posted as "Harvey Fialkov" or "Alex Marvez" or "Dan LeBastard" but never Salguero.

good point bryan, every ego manaic know it all will always be caught, hard line commie Josef Stalin once said"give them enough rope and eventually they'll hang themselves".

Well, I understand Armando's point. As a journalist, all he has is his credbility. He loses that and all he has left is politics or executive for a corporation and or bank.

Sprovo was clearly making the cheesiest and oldest blog prank by posting as the blogger. I'm sure it would've been water under the bridge if it wasn't for Mike "I am the eyes and ears of the NFL" Florio jumping the gun and posting based on a blog COMMENT.

I am reporting exclusively that I am a turd. Post it everywhere!

I just read pro bowl safety Roy Williams was cut. do you think the Dolphins would take him pending a physical and if they can get him cheap????

Look, I appreciate what Florio and PFT does. He condenses all NFL reporting whether published or blogged onto one page. Ove the years of developing his blog I'm sure he put together a few contacts here and there.

But the guy is simply lucky enough to figure out how to pay the bills by sitting at his chair, surfing all the major sports blogs and all the newspapers/stations for every NFL market. I just don't like how he ingeniously packages it as his work without plagiarising.

After signing Wilson and Bell, and letting Hill go, why would the Phins sign Williams? For the kind of money he'll want, will you ask him to put on weight and play LB?

Roy Williams is free, get him.

a trade is coming. wait for it.... in april. no signings this week I was told.

bryan.r .....you make a lot of sense but still we need some help from some with Williams talent for LB.

If green didn't sign it's because the money was not there. He will go to the other teams. When He Sea’s the money is not they’re either he will be back. Tuna will not over pay.
Some one asked the other day how many spots do we have for linemen. Look think about what’s going on haven't we seen this before with SABAN.
He toke a lot of linemen then traded them for picks. The only thing is he didn't know what to do with them. RONNIE BROWN was the only good pick.
But I guaranty you if this is what Tuna is doing he will know what to do.

i would sign Roy Williams for cheap bulk him up and put him at lb he would be a good Lb plus we definitely need to sign some CB what we have back there is garbage no depth and Allen is not even that good we need to get a shut down corner big time

Guys- Adam Schefter is reporting that Greg Lewis of the Eagles was traded to the Patsies. Boooooooooooo!

30 years old, best year in '05 with 48 receptions for 561 yards. It's got to be a 6th or 7th round pick, at best. What are the Patriots doing? I don't get it. Seems you could do better drafting a WR in the 6th or 7th round (IF that's the trade)... I mean, look at Devon Bess. Strange.
Maybe Pioli was the engine that drove that teams personnel. ???

New england team will show a lot of people how good they are and not to forget best QB ever played in NFL

Why so much buzz about drafting a CB on the 1st round or he won't be a starter, remember, Madison and Surtain (the best 2 Dolphins CB of all time) where both selected on the 2nd round, so I'll be looking to CB with 1 of our 2nd rounders and we'll be very good

fins next year
new england next year

new england next year

get T.O, quality slot and load up CB position with quality vets (C.McCalister, Erik Green, and we'll own the AFC East, possible superbowl


Why hasn't Chris McAllister been linked with the 'phins? Is he just overvalued?

Who cares that the pats got greg lewis ? Really. !!! He suks and this is a dolphin blog.

Where can a man purchase a white flag?

it's doesn't say any where that other fans are banned but until we see that we keep saying fins next season at best will be 6-10

Damn , I thought we could 've traded wilford , soliai and a Cond 7th for the all-pro greg lewis.

And now the Patsies sogned ANOTHER aging DB to possibly replace Rodney Harrison... Shawn Springs.

What is sogned? "Signed"

We don't know. You wrote it.

Curious George, and if the Pats traded Tom Brady, you wouldn't want to know about it, right? Riiiiiiiiiiiiight. Oh yeah, forgot... STRICTLY Dolphins news. I mean, our division rivals should just be ignored entirely. Even when we play them, we shouldn't so much as speak their name! This is solely a Fins blog, as proven by all the previous posts in previous Armando blogs. Don't like? Don't read. Woot woot!

"Sean Smith, future cornerback of the Miami Dolphins"

souljah, Sean Smith may probably end up being a safety in the NFL. Some question him as a true corner against NFL caliber WR's.
But then again, if he can play both spots effectively then that could be a good thing if Bell goes down with a injury, then depending on our DB depth, move Wilson the SS and Smith to FS.

So now we are going to compare the pats getting lewis ,who you were just making fun at that move , to brady news LOL ahahahahaha. You probably want to tell us how brady getting married might affect this division LOL. Give me a break !!!

Woot Woot. LOL How old are you ?

In my 30's... about the same as your IQ.

Here forward, I be in blue. I did it for you NJ...

Hi Alien,

When do you think your guest post will be finished?

Alienman , woot woot. Now your playing i know you are, but i'm I. Same as your I Q Bwahahahahbwahahahah That was so funny , I forgot. Oh that might be your line

BY the way , i assure you. I'm not that yankee from jersey , nj phin fan. I stand by my own name. I've had my own run-ins with him.

Why does evryone one want the dolphins to draft sean smith the guy will be jason allen #2

IT'S an honor for fins to be compared to the mighty PATS and Tom Brady .Look at it this way , Tom married a beauty in very nice small wedding without much fuss and a lot of class.NOW look at henne or penne if they get married they will have a big huge wedding filled with all kind of B grade famous people of florida and every minority owner paid 100 bucs for your team.you see even in weeding Pats are way more classy than fins.


Oh my! Philly.com just reported the Pats gave a 5th rounder for Greg Lewis! HILARIOUS! A fifth rounder for a 30 year old WR who's best season was just over 500 yards? Then they sign a 35 yr old to be their starting CB. HA! I guess we know who was the brains of the outfit... they're screwed with Bill Parcells son-in-law Pioli now gone to the Chiefs!


Yeah, cheating...thats damn classy...Almost as classy as going 18-0, thinking the NFL should just hand you a super bowl and LOOSING!

If the Fins don't go for Sean Smith, I like Victor "Macho" Harris better than Darius Butler...

I'd rather see us try to find someone who is already on the team. There are guys who could be taught to play corner.


let me guess, shawn murphy right? give it up fan

PATS - classy - Hilarious...

I hear a lot of famous people went to Paris Hilton's sweet sixteen, I bet you think she is classy to

Anyone have any thoughts on getting a LB in the 1st Round. I've seen some mock drafts projecting Maybin, Clay Matthews, Larry English and even the USC LB's name I can't spell Mauluaga. Any thoughts.

A 3-4 defense is built on great LBs

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