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Holliday free agent tour starts Thurs. [Update]

Vonnie Holliday became a free agent Monday when the Dolphins terminated his contract, but it didn't take long for teams to begin showing interest in him. Holliday fielded calls from five teams Tuesday and has visits with two of them already scheduled.

The defensive end is scheduled to visit the Broncos on Thursday and the Detroit Lions early next week. The other three unnamed teams have yet to commit to visits but at least one of them is eventually expected to do just that.

The bad news for Miami is that team is in the AFC East.

The Broncos visit is intriguing because that team, under new coach Josh McDaniels, has already imported two former Dolphins defensive starters. The Broncos over the weekend signed cornerback Andre' Goodman and free safety Renaldo Hill.

It should not surprise that McDaniels is interested in the former Miami players. All three -- Hill, Goodman and Holliday -- came to Miami because Nick Saban brought them. McDaniels's first job as a coach came at Michigan State in 1999 under, who else, Saban.

So something about the type of player Saban likes obviously rubbed off on McDaniels. It also doesn't hurt, I'm sure, that McDaniels saw Hill and Goodman and, yes, Holliday, twice every season when he was an assistant at New England.

Holliday led all Miami defensive linemen in tackles and sacks last season despite playing only 56 percent of the downs.

[UPDATE: Speaking of defensive linemen, Bill Parcells talked to the Newark Star-Ledger about defensive end Chris Canty, a Parcells draftee in Dallas and a new Giants acquisition. In the interview he explained, in part, why the Dolphins didn't show the interest everyone expected Miami to have in Canty: "Well, we drafted three defensive linemen last year and signed two free-agent linemen," Parcells said. "We filled our needs then."

[The Dolphins, in fact, drafted Kenall Langford, Phillip Merling and Lionel Dotson. They also signed Randy Starks. And they traded for Jason Ferguson. The most interesting part of that statement to me is that Parcells claims the Dolphins have filled their needs on the unit, suggesting Miami is done along the defensive line. To me, nose tackle remains a position that needs attention. Disagree?]


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Personally,i dont think NT is a great need to be honest because Ferguson played well last season. Although saying that,i do think Miami should grab a NT in the draft but definately not before the 6th round. Miami have other,bigger needs.Grab Nicks in the 1st then select Defence,Defence and more Defense.

MR ,daytona dave ...i tell you if these people leave this site won't be fun any more.we will just read comments from dumb fan to another but some fans are very good like nj fin fan.also you will get to hear more form the like of NY Scoot and the soap man and sprovo man.

Rexryansucks, you have to be one of the biggest idiots i have read in my entire life , LOL . The jet poster is just being a ball-buster . You're the only retard paying him any mind. Don't you know the more you respond to him , the more you fuel his fire. How old you ? what are you 10 years old and playing i know you are, but what am I ? LOl


Daytona dave-----what's wrong with me writing here dave ?did i do any thing or said any thing that offended you? i was very sad that you didn't say any thing about NY Scott ,are you fan of his?

champions of What?

Armando, someone is stalking me from this site. They took the time last night to post a lengthy racist post and sign my name to it. He is now posting under many different names and attacking me in every way possible. Are you going to help me and take control of this situation or are these people now allowed to take this blog over? I said my peace last night and even apologized for any wrong doing. That apparantly wasn't good enough and it has gotten worse. This person is clearly insane and I would like to know if something is going to be done to protect me and other loyal posters in the future. Thank you, Scott.


Armando, I absolutely agree nt definately needs to be adressed. And yes I am still crying that Phins were unable to draft Haloti Ngatta. He is the real deal.

ok NY Scott ,that wasn't you then sorry for my last post and no more comments please from every body and thank you for posting .you should said that earlier .

" you just posted in black and white. So what's for NYSCOTT to also post in black to throw people off . How about that tool Nyscott talking down to posters and telling them to get a clue by saying " you people need to learn about the player before you talk " or " learn more about the nfl besides the dolphins " . That was in blue. The jerk thinks he knows more than anybody else" !! Dude you went way over the line and I'm doing everything I can to get you banned from this site. Everyone who has posted in here knows me and knows I would NEVER say anything like that. We got into a disagreement and you felt slighted and this is how you're taking your revenge. You are a sick individual and there is definitely something wrong with you mentally. You have posted under many different names but I know exactly what your sign in name is and I know your game. I will make it my personal crusade to find you and have you banned from ever posting in here again. You definitely messed with the wrong guy.

Fan - Wow man. Read my previous post. I posted in black because I wasnt registered, soon as I did my first post I went and registered my name, now it will always be blue when I post. Im not the type of person that will hide my identity or post under someone elses name to make them look bad. As for NYscott, I dont know him personally and as for anyone thinking he is a know it all, thats their opinion. Im not supporting him or his views. I only spoke up in the first place because I do not believe he is the one who made that racist post. Is it possible he logged out and posted it in black? Yes. But I doubt he did, but thats my opinion.

butch - Yes Im sure there are unsavory people that would do just that. Im not one of them though.

Curious george - I dont post often. Sometimes once a week or other times once every few weeks. But definately not daily. As for the mental midget remark, I dont consider that to be a racist remark. If others do then I apologize to any who took offense by it.

Its actually kinda sad that this is even being discussed on a Dolphins blog, its sad that people come on here and impersonate each other and post vile, racist things in an attempt to get someone banned. Its also sad that Jet and Bill fans can come here and read this crap and realize that some of the Dolphins fans are on the same level as they are. Again, my opinion.

I took as the need for DE was filled. I think a NT is a need.

I wouldn't dare disagree with you Mando... You'll delete my post!!!

daytona dave, you see luggi is much better than the people who are fighting right now

Hey curious monkey face:

Thank you for clueing me on the motives of the Yet poster. Great work detective. Now who's really the idiot? I'm guessing your actually an adult and probably a pedophile with that cute name of yours. Is that how u lure your ten yr. old victim's?

Well, it took me a few minutes, but I found the comment everyone was complaining about. It was not NYScott who wrote it. It was an imposter. The comment has been deleted. I am also asking the IT dept. to ban the IP address from which that post came. Guys, if you want to continue to post on here, I suggest you do it under your own author names, whatever you decide those are. Using someone else's will cost you the ability to on here ever again under any name.

The only person that i know who would write those racist remarks is a poster who goes on the blogs by the post name of nomuzlimforprez. He goes on the blogs talking about socialism , obama, pelosi, etc. Check him out.

Thanks for that Mando, it was getting out of control for awhile there...

It's really sad, nyscott, if your like the rest of us in the northeast you've been trapped in your house by the relenting enemy known as snow, hopefully you have electric(mine was out for 4 hours yesterday) and have satellite, so keep warm and drink some jack daniels for warmth..

Good job Armando.

I don't believe anything Parcells says at this time of year. He is the master of smoke screens and the master at making moves no one suspects.

any dirty comment on this blog should be gone in seconds and i mean dirty like the one armando just cleaned out and like the one posted by ryan sucks today at 2.09.it's amazing how sport people come here to have fun and find to read words doesn't belong in here BTW in my costa rica we teas a lot like i do here but never never dirty or ill intention .

one more thing the stock market going way up next 4 days starting today.

Thank you very much Armando. And thank you to Ixxy13 for the support. Ixxy, as time goes on and you get to know my posts you will see that I'm not a bad guy and this incident is not the norm in this blog. I disagree with people from time to time but most people take it in stride with counter arguments. Some people take it too far. Cuban sorry about the power and you know what? I think I just might take your advice about our friend Jack!

Amen luggi, then again can the stock market go any further south??luggi, also put all your money in bananas, i hear monkey's going on a food bender..

Butch, I have been reading the blog for months but not making any comments.These people(or person as they seem to always be on at the same time)say the same old crap and don't add anything interesting to the blog. Yes some of it was funny at first but then same old, same old.As you know its bike week here so time to crank up the harley and join the fun. can't believe they ar crying about a little snow in the n.e. when we had to deal with being in the 40's at nite during bike week. it was terrible

I hear bill Purcell's and Andy reed will be participating on July 4th coney island hot dog eating contest,big bill is 3 to 1 favorite to beat any japanese contestant entered, so lets get behind (but not to close you'll be stuck in his gravitational orbit) the big lug and cheer him to victory

Dave, i feel your pain, 40 degrees on a hog is tough, have fun and be safe...

Congrats to everyone who supported nyscott about this. It was clear he didn't do it.

Anyway, you'll all be glad to know my new blog is being created right now. I know you'll love it.

cuban,the stock market is going to turn north for few days then back to pain.you see germany and france were up almost 6-7 percent and china was up 6 percent ,now the shorts are covering and that will take few days before they cover then back to pain again but not as bad .

ok guys got to dip, peace see you all later....

OK daytona dave, I thought you are same person as rex ryan sux guy ;but any way i will try to change my routine to not annoy you if you promsie me that you start to write in a clean manner

Maybe he is and maybe he isn't done. We will see in the draft. He may want a pass rusher or didn't feel that Canty fit the mold he wanted.


How about starting a "draft possablities" blog for all of us to comment and chat on? You could give a number of options at each of the first 3 picks we have in the first two rounds and why they would make sense. :)

mando is daytona dave

The Big Tuna bid this just to through all the other NFL GM's off.
Don't worry we will do fine. The team is in good Hands or fins.
I hope we could pick up a CB soon.Maybe they think Jason Allen is ready.
Can't wait for April to see what we do.

Big Tuna is not gonna give anything away, but i know he will add a NT in the draft. But it won't be on day one or early day two. I like Ron Brace and Fili Moala these guys are studs and can be had maybe late 3rd round and on. But we need to draft a reciever and a cb and lb. Hakeen Nicks would be perfect, he's like Michael Irvin not fast but good speed and very strong and wants the ball! Pick number two will be either a stud LB or a CB who has flown under the radar. There are no big Cb's who have any decent speed to play the position in fact this is the slowest set of cb's in the draft in some time. i like the Alphonso Smith form Wake Forest and Malcom Jenkins form Ohio State if any of them are available we mught take one. Pick 3 would be a LB and there are a lot of them and most are very good. Cody Brown for Uconn or the guy form florida state also played de/olb.

need a WR!
every time that beat us last year, had a receiver that tourched us: Moss, Arizona Twins and the freak from the Texans.

LOL on the source of the update.
Tuna doesn't give the time of day to local reporters. Im surprised you broke most of the stories in the FA time period with no love from the tuna gang!

Dolphins just got the other day a guy by the name of Cameron Wake a monster DE who can rush the QB. He played in the CFL and was voted the best player on either side of the ball in the CFL. Yes, i know the CFL is not the NFL but our new regime will leave no stone unturned and if you go to utube you can se this guy play some really good football. Another possible NT the dolphins can look at is this guy from San Jose State Jarron Gilbert had a great season and is ready to take his game to the next level. Watch his Utube video of him jumping out of the water and landing on his feet atop the pool. Lots of squats to be able to do that! Armando check it out it's pretty cool what this dude can do! on and off the field. He is 6-6 and 289 and has great strength.
Dolphins AFC East Champs!Again

come on dude!

I love this time of year. All the owners and GM's lying about who they are or aren't interested in, free agency in full swing, and the draft just around the corner.

I did a little research on Grove, and I like this signing. The offensive line looks like it's beginning to shape up, and there looks to be a lot of depth. Can't wait until the draft to see what the Trifecta will do next.

Oh, and kudos to Armando for doing his part to get rid of the impersonators on the blog. That should make for a better community.

They definitely need a NT. probably their second biggest need after a pass rushing OLB.


But i do think they're set at DE

Eric Green is alright but is more of ;insurance or #3 cb...2int's last 4 years...?

daydtona fake dave-----what are you talking about butch like that for ,he didn't do any thing to you creep

Oooooooh. Vonnie Holliday visiting another AFC East team. I'm quivering. Just like those terrible losses of Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas. Oh no. What are we to do? How can we replace Vonnie Holliday.


Ron Brace is good but not the only good NT in the draft and may be gone by the 3 or fourth round. NT is not the top priority but will be addressed in the draft. If I know Parcells and company they will find some good.

need QB

Too soon to give up on our QB's

It's time to get QB To replace the interception feast

You mean Mr Bungle you are a hater? Comon' Chad did a great job and yes threw most of his picks in that playoff game. But he had a very good season and was instrumental helping turn the team around! Mr Bungle are a jets fanny?

Ranger180, and who are you ?. I've never seen you on this blog before to be throwing your 2 cents on impersonaters and better communities. Do yourself a favor and stick to dolphin comments, thank you.

NYScott- I e-mailed Armando about this after being "impostored" repeatedly by the idiot Luggi and his 5 identities. He was causing people to call me names etc., similar to what he did with you. I give you even money that he was the guy who blasphemied you. At that time, Armando said the best he could do was patrol the site periodically when he got a chance, and try to protect my user name by deleting stuff... THEN of course someone impostored him, so he's seeing what many of us have been experiencing. Hopefully his boss and IT staff will now get his and our back on this! Just deleting impostored comments is not enough, and you are 100% correct this user and ALL future impostors need to be banned.

Earlier today I was impostored yet again, and it's still on this blog... even though it's pretty benign as compared to what they did to you, I despise it

Now, Luggi has yet another identity using the "France" moniker, with his broken english. This guy is an idiot and continuously writes something stupid, then uses three or more other sign ins to say how he agrees or how funny he is, while insinuating or trying to convince everybody it's another person. It is ruining this blog.

I have repeatedly asked and now ask again, that readers e-mail Armando at asalguero@miamiherald.com to get Luggi and his multiple identities IP address banned! How do I know it's him? SAME exact writing style with the broken english, same spelling errors per identity, same grammatical errors etc... it's obvious. Considering the post he made for you was clearly some hateful, racist speech from som Ku Klux Klan website or something, it could have easily been him. Any fool can copy and paste.

We have to work together guys, for those of you who care about the integrity of this blog, and appreciate the info Mando gets for us! Not to mention those who enjoy the lively, spirited debate with REAL people, instead of idiots trying to destroy the experience for the rest of us!!!

Anyway, the Dolphins look good going into the draft and maybe we will draft a QB in the 7th round and find a gem. But we are not telling!

YEAH ,JOISY IN DA HOUSE . Dolphin4life ,where have you been ? On mars or something ? Miami signed cameron wake almost 2 months ago !!! LOL . They didn't get him the other day .LOL also jarron gilbert isn't a nt. He going to be a good DE.

alienman -you are very dumb cause i did't sign your name or any body's and stop your crap ,my english very limited you dumb and try to find some other enemy and please leave me alone mr aliennman .

Dolphins4Life... Wake? Are you serious? That's old news by now dude. OLD news. You haven't been reading this blog or any other Fin news for a while, ay? I'm excited to have him too... but every person and their brother on this blog knows abt that one already.

Never thought I would agree with an alien but I agree with Alienman. Comon people show a little class or get a life. No need to say anything racist or negative. till tomorrow; may god bless you all and god bless the Miami Dolphins...can i mention god on this blog ohh well.

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