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Holliday free agent tour starts Thurs. [Update]

Vonnie Holliday became a free agent Monday when the Dolphins terminated his contract, but it didn't take long for teams to begin showing interest in him. Holliday fielded calls from five teams Tuesday and has visits with two of them already scheduled.

The defensive end is scheduled to visit the Broncos on Thursday and the Detroit Lions early next week. The other three unnamed teams have yet to commit to visits but at least one of them is eventually expected to do just that.

The bad news for Miami is that team is in the AFC East.

The Broncos visit is intriguing because that team, under new coach Josh McDaniels, has already imported two former Dolphins defensive starters. The Broncos over the weekend signed cornerback Andre' Goodman and free safety Renaldo Hill.

It should not surprise that McDaniels is interested in the former Miami players. All three -- Hill, Goodman and Holliday -- came to Miami because Nick Saban brought them. McDaniels's first job as a coach came at Michigan State in 1999 under, who else, Saban.

So something about the type of player Saban likes obviously rubbed off on McDaniels. It also doesn't hurt, I'm sure, that McDaniels saw Hill and Goodman and, yes, Holliday, twice every season when he was an assistant at New England.

Holliday led all Miami defensive linemen in tackles and sacks last season despite playing only 56 percent of the downs.

[UPDATE: Speaking of defensive linemen, Bill Parcells talked to the Newark Star-Ledger about defensive end Chris Canty, a Parcells draftee in Dallas and a new Giants acquisition. In the interview he explained, in part, why the Dolphins didn't show the interest everyone expected Miami to have in Canty: "Well, we drafted three defensive linemen last year and signed two free-agent linemen," Parcells said. "We filled our needs then."

[The Dolphins, in fact, drafted Kenall Langford, Phillip Merling and Lionel Dotson. They also signed Randy Starks. And they traded for Jason Ferguson. The most interesting part of that statement to me is that Parcells claims the Dolphins have filled their needs on the unit, suggesting Miami is done along the defensive line. To me, nose tackle remains a position that needs attention. Disagree?]


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I'm back...good to see someone who caresnjphin fan. Well I joined this blog a few days ago not knowing you guys had heard the story of cameron wake no one mentioned him at all everyone is talking about a NT this or if you mr bunlg a QB and that. Alienman no the same goes for you just mentioned above

njphinfan I've seen Jarron Gilbert play and he can play any position on the line yes he';s listed as a DE but can play and does play anyposition. But let me guess you to want a NT ssay ron brace to be drafted be the Dolphins?

Little slow on the up take...Life on Mars


good job getting rid of that comment it was one of the most racist things i've read and i knew it had to be an imposter b/c i was arguing with NYScott and it didn't seem like him

i know billy boy is just throwing up a smoke screen

Hee hee, see ya all

i think alienman impostoring other people like sprovo us to do. that's why he blames luggi who can't write very well english for any thing he dreams of andi am 100 percent sure he should be panned from this blogand his other names like alienfiz

imeant.......use to do

Alienmam , I know luggi and his friends very well and i can assure you that it wasn't him that wrote those racist remarks, The poster who did was banned to he can't be him . Calm down and stop making false comments blamming him. He will never be banned because he's been on here a long time , and doesn't make harmful remarks. He just likes busting the dolphins and its fans. He might use different names but he will never impersonate somebody's name with hurtful remarks. Can he be annoying ? yes . Do what i did. Learn to ignore it . You'll be less stressful and more happy. Other than that . how are you doing ?

There is a new post in the hopper with today's free agency visit. Also, Alienman, I cleaned up the imposter that does not share your same IP address. But you said you would change your handle to something else and you haven't done it.

Alienman,I just read your post and I'm in total agreement. I e-mailed Mando earlier and not only did he delete the comments but they banned the address that it was coming from. As he stated this isn't foolproof because of floating addresses but it's a start. I made a suggestion a while back that everyone who is serious about wanting to talk Dolphins football simply pick a sign in name and use it every time you visit the site. Your name will appear in blue text and we will be able to sift through some of the other garbage easier. Everyone will be accountable and if someones name isn't in blue you simply skim over their post if you choose. There are so many great posters in here with intelligent ideas and commentary. Mando does a great job keeping us up to date and informed and but there's always a few nutjobs who ruin it for everyone else. I've seen a few blogs lose loyal readers and contributers and go right down hill because of these people. I think we can all do our part and take the blog back from them. Go Dolphins!!!!!

LOL, Dolphin4life. Nobody was talking about wake because its old new and we talked about him for about a week straight back in jan. I was just busting your chops , but it was to easy and i had to do it. I like jarron gilbert , but the guy is going to be a athletic de in the 3-4 or a dt in the 4-3. AT 289 pounds , He"s to small for a nt !!

thank you nj phin fan for you writing to this guy alienman or alien fienz but evrey body knows that armando can find out and every one knows i like to play around with guys and every one knows how my english so bad alienman piece of low life that he is he 's trying reflect focus from himself cause he smells like sprovo to me ,in last iwould like to say every one watch out for this guy ,i am sure he's an evil person from romania .btw almost every one knows i write with many names it's not a mystery .the different is that idon't wish ill on any body with my writing like sprovo and alienman the creep from romania.

Chuckling, njphinfan; "thats why you lift all them weigthts" JG will add about 10-12 pounds of muscle in the off season and can play at 300lbs. But its a moot point if he does'nt get drafted by and play for the Dolphins.
The real NT that we should pick up is Fili Moala from USC 6-5 300lbs and strong, stacks at the point of attack and allows the lb's to make the plays. Clay Mathews from USC is very good and has the speed and strenght to be veery disrubtive at OLB, all four LB from SC will get drafted maybe day one? B-Cush from JOISY is good too but will be gone in the first round.

Time to wine and dine see ya

Dolphin4life , he can lift all the weights he wants , he's still to small at 300 pounds to play nt in the 3-4. The guy to keep a eye on is terrance taylor nt from michigan . the dolphins like him.

Is anyone else having trouble posting?

i like vonnie.. he was a solid player and played well in the system. every1 sayin he sucks.. he only had 3 sacks doesnt know much. playing DE in the 3-4 isnt exactly a prime position for sacks. now that being said... langford and merling clearly showed theyre ready to play..when they had opportunities last year they showed they can play.. we also have randy starks and dotson who was a late rounder and could develop so we have the depth there to release him. GOODLUCK vonnie..where ever u end up.

ARMANDO- Sorry. I'm going to stick with Alienman because it's automatically pre-loaded into my settings now, whenever I load your blog. I tried to switch names, but would have to enter it manually every time now. My wife is Russian, and everything is in Russian too... I can't read anything to reset things I'd normally be able to do. Sorry!

Good morning dolphin fans how the hell are you guys? I'm excited about our teams future! Now don't start asking for Terrel Owens he would not only be bad but would creat divsion in the locker room. Though Owens played for Parcells it was because of Jerry Jones that the cowboys got Owens, and was one of the reasons Parcells left.

Hey, nj phin fan, terrance taylor had a good combine but parcells is not going to take a 6 foot 306lb guy, he does not fit the mold and is too small with short arms. Yeah he's strong on the bench press but he has short arms! Oh and I gues you missed the Parcells quote i referred to yesterday. Ohh well!
The nose tackles to keep an eye are two big and strong players; Brandon Setzer 6-6, 335 from East Carolina and Terrel Nemons 6-3, 337 and these two won't go until after the 5th round.

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