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Fagg's workout goes "exceptionally well" but ...

A lot of you have been asking how receiver De'Cody Fagg's workout with the Dolphins went earlier this week. Ask and ye shall receiver, I mean, receive.

"It went exceptionally well," agent Kevin Conner wrote in an email to me Wednesday night.

Of course, it didn't go so exceedingly well that the Dolphins offered Fagg a contract on the spot. And that strongly suggests the team is not interested.

"We have four more private workouts before his pro day at FSU [March 16]," Connor wrote. "The Dolphins didn't extend a contract at this particular time but will be in attendance for FSU's pro day to get another look and continue the evaluation of De'Cody.

"We're optimistic he will be signed by an NFL club."

Fagg's budding NFL career stopped before it got a chance to start on Feb. 25, 2008. During workouts at the NFL Combine, he suffered what some experts at the time called a "career-ending" injury.

Scout.com senior NFL analyst Ed Thompson witnessed the injury from a suite overlooking the RCA Dome floor. He described it thusly:

"Florida State's De'Cody Fagg stretched for a slightly errant throw on an out route, snagging it right at the sideline chalk, but then seemed to catch his toe on the turf as he came down. He rolled to the ground, curled up and grabbed at his knee in obvious pain. He he was carted off the field with an unmistakable and understandable 'What-in-the-world-just-happened-to-me' look on his face. He's going to have the knee examined to determine the severity of the injury."

The severity of the injury was such that Fagg shredded his ACL. But a visit to Dr. James Andrews gave him hope his career would not be left in tatters. Fagg underwent reconstructive surgery, was running by October, and received medical clearence from Andrews on January 16 of this year.

"I was in shock when it happened because I'm like, 'Dang. I just hurt my knee on something I've been doing my whole life,' " Fagg told the Tampa Tribune last month. But, he went on, "I never had any doubt because I knew I wasn't going to give up. I knew what I had to do to get it back right."

So Fagg will continue to show teams what he can do and how far he's come in private workouts as well as the pro day. He was a second-day draft prospect last year because he has good size (listed at 6-3 and 215 according to the exaggerating FSU media guide. He's more like 6-2 and 205.)  But Fagg's speed was never blazing.

Teams no doubt still wonder about the speed as well as Fagg's explosiveness following the injury. But if he can regain the level he had his senior season at FSU when he caught 54 passes for 758 yards and a team-leading five touchdowns, Fagg will find himself in an NFL camp this summer.

It probably will not be in Miami's camp. But someone will likely give him a chance to complete what so far has been an encouraging comeback.