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The new starting center: Jake Grove? [Update]

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Oakland offensive lineman Jake Grove is in town for a free agency visit that will officially begin Tuesday. I am reporting that barring a last-minute snag in negotiations, Grove will be signed by tomorrow.

That will signal the Dolphins successfully finding the starting center they've been searching for since the end of the 2008 season. Although Grove and Samson Satele would be competing for the starting job, once you see the numbers on the Grove contract, you will understand Miami expects him to be the starter.

The Dolphins, I am told, were quite impressed by Grove's work as they prepared for their 17-15 victory over Oakland last season. [UPDATE: Grove did not play in that game because of a calf injury and, in fact missed four games in 2008. Previously I wrote Grove had played against Miami.]  

Grove, 29, is a free agent because he met playing time incentives in his contract and the final year of his deal was voided. The Raiders have been trying to re-sign him, obviously with no luck so far.

"We want him back, obviously," Raiders coach Tom Cable said Feb. 19 when asked if he was comfortable with the player's status. "So if he's not there or until it's resolved I'm not comfortable at all."

Cable's discomfort could grow substantially in the next 24 hours.

If the Dolphins are able to lock up the 6-4 and 300 pound Grove, consider him your starting center for the 2009 season. The Grove signing will not come cheaply which is the reason the Dolphins needed to save every penny of the $3.25 million they added in cap space with the termination of Vonnie Holliday's contract.

The Dolphins hated to see Holliday leave. But they couldn't see themselves paying a $1.5 million roster bonus to a player that played 56 percent of the snaps in 2008 and was probably going to play a lower percentage in 2009.

And now they use that added space for a center who could be in on 100 percent of the offensive snaps in 2009 if he stays healthy. It is a good trade-off if you ask me.


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Is the exclusive about how "impressed" the Dolphins were with JT when they were preparing to play against the Redskins?

Oh, wait. That never happened.

-- Bebo


"I am reporting that barring a last-minute snag..." No KIDDING, Armando! We're reading an article written by YOU. We KNOW that YOU'RE reporting it, unless you state that someone ELSE is reporting it.

Don't you understand how OLD your act is getting? Your posts should focus on the NEWS that you're reporting! The pride should be in doing your job, not in pointing out your ability to do it!>>

Nicely put.

-- Bebo

Armando, at 12:02 can you tell us what the stock market will do tomorrow?

Getterdone , what part of " Grove will be signed by tommorrow " or "once you see the nu mbers on groves contract " you didn't understand . Did you read the article ?

Mando , I bet you tell us that miami called his agent and told him " Don't Bother" . Just like Coles LOL

No way....

sry mando but i'll be asleep


u better be telling the truth cause i just pooped my pants

I Predict that Armando will have some breaking old news about 36 years old player his name is JT and he said so and so and why redskins released him ,BTW IS it me or the news on this blog always about OLD players and low priced dudes like BERGER

Bebo you have a major plank stuck up your arse. Get over yourself dude, your envy of Armando is showing bigtime.

fsudolphins...he's gotta be screwing with us...I don't believe it...

Armando, can you look into the Cromartie rumors? Would the Dolphins be interested if he's put on the block?

Excellent. Mando, you have been on fire since the start of free agency. Don't usually blog, just read, but I just wanted to thank you for the info.

Hey Rudy,
So, I'm envious because I'm being critical? Not quite. I just found the way the blog post was written to be sloppy and unclear. I'll agree with Mando when he's right, but I don't have a problem calling him out if I think he's made a mistake. If that's envy, then, um, ok?

Also, you might want to check the spelling of "Rudy Giuliani." Just sayin'.

-- Bebo


thats what im thinking but i have some hope he isn't lieing just cause JT is my fav player a i would love to see him retire a phin

Mando don't leave us hanging are you serious???????

mando i will cut off your balls if your lying to me haha

im with tyler mando

one dude who has no clue

come on mando let me sleep happily

if miami got cromartie i'd be uber happy

IF it's true that means on more old gentleman joins the RECYCLING Dolphins. JT=2-14

I thought that Taylor coming back to Miami would never happen, I told people it would never happen...if it DOES happen i will be very surprised and will eat a big fat crow sandwich

That WASN'T Armando. The first post was him, but the second one was some idiot. Just click on the name and you can see they are different.

I smell bullcrap on that one.

Guys a previous comment bearing my name and saying the Dolphins are signing Taylor was posted by an imposter. It was not legitimate.

Sprovo, you've been a good poster but if you do this even once more, you are banned.

Fsudolphins, that comment is gone now, it was someone f-n with us

Nice work "..." -- looks like the post is gone.

-- Bebo

k now i see the post was removed now i no i wasn't wrong

Damn, Sprovo did that? Sprovo, that is complete bull.

damn, he called Sprovo out, I would have never pegged him for an impostor....


did sprovo really do that? it doesn't seem like something he'd do
maybe cuban or bungle
anyways banished is a little harsh he ( whoever it was ) was just f-n with us and its funny

sprovo did sign with armando's name ?HOW can that be ?very nasty indeed,that's very bad for the integrity of this blog and writer.sprovo should be banned .what say you?

Armando, Sprovo's comment made it to Profootballtalk.com and Florio has thrown you under the bus. I suggest you e-mail him and clear your name.

w/e im out got to get some sleep

see ya later

- fsudolphins13

It is funny...Profootballtalk.com is throwin Mando under the bus for it too

Mando excellent news on Grove. I was doing some research on him yesterday cause after all we need a C. The guy will be a real nice siging. All Im saying if Grove signs we will be getting one Mean MO´FO.

About time we got a lineman with a Mean Streak.

God Parcels loves does VT players

Armando, I am the first to admit that I post stupid comments under more than 1 name, but pretending to be you on your own blog is inexcusable. I would like to see Sprovo banned right now for this. This crossed a line.

Any update on the tryout of DeCody Fagg?

Are you implying Obama is better? You mean the way our economy keeps getting worse each time Obama opens his mouth? I voted for him but now I am pissed that I did.

who are you ...?

Sprovo could be the one using a lot of names but if you use Armando's name with wrong inf that means you wish him ill and that should be tolerated cause this is armando JOB and lively hood.it's very sad for any one for what ever reason to do such ugly thing.

I Knew there was something wrong with that sporvo guy . He posts articles from other sites all day long and then e-mails the sites and its editors . He's a stalker. Any respect for him ,just got flushed down the toilet.


Seriously, this is beyond any kind of harmless commenting. I really want to see this guy banned.

Any update on DeCody Fagg getting the tryout today???

I never really post here but found this on PFT so I figured I'd give my two cents.

I am assuming whoever did it simply used a capital i as the L in Salguero's last name, therefore being able to register an account that looks the same but is not.

Pretty crappy of whoever did that...Florio does owe you an apology though.

Adam, the comment in question has been deleted.

mando your a cool dude no one really cares about some 2nd rate site keep up the good work,

How would Florio know that it WASN'T Mando, though? If anyone should apologize, it's Sprovo, for impersonating Mando.

-- Bebo

There was a post on phinsider about Sprovo putting up fake information but now it is gone. I guess they deleted it because Sprovo is one of their favorite posters there.

There was a post on phinsider about Sprovo putting up fake information but now it is gone. I guess they deleted it because Sprovo is one of their favorite posters there.

I have seen the Profootballtalk item and I am not amused. The stupidity of one poster who used my name got onto that site as legitimate news.

I have since email Mike Florio and hope he posts a correct.

Sprovo, you are banned from posting on this site ever again. I will delete all your comments. Moreoever, I am informing my IT department to track you down. You have stepped over the line.

Sporvo , I'm real dissapointed . That's Nuts. You can get armando in big trouble with paper. It's slander. Armando maybe not banned , but at least suspended. If i was sporvo, i wouldn't show my face around here for awhile. Wow , i can't believe it. We have our fun on here , but that's crossing the line. Now other sites have picked it up and are bashing armando !!!

Damn...he got me...but I like sprovo, he usually has good info

Yeah Armando!!!!!

Any update on the tryout of WR from Florida State, De Cody?

Armando a couple days ago you stated that the Fins were interested in Leigh Bodden has any other news come out of that.

Came here to read the article on the Jason Taylor signing with the Fins as PFT reported Armando had written? They said it wasn't true and the article is gone?

What gives? Does this newspaper report anything they feel like making up and then just take it down once they're found out? Armando used to really have the inside scoop. Now? I guess not-so-much.

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