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The new starting center: Jake Grove? [Update]

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Oakland offensive lineman Jake Grove is in town for a free agency visit that will officially begin Tuesday. I am reporting that barring a last-minute snag in negotiations, Grove will be signed by tomorrow.

That will signal the Dolphins successfully finding the starting center they've been searching for since the end of the 2008 season. Although Grove and Samson Satele would be competing for the starting job, once you see the numbers on the Grove contract, you will understand Miami expects him to be the starter.

The Dolphins, I am told, were quite impressed by Grove's work as they prepared for their 17-15 victory over Oakland last season. [UPDATE: Grove did not play in that game because of a calf injury and, in fact missed four games in 2008. Previously I wrote Grove had played against Miami.]  

Grove, 29, is a free agent because he met playing time incentives in his contract and the final year of his deal was voided. The Raiders have been trying to re-sign him, obviously with no luck so far.

"We want him back, obviously," Raiders coach Tom Cable said Feb. 19 when asked if he was comfortable with the player's status. "So if he's not there or until it's resolved I'm not comfortable at all."

Cable's discomfort could grow substantially in the next 24 hours.

If the Dolphins are able to lock up the 6-4 and 300 pound Grove, consider him your starting center for the 2009 season. The Grove signing will not come cheaply which is the reason the Dolphins needed to save every penny of the $3.25 million they added in cap space with the termination of Vonnie Holliday's contract.

The Dolphins hated to see Holliday leave. But they couldn't see themselves paying a $1.5 million roster bonus to a player that played 56 percent of the snaps in 2008 and was probably going to play a lower percentage in 2009.

And now they use that added space for a center who could be in on 100 percent of the offensive snaps in 2009 if he stays healthy. It is a good trade-off if you ask me.


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Florio posted an update to his story:

"UPDATE: As it turns out, the “Taylor-to-Fins” comment was posted by an imposter. And if anyone else wants to know why we approve or delete every comment by hand, there’s your answer. So even though Salguero didn’t actually report this one, the Herald and/or Salguero are responsible for the fact that someone posted a comment with the name “Armando Salguero,” especially since Salguero posts comments to his stories with that name."

I have to agree with him. Sprovo definitely stepped over the line, but he shouldn't have been able to impersonate Mando so easily.

-- Bebo

I Am amazed at some comments about forgive the person who did this ,what sprovo or who ever did this did it to harm a person in such way to put a dark spot on his resume and making him a laughing stock among his peers,last when sprovo signed on type pad did he had the intention for this nasty thing.one more thing we can all play with each other as long as the intention is not ill driven .

Go get 'em Mando. You responded as quick as ya could. Keep up the great work.

As a favor, can I request contract details on Crowder? He is the ONLY re-sign that I haven't seen a salary figure for!!!! Thanks.

Also . as I posted earlier , ENOUGH with the taylor coming back to miami posts .It's not happening. That Chapter is Closed . We just cut a 33 year old DL , why would we bring in a soon to be 35 year old. GEEZ , GET A CLUE>

Interesting that Florio reads this blog and updates it that quickly. He must think something is about to happen if he reads it.

Mando, any update on DeCody?

Well, wouldn't you keep tabs on the blogs from the major papers covering NFL teams, Matt? It makes perfect sense for Florio to be reading this blog.

-- Bebo

De'cody who??? Why wont you say his last name?

De'cody Fagg!

Maybe Florio should be more concerned with the fact that his site goes down every five minutes instead of worrying about how non-moderated comments work in a normal blog.

I won't say his last name because it keeps getting banned and doesn't post.

DeCody F A. G. G.


Maybe his site is going down because more people visit it in a day than visit this blog in a month?

-- Bebo


Are you really going to have an update on JT later.. or was that the imposter as well?

Bebo, we don't care that you are Mike Florio. It's cool that you hang here. But you really need to purchase a better server for your site.

Armando - I owe you an apology for my post. I was taken in by the whole thing. Now that I have read all the comments I understand what has happened. While you talk to your IT department, get them to fix it so that nobody can use your name or anything similar to it so we know when it is really you please.

Also, speaking from experience, it's pretty hard to block a person from coming back and posting under another name. While the Herald IT guys can probably ban "Sprovo" the name, and if they wish, Sprovo's IP address (which, is kind of like killing a fly on a window with a brick -- you take out a lot of other potential posters with the troublesome one), that doesn't prevent Sprovo from posting again under another name or email and getting into the same trouble. The only solution is to be more vigilant of the comments as they come in, so you're not, say, announcing a major signing that isn't accurate because someone decided it'd be really funny to impersonate Mando. Short version: banning Sprovo doesn't solve the problem. There'll always be jerks out there trying to get a short-term laugh out of impersonating Mando.

-- Bebo

how can you still say i like sprovo if you know for fact that he wished mando ill .end of story.

"..." -- not Florio, but that did make me laugh! I do agree he needs a better server, though.

-- Bebo

Soulja . what good info did sporvo give you. He just copied articles from other sites you , youself can go to. Unless you were just to lazy LOL

Good Job Armando !

Thats crazy..Do you know if they have any plans to move Satele ? I'm sure Jake Grove wouldn't sign this early in free agency to be a potential back-up.

Cannot decide who is the bigger buttwipe: Sprovo or Mike Florio. Birds of a moronic feather.

I just wanna hear dude's side of the story, damn...

Oh boy, I knew something like this would happen. I leave for a week and come back to this. This is what happens when jackasses take over the site. I hope this idiot didn't get you in trouble Mando.

NJ Phin Fan,
Do you believe everything you read will happen?
What part of, "I am reporting that barring a last-minute snag in negotiations" & "If the Dolphins are able to lock up the 6-4 and 300 pound Grove", you didn't understand . Did you read the article ?
So get off your friggin high horse pal!

That florio character strikes me as a slimey ambulance chasing lawyer. Armando, did he attempt to contact you first before ever posting his libelous stuff?

And everyone, just like the crap on my namesake site, phinsider is just as much crap. I suggest we boycott that site as punishment for this attempt to ruin this blog's good name.

Getterdone, did you also read jeff darlingtons story involving the signing of grove. I believe 2 writers fom a major paper over a simple poster anyday. Now take your own advise and get off your high horse. LOL

Souljahbeat,,,,,,,if there's another side of the story you would know it by now from sprovo,he was on the blog all the time and now he's gone.do you love him souljahbeat?

The only person that deserves blame is Sprovo for impersonating Mando. It was a sleazy thing to do, especially right after Mando promised a JT news bit.

It's not unfair, though, for other sites to expect The Herald/Armando to properly vet the blog's comments. The fact that Sprovo's Mando impersonation made it online is embarrassing to this blog and the paper. Comment screening is a basic function you can get on any platform, from Blogger to WordPress to TypePad, which is what The Herald uses for its blogs.

The fact that someone can log onto this blog and pretend to be Mando is laughable. That's comment screening 101.

-- Bebo

Sprovo should be banned from posting on any Dolphins blogs. This is total crap what he tried to perpetrate. What kind of no-life-having scum does stuff like this? It doesn't hurt Mando because he just got a ton of free national publicity. But Sprovo has been proven to be a tool.

I have a 12 year old that has better things to do than impersonate a reporter on his own blog. What a knob.

And don't mind that PFT crap, Mando. Nobody actually believes anything that site reports unless there is a link to it.

cuban menace where are you ?we ned your humor

I doubt more people visit football talk than visit this site. I come on here 12 times a day and that's just me. I never go on footballtalk.

Stay strong, Mando. We know you got the Dolphins information locked up.

This does hurt Mando/this blog, though, because it shows how easily any dope can impersonate him and weaken his credibility on his own website.

-- Bebo

PFT regularly updates readers on their traffic. They hit close to 2 million visitors today alone. I doubt this blog gets close to that level of traffic.

-- Bebo

Its not like people haven't complained about all the wierdos (and there's a few) that come in here and post ridiculous things under other people's names and try to cause trouble...something like this was bound to happen...

Yeah, I'm surprised it took this long for something like this to blow up.

-- Bebo

JEB 4PREZ , i already notified the sun - sentinal and its posters about sporvo.

Ok, aside from all the drama, the Palm Beach Post is reporting the dolphins have signed Grove to a 5 year deal

I DISAGREE with mr bebo cause mando came out fast and put the right info out plus sprovo no where to be seen prove that mando did no wrong that will translate for more dolphins players and mangement to send more info his way .after all we are humans not monkeys.

As long as he can just change his name or email and do the same thing, it doesn't matter how many people you warn. The only solution is more careful screening of comments before they go live.

-- Bebo

Anyone who allows his good name to be impersonated is a dummy. And I like boys!

I don't know if it's been mentioned, but perhaps Grove is merely being signed as a backup behind a center that we draft. While it's possible that Satele remains, my hunch is that he's being traded before, or on, draft day.

Man, I don't know what to think any more. Mando, do you now understand why I e-mailed you today about people impersonating ME? I know this is your blog and all... but I hope your IT department will resolve this not only for you, but for all of us whom have been victim to this crap. I can't help but suspect Luggi (aka his many identities), since his broken english has been "impostoring" me repeatedly over the last 48 hours.
Mando, are you SURE it was Sprovo? I'd hate to see him banned if someone else is screwing with you...

This is true, we're all humans and not monkeys. Aside from that, I couldn't understand a thing you wrote.

My point is simple: Sprovo is to blame for being a jerk and impersonating Mando. The people that picked up on the "news" -- PFT, for example -- shouldn't be labeled villains just because they assumed Mando/The Herald properly screens its blog comments. It's embarrassing that this blog DOESN'T screen comments effectively enough to prevent this kind of thing from happening. That's all I'm saying.

You're right, though. Mando did step back in here and put out the correct info. But it could have all been prevented with better screening, is all I'm saying.

-- Bebo

-- Bebo

Taylor Is a moron you dont want on your team,think about it he decides to be on d.w.t.stars instead of off season conditioning, so hes ship out to wash. and they ask him for off season cond. too ,but he says no, no to 8.5 million, i hope no one signs this idiot. good luke jason getting a job that pays 8.5 mil a year, especilly to a idiot.

"Anyone who allows his good name to be impersonated is a dummy. And I like boys!"

Seriously? Come on. Just because we don't agree?

-- Bebo

Soulja , there's a BIG difference between posters busting on each other and what sporvo did. Are you related to sporvo ? LOL. You don't know this man . You never meet him. He could be some kind of nut case for all we know.

alienman...it was sproovo no body else and a lot of people on any blog use many names it's normal even you do that here.

mando knows ALL of our IPs & etc. & will 'out' anyone - - usually very gently, but sporvo-like when appropriate - - who transgresses beyond the pale. And Grove still bites & we shoulda signed Jas. Brown.

Hey Bebo, GO and eat a frito.

Guys, the Grove signing was good, at the very least it creates competition at the position and Grove has played Guard which is a plus. As for the Dolphins being impressed comment, it was pretty evident to me that if they (the Dolphins staff)were impressed while preparing to play the Raiders, they were obviously looking at film. C'mon, "RIF" dude, "reading is fundamental".


bebo,you answered me very well and it seems that my limited english was enough for you to know what i meant,thanks

bebo,you answered me very well and it seems that my limited english was enough for you to know what i meant,thanks

"Hey Bebo, GO and eat a frito."

See? At least jorgebanks was funny.

I like Fritos, too.

And RE: IP addresses -- that doesn't always solve the issue. Blocking an IP address is a last resort for blog admins -- you can potentially block out other users when you knock out an IP. The IP could represent an entire building network, etc. Which is why blocking IPs can be tricky. It's better to just screen comments and avoid publishing troubling comments so you don't risk losing potential readers/commenters.

-- Bebo

Alienman ( alienzfin ) it wasn't luggi or his many post names, leave him out of it. IT was sporvo and armando knows it. He has his IT address and before mando banned him he never defended himself. I have asked you many times to respond to a post at 2:37 pm today on the "no coal for lavernous "Blog about a bone to pick with you .but i keep getting ignored.

Yo, Njphin Fan, enough snow the past 48 hours for you? DAMN, GET ME THE SNOW SHOVEL..


Maybe you couldn't comprehend my original post in question here due to your rush to jump on someone in hopes to fuel your desire to feel like the resident know it all...I've seen your replies to other posters...LOL

I never said he wouldn't sign pal...I was making a statement to the fact that as soon as a players name is mentioned in a visit that so many posters are already applauding or bemoaning the signing of said player well before any ink hits the signature line of the alleged contract.

Was just an observation on how many times FA visits don't necessarily end in a signing...ie. Bodden, Springs, TJ Housh, Bartell, etc. left other team visit without a signed deal.

The Raiders as you surely read in Mando's article aren't happy about losing him, so they may yet trump the Dolphins offer. Who knows for sure till tomorrow.
At this point I am neither for nor against a proposed signing of Grove.
"IF" we do sign him, I think he will have a lot to prove given his injury history. I can also still see us drafting a center later.

I re-read your message and got the gist of what you were trying to say. Glad I responded correctly.

-- Bebo

cuban.menace should put his two words about sprovo

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