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The new starting center: Jake Grove? [Update]

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting Oakland offensive lineman Jake Grove is in town for a free agency visit that will officially begin Tuesday. I am reporting that barring a last-minute snag in negotiations, Grove will be signed by tomorrow.

That will signal the Dolphins successfully finding the starting center they've been searching for since the end of the 2008 season. Although Grove and Samson Satele would be competing for the starting job, once you see the numbers on the Grove contract, you will understand Miami expects him to be the starter.

The Dolphins, I am told, were quite impressed by Grove's work as they prepared for their 17-15 victory over Oakland last season. [UPDATE: Grove did not play in that game because of a calf injury and, in fact missed four games in 2008. Previously I wrote Grove had played against Miami.]  

Grove, 29, is a free agent because he met playing time incentives in his contract and the final year of his deal was voided. The Raiders have been trying to re-sign him, obviously with no luck so far.

"We want him back, obviously," Raiders coach Tom Cable said Feb. 19 when asked if he was comfortable with the player's status. "So if he's not there or until it's resolved I'm not comfortable at all."

Cable's discomfort could grow substantially in the next 24 hours.

If the Dolphins are able to lock up the 6-4 and 300 pound Grove, consider him your starting center for the 2009 season. The Grove signing will not come cheaply which is the reason the Dolphins needed to save every penny of the $3.25 million they added in cap space with the termination of Vonnie Holliday's contract.

The Dolphins hated to see Holliday leave. But they couldn't see themselves paying a $1.5 million roster bonus to a player that played 56 percent of the snaps in 2008 and was probably going to play a lower percentage in 2009.

And now they use that added space for a center who could be in on 100 percent of the offensive snaps in 2009 if he stays healthy. It is a good trade-off if you ask me.


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OK. I'm convinced monkey/Luggi/whatever other names he uses could have easily done this. ncfinfan doesn't speak in broken english, yet his most recent post did... insisting it was sprovo btw. I am really suspicious, and reiterate, not sure what to think. Regardless, SO tired of this fool impostoring people.

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Cuban , it's f'n insane. I had to shovel my 2 houses ( with driveways ) and the front of my business ( I had somebody plow the parking lot ). I came in after throwing salt in front my the houses about a hour ago and the wind was blowing this shyt all over the place.

Two papers have confirm Grove has agreed to a Deal with Miami. It is for five years. Any confirmation Salguero.

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nj phin fan... wrong again buddy. :) I replied to you on page one of this. Under AlienFin. Page numero uno... check again.

Come on Mando,
Get your facts straight first and then write, for christ sake!!!

I'm going nuts with you.. shoud we bring back Greg Cote?

Getterdone, you know it all, LOL . Miami just signed grove big guy .By the way i agree with you about grove and his injury history. I've already posted it. Does that count with you ,LOL Can i be your friend ? LOL By the way you would be in this mood with all the f'n snow i had to deal with today LOL

Armando, I've followed the blog for a long time now and check the site every three minutes. You do some great work, one of the better ones in terms of getting info. in a timely, accurate manner in the football universe; keep it up!

And NJ phin fan--I can't say I feel your pain. My college closed today!

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If they have a dynamic IP than it's possible but highly unlikely that more than one household will be banned unless you don't have clue about what you are doing and ban an entire range or host or country. Who in their right mind thinks that Mando is going to sit here all day and moderate every idiotic comment that people post?

alienman, i got it. One point , WE had a heated sports debate . What the f did where i'm from have to do with it. Don't get me started about california LOL , Because i can have a field day !! Ok, case closed. Time to move on.

No!!!! No former Raiders trash!! don't want it...

nj phin fan,

Aw, yes you can be my friend.
Hell, I'm friends with any fellow Dolphin fan, especially someone from "Joizee" with enough fuzz on his peaches to root for the Phins :)

...and good luck with that snow in up there, man I'm not happy with the wind chill in the low 30's here in Orlando overnite...brrr

Anywho, yeah I read on the PBP that Grove is signed now for a 5 yr deal...cool.
I just want to see him now commit ASAP to his conditioning and also pack on some more muscle weight.

I still see us drafting an OL, like that Caldwell kid from Bama in the 3-4th rd. I think I saw where you mentioned him before...feel better now....lol. He is very versatile, can play at both C & G spots. Got lots of tough SEC experience over 4 seasons too.

nj... btw, NOT from Cali! WA state baby! Gorgeous greenery, Mount Rainier, and beyond. Cali sucks. I agree. ;)

My PC "auto-enters" Alienman, and I keep forgetting to put "AlienzFin", dangit! I might have to stick with Alienman since I have not been impostored as late.

Correct me if im Wrong Mando

But Dont We Have Close to $90Mill
in secondary

Just Made Wilson an Bell
20mill men
Will Allen n Jason Allen
Both Are 20mill Men

n the Change Adds up
so0 why are we focused
on secondary when there
all gettin paid soo much

San Diegos Antonio Cromartie is on the trading block. We should send Jason Allen and one of our 2nd round picks for Cromartie.He is the best talent at corner in the league. Upgrade for sure!

Florio needs to learn that Mando likes to throw stuff against the wall hoping that something sticks....lol

That way he can prance around the newsroom chanting "I got a scoop, I got a scoop"

i think the deal with satele was his quickness at snap and post snap, not the quickest feet, which is why a better technichian of the same size will be more effective.

i still rate him and he can be excellent at guard, his size is still good. i mean he cant have been bad if we went 11-5, we can just do better.

And what would Mack or Unger cost at first rd? Probably more. So makes sense to sign a guy who has experience and can start right away.

How about a scenario where Grove goes to Guard, Satele gets traded...and we draft a center. The fins may wait until the draft for this to take place...but with the versatility of Grove and Berger it gives the fins options. Whatever the case I have to believe in this front office until they prove me wrong. Grove is a tough, team first center and fits the Parcells mold (aside from the size of Grove)for a player. The plus here is...that the Raiders want him back...and that is a good sign.

Grove is the same size as satele. this is a stupid move, we are getting the same player

My fins inside person says to expect a blockbuster trade that sends 2-3 players and a pick for 1 player. I would think this is for boldin.

Just a minute! Samson Satele in not chopped liver, or a throw away center. Every offensive center in the league not named pro-bowl struggled against the elite 350 lb nose tackles. The draft hype on the centers available doesn't make them better, faster or stronger than Satele or better footwork. Samson had no competition last year, Billy P breathes competition. Ronnie, Ricky, and Patrick should be buying gifts. I smell 2000 yds rushing for the Fins this year. When was the last off-season we weren't blogging about the O-line or the QB situation since Marino. Damn impressive off season it makes us forget Cameron Wake is in the weight room spotting for Langford and Merling. JT wouldn't work out 33 days for 8 million. Most movie shoots are longer more grueling and if your name isn't Marquee your receiving a lot less. Damn we bad, that's right we bad Go Fins!

ps A lot of mock dafts have us taking Conner Barwin Cincinatti BearCats. TE/DE/special teams Parcells illigitimate son clone
good youtube stuff.

Know anything Armando?

C Jake Grove?!?...

Wow, I sure hope this signing is merely for depth purposes only. Grove is terrible, he's highly injury prone, and since entering the league, he's been a major bust....

I can only pray that this isn't the so-called upgrade at C we've been waiting for...

>The Dolphins want an upgrade at center so what do they do...they go after Grove who happens to be one inch taller and weighs the same as Satele and happens to be 5 years older than Satele too. WOW!

Ok, the question then is... Why did the trifecta go after him? Because they are stupid and dont have the football insight us geniuses do? Maaaybbee not.

Grove is signed, sealed and delivered as per Adam Schefter:


5 Years, $29.5 Million with $14 Million Guaranteed.

they just signed grove 5 year 29 million

Jake Grove is a Phin!! Great add to our Line.

He signed a 5 year/ 29 million/ 14.5 guaranteed.

Where is Mando. The Herald is slacking when reporting these things.

Thats alot of money, the big 3 most no something!!! Look for some trades coming soon!

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