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Keyshawn: Ted Ginn Jr. not elite

DANA POINT, Calif. -- Keyshawn Johnson knows about Bill Parcells and knows about being a productive receiver because, well, he was a productive receiver under Parcells for a long time.

And so, one figures, Johnson knows as much as anyone about what Parcells is hoping to get out of receiver Ted Ginn Jr. Johnson thinks if Parcells is hoping for Ginn to become Miami's No. 1 receiver, that is simply not going to happen.

"[Ginn] had a good year," Johnson said. "He had a great year I think. In his second year he showed progress at times. He had a [175]-yard game I think. He's doing OK.

"But he's a guy that is not your elite receiver. He's not your lead dog. He's a guy who needs other guys around him. You can't expect him to do everything, that's just not who he is. But he is productive."

Johnson believes the Dolphins will be searching for a player that can move seamlessly between the outside receiver spot that can stretch the field but also can get in the slot if necessary and do good work against safeties and nickel backs who would be overmatched physically.

Johnson believes Parcells likes versatility in his receivers and a definite amount of physical presence. Johnson doesn't think Ginn is that physical presence at all, especially when it comes to blocking a linebacker.

"He runs like a deer and he plays like a deer -- scared," Johnson said.

Having said that, Johnson is not a hater. He thinks Ginn can go to the next level as long as we all recognize the ceiling is not quite as high as what Ginn's No. 9 overall draft pick pedigree would suggest.

"What's the next level, though?" Johnson said. "You're not asking him to be ... what, you're going to ask him to be Randy Moss?"

Well, I think we all know Ginn likely isn't going to be that. How about a No. 2 receiver?

"Oh," Johnson said, "I think he's a good No. 2."