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Keyshawn: Ted Ginn Jr. not elite

DANA POINT, Calif. -- Keyshawn Johnson knows about Bill Parcells and knows about being a productive receiver because, well, he was a productive receiver under Parcells for a long time.

And so, one figures, Johnson knows as much as anyone about what Parcells is hoping to get out of receiver Ted Ginn Jr. Johnson thinks if Parcells is hoping for Ginn to become Miami's No. 1 receiver, that is simply not going to happen.

"[Ginn] had a good year," Johnson said. "He had a great year I think. In his second year he showed progress at times. He had a [175]-yard game I think. He's doing OK.

"But he's a guy that is not your elite receiver. He's not your lead dog. He's a guy who needs other guys around him. You can't expect him to do everything, that's just not who he is. But he is productive."

Johnson believes the Dolphins will be searching for a player that can move seamlessly between the outside receiver spot that can stretch the field but also can get in the slot if necessary and do good work against safeties and nickel backs who would be overmatched physically.

Johnson believes Parcells likes versatility in his receivers and a definite amount of physical presence. Johnson doesn't think Ginn is that physical presence at all, especially when it comes to blocking a linebacker.

"He runs like a deer and he plays like a deer -- scared," Johnson said.

Having said that, Johnson is not a hater. He thinks Ginn can go to the next level as long as we all recognize the ceiling is not quite as high as what Ginn's No. 9 overall draft pick pedigree would suggest.

"What's the next level, though?" Johnson said. "You're not asking him to be ... what, you're going to ask him to be Randy Moss?"

Well, I think we all know Ginn likely isn't going to be that. How about a No. 2 receiver?

"Oh," Johnson said, "I think he's a good No. 2." 


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Keyshawn Johnson...............?


MeShawn should know about being picked
too high for his skill level.

Nice job by Parcells to get Keyshawn to go public to push Ted Ginn to be better in a public forum. Parcells probably said, "Key , go out and challenge Ginn to be better to reporters so I don't have to look like the bad guy!!" If you do I might find a place for you on my staff. Seriously if you think that this is anything but what it is you are sadly mistaken. I do like Parcells style and appreciate Key's loyalty to him!! Hey if it works we are all better off as Dolphins fans!

Does anyone besides Keyshawn Johnson think Keyshawn Johnson was an elite receiver?

I think Keyshawn was an overpaid/hyped Oronde Gadsden... Oh wait, I shouldn't rip on Gadsden that way.

I still remember the Tampa vs Indianapolis game, in which Keyshawn was ridiculing Marvin Harrison's status as one of the games top receivers, well as it turned out, some ridiculous stat,like, Harrison caught more passes for a TD over 20 yards in that game than Johnson did his whole career. Why anyone gives him any credibility is a joke.

Keyshawn, what a joke WR he was.....a first rounder, HAH!! Ginn may turn out better than him with ease. Keyshawn was so envious of that other Jet WR, that little guy,someone will help me with the name. Key was really just a posession guy..tall and without true WR speed. Only speed he ever had was with his mouth.
Camarillo is better than he was right now.

Still, we need another- maybe with one of the 2 2nds, Phins can get Britt, Nicks, Robiskie, even Florida's Murphy.....get rid of the bankrobber masked as a WR- Wilford.

This topic is heavn for the cuban menace,i would love to hear him talking about ted hands of stone future will be

KEYESHAWN IS BEEN ALWAYS GOOD FOR TALKING ,HIS MOUTH NEVER SHUT CLOSE, FEW YEARS BACK BP hired a mouth han dler foe him and told him you only talk from now on only when we win and when we lose iwant you out of the locker romm faste than a fumbled ball.it's a true story .

if you don't win super bowl you are no body ,this guy only good for cable tv where the creepy people can reach success like HSN.

you're thinking of Wayne chrebet. Excellent wes welker type receiver.

Come on guys!!! He is right, Ted Ginn is at best a good number 2 WR. Watch the replay of the his games. When he catches the ball he looks to run out of bounds each time, he is not a fighter like Steve Smith. He needs to hit the weight room for sure. He needs to muscle up and quit playing like a deer. Go on his facebook page and sees what he is doing all the time, and it is one party after the next, I hate to say it, but maybe his family needs to come down and get him motivated. I hate to say it, but in a couple of more seasons he might be a bust, unless he changes soon.

KEYSHAWN is no Randy Moss!

...WAS no Randy Moss!

I think with the proper coaching and conditioning, Ginn can be a Torry Holt type of player.
He's not going to be anything special until we have a quarterback that can take advantage of his ability to spread the field.


Dave,you don't know what you talking about.just read my post and learn

Johnson is absolutely right in his evaluation of Ginn.

the only elite in the NFL ;
1-tom brady
the rest of the nfl is just salsa

Okay where is your post Alienman and I will read it, but game films don't lie and he runs out of bounds all the time.

Keyshawn was over-hyped coming out of college and not that good in the NFL. He sucks as a commentator and is more wrong then right. I put as much stock in his former gang member opinion as I do the 16 yr old kid in my neighborhood who never played ball.


This is like quoting the round mound of rebound, Charles Barkely. Me yawn. C'mon Mando, you have to find better experts than that.

I also agree with Key, Ginn is a #2 and we should all accept that and stop whining that he "should be better since we spent a #1 pick on him". He is what he is. A good #2 is well, good to have.

That said, he will be much more valuable when Henne is in there to air it deep to him.

Too bad Penne's off season workout program won't help his arm strength.

Keyshawn is definitely right when he says Ginn plays like a scared deer.

Dave, i can tell that you are new to football,let me ask you if you think that our record last year was pure luck as i tkink it was or not.btw ask every one on this blog .how good i am in football

after deep thinking and reflecation the only thing to strngth penne's arm is to a lot omega 3 fish like salmon,trout and sword fish from cape cod then he will be as strong as he great tom brady.

Ginn has talent but no heart, an under-sized guy like Ginn needs to play with heart... that is why he will never be a #1

Here goes the best thing I will EVER say about meshawn, he's kind of got a point!! Ginn will not be an elite receiver, just as he was NEVER an elite player! With that said, Ginn did improve in his 2nd year and will improve more in his third; he will be a heck of a 2nd receiver!! Too bad we chose him 9th, but he'll give us things to cheer about!!

P.S. Don't put much stock in what Johnson says, I saw him in Iron Chef and the cat is not the brightest apple on the tree; in fact, he's as dumb as a door bell!!!

Alienman-new to football-that is good one...Not!!!-I am not looking to validate you on this blog-I could care less-But you are not going to sell me on Ginn being a number one WR-time will tell on who is right here-and it is usually the 3rd year that a WR will show his true colors, so we will see. To be honest I hope he turns out to be a pro bowl WR-Better for the Dolphins-I know Ginn is still new to WR since he started playing in College after playing CB in high school, but the time is now. By the way I played college football, and the position was CB and monster back if you know that.

No Cuban menace today...I just dropped him off at the pool.

Alienman... Forgot to answer your question. Do I feel the Dolphins got lucky. No...I believe the schedule help, I believe we got lucky getting Pennington as our QB. But I feel with Parcells and company and they have a process or game plan to help grow the Dolphins into more than a one hit wonder. I can tell you one thing that if Parcells was in charge of the Draft they would have never picked Ginn with the number one pick. He wants his WR big and strong.

fidel.....are you alienman cause you sound crazy like him

dave.i played footall too and i was WR.and i was the best for sure if you did play CB there's no way you could of be able to keep up with me,also i did coach footbll and also i playe QB but the best thing i love is WR i am very good at it.now dave what you think of me?

dave,do you any dolphons ticckets for next season you giva away ,if you do please give it to me.thank you man.

dave...do you like ice cream?

No F-ing kidding MeShawn, who the F*** are you, F-ing Ray Charles. lol

who cares what the hell Keyshawn Jhonson has to say about anybody or anything regarding the NFL! the guy is a poor excuse for a sports annoucer! the guy was never that great in the NFL so why did he get a job at espn as a game annoucer! coulmist or what ever he is! all i know is the guy sucked during his football days his career as a wide reciver was marginal at best! he was never a specatucular wide reciver! ted ginn jr will be better then he was ever in 2 years from now when he has chad henne throwing him the ball! if i was to compare keyshawn jhonson to somebody i would compare keyshawn to david boston or i'll be a little bit more generous and compare him to O.J. Mcduffie! but Mcduffie i would say a little bit better then him! but that is who i would compare Keyshawn Jhonson to David Boston and O.J. Mcduffie! if i was to rate them on a scale i would rate O.J. Mcduffie 70 out of a 100! and i would rate keyshawn jhonson a 60 and david boston a 50. ok 100-90 is elite probowl player! also hall of fame material if he performs through out career! 90-80 is a great player and pro bowl potential! 80-70 is a good player on the verge of being a great player! 70-60 is an average player at best! 60-40 is a excellent backup but nothing more! 40-20 is barley a backup but mostly a special teams player! 20-1 is a practice squad player but nothing more doesent have any NFL talent to be a starter or backup or even a speical teams player! but has the talent to be on the practice squad and possiably be on the candian football league or the european league as a quailty backup! so anyway that is what i think of keyshawn an average player and that what he always has been and nothing more! as far as ted ginn jr. if i had to rate him right now i would put him at an 80! because he has the potential to be a probowler and also be one hell of a player but won't get there intill chad henne is in there throwing him the vertical deep ball and the deep routes the fly routes and also the vertical depp ball down the seem vertical posts stuff liek that but intill then he won't be a probowler unless pennington get's a little bit more arm streght! also but even though he can't go deep because pennington don't have the arm i think he will still break way over a 1,000 yards in his 3rd season he already got 800 yards in his 2nd season! so let's see what happens! so like i said he would be an 80 in my book right now because of potential! but if u go right now by what he did last season alone then i would rate him a 70! but like i said in 2-3 from now when henne is QB i see him being a 80 rating in henne's first year at QB and then 2nd year at QB i see henne putting up crzy #'s and ted ginn bennifitting from it so i will probly most likley see ted ginn being this kinda rating in 3 years from now i see him being a 89-90! mark my words he will be a 90+

MeShawn should have a sports show called " Under the Bus " Where once a week MeShawn throws a player under said bus. I'm not a fan of Teddy Bear but he did make that one handed catch in the end zone in NY. But he sure did run away from the Ravens like they were wearing sheets. lol

Rob,How in hell you know that Henne will be a huge success?by the way you wrote a lot of crap this last post give us a break we can't read all this at once.

I see that the idiot, no social life loser, Cuban menace is back at again. Besides posting with his regular idiotic post names , he also posting under alienman . Who by the way is not on here to defend himself. Get a life you f'n social parasite.

Cuban Menace has just wasted a nice and lovely " Me " by posting more worthless crap on miami herald blogs all day.

every one is bad mouthing penne's arm but let see when henne start playing,in his dreams he would have a record like penne of 11 wins.

ROB , have you ever heard of ME ?

rex ryan....talk footbal man ,this is a footbal blog not your personal scoring crap with the menace.


keyshawn is a legend in his own mind. he was never a number 1.

He runs like a deer and he plays like a deer - scared. I love it! Thats the best description of Ginn ever. I absolutely can not stand Key but he is spot on with his assesment of Ginn. I'd be stoked if Ginn turned out to be a "good" #2. He is not there yet but I think he can be. If we could get a legit #1 guy Phins would have a nice group of WRs.


OK KIDS THE MENACE IS ON THE BLOG< DAVE, you hit it right on the number, also keyshawn(the mouth that roared)johnson is absolutly right about ted (feet of clay) ginn and his clipboard holding daddy....Whats the 1st Q for the cuban??

OPh lil "small package" m@@c, dude please quit being obsessed with me...get help please.. 1 800 get help' these are great people that will help you..

wow, and we had to get Keyshawn Johnson's opinion to fingure that Tedd Ginn Sukkks? Come on now, can we get serious now.. We knew that.

Spot on clayton, spot on....

cuban,few people today agreed with you onted ginn,try reading the post at 8;41 and read alienman saying he played football as WR

monkey, you have to read between the lines, yeah he was a wide recever alright for coach john his gay lover...

you think if alienman watch E kim kardashian show he will feel better

No monkey, he only has eyes for men....

Right Keyshaun...a number two receiver..just like you should have been...Keyshaun Johnson is one of the most overrated receivers that I can remember in a long time...he sure in the hell doesn't belong commentating with Chris Carter...he shouldn't even be spoken about in the same sentence as Carter

Ok kids heres ted (hands of stones)ginns state for his first 2 years 90 rec 1210 yds , 24 drops, 4 tds,270 yac(yards after catch)...a # 1 receiver??? i think not, there's no stats for running out of bounds but i guarantee that he would lead the league in that stat, and there's no stat for falling down and not catching the ball, but iam sure he would lead the league there too, another words ted(the cowardly wide out)ginn SUCKS....

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