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Keyshawn: Ted Ginn Jr. not elite

DANA POINT, Calif. -- Keyshawn Johnson knows about Bill Parcells and knows about being a productive receiver because, well, he was a productive receiver under Parcells for a long time.

And so, one figures, Johnson knows as much as anyone about what Parcells is hoping to get out of receiver Ted Ginn Jr. Johnson thinks if Parcells is hoping for Ginn to become Miami's No. 1 receiver, that is simply not going to happen.

"[Ginn] had a good year," Johnson said. "He had a great year I think. In his second year he showed progress at times. He had a [175]-yard game I think. He's doing OK.

"But he's a guy that is not your elite receiver. He's not your lead dog. He's a guy who needs other guys around him. You can't expect him to do everything, that's just not who he is. But he is productive."

Johnson believes the Dolphins will be searching for a player that can move seamlessly between the outside receiver spot that can stretch the field but also can get in the slot if necessary and do good work against safeties and nickel backs who would be overmatched physically.

Johnson believes Parcells likes versatility in his receivers and a definite amount of physical presence. Johnson doesn't think Ginn is that physical presence at all, especially when it comes to blocking a linebacker.

"He runs like a deer and he plays like a deer -- scared," Johnson said.

Having said that, Johnson is not a hater. He thinks Ginn can go to the next level as long as we all recognize the ceiling is not quite as high as what Ginn's No. 9 overall draft pick pedigree would suggest.

"What's the next level, though?" Johnson said. "You're not asking him to be ... what, you're going to ask him to be Randy Moss?"

Well, I think we all know Ginn likely isn't going to be that. How about a No. 2 receiver?

"Oh," Johnson said, "I think he's a good No. 2." 


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You can't teach courage....

Menace , how did you date go with Barney frank in the Villiage ? OH YESSSSSSSSSS

thats 2.8 catches a game,38 yds a game,.12 tds a game, 3 yds after catch, not very good stats huh??? you guys be the judge..

did you ever watched MACGRUBER IN SATURDAY night live?

rex ryan,why don't you go watch kim kardashian on E cable TV?you really can enjoy it a lot

Anyone else hear about us shipping Satele to the Raiders? I have no idea what we got for him, but I have to think it has to be atleast a 4th, maybe a 3rd?

who cares about what kind of player keyshawn was. that doesn't mean he is not right about teddy ginn. which by the way he is right.

Kevin ,you too should watch kim kardashian show on E cable TV and after that you will love every one of us.

The other sister looks better!

Thank you coach Johnson for cluing us in on a useless piece of info we're all already aware of. Further proof that you're quite the player bashing blabber mouth we all already know you to be.

Like you have so much room to talk. At best your career was "ok." Especially since you arent near the top of anyone's list to enter the NFL Hall of Fame. Lets jaw it up some more Off-key Shawn Johnson. LOL

keyshawn is spot on!

as for the trade of satele, i HATE IT! it would have been wise to keep him for depth--grove is injury prone.


jordan jones


Wow Keyshawn, great work! Whats next, are you going to let us know that the sky really is blue? Or will it be that Florida summers really are hot?

All Keyshawn has done since he was "cut" from the NFL is to bash other NFL players.

It wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt coming from a washed up, little better than average, former player. Who himself has a snowball's chance in Hell of making it to the NFL's Hall of Fame.

You know, all he has to say about Ginn, is pretty hilarious. Especially considering the "fact" that he under-achieved all that was expected of him coming out of college. Ginn isnt under-achieving at all. Its certainly not his fault that he was over-drafted by a de-posed regime. LOL!

That's all fine and good Keyshawn, coming from a former #1 overall draft pick who never lived up to the hype. Be quiet no one cares what you think.

i dont like either johnson or ginn i think we wasted a pick on ginn bess and camaril are both better than him we should kept wes welker that was the dumbest move

Screw Off-key Johnson! He been hatin on the Dolphins ever since he played for the "Wets". So why listen to that FOOL!

Hey Cuban Menace,
good stuff about Ted Ginn. I totally agree with you about him. I thought Davon Bess totally outplayed him last year and Davon was fighting for extra yards and not running out of bounds. With Davon & Greg at WR, I think we need more size. I do like Brandon London and think he can help, but I would like for Parcell to trade Ginn for maybe Brandon Edwards from Celeveland-I heard he might be on the trading block or Boldin which might cost to much right now. Or trade for a 2nd round draft pick, and then pick up some WRs in the draft which as Keyshawn stated will be bigger and stronger than what we have now.

He was right about one thing. Ginn needing help so that coverages don't double him all the time over the top on fly routes cuz nobody can keep up with him. He isn't a physical parcells guy. that being said I think if you were to put Ginn with another wideout that can spread the field he would be open much more and would still be the most dangerous offensive player on the field. Ginn Jr. has the ability to take it all the way every time he touches it. Could you say that about Keyshawn ever in his career??? NO. Keyshawn was a problem in the locker room and was whiner. His best days as a receiver were when he shut up. Is Ginn jr. going to be elite without help from another receiver? Probably not, but name one elite receiver that doesn't have his counter partner to help mismatch D. Ginn Jr. reminds me of a taller Steve Smith. He has longer strides and is not as quick off the bat but he has top end speed like no other.

Keyshawn is 100% correct. Ginn Runs and plays like a deer. Ginn can't hold Key's Jock. What a wasted pick by Cam. Get rid of Beck and Ginn. Cam must've had an affection for booze when he was picking these guys. I'll take Key over Ginn right now. At least the guy can get separation and warrant coverage. Ginn is a joke.

I bet Ginn Jr. would have more success over in New England in their scheme just as Welker did. It would only be too easy with the way they run their offense and not to mention Brady. I would take Ginn Jr. over Wes Welker any day. Wes Welker is an anomaly that is playing in his prime with a lot of heart on one of the best football franchises this millenium. I was not surprised to see Welker have success in New England and not as much in Miami. Don't you think it would be the same thing? When Ginn Jr. was thrown to and was mismatched in coverage he had a game with close to 200 yards in only his second season. arguably his first since Pennington came and 07's bust. The guy has more raw talent then Keyshawn ever had. just be patient the kid will grow into his shoes soon enough.

keyshawwn is satupid that one reason i don't watch sportscenter when he's on, like he was a #1 WR, he couldn't be out cherbet when he was with the jets,

I agree with Johnson's comments on Ginn. Moreover Randy Mueller who drafted Ginn to be an elite receiver was useless. All other players that Mueller drafted are now gone.



i have been saying it for years

Real insightful Keyshawn, tell us something we don't know.

I can't wait for Ginn to shut all you haters up. You guys just like to complain for complaining's sake. Keyshawn...you are going to listen to the guy who was on the bench for the superbowl win he has in Tampa...oh and the classic Draft Day-"He looks like a younger me. We will welcome him into the Panthers and Ill show him the ropes." Next day-Headline: "Panthers Cut Keyshawn Johnson."

Teddy is coming along and should have made improvements in his first 2 years. You know wide receivers take a few years to get the confidence and to fine tune his skills. I think Ginn Jr. is on track to becoming that #1 guy. This year will be his breakout year. I hope it doesn't happen with him on another team

Ginn definately has the potential to be a No. 1 Rec... But if ya'll remember correctly... they brought camarillo in do be the No. 1, They see that Ginn will take a while to develop in to a No. 1, Camarillo will improve to No. 1 this year and we will be 12-4 (hopefully) and east champs again... (I refuse to mention a SB appearance at this time) but I'm not gonna say its not possible either. KJ needs some TP for that mouth of his.

Brady and Moss are the only elite players? What are you smokin' Alien...you've been hangin' out with Ricky too long. lol

Adrian Peterson is elite! So are Ed Reed and Larry Fitzgerald. Truth be told...Moss isn't "elite" any more, bu the was. He's not even as good as Fitzgerald now.

i love the dolphins and ted ginn, but ted ginn is not an elite reciever. i am sure you can all relate to the deer comment johnson made because it's pretty accurate, ginn does dip and dodge around the field avoiding big hits and blocks.i like what he does when he isnt thinking of his size, but we need a stronger, bigger, more physical guy at the number 1 WR spot. i believe it is one of the biggest pieces to the puzzle we are missing.

Well said Key. I totally agree with his assesment. Key was a way better receiver than Ginn will likely be as he was bigger and more physical. Ginn is proving that speed in college does not always equate in the NFL. And I am a Keyshawn hater especially since he played for the Jets!

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