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Kiper: No shutdown corners in this draft

The saving grace for Miami's inactivity in the unrestricted free agent cornerback market has been the thought Miami will simply reach into the draft and pluck one or two solid corners to supply its need -- doing so perhaps as early as the first round.

Well, that may yet happen. But anyone thinking there will be a ton of available excellent cornerbacks in this draft didn't watch the NFL combine when many corners ran disappointing times. And now the "draft gurus" are starting to chime in on the class.

Meet Mel Kiper, draft guru. This is what Kiper says about this year's available corners over at espn.com: "There isn't that one true shutdown cornerback available this year," Kiper says. "And after the subpar 40 times run by the defensive backs at the combine workout, this position isn't really as strong or as deep as originally anticipated."

Obviously this is an opinion and it's not necessarily shared by the Dolphins. And the 40-yard dash times in the draft have been called into question because of a possible clock malfunction. But I think we can all agree Kiper studies this stuff more than the average layman. So I'm sharing what Kiper has to say about some of the top-rated cornerbacks.

Understand the Dolphins have apparently taken a hankerin' to Utah's Sean Smith. They've interviewed him. They've poured over tape of him. They really like the kid. More on him in a minute, including a youtube video below. This is what Kiper says about the "top" cornerback prospects:

Michael Jenkins (Ohio State): "Jenkins is barely maintaining his spot as the No. 1 cornerback," Kiper says. Although Kiper points out that Jenkins "brings a ton of experience and sound technique to the position," he ran a 4.55 40-yard dash at the combine, which makes Kiper worry whether he's worthy of first-round consideration.

Vontae Davis (Illinois): Davis is on Jenkins' heels as the top cornerback in this class. But "he lacks the necessary consistency and is still a work in progress," Kiper says. "But physically, he has the awesome physical talent you look for to warrant a first-round grade."

D.J. Moore (Vanderbilt): Kiper says he has impressive cover skills, good return skills, smooth hips and good ball skills, but he lacks good recovery speed.

Alphonso Smith (Wake Forest): "The 5-9, 193-pounder would be a first-round lock if he were a few inches taller and a bit faster," Kiper says.

Darius Butler (UCONN): Butler is a multiskilled athlete with outstanding recovery speed, Kiper says. Butler also saw action on offense, with nine receptions, and is a solid kick returner.

Donald Washington (Ohio State): Washington left school early, a move that many people questioned, but Kiper says he is a solid second-rounder and will draw consideration in the latter portion of Round 1. "He has the physical skills you look for," Kiper says.

Kiper includes Smith among a group of other corners with "early-round potential." Looking at the guy you have to figure he's a bottom of the first round or top of the second round player. He has elite cornerback size (6-3), he had good production throughout his career, he stays healthy which the Dolphins love, and he has no off-field issues.

"He has excellent, excellent instincts," one college scout told me this morning.

The scout told me Smith has to, "improve his technique getting out of his backpedal because sometimes his steps are awkward and that hurts his recovery to the ball." But, this scout added, "From what I've seen, he's very coachable and will be eager to work on his technique when a good pro coach gets a hold of him."

One more thing: Smith, the scout said, "has excellent ball skills. If the ball is in the air and he's in good position, he's more likely to come down with it than the receiver."

The other corners Kiper mentions as having early-round potential are Jairus Byrd of Oregon, Keenan Lewis of Oregon State, Brandon Huges of Oregon State, Captain Munnerlyn of South Carolina, Jerraud Powers of Auburn, and tough-guy Asher Allen of Georgia, who my scout source sees as something of a sleeper with great potential despite limited production."


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Mando, can you talk about the possibilites of signing Lucas now the Panthers cut him out?

kiper is a moron. nuff said

Dolphins won't bother with Lucas, who gets beat on too many long plays. Let the Falcons or some team like that grab him. May the force, be with you.

My hair is magnificent. A thick, flowing mane. But you can't touch it. And you can't touch my analysis as a draft guru, in fact no one can, least of all that up and coming ESPN wannabe Todd McShay. I swear to God I'm gonna put a beat down on him.

Mel, your hair is a joke.

I forgot to mention the HIPS

Yes , mel kiper is an idiot , but unfortunately the dilemma facing the trifecta is that the cb class IS WEAK . The only option at 25 that fits their criteria is sean smith. So the area they'll be looking at is rounds 2-4 and look at the donald washingtons , jarruis byrds , Sharron Martin ( who miami is keeping an eye on ), coye francies ( yes is 183 but 6-1 , etc of the world and hope they become good. for that reason miami will go pass rushing olbs in round 1. we should keep an eye on Cushing ,maybin ( if we trade up) matthews sintim ( if we stay ) and conner barwin ( if we trade down ). Those are players who might be there 20-32.

Come On guys......Let Mel make his Soup.

Groom a cornerback? Let him take care of his own hygene.

I've groomed guys before, there's nothing wrong with it. It's platonic.

I think king tuna will take a double meat b.l.t in the upcoming draft,and then finish it off with some famous amos cookies, what do you guys think??

He only eats cookies while he is on the treadmill.

Look I don't trust Mel Kiper. This guy said Miami will take a WR with there 1st pick. We all know that Tuna does not role that way. Clay Mathews look to be the best choice.
We need to build the D-LINE. If you don't give their QB time to throw. Even MANDO could cover moss.
Smith looks like a guy that could give moss & t.o. some trouble. Would be a great pick.

we should save our money and not sign any one until moss and t.o both retire

Alex, when the tuna does roll get outta the way bro, you dont want to get crushed...

I wish somebody would go through all of Kipers picks and find out at what percentage he gets it right. He acts like his is the only opinion to be had.

99 precent of picks mel.K made ,,,,,,,,in the sewer
1 percent................Trash can

Show me a strong pass rush and I will show All-Pro cornerbacks.

i just went through all mel's picks and found out that all of his picks were stingy.sorry Biff it took me a while before i answered your question.

Biff, to answer you question we have to have access to the main sewer in your area about mr mel.k pcks

any one knows if ted ginn has a smooth HIPS?

I have been on Sean Smith Bandwagon for quite a while now, Todd Bowles was at his proday. The kid is really liked by Miami. Im reallly hoping we pick him 1st overall.

Here's a little trivia for you guy's about the tuna, favorite musician Meatloaf,favorite eating spot Manhattan's, not the restaurant but the entire island,favorite vacation spot,the all you can eat at any golden corral,favorite past time, eating,horse racing,eating,and eating,favorite movie, meatball's,most romantic moment,"when i was at shula's steakhouse i hooked up with a 64 oz.t-bone",last book he read,fried green tomatoes,least favorite food,any veggie"they do nothing all day except lay with around with there hands in there pocket (like the french) growing doing nothing,sometimes i'll start to scream at veggies when iam driving through the country "WHY DONT YOU GUYS GET A JOB" well thats it for the tuna trivia kids, i hope you enjoyed it.

I think Miami will go CB in the 1st round and Sean Smith is there guy. In the second round I see OLB, DT, WR or TE being addressed. Alot of you will say TE? Miami loves to run 3 TE sets and Joey Haynos is very raw plus I read an article where Miami really like South Caroline Jared Cook. WR, or a G/T. I hear they really like Herman Johnson.

is kiper the lost little brother of steven seagal???

The border Collie was voted number one as smartest dog alive.i thought that will be helpful for any one has A killer pit bull

i dont like mel kiper... hes such a hater. i hope the lions draft a lineman just to piss of kiper

Any truth to the rumor Jake Long or Jake Grove is going to change their first name?

Any truth to the rumor cuban menace is going to change his last name?


Any truth to the rumor that there's no rumor around but a rumor?

People I don't like:

1. Mel Kiper
2. Ricky Ct
3. Bill Belichek
4. Luggi
5. A.B.C.
6. Fake Bungle aka. Bungle 2 aka Fan
7. Jim Kelly
8. NJfan aka Brain. Nj
9. Cam Cameron
10. Nick Saban

P.S. #'s 2, 4, 5, 8 are all the same person conversing with him/hersellf...

Mel Kiper is the best draft analyst and guru there is. I can prove it too. I listened to everything he said and always picked who he thought should go next.

So, I work with this really beautiful attorney. And she just complained about how cold it is on the main floor where we work. So I very proudly said, "Oh! I'll turn the heat up right away!" And I practically RAN to the thermostat and turned it up. And I still feel the RUSH of doing whatever a beautiful woman wants!

You know you feel the same way. You KNOW it!

How come dave that 99 precent based on my deep research of Mel Kiper picks are in the sewer then? BTW at last some one poster is worst than me in writing english on this blog and his name is......Mamando.Salguero

At the end of the day,no one knows who's going to turn out great/good/bad/awful when it comes to drafting players.Kiper worries that Malcolm Jenkins (Possibly the best CB in the draft),is'nt 1st round material.Jenkins could end up being the greatest CB to ever play the game.If everyone knew how good Tom Brady was,then he would have been taken 1st overall instead of the 6th round.The Dolphins should pick a CB in the 2nd (Pick 44) cus i do feel that Sean Smith,Alphonso Smith,Darius Butler and D.J Moore will all be there in the 2nd.

people that they think they know any thing are
carlito from golfito
BTW....all one poster.....and not me

Cuban , or should i say carlito from golfito , monkey , luggi , abc, etc I guess you don't like youself. LOL . Not that i really care , but i'm not brain( brian ) fom NJ .


carlito from golfito,he hates ten names of ten people and he wants the blog all for himself then he can apply the dictatorship he long for.i think he owns a pit bull and he never finished middle school .PEACE

Kiper, here he goes again. All of us @ ESPN know the clock used during the CB's 40-times was slow by about one-tenth of a second. All Bill & Ireland need to do is re-run the tape, and time the CB's themselves, and see how fast these guys truely are!

Other NFL teams know this too and the CB's will be selected appropriately. Miami would be fortunate to land Smith.

BTW, Shawn Zobel thinks Miami will land USC's Brian Cushing @ 25. He was lucky to have more accurate projections the past two years. But, picks like this will ensure that won't happen again in '09.

nj phin fan, thank you that you told us that cuban is carlito from creepy cause he always note his dislike for cameron and saban.that's what gave it a way

nj phin fan is right cuban is in fact carlito from creepy golfito and what gave it away i think is that we all read every day menace dislike for Saban and Cameron......thank you nj phin fan and your smart guy

Look at this draft grade from Mel Kiper for the NY Giants back in 05...

New York Giants: C
Cornerback Corey Webster was slowed by nagging injuries last season but is a tremendous cover man when healthy and had a top-10 grade after his junior season. Justin Tuck is an OK end in the third round but should have gone back to Notre Dame; Brandon Jacobs should carve a niche as a power back; and end Eric Moore is also an OK pick. The Giants just did not have enough selections to make a big impact on their football team.

And the Chargers...

San Diego Chargers: C
I like end/linebacker Shawne Merriman as an addition to the pass rush, but the rest of the players the Chargers selected were taken a little early. Defensive tackle Luis Castillo did not have a first-round grade and receiver Vincent Jackson was a reach in the second round as the Chargers were desperate to add a receiver. Darren Sproles should be a nice situational back who can also return kicks, but the remainder of the players San Diego took were more toward the undrafted free-agent category.

Now the Bears and Bengals...

Chicago Bears: A-
Cedric Benson has all the makings of a star running back and Mark Bradley fills a need at wide receiver while also bringing excellent special-teams skills to the table. Getting Kyle Orton gives the Bears a nice backup who will fill in capably should quarterback Rex Grossman go down again. Receiver Airese Curry made sense in the fifth round and the late-round safeties could become contributors as well.

Cincinnati Bengals: A-
Defensive end David Pollack and linebacker Odell Thurman were teammates at Georgia and are immediate upgrades for the front seven on Marvin Lewis' defense. The Bengals helped the offensive line with another pair of teammates, center Eric Ghiaciuc and tackle Adam Kieft from Central Michigan, and thanks to his great physical attributes receiver Chris Henry is a good gamble in the third round despite some character questions. Fellow wideout Tab Perry was a sensible pick in the sixth.

I concur with all my fellow posters.... Kiper is a talking head...

Armando, despite what Kiper says, which one of these corners accomodate "The Trifecta's" philosophy of value and versatility?

Ted Ginn does not have smooth hips, but he does come from a family of smooth hips. His 3rd cousin on his mom's side has incredibly smooth hips and granma Ginn is known for her hips. Cam Cameron had the inside scoop from Kiper...

Luggi, Carbonara, Tim, Ricky CT, A.B.C., NJfan, Brain Nj, Monkey, Many Me, am I forgetting any names? There are too much to keep track of. I never said that I hated you and all of your personalities. Hate is a very strong word, I said I didn't like you. So to make it clear, I don't like you and I feel sorry for you. I guess if you get satisfaction from talking to yourself all day and trying to start arguments between other bloggers, fine, go ahead, but you might wanna actually get out and experience life, maybe even try talking to someone of the opposite sex. You are not a Dolphins fan and rarely ever talk football. What is wrong with you?

When the qb is a setting on his butt because of a 3.2 second pass rush, we don't have to worry about speed at this position. No time for the qb to make up his mind.
Other fact, we have an o line this year. Ronnie and Rickie running means we are going to have
the ball a lot more. CB's are important but not the be and all.

I am not Cuban. Alot of people don't like Cameron and Saban, they helped ruin the fins. Cuban isn't even a Dolphins fan.

carlito from creepy golfito ,for you to spend the time finding out who is who that then will take us to another one w/name of Alienman

PFT is reporting that the Cardinals are shopping Boldin...I know Mike Florio is a Deuche-bag, and tuna and company don't wanna trade draft picks but Boldin is the only receiver that has been on the market that is worth making moves for...He is young and a beast and from south florida...

carlito .....let me ask you why you care if you like a person just having fun on the blog hater?

Many Me,

I am not alienman. I am Carlito. You wanna talk haters? Thats funny, you come on here for the specific reason of hating on the dolphins and to aggravate dolphins fans.

WENDY Whiner ALIENMAN IS ALIVE AND WELL WITH HATE for any one who has another view than his.your last answer very clear come from ALIENMAN book of hate

Many Me's,

Its funny, constantly posting under different names to aggravate people has you paranoid that other people are doing the same. I assure you, I am not alienman. I was born on the planet earth and hail from the wonderful port city of Golfito.

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Many Me,

Why are you infatuated with alienman? Thats kind of unhealthy to be obsessed with another man like that. I told you I am not him and your insults directed at alienman do not bother me. He is known to be a whiner and a tattle-tail.


CARLITO must be luggi and he's talking to Cuban Menace

LOL , I see your back to your crazy self. You know who i"m talking to , LOL . The tuna bio was funny stuff.

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