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Miami's need for speed off the edge

DANA POINT, Calif. -- I've spent the past two or three days talking to people within the Dolphins organization and as you know, sometimes it's not what people say, it's how they say it.

In this story that appears in today's Miami Herald, coach Tony Sparano made it very clear the Dolphins, "can never have enough pass rushers." That's what the Dolphins believe and to add to that sentiment, Sparano says, "and right now, we don't have enough."

So the Dolphins want more pass rush. And they need more pass rush. That's what he said.

But I'm telling you the way he said it, and from what I've gotten out of other conversations, I believe the Dolphins will go get at least one more pass rusher, possibly more, in the coming draft. And I'm not talking about on the second day. 

I'm saying within the first two rounds. I'm saying the Dolphins see this as their greatest need. I'm saying the need is so high on the priority list, a source has told me the Dolphins still will not rule out Jason Taylor as a one-year fix to the problem, assuming the money is right.

I'm saying bells should be going off in everyone's head that the pass rusher is the position the Dolphins would love to find the right player to select in the first round.

Of course, that is not guaranteed. What if some receiver unexpectedly falls to Miami? What if the best cornerback in the draft falls to Miami? Then the Dolphins might not go with the pass rusher first. But eventually they will select a pass rusher.

So who do the Dolphins go after?

Larry English?

Clint Sintim?

Cody Brown?

Connor Barwin, who can double as a TE in case he flops as an OLB?

Please don't say Aaron Curry or Everette Brown. They should both be gone before the Dolphins take a first whack at the selection process. But what other players would solve Miami's need to go get the quarterback?

[BLOG NOTE: Yesterday there was a lot of banter related to everything except football. That was yesterday. Today, the topic is football. If you go off the reservation and start discussing Sally Struthers' weight issues, I will delete your post. No talk of kittens, cakes, monkeys, or presidential press conferences. Censorship? Sure. So what?]


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They may include a speedy CB as pass rusher at times.

For the love of all, why not at least TRY to bring back Taylor?! You're telling me that we have this kind of "need" at pass rushers, and no one is even entertaining the idea of bringing Jason back?! I don't get it, I really don't. I mean I'm definitely bias because I never wanted him to leave, and in my Madden game the first thing I did is trade him back to Miami and change his jersey back to 99. But regardless of my loyalty to the one Dolphin player who always made the 200 dollar price tag for my NFL Sunday Ticket completely worth it... I still don't get why they (AND he) wouldn't want to figure something out so he could come back, he would fill a huge need at pass rusher, and he could retire with the team he started with. Why not?

My pick here is a talented LB like Clay Matthews in the first round.

I like English, Barwin and Sintim but I bet that 2 out of these 3 guys will still be available at our 1st pick in the 2nd round. If the Fins believe this, they'll go for the WR in the 1st round when a guy like Kenny Britt is available.

why no talk of Peppers?? I know it's not through the draft - but a great pass rusher who plays well in a 3-4.....

Shouldn't be much of a surprise that pass rush trumps DB's considering the low level of CB's the team has gone after in FA. Guess if you get a good enough rush, you don't need as good coverage. If we can achieve that, I'm ok with it.

Kenny Britt isn't a 1st round receiver. If we draft a receiver in the first round it will be because English & Barwin are off the board. Then it will be for Hayward-Bey, Harvin, or Nicks. If the Dolphins really want Barwin, they must take him in the first. No way he gets past New England in the 2nd round with the pick they received from the Chiefs.

i agree with armando in his take of things about the fins needs and i think that's what dolphins will do in the coming draft

Armandito commonista!

While I'd love a flashy WR, we need to come to grips with the fact that the Trifecta views our needs in order as OLB, CB, WR in that order. I love Hakeem Nicks, but mark my words, we don't think about WR until at least our 2nd-2nd round pick.

Sally Struthers ? LOL , did I miss something ? Well Miami is on the pink side of things. But to keep with this thread, she would make a good nose tackle, short and wide. Black guys would love her, but she's a carpet muncher. I had a thing for her back in the day. Archie Bunker was great. Later Meathead

I know Pepper's worth of two first day picks, but we're dealing with several guys in their last year of contract, and in order to be competitive after 2009, that translates in a huge need for high profile draft picks THIS APRIL and next.
Peppers is just too expensive for us in draft picks.


I'm guilty as charged in going Sally Struthers yesterday..but it's that Nathanial dude that started it with his cheesy top 10!

Anyway, I sure hope we wait till day 2 to get another OLB. There are plenty of JEMS that have been found in later rounds...JT comes to mind.

I want to go ILB (Like Laurinaitis or Maualuga...who's falling down the boards)or Hakeem Nicks in the first...Adele isn't getting any younger...

Then CB and WR or 2 CB's in the second.

Why dont we get peppers I no he would cost a lot of money but you get a lot of player.Still young, at times he can control the game from DE spot.Him and porter instant pressure ,he would put miami in race for afc champion ship.

As long as the Trifecta is in charge, we will never throw money at expensive FA or trades like Peppers. You build thru the draft because its the only way you can have the chance to have multiple superstars on your team with their relativly inexpensive rookie contracts.

Laurinaitis will be a 2nd rounder possibly 3rd.

I have to agree with Mike Maxfield here. He does a really nice job explaining why JT should be brought back. I'm not really getting why there has been no talk of this. I can only imagine Parcells and co. want veterans who will lead by example and JT's lack of commitment to the off-season programs and perhaps his price tag must be stopping things from happening. I'm glad the team is addressing the pass rush but I still think I would go WR, CB or LB in the first round and pass rush in the second.

And thank God we won't have to live with all that drivel that was posted on here yesterday. You guys should be embarassed by some of those conversations that took place yesterday. This is a football blog guys....I would prefer to keep it that way. You should take those conversations some place else....

As told before my pick is LB like Clay Matthews in the first round, that is considering B.J. Raji & Ron Brace are gone. I expect them to be selected by GB & Denver.

IMAGE, peppers has never played in a 3-4 and would be to expensive

JT will be in boston on friday.lol lol

Hakeem Nicks will be a stud. He is exactly the type of WR the Dolphins need to compliment what we already have. Nicks is my pick, but Parcel's track record indicates WR will not be a 1st rd priority. Also, looking back at Parcel's drafts he loves to take TEs (even when he has good ones on the roster). Do not be surprised if Team Tuna selects a TE sometime on Day 1. I believe the draft will be 1st) OLB, 2A) WR or CB, 2B) BPA. I am just happy we don't have to worry about having Rick Spielman draft for us.

Looks like JT is going to be a PAT????????

and the problem with pass rushers and the new miss brady rule, you can't hit them high,you can't hit them low. I guess you have to put a pillow on the ground and gently lay the q-back down so you don't get a 15 yard penalty

the rule apply to all QB in the NFL mr.dangle

Really like this Sintim guy. He looks like a very solid NFL linebacker. Good combo of speed and strength.
BTW...There is NO WAY Parcells uses a 1st on a WR. Y'all are crazy!!!

15 yard penalty? I would gladly take that if it was a clean hit that resulted in knocking Brady out of the game/season Part Deux.

JT will be in boston in friday.

I like Maxfield's thinking. The only potential reason i could see for the reunion not happening is JT's commitment to avoiding offseason workouts.

That said, I'd like to see JT say he's coming back and working out with the Fins in the offseason.

I know Kyle Matthews coach, Kyle is CLay Matthews older brother. Anyways my buddy is good friends with the family and spoke with Clay on where he might go and who was interested in him after the combine. Well, according to my friend Miami is very interested in Clay Matthews as an OLB. Clay was telling him the before he checked into his hotel he was stopped by the Tuna and they talked for about an hour. He scheduled to have a private workout with Miami and is said to be loved by us.

Another guy to consider is Utahs Paul Krueger

Sparkito........what would you feel if we say the same about HENNE? you should watch tough men fighting not dolphins and you sound like a jet fan.

Sparkito........what would you feel if we say the same about HENNE? you should watch tough men fighting not dolphins and you sound like a jet fan.

Posted by: Gopats

Honestly. I don't give a shite what a Pats fan thinks. Notice I said a "clean" hit. Nothing wrong with that. Pats are a bunch of cheaters and whiners. Brady getting injured was just the beginning of their karmic nightmare. Down with the Hoodie!!

Armando, why would you bring up Jason Taylor again? People just stopped with the "We should re-sign Jason Taylor, Zack Thomas, Patrick Suratin, and Sam Madison."

Here comes another round of "We should bring back...." You fill in the blank.

Maybe we should bring back the Marks bros. to help out at wr... those guys aren't playing anywhere right now either.

I say Clay Matthews at 25,

They will probably try to trade the pick, but if they cant- they will take the best player available at a position of need. It could be a WR, CB, LB, DE.. whoever is the best player at one of those positions is they guy they will take.

yes luggi all the q-backs, I understand having rules but this is the NFL and not flag!!! AND of course when Goodells long lost son Tommy got hurt then lets make another rule to protect him. soon we won't need a d-line because nobodt will be able to touch the q-back

I heard a couple weeks ago that Phins had a "quiet" agreement with JT to return. Could be all rumor, only time will tell. Also heard(awhile back) Phins were interested in Tony Gonzalez who today has asked to be traded. Probably just more rumor.

like i said in the past.....if you want to make your average cornerbacks look like probowlers, then put together a dominating defensive front....ie pass rush...why do you think gibril wilson looked good enough to get all that money from oaktown....the giants pass rush was crushing teams in 07....forget cb and wr early in the draft....first two piks will be defensive front seven.

I hear ya Sparkito

Jason "Twinkle Toes" Taylor doesn't want to participate in training camp!!!! Look where that got him last year, injured and unproductive. How does he expect to get paid if he doesn't want to do they job.

I say if they bring back JT, it should be to do his dance routine for the half time show.

JT's an amazing 4-3 DE, and loves to run around his blocker while hunting for the passer, but he doesn't fit the OLB 3-4 role Sparano is looking for.
Let's face it Joey Porter wasn't the same under a 3-4 scheme, so switching JT into 3-4 OLB can be a wrong move.
Another fact is the bad combination of age, commitment, & contract expectations. He is over 30 which lead him on focusing on life after football so dancing, acting & other activities are more important for him than learning a defensive scheme and participating in OTAs. But his price and contract expectations are near the top of the league, so even I love the way he constantly gets over the opponent QB, his return into Miami roster looks pretty unlikely.

So much for Nicks.....

Makes sense though.. We are playing against Moss, Welker, Owens and other great receivers in our division. Our only hope is to allow 2 seconds for a qb to throw the ball or we will get burned!!

Sparkito sounds like a bully fin fan , the only way he thinks for his team to win and get out of the NFL basement club is to hurt a player.in the end this is the kind of fan that gives the sport an ugly name ,i hope he learns from a pat fan some thing.

What can I learn from a Pat's fan? Let me see...the best way to win is to cheat your way to the top. Football is the most physical game and if a clean hit results in an injury to the opposing team's best player then I am all for it. There is nothing wrong with that statement. Go back to Boston, raise a pint of Sam Adams and make out with the nearest nasty fat Boston chick.

hey ,dangle......the only player on the field who sees 10,000 IB coming at him is the QB and it's time to prevent the nasty hits by some players and think how would you feel about nasty DL player who hit henne just to get out of a game ,that's not football but it's drunk low life tough men fighting.


Any word on what Sporano had for breakfast today?


Do you know what Jason Taylor likes to eat for breakfast?


Connor Barwin is who they like. His workout numbers say first round , his inexperience says round 2. 1st pick rd two no later.

luggi from costa rica--

You are from Costa Rica, where drunk low life tough Indios fighting is the national past time. You should praise this type of behavior not condemn it.


I agree that qb's need to be protected, but the new rules are ridiculous. Nfl players on offense and defense wind up on the ground all the time. Now its almost like if you fall down, you are done for the play. Does this mean that shoe string tackles are now illegal?? If you are on the ground, what are you supposed to do? Quit playing?

Sparkito, I tell a secret.....all coaches did the spaying and one master of it the TUNA himself who showed bill the way to win it all.BTW sam adams better the .50 cents you drink in the proud south of clean hits.

Fins should apply the best talent available rule. Whether you want to believe it or not based off last season- they still have a boatload of holes to fill.

Sparkito.that's why i came to the old good usa to ba a civil person not a hot dog fan.BTW IN cost rica we chicken fight only


you know nothing of Costa Rica and our people or our national past time. The only drunk low lifes in Costa Rica are the drunk, coked up gringos that come for a week and act like they own the place. Please stop with your racist, elitist statements.

Luggi's problem is not that he is a Tico (Costa Rican), but that he is a Pats Fan.

Cody Brown will be.... A Miami Dolphin. The Dolphins have worked him out a hundred times... I believe he will go in the third round... Another guy to look out for is Sidbury from Richmond... A pure pass rusher... Good size... Parcells loves mining the small school products... I think he wants to show everyone how smart he is...

Gopats I don't drink beer I drink Scotch.
There is no evidence that Parcels has ever engaged in the reprehensible cheating that Hoodie committed. Nice try on trying to connect them but the Pats are alone in their cheating ways. Its OK though because everyone knows that their Superbowl victories are tainted. Can you say asterisk?

I think Rey Maualuga is who the Fins really want but realize he will be gone by the time they pick. I think Clint Sintim out of Virginia is likely as hes played in a 3-4 in college and is ideal for us at 6-3, 255. Al Groh is boys with Parcells so I'm sure they have talked. Brian Cushing is another possibility as well.

Hey Armando, is there any prospects you have heard in particular that the Fins are interested in?

Hate to say I told you so,

But well, been saying for a month I think deff front seven going be main concern early in draft. Think I said probably 3 of the first 4 picks.

No cb in first round especially no wr. Probably olb then dt(Brace) then de.

You are right "souljahbeats" because saying we want to bring back the Marks brothers is completely the same as saying we want to bring back Jason Taylor. I suppose your point is that we need to move on, or something? I don't know, your point was lost on me with such a ridiculous, unfounded, misdirected example of how we are "whining about bringing back" players.

But regardless of how not-very-bright you most likely are, I still feel the need to further defend your particular take on fans asking for Jason Taylor to come back... So you're actually comparing Taylor, a proven pass-rusher, something we badly need, less than 3 seasons removed from defensive player of the year, to someone asking to bring back Surtain and Madison? I mean, first of all dummy, who has suggested that? No one. Second of all, Surtain and Madison quite possibly have little to nothing left in the tank, Taylor absolutely still does. (if he wants to.) So your comparisons are ridiculous.

And by the way, you ranted on in another post about Taylor, in a negative way... so clearly you don't like the guy. Why is that? Are you a Dolphins fan?

It looks like all along the Parcels Plan was to be able to get by without the shutdown corners and find a way to improve the DL & Pass rush. It really is why we watch the games and men like Parcels run the game, he probably formulated that strategy, what.... four five or six months ago? We were all here, including Armondo, saying we needed to go after some of these guy in FA even if we had to pay. Or we need to pony up big contracts to not lose guys! Remember.....? Well, Parcels didn't and none of us said, "Well, we need to focus on pass rush and not worry about corner" We all have sat back not knowing what was going on, until it was too late for the other teams! Look at the great benefits, every team, including those in the AFC East thought that the Dolphins would start to plug up the holes at CB and because thats what they probably thought they tried to outbid Miami and the funniest part is that Miami wasn't even in the bidding!

So we get to see these free agents go to other teams, but most of those teams over reached for there players and that will cost them down the line..... there was a story a few days ago here about how Parcels is now thinking about filling the needs we have next year, well by making your opponents over reach for free agents you literally tie there hands behind there back in the upcoming years as they try to not only replace the older free agents they over reached to get, but then struggle to do so in a way that they take the lest cap hit.... it wont be easy for NE in two years to do that.

It is true that we have seen NE in this position before and they always seem to dance out of it, but I think Parcels has outsmarted all of us since he arrived here.

Don't take that personally either because I think we are about to witness him outsmarting most of the AFC East & NE before his time here is over!

And that is great news for us!!!!

I can't see Miami drafting a CB in the first or second round I think that Parcels strategy is to make due with what they have, maybe if a guy falls to the late second they take him, but CB will be an issue faced in next years draft when the pool is a bit better!

The Dolphins know who they want and target them in the draft... Anybody who is left after the 24th pick is fair game... I don't think they will trade up, trading down is a greater possibility. I think best player available only applies when they haven't targeted a player... Expect alot of wheeling and dealing on draft day from the fins...

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