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Miami's need for speed off the edge

DANA POINT, Calif. -- I've spent the past two or three days talking to people within the Dolphins organization and as you know, sometimes it's not what people say, it's how they say it.

In this story that appears in today's Miami Herald, coach Tony Sparano made it very clear the Dolphins, "can never have enough pass rushers." That's what the Dolphins believe and to add to that sentiment, Sparano says, "and right now, we don't have enough."

So the Dolphins want more pass rush. And they need more pass rush. That's what he said.

But I'm telling you the way he said it, and from what I've gotten out of other conversations, I believe the Dolphins will go get at least one more pass rusher, possibly more, in the coming draft. And I'm not talking about on the second day. 

I'm saying within the first two rounds. I'm saying the Dolphins see this as their greatest need. I'm saying the need is so high on the priority list, a source has told me the Dolphins still will not rule out Jason Taylor as a one-year fix to the problem, assuming the money is right.

I'm saying bells should be going off in everyone's head that the pass rusher is the position the Dolphins would love to find the right player to select in the first round.

Of course, that is not guaranteed. What if some receiver unexpectedly falls to Miami? What if the best cornerback in the draft falls to Miami? Then the Dolphins might not go with the pass rusher first. But eventually they will select a pass rusher.

So who do the Dolphins go after?

Larry English?

Clint Sintim?

Cody Brown?

Connor Barwin, who can double as a TE in case he flops as an OLB?

Please don't say Aaron Curry or Everette Brown. They should both be gone before the Dolphins take a first whack at the selection process. But what other players would solve Miami's need to go get the quarterback?

[BLOG NOTE: Yesterday there was a lot of banter related to everything except football. That was yesterday. Today, the topic is football. If you go off the reservation and start discussing Sally Struthers' weight issues, I will delete your post. No talk of kittens, cakes, monkeys, or presidential press conferences. Censorship? Sure. So what?]


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Sparkito, i tell you another secret that is the reason the NFL put a cover on all spay gate talk is ,it was common among coaches that they all spy in many ways and if you notice we didn't hear from any one of them saying a word did you?

golfito...thanks for your kind words.

SOULJ, I Agree with you but today DL are so powerful they can end Henne carerer in one hit and that is not good at all.

Mike Maxfield,

Clearly you haven't been on this blog recently because there have been droves of people suggesting that we re-sign Surtain, Madison, Thomas, and your bff Jason Taylor.

Don't get mad and insult me because I don't like your little boyfriend. I don't think Jason Taylor should come back to the Dolphins because football doesn't seem to be very important to him. He didn't want to participate in training camp last year because he wanted to dance. He didn't want to be on the Dolphins b/c he wanted to go to a contender. Well, he didn't make the playoffs last year and now wants to come crawling back. What a surprise. But the facts are, he was not very good or productive at all last year and still does not want to participate in training camp.

Jason Taylor was great as a dolphin, but he is old and his best years are behind him. I think there is no chance the fins re-sign him, but if they do I will eat my crow meat like anyone else...but its not going to happen...

Mike Maxfield,

Regarding my Marks bros statement....

How can you insult someone's intelligence and not even know what sarcasm is????

Just goes to show you that common sense is not so common....

SOULJ....if fins sign JT is to design the new pink dolphins jersey for them

What about Maybin from Penn State? He might be a bit small as a DE but he is a speed rusher. Maybe an outside LB in a 3/4? Where is he projected to go?

How can you say that you know Taylor has "something left in the tank??"

He sure didn't have anything in the tank last year... he is done...especially with the dolphins...

your mancrush is definitely clouding your judgement Mr. Mike Maxipadfield

carlito from golfito.

I responded to you but my post was deleted. Damn big brother. BTW--I had a feta and spinach egg white omelet this morning for breakfast. Please post what you had for breakfast.


no problem. I also hail from the nation of Costa Rica.


I had 2 bananas, gallo pinto (rice and black beans, cooked in a frying pan with an egg, onions, and peppers), and Orange Juice...

Any word on Tony Sporano's breakfast this morning?


Once again Big Brother deleted my post. This is sad. I thought we lived in America. It turns out we live in America but in a little town called Armandoville.

Remember that last year, a guy like Dan Morgan listed in the first round was draft only in the 3rd round. The year before, Paul Posluszny had slipped in 2nd round. This year, it could well be: Laurinaitis (ILB), Sintim, Matthews or English. Who knows. My bet fort the 25th pick : Brian Cushing.... I hope.

Why Cushing? I have a feeling he is a roid head. I prefer Matthews. Thoughts?

Armando, I suggest the Dolphins go after Jason Taylor and employ him the same way the 49ers employed Fred Dean in Super Bowl XIX - as a dedicated pass rusher. If you'll recall, once the 49ers abandoned their normal set, and went to a 4-2-5, it rendered the Dolphins' offense completely ineffectual.

JOE MONTANA Had 3 touch downs that year 1985 against miami and he was also MVP.

Thank you for the addendum, Luggi. While not pertinent and hardly necessary, it is much appreciated.

Big Tuna likes big pass rushers the size of Sally Struthers, so I agree that's a draft priority. With LBs the size of kittens, next year will be no cake walk. With Joey monkeying around with double coverage, the Dolphins backfield looks like a presidential press conference surrounding him, and we must open him up for the pass rush to have success. BTW, the Dolphins have Merlin and the other guy, so lets forget Hollywood Taylor and move on.


What did you have for breakfast? Also, who do you see emerging as the Phin's nickel back?

What do we do with Porter if JT comes back. I think the main reason JT refused to agree to the off season program in Washington was because they would not guarantee him the weak side DE spot. he is not going to come back to play the strong OLB spot and Porter is not going to want to go back there where he can't play the run and where he failed a few years ago.

Some mocks have E. Brown slipping in the draft due to his height/speed and failed pass rushers from Florida State.

I think other possibilities for pass rushers in the draft are Aaron Maybin, Robert Ayers for the strong side OLB, Clay Mathews, Michael Johnson (hope not). I am voting for Connor Barwin with pick 2a and Nicks at pick 25.

E. Brown will be a top 15 pick.

NATHANIEL....please post your last post from news and nuggets so every one can see it,


the fins already have a nickel back, his name is nate jones and he played pretty well last year.

True. I forgot about Nasty Nate!!

Here goes my draft pred.....
1.Clay Mathews OLB
2.Sean Smith CB
2b.Brian Robiskie or Louis Murphy WR ( maybe Barden, not much tape on him..screw da combine)
3.Cornelius Ingram TE
Draft best Dtacle avail or trade pick to CLE for Shaun Rogers.
The Tuna knows he aint gonna be around much longer so he wants to get this Henne train rolling. If they really believe he gives us a better chance to win then all sentiments and past accomplishments go out the window ! Play em if ya got em !

I think whatever rookie we draft at cb will be worked in at nickel back first and eventually line up on the opposite end from will allen

Looking at DEs that look like they can play OLB, these names stick out to me: 1st day-Michael Johnson Ht-6-7, Wt-260, 40-4.65, and 2nd day-Lawrence Sidbury Ht-6-2, Wt-264, 40-4.64, Tim Jamison Ht-6-3, Wt-266, 40-4.69

DEs that could play DE: 2nd day-Zach Potter Ht-6-7, Wt-280, 40-4.94, Rulon Davis Ht-6-5, Wt-280, 40-4.95(served in the military so you know he's a hard worker.)

DTs that can play DE: 1st day-Perria Jerry Ht-6-2, Wt-305, 40-4.90(if he falls), Sen'Derrick Marks Ht-6-1, Wt-291, 40-4.89, Ricky Jean-Francois Ht-6-3, Wt-295, 40-4.90, Mitch King Ht-6-2, Wt-280, 40-4.89, Chris Baker Ht-6-2, Wt-326, 40-4.90(I love this kids talent, and may be able to get him on the 2nd day because of some problems he had. Can also play DT.)

DTs that can play DT: 1st day-Dorell Scott Ht-6-4, Wt-320, 40-5.00, Chris Baker (see above)

OLBs-Jason Williams, Ht-6-3, Wt-235, 40-4.49, Jonathan Casillas, Ht-6-2, Wt-230, 40-4.50, DeAndre Levy, Ht-6-3, Wt-230, 40-4.55. These are all guys that need to put on around 10 pounds. However, once they do they'll still have Aaron Curry size and speed.

These are the guys that stick out to me. Really, all I am looking at is their weight and speed though. I don't know how most these kids play, but it looks like they have some serious talent.

I got all the info here from www.thefootballexpert.com. I wouldn't want to be accused of plagiarism.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to draft Louis Murphy. The Gators have very limited success with their WRs making the transition to the NFL. Point blank--I would suggest the Phins never draft a UF player period.

I hear Mike Maxfield thinks we should bring back John Offerdahl at ILB and Richmond Webb to add offensive line depth. I think he is a little off though, he also thinks Keith Byars will be re-signed to fill our FB needs.

Hey Sparkito,

I kinda see where you are coming from with your "knocking out the QB" sentiment. Maybe I am alone on this, but we all probably wish for the other guy to down on a clean hit in the heat of the game. I know there is a risk to your own QB as well, but this is football. If it is a clean hit, so be it. So every time we sack Brady you know what I will be hoping for.

I, too, believe that QBs should be protected. If only there was a way to get 5 guys on the field and put them in front of the QB with the primary responsibility of giving the QB time to throw. Maybe these guys could be strong, heavy, and wide so that it would take even longer to get to the QB. They could even stand abreast while doing this, making it harder to get around this "line" of sorts...

Seriously, QBs get more than enough protection as it is. The NFL brass is just trying to protect its franchise players because they see it as an easy way to protect their profits. Sadly, they don't realize that the easiest way to protect their profits is to continue to place a quality product onto the field, not a cherry Jell-O soft version NFL. And it's not just the QBs getting the love this year. No more blind-side blocks to the earhole with the shoulders or forearms? Weak. Can't hit a receiver going over the middle with a shot to the head with the shoulder or forearms either? Seriously weak. I can understand leading with the helmet (spearing) in both those cases, but you can't block high with the forearms anymore? That's a football staple.

As for the Dolphins' picks, I'd love to see us trade out of the first for an early 2nd and 3rd. Then we could walk out of the first few rounds with a strong OLB (Barwin or Kruger in the 2nd), a young NT (taylor from Michigan should be available in the 3rd or 4th round easy), wide receiver (Robiskie or Iglesias in the 2nd), and a couple of CBs (Sean Smith, Butler, or DJ Moore early with Kevin Barnes from Maryland with a 3rd). Only possible if we can trade back 7-10 spots but here's hoping.

Cuban Assassin...Amen brother amen!!

SOULJA . Don't forget B.Baumhower and A.J.Duhe to fill out nt and lb needs .LOL The only time J taylor wil be back as a dolphin in dolphin stadium is to be honered the the ring of ( Honer) fame .

hope you don't listen to fools like souljah, Armando.

Jason Taylor "Twinkle toes"? You're as whacked out as the mutant from Jerksy, or are u the same person?

To: pmorris,

Very slick. You added all the words that Mando prohibited in your post. Sally Struthers, kittens, cakes,monkey, and Presidential press conferences. Go Phins!!!!!

Luggi, the Book of Ecclesiastes says there is a time for everything. A time for love, a time for hate ... In that similar vein, this is clearly not a time for mishiguss. Let's keep this blog on the straight and narrow, and confine our comments to the issues at hand, and not some ridiculous playoff system in which Sally Struthers emerged as the winner. Please.

I'd like to see the FIns address the pass rush at both levels. With that said one of the many LB that have been mentioned on the 1st Barwin being my favorite (English my least). The Fins could then follow that up with Jarron Gilbert DE San Jose St.

The Fins MUST address CB and OL depth as well. We have three inside lineman that can seem to stay healthy and a bunch of garbage backing them up.

Sparkito ....you found one person to agree with you that to hit a QB to knock him out of the game in a nasty uncalled for hitit's ok,i like to see your reaction if this happened to HENNE my boy.

Someone from the Ginn family can help with the pass rush, maybe his mother.

One would think that JT would like to come back to the Fins since 1) not many other teams may want him, 2) he can close out his career as a Fin, and win back the hearts of many Fin fans if he has a good year, 3) the fins would look to use him as a pass rush specialist only, which is his strength, and not an every down player.

But will his ego allow him to take a big paycut, and allow him to work with the grunts in the offseason program?


Clean hit is totally acceptable. Play football. Please remove your panties.

To: Gopats,

As long as it is a clean hit, no flags I can live with it. You are getting worked up about hitting thing. I will say that I hope we sack Brady and knock out for the game. What is so bad about that?

Back Country Jed,

Let me ask you a question since you think you are so smart...

Where will Jason Taylor play if the dolphins did sign him? (and they won't)

Will he take the weak side lb which is already taken by Joey Porter (who will not go back to strong side lb, because he played horrible at that position in 2007) or will Taylor play strong side lb where we already have two young, starting quality lbs in Roth and Wake...

Face it, Jason Taylor is old and just doesn't fit in the dolphins' scheme. He also doesn't want to do the work in the offseason, which is not going to fly with the dolphins coaches/front office.

Like I said earlier, common sense isn't so common

ARRON MAYBIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

To: Gopats,

Ok nobody will say their intentions about sacking the QB. I say you sack the QB with a legal hit and let the chips fall where they may. If he is knocked out so be it.

Look at baseball for a second. A runner trying to break up a double play will slide into the 2nd baseman to try to break it up. The slide is legit and the second baseman may get hurt as well. Ooooh I cannot wait til we sack Brady and he is......

Or maybe you're right Back Country Jed,

Maybe we do need an aging LB that wants to dance with the stars and ditch the dolphins to be a "contender" only to skip off season conditioning, wind up injured and unproducitve and watching the dolphins from home in january only to come crawling back once he was cut by the "contender" for not wanting to participate in conditioning again....

Maybe this year we could sign him and he could ditch training camp to be on celebrity apprentice or american idol

You can't hit them low. You can't hit them high. You can't hit them on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays or any Jewish holidays. You have to have authorization papers in hand signed by team owners and notarized by the commissioner. Blah, blah, blah. Freakin' QBs. Where does it end?

No doubt teams will be apt to "testing" Brady's surgically repaired knee. That is just part of the game. It was certainly a HUGE risk trading Cassel. Patsies may get burned. Down with the Hoodie!!

CAVALIERKONG. Where have you been buddy ?

joe pa-I like connor barwin better. He's bigger, just as fast, and is more versatile.

NJ Phin Fan,

I can see Jason Taylor starring alongisde Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in crappy, straight to dvd, Disney movies in a couple of years....

It will have to be a musical though so he can do his dance routine...

My job doesn't always allow me the time to play. I always read the posts at the end of the day but don't often get to comment. I found yesterday particularly amusing with Nathaniel & Mike going at it.

Cavalierkong, Tom Brady is Jewish???

Funny, he doesn't look it.

i think this is a smoke screen. I think that the pass rush is a second line priority. It would not surprise me if we took nose tackle first pick in the second round. but the first round will be wide out or cb depending on the talent available. The fins are just confusing the other teams possibly to trade out of the first all together and getr more picks...

James in va

My favorite DE converted to OLB prospect is Michael Johnson out of GT. He's 6'7-260 and runs a 4.65. That is the perfect OLB for the 3-4.

Why not peppers??? Heard that....If all you have to do is give up a second and another late round pick to top the pats, we should go for it obviously....

but the better deal truly is get JT back this year, retire as a dolphin while we can select another pass rusher with our first second day pick....That is just my opinion....JT will come in motivated and he will play hard to show he can still ball...I know people say well JT and porter didn't work last time they were together, yes but that was under the idiot of cam cameron and his stupid coaching staff being brainwashed by his dumb demeanor and ideas....This time under pasquoloni it will work....

I say we take the best player available in the draft, and sign JT....and If you can I would certainly trade for boldin over peppers....A second, a 7th, and camarillo??? In a heart beat....


I'm all for trying to get good hits on a player (including the QB) and if you can knock him out of the game then all the better. The whole point of the game is to physically dominate your opponent.

The different elements are speed, strength and agility. You have power teams that wear you down with their physicality. Are they not supposed to do that?Should players like Ray Lewis not intimidate opponents with their physical presence?

I am never hoping for any player (even Brady whom I can't stand because we have to play him twice a year) to have a career or life threatening injury but football is a contact sport and if my player gets a good clean hit on him and knocks him out, then I say good play!!


I think you meant, "funny, she doesn't look Drewish"

Cavalierkong.......I ask you who to decide a clean hit from a dirty hit?I have the answer for you and that's what fin fans will say,
1-It's a clean hit if your guy hit Tom Brady and knock him out .
2-It's a dirty hit if my guy hit Chad.Henne and knok him out,would you say then......good play


I agree completely, a good hit is a good hit. We're talking about football here, thats the way the game is played. Most fans aren't routing for an opposing player to have horrible injuries but if they get shaken up and its a clean hit, then I'm all for it.

I say "most" fans because you have to account for people like stupid jets fans that even cheer when their own qb is injured...


Of course I don't want to see my guy knocked out, but if he is I wouldn't be screaming it was a dirty play (unless it was not a clean hit). Turnabout is fair play.


yeah, I'm sure all the patsies fans were real upset when Dan Marino tore his achilles tendon.... (sarcasm implied for numskulls like back country jed and mike maxipad)

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