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Miami's need for speed off the edge

DANA POINT, Calif. -- I've spent the past two or three days talking to people within the Dolphins organization and as you know, sometimes it's not what people say, it's how they say it.

In this story that appears in today's Miami Herald, coach Tony Sparano made it very clear the Dolphins, "can never have enough pass rushers." That's what the Dolphins believe and to add to that sentiment, Sparano says, "and right now, we don't have enough."

So the Dolphins want more pass rush. And they need more pass rush. That's what he said.

But I'm telling you the way he said it, and from what I've gotten out of other conversations, I believe the Dolphins will go get at least one more pass rusher, possibly more, in the coming draft. And I'm not talking about on the second day. 

I'm saying within the first two rounds. I'm saying the Dolphins see this as their greatest need. I'm saying the need is so high on the priority list, a source has told me the Dolphins still will not rule out Jason Taylor as a one-year fix to the problem, assuming the money is right.

I'm saying bells should be going off in everyone's head that the pass rusher is the position the Dolphins would love to find the right player to select in the first round.

Of course, that is not guaranteed. What if some receiver unexpectedly falls to Miami? What if the best cornerback in the draft falls to Miami? Then the Dolphins might not go with the pass rusher first. But eventually they will select a pass rusher.

So who do the Dolphins go after?

Larry English?

Clint Sintim?

Cody Brown?

Connor Barwin, who can double as a TE in case he flops as an OLB?

Please don't say Aaron Curry or Everette Brown. They should both be gone before the Dolphins take a first whack at the selection process. But what other players would solve Miami's need to go get the quarterback?

[BLOG NOTE: Yesterday there was a lot of banter related to everything except football. That was yesterday. Today, the topic is football. If you go off the reservation and start discussing Sally Struthers' weight issues, I will delete your post. No talk of kittens, cakes, monkeys, or presidential press conferences. Censorship? Sure. So what?]


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i meant numbskulls

Work calls, just when I decided to jump into the debate. Be back in 45.

I'm thinking Matthews,Maualuga or Laurinaitis at 25. They can pick up a WR and a corner in the 2nd round. The OLB's they have now especially with Cameron in the fold are a stout bunch. Another OLB could be had in the later rounds.

SOULJ,It's insulting to bring the most under rated QB in history dan " I never won any thing"to compare with MR "3 RINGS" BRADY,don't you think DUMO

Gopats--Go to the Boston Herald and spew your garbage. Obviously, Dan Marino insults will not be taken lightly by this group. Watch Ace Ventura Pet Detective and tell me Brady is better than Marino. As Ace would say, "You're a lewwwwwwwssssseeerrrr!!"

nice try gopats (luggi)

Since the beginning of (football) time, coaches have been forcing defensive football players down on all fours for crawl drills. This has been done for a few reasons. Firstly, to distinguish the players that love the game and go the extra mile from the players that just don't. But they also practice this because they want defenders to FINISH THE PLAY- on their hands and knees if necessary.

Nobody seems to care about the safety of defensive players in the league, who will now have to think and hesitate a lot more when going after the QB or a WR over the middle. That hesitation can also lead to injury, as the idea of defensive football is to "react rather than think" (Exhibit A: Jason Allen and his struggles at safety). After all, it's still legal for an offensive lineman to drop down into the ribs of a defenders on his hands and knees, whether he's going after the QB or trying to remember not to.

Sparkito sonds like he knows about garbage, we don't any thing with name Herald attached to it.we leave these papers to well educated fans like you to read but we read the globe.any way tom brady he won super bowl 3 times,the first one he was a back up QB.MARINO WHO...i know he won 2 the medal of AFC EAST CHAMPION CRAP.

Let me give you my opinion on injuries to opposing players. I believe it comports with both traditional Judeo-Christian morality and Al Davis's "Just Win Baby."

As a human being, it pains my heart to see opposing players injured. If I could push a button to take away the player's pain and injury, and put him back on the field whole, I would do so.

As a Miami Dolphins fan, I like when opposing players get injured, since it makes the opposing team less competitive against my Dolphins. And, no, I don't feel any less satisfaction for defeating a "wounded" team. I don't care if they're not at their best. All I care about is winning.

To sum it up, never cheer that a player is injured. A fellow human being is suffering. But, yes, enjoy the fact that it gives the Dolphins an edge. I believe Sally Struthers would see it my way.


sorry bud, not pretending to be anybody

What is MexDolfan smoking??? JT Was Defensive player of the year as the Jack (OLB) in 3-4. Take the idiots away please.

Did I mention CROWDER SUCKS!

Mando [You Got Sucked ]by Sparano,You think he is gonna give you a real hint of who they are picking,Sounds to me like Ireland last year hint to you guys [The Press]that their first pick of last year was gonna be a good defensive player for years to come, and everybody drank the koolaid,come on no one has an idea of who the trifecta is picking,everybody is gonna be surprised who they pick,I do reaaly believed they will trade that #25 pick

SOULJA. Breaking News : Jason taylor and zach thomas are coming back to south beach. They both are going to star as Fred and barney in the new movie THE FLINESTONES TAKE SOUTH BEACH.

I wish one of the top 3 QB falls to number 25 or one of the two RB,The Dolphins will Find Themselves in a pretty Good position to trade the pick For another Second and a Thrird

SOULJ......JT and ZT are both coming back to south florida to star in 1-15 part 2

I'm all for the Fins bringing back for JT for one last go around. Any pass rushers the Fins bring in during the draft will DEFINITELY fill a need. Looking back at the games the Fins lost last year, the common theme was they put ZERO pressure on the quarterback. The Fins desperately need pass rush specialists, Sparano and Parcells really do know best.

Well, well, well, Mando. What do we have here? I told you months ago that the Dolphins would be addressing OLB with their first pick and asked you to please stop poisoning the minds of the sheep with this WR talk. Outside of JP, they had no pass rush whatsoever and Parcells teams always rushed the passer well. As a matter of fact, I believe I dropped the names of Clint Sintim, Michael Johnson, and Larry English as targets. I think Michael Johnson looks like the most dynamic player and most pundits expect him to be around. Your thoughts?

Yes mark in toronto,you did say that but i said first before you in july 14 2008 at 4.34 PM so i win

We absolutely need more pass rush but that can't be the only consideration when signing a player. Jason Taylor may very well have something left in the tank, but the fact he will not participate in the off-season workouts and wants to star on the next episode of Hanna Montana instead of preparing for the season makes him a bad candidate for this regime.

We're one season removed from 1-15 and are still instilling a culture and way of doing things. The only way Taylor plays for us this year is if he does all those things he was unwilling to do last year and takes a significant pay cut. Do you really see that happening?


Well put and very eloquent, like all your comments.

I've been a Fins fan for 35 years and while I loved Thomas and Taylor and all of the afore mentioned players in previous posts, we never did squat with any of them. We need to go young. We are not going to the Super Bowl this season, but we can put ourselves in position to make a serious run starting in 2011 by drafting wisely and not overpaying in FA now. Those are my thoughts anyway.

I believe they have to go LB first and than CB and WR. Just remember if you don't have a good pass rush it doesn't really matter who you have covering the opponents wideouts. And there is going to be a big run on LB's in the mid to late first round. Remember how well New England played when Troy Brown a WR and who ever else they could get to pay corner.

I would stay far away from M. Johnson. He has good workout #s but isn't productive. He's MIA in to many games .He has bust written all over him.

If we're talking LB's in the draft (that are an option for the fins), I like these guys in no particular order


I'm not really sold on:

Conner Barwin, M. Johnson, Lauranaitis, and Brian Cushing

Tyson Jackson from LSU

Soulja , Barwin is going to be a star. He just ran a 4.47 ( at 6-4 255 ) at his pro-day . The guy put up great #s in his one and only year playing defense. It was remarkable !. This guy is only going to get better. I agree with you about the lbs.

Other Lbs.

Kenny Britt IS a 1st rounder, if we don't get him the Giants WILL

The Dolphins philosophy, handed down from the Tuna, is that having a great pass rush takes pressure off of the corners and DBs and allows the team to spend less at those positions to save money for other positions. It's actually a very smart tactic that has worked for a lot of great teams. A great pass rush can turn an ordinary corner into a pro-bowler. It doesn't shock me at all to hear they might take a PR specialist with their first or second. The opposing WRs can't burn the defensive backs for long plays if the QB only has 3 seconds until he has to release the ball. I would love to see the Phins get a dominant defensive line and lb corp.

WOW NYscott, you can read !


I'll take a 15 yard flag for hitting Brady on his knee any day!
Go dolphins!

Twinkle toes Taylor dances in the moon light.

Barwin is a beast but how much experience does he have playing defence and OLB? How many sacks did he get this past year? Does this move him way up into the first round? Any takers
How about Clay matthews he's looked good all year and has yet to reach full potential.

AFC East Champs-

I'm not a hater and JT was one of my all-time favorite Dolphins. The fact is that last year he was more concerned with himself and his needs than with what was best for the team. To an extent this was understandable since we had gone years with a horrible front office and had just gone through the Cam Cameron disaster.

However, he did the same thing with Washington and he now seems to have lost his passion for the game. I don't want to see anything or anyone derail our progress and I think signing him under any terms other than OUR terms would be a step back in more ways than one.

Did anyone else hear that Hakeem Nicks showed up to his pro day overweight? The article I read said that he looked like a fat tight end...yikes!

Look for Jason Taylor in Escape From Witch Mountain 2, The Musical... Coming straight to dvd in 2011


Alert.....M.vic just released from prison and he's heading to south florida

DOLPHINS 4LIFE....one more idiot fin fan, He wants to get out of the NFL basement by hurting the best QB ever played the game

Coming out of a small school Lawrence Sidbury Jr has all the measurables connor barwin had or close too. But gets little mentioned because he comes from University of Richmond Spiders. But had a great combine and recorded 4 sacks in the championship game...the Colonial Championship game, yes I know the level of competition is not the same as say the ACC, SEC, PAC 10 etc, but you can't ignore his ability.
Then Sidbury ran a 4.53 40-yard dash-the fastest time by an end at the combine. You need speed to turn the corner in the pass rush. Sidbury also bench pressed 225 pounds 28 times. Only two ends at the combine were stronger. You need strength to hang in there against the run. Has big hands and long arms. But again the main detractor is his level of compition.

SOULJ....what are you talking like that for about our boy JT who is coming to bring the glory days back? 1-15

Gpats, You are talking about the great Dan Marino best passer to ever play th game i agree.

I love JT but what glory days are you talking about ohh his MVP season where did we go, to the playoffs?
Come on guys get real and move on if we sign JT late good but the Dolphins are not going to go after him any time soon soo lets move on now.

this just in tom brady goes home to san jose to visit his parents and trips and falls over the front porch steps. "I heard a pop as I whent down" brady.

patsies fans, GOT YOU!


Hey Dolphins4Life,

Why would a Pats fan bother with this blog? I do not have time to waste on any other teams blog sites. For what it is worth. I hope we sack Brady hard. So hard his name will change to Marcia Brady. Knock him out of the game with a very clean legal hit. Go phins!!!!

I agree Cuban, take him out legal or not.
what is a Patsies fan doing here anyway? Talking up Marcia Brady stroking her ego.LOL

"WOW NYscott, you can read" !

Posted by: Mr Bunglito | March 25, 2009 at 06:38 PM

Do I know you? Ummmmm nope. So why exactly are you talking to me? Look out of your window, do you see all of the people walking around living their lives? Does it give you any incentive to get one of your own? No? Okay, just thought I would ask.

The really funny thing is that I'll be going out now while you'll probably write a bunch of nonsense back to me that I will never read because I'll be too busy having a life. Have fun on the internet tonight.

Ok Kids, The menace is on the web, whats the 1st Q for el loco cubano?

I was sitting there watching the presidential news conference and feeding cake to the cats when my monkey, Kronos, suggested that the Dolphins might take Michael Johnson of Georgia Tech in the 1st round if he's still available. Even though he's 6'7" and 260 lbs, he is quick off the snap. Plus he can drop into coverage and use his long arms to swat away passes. Or at least that's what Kronos tells me. But then what do monkeys know?

Nothings To taboo for the cuban, give me a question and ill answer it.

Apparently there is one pass rusher that is flying under the radar for some reason, and I believe if he is there at pick 25 the Trifecta will get him. Drumroll please..Michael Johnson,DE,Georgia (can u say Jason Taylor/Julius Peppers clone)..

Nyscott, does your monkey fling fece's at you?

Nyscott, does your monkey fling fece's at you?

how serious are they about jason really

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