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Miami's need for speed off the edge

DANA POINT, Calif. -- I've spent the past two or three days talking to people within the Dolphins organization and as you know, sometimes it's not what people say, it's how they say it.

In this story that appears in today's Miami Herald, coach Tony Sparano made it very clear the Dolphins, "can never have enough pass rushers." That's what the Dolphins believe and to add to that sentiment, Sparano says, "and right now, we don't have enough."

So the Dolphins want more pass rush. And they need more pass rush. That's what he said.

But I'm telling you the way he said it, and from what I've gotten out of other conversations, I believe the Dolphins will go get at least one more pass rusher, possibly more, in the coming draft. And I'm not talking about on the second day. 

I'm saying within the first two rounds. I'm saying the Dolphins see this as their greatest need. I'm saying the need is so high on the priority list, a source has told me the Dolphins still will not rule out Jason Taylor as a one-year fix to the problem, assuming the money is right.

I'm saying bells should be going off in everyone's head that the pass rusher is the position the Dolphins would love to find the right player to select in the first round.

Of course, that is not guaranteed. What if some receiver unexpectedly falls to Miami? What if the best cornerback in the draft falls to Miami? Then the Dolphins might not go with the pass rusher first. But eventually they will select a pass rusher.

So who do the Dolphins go after?

Larry English?

Clint Sintim?

Cody Brown?

Connor Barwin, who can double as a TE in case he flops as an OLB?

Please don't say Aaron Curry or Everette Brown. They should both be gone before the Dolphins take a first whack at the selection process. But what other players would solve Miami's need to go get the quarterback?

[BLOG NOTE: Yesterday there was a lot of banter related to everything except football. That was yesterday. Today, the topic is football. If you go off the reservation and start discussing Sally Struthers' weight issues, I will delete your post. No talk of kittens, cakes, monkeys, or presidential press conferences. Censorship? Sure. So what?]


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Guys have you seem Scott Mitchells lately the exDolphin QB? He looks like an Offensive Lineman 300#http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=3948581

NYSCOTT is Wendy whiner !

Why would anyone take mr. taylor? he wont go through off sea. training(which means twinkle toes wont last a season,just ask wash.)hes a clown,good luck in hollyweed j.t. , youll need it you buffon.

NYSCOTT. your drive-by , crybaby posts-rants are annoying ! Wah Wah Wah,

14 Million And he wont go through off season conditioning, wow , good luck jason making that much $ in the real world...

nyscott . who are you kidding . you know and i know you'll be checking in to see what everybody wrote about you. then you'll be coming on here crying again . Wah Wah Wah.

Hey cuban i have a question for you. How many alais' do you have on this blog. Did you just have a blogging conversation by yourselves'?

Question when the weather is hot do you have a Mojito or Margarita?

C. Barwin had 15.5 tackles for loss , 11 sacks and 7 pass break-ups . all in his 1st year playing defense.

I like a Mojito when it is hot or when it is cold. It is good to me.

Well Armando...I really thought that the signing of Cameron Wake was going to take the focus of the need to draft an OLB in the first 2 rounds. Only 2 OLB's can play at one time and to me Porter and Wake sound like a pretty good combo. What doesn't sound like a good combo is Will Allen and whoever on the roster wins the job opposite him. Vontae Davis is reported to be available by the time Miami picks at 25 and while that is not for sure, it looks that way as of right now. I have watched tape of Barwin and he looks real fast off the edge, but you have to consider the level of competition he faced at Cincinatti. Pass rusher is one of the most mis-judged positions in the draft because often time highlights of a particular player has him beating out a TE or something, not a first round grade OF THE like Jake Long. That said if Barwin is the play then look for Miami to try and trade back about 10 spots because Barwin is not good value at 25. I think that Larry English is a little slow to be taken at 25 and again you must look at the level of competition. To me 39 sacks in the CFL(Wake) is as good as any of these pass-rushers available at 25. The one thing I would like about Barwin is if he is converted to ILB and put next to Crowder. He has the measurables to be a great ILB in the Patrick Willis mold if he is able o transition and that way we have Wake, Porter and Barwin on the field at the same time. I wouldnt mind having Brian Cushings if available at 25, I see he put up 30 reps of 225 which is pretty crazy for a guy that weighs 242 lbs. The one downside of Cushings is the rumor going around that he spends thousands on nutritional suppliments a month and may be maxed out. Then again if he could play ILB then 245 is big enough and it wouldnt matter. It think Miami needs to go with a playmaking WR in the first or within the first 3 picks whether they want to or not. Bess and London are nice walk on stories, but this group needs a reciever with a pedigree to join the ranks and badly. I like Nicks and I like Robiskie and I like Harvin. Anyone of those guys would make the group more dangerous and especially Harvin although a slot reciever is not the biggest need. Give me Nicks and Robiskie all day and give me Vontae Davis. Barwin if available in the 2nd.

Lady Brady on his butt. Get pass rushers and win games. Keep the team young and build through the draft. Never change the philosophy and the Phins will win super bowls. Go back to the wanstache era and watch the team build many years of losing.
Stars are no good to you if the line lets everyone through.

NJ Phin Fan Barwin sure sounds impressive, thanks for the info. Those numbers don't lie lets see where his rising stock in the draft lands him?

Only one d.4.l, dont know who the other cuban is but i only come on the site as the menace, hope this answered your question. whats the next Q for the cuban?

Micah . You question The level of competition that barwin played in ? He played in the big east with the likes Of S.florida , Uconn , rutgers , pitt , w.virginia , etc. They're not chopped liver. Also there's a reason v.davis is dropping. he has a problem with authority ( was benched ) , is not productive , free lances and gambles to much ( lacks discipline ). He's a prima donna . Boom or bust. Doesn't sound like a tuna player to me.

I think Nj Phin Fan, is with me when i say...SEAN SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think he is the guy for the 44th pick and will be a solid corner in the nfl. He's got size, speed, and hands...could be just the guy to take on the receivers in our division. Get the best pass rusher available in the first round and then take SEAN SMITH at 44!

Just checked out smith on the internet, sounds like a good pick.

6'3, 214, runs a 4.47 40...good hands (used to be a receiver)...Sean Smith is the truth...

Soulja. The escape to witch mountain 2 the musical was funny , but did you get the breaking news that taylor and thomas were going to star in the flinestones take south beach. I think i saw that toothless redneck mutant Jed first on line. GIT-R-DONE ! Yes on sean smith in the 2nd and a pass rusher with our first pick wherever it is . GIT-R-DONE !

Nj Phin,

Yeah the Flintstones take south beach should be a hit...lol...If Taylor and Thomas are Fred and Barney, I guess that means Madison and Surtain would be Pebbles and Bam Bam

Souljah and NJPhinFan seem to make most sense on Dolphin needs. CBs are an ugly bunch this year outside of Smith and Butler. They're slow and small. Not only is a starter needed this year, but someone to replace Allen next year. They still could sign one of the FAs post-draft at reduced cost.

Some have questioned the need for two pass rushers. Following the Steelers model, you need the cheaper replacements on your roster for your future FAs so that you can accumulate compensatory picks (Langford, Merling, and Dotson allowed Holliday to be cut). Taking two pass rushers alleviates pain on DBs, but also replaces Porter after this year. Added effect is potentially moving Roth inside, where the draft crop is pretty small overall.

I could foresee 3 defensive picks before taking a WR. The order they pick is likely going to be managed by supply and demand. There seem to be a volume of pass rushers available late first early 2nd. I think they go with Smith or Butler 1st, and take the pass rusher that falls early 2nd. If Brace lasts to 2B, they take him, otherwise they take a DT project in later rounds.

Soulja . Good one. LOL . Dan2me . also don't forget that roth is a free agent next year . so you use has many pass rushing olbs you can get. I think butler at 5-10 183 pounds and no strengh is to small for the tuna. i'd pass on butler in the 1st.


i wouldn't be upset if the Dolphins went for Smith in the first and whatever olb is available in the 2cnd... I just say pass rusher first because that is Tuna's tendency and even though cb is the fin's biggest need, a solid pass rush makes average cb's look great....

Mando, I have to think the dolphins draft may look like this and I could be wrong, but here's my mock, which I think is better than anything Mel "the moron" Kiper can conjure up in his draft lab. 1st rd- CB-Darius Butler, 2nd rd- OLB Clint Stintim or Connor Baldwin, 2nd rd- WR Brian Robiskie, or Ramses Barden, Juaquin Iglesias, 3rd rd- NT Dorell Scott, 4th- ILB-Frantz Joseph(FAU),5th Rd- CB Cary Harris(USC), 6th Rd- OT Andrew Gardener(Georgia Tech), 7th Rd- OT Joel Bell(Furman), 7th Rd- TE Ryan Purvis (Boston College)-----not to brag but last year my mocks had the phins taking Henne,Long,and Langford,

Ummm, Clay Matthews as out FIRST pick? OLB as our biggest need? I think our biggest needs are in order are CB, WR, NT, OLB, backup right tackle, RB, DE., ILB

Let my ADHD brain break it down for yas....

If we start Will Allen and Jason Allen or Eric Green we are TOAST. The Bills/Patriots twice a year would EAT THEM ALIVE.

SEAN SMITH is raw but he has the abilities to be a absolute STUD!! A 6'3 corner with sub 4.4 speed AND who can actually COVER!! (3 cone drill was impressive) I wouldn't mind grabbing either Ken Lucas or Chris McCallister on a one year deal to help with CB either. We need CB's so we will draft more than one anyways. Darrius Butler in the Second round would be nice!

Jason Ferguson is in his last year and our other guys who will rotate in are ok. True 3-4 NT's don't come around every day so if the other BC guy is available, JUMP on him!!

I don't think that OLB is that big of a concern.....Roth played well enough, will only get better in his second year at the position and I don't know if you guys have watched the highlights of Cameron Wake from the CFL, but he look like the TRUTH!! I know that it is the CFL but 39 sacks in two years is hard to deny!! 6'3, 240 and ALL FOOTBALL. Hell, he even looks like Porter!! Him, having been CUT from the NFL before makes him HUNGRY!! I think he will at LEAST get in on third down if not beat out ROTH!! I love our OL additions but they are all interior guys! A second day pick for depth is in order for our TACKLES. If Carey or long go down where screwed.

OL should be a strength this year.

We need a BIG wide receiver and there are a few this year. If Nicks falls or Britt is there, i wouldn't be mad if we took them. Although I think that just like with CB, we could address this with our second pick.

Why RB? Ronnie Brown will be a free agent after next year and so will Ricky I believe......wouldn't mind throwing Ricky with a pick to trade up!! A good, low pads, power back would be nice.....JAVON RINGER maybe, GREENE from IOWA? Later rounds but should be addressed.

DE has to be addressed earlier rather than later as well.

SO. Who do I want with first 3 picks? I say SMITH, the other DT from BC, NICKS, BRITT or the WR from OHIO STATE, the CB from UCONN(the RB from UCONN is nice too!) I think WAKE is going to be a stud and I would love to get PAT WHITE!! LAte rounds....why not? Lets really run the wildcat!! He is PERFECT!!!

Children children children!

This younger generation with their Madden and Fantasy Land Football kiddie games have turned these kids into mere imbeciles when it comes to REAL WORLD stuff.

Don Shula said it well when he called 95% of NFL fans "casual viewers" because ALL you see are 22 men with pads on running around on a field with numbers and lines on it and thats about the extent of what you see.

In the REAL WORLD you can name ALL the REAL "shutdown corners" and REAL "Franchise QB's" in the ENTIRE history of the NFL on ONE hand!

Why couldn't Elway win a SB until they added TD,a better OL and a GREAT Defense...how did the Redskins win THREE SB's with 3 different QB's while the rest of the roster remained basically the same..how can NE plug in any guy under center and look all world..why couldn't THE GREATEST QB OF ALL TIME win the big one?

Me,being of the other 5%,know the reasons all to well therefore I will build this Dynasty the tried and true way and that being from the line of scrimmage OUT and our unsung heros will be the anchor of this Dynasty for years to come.

Ok kiddies..back to mashing your buttons!

JON LOL . You have to be kidding me LOL . Everbody knew miami was taking long. Also it was no secret that miami was targeting henne in the 2nd and that miami was enamored with langford.

Phin Fan..good point on Roth. Was thinking more as an ILB stop gap this year. They could probably address issue better next year.

Souljah...hear ya, the thing is, outside of Smith, the only CBs who have the size to go up against Moss, TO, etc is Smith. If NE or someone else grabs him before they pick 2A, where are you? Butler, while lacking ideal size, is a good cover CB. Aside from those guys, it's ugly.

My question is this: are the chances better that Smith and Butler are gone by 2A or are the chances better that English, Kruger, Maybin, Barwin, Cushing, Matthews, Johnson, and Cody Brown are gone by 2A (I share you're lack of enthusiasm on Cushing/Johnson, and would feel better about Matthews at 2A than 1).

The dropoff from Smith/Butler to the next tier is fairly substantial. The dropoff between that tier of OLB is not as significant.

All I'm saying is I'd rather Smith and Kruger or Barwin, than say English and someone other than Smith/Butler.

' I don't think olb is that big of a concern." posted by greg . Are you kidding me ? Joey porter isn't getting any younger and makes big money. He will probably be gone next year . Roth is a free agent next year and wake hasn't proven anything. Sean smith is 2nd round material , there are no NT'S worth picking at 25 besides raji who'll be gone anyway and the tuna doesn' t like drafting wr's in the 1st. So what do you have left as your biggest need ? you guessed it. pass rushing olb.

Keep this in mind. While we have Pennington leading the offense, all we need is possession receivers. Sure we like to stretch the field but we are limited in that. Next year a big priority will be receiver. This year, pass rush or DB.

mando, Thanks for the info, and for cutting off that bs from last night

Mando, what's for breakfast this morning?

Do you wanna make more money?


I am happy to see that someone is as concerned with Tony Sporano's breakfast as I am. This is very important to the success of the Dolphins and should be included in every good Dolphins Blog. Armando, any updates on what Sporano will be having this morning?

I heard that the Tuna is having steak and eggs (20 oz porterhouse and a dozen eggs) over a bed of glazed doughnuts. Cuban, can you confirm this?

NT needs to be a priority, without a good NT to plug up the middle the pass rushers won't be able to get free to make plays and get the sacks. I don't know where the Dolphins have Ron Brace as far as value but if he falls to their first pick in the second round I think they have to take him. Or maybe trade back a few spots in the first round then take him.

Si carlito, thats what the tuna will start off with,(he's eating lite in the a.m.) but i hear he's going all out for dinner tonite, i hear hes going to shulas for the 96oz t bone steak, ordered med rare, with a 30 count potatoe.

not the ole' 96'er????

I have a question ,i hear that some football players are coming out of the closet this year to make the NFL more broad for people to watch,is that true?

6 Lbs. of meat, the tunas setting a example for gluttony, why to raise the bar tuna.

cuban.you think most of football players who will be coming out of the closet from OL or DL?

Most of them will be the tight ends.

And a few wide recievers.

And a few wide recievers.


VICK came out of jail, time now to come nice south florida and try to find himself.

Mr. Vick being released is an outrage...if he comes near me i'll bite him.

Carlito, M@@c's mom had a can of alpo this morning.

AFC EAST.....what's wrong with you , you sound like real fin fan but you got take easy.the only thing i like about that you are worst in english than me and i am for that.by the way what did you have to eat so far.

Excuse afceast passion for the fish, he's so passionate about the fish he types way to fast for his computor..he is a true fan.

Miami has to take at least 1 big body nose tackle type somewhere in the draft and then try and take 1 or 2 of the de\olb hybrid type defenders that you can play at linebacker on regular downs and then move them to end on obvious passing downs. Versatility is the key. Merling and langford are more run stoppers and should be used on early downs to help against the run.

cuban, do you know that Nathaniel started watching"all in family" when he was 3 month old if we to believe that he's 41 years old today.

Luggi, that's not true, i watch reruns on a local channel when i was 12 or 13 and iam 36 now..(i was born 2 years after show started)

Mr Bunglito and the cuban menace are lovers. You can see them feeding each other ice cream and petting their monkeys on the shoulder of route 1.

I. M. O , get a run stopper from the s.e.c, and get a safety from the w.a.c ...s.e.c knowed for running, and the wacky w.a.c is knowed for passing, not rocket science. just check out the teams that excell in those div. and KAZAM ,draft em.

Spartacus, Dont Know mr.bungle so ive never enjoyed ice cream with him.

Luggi, my grammatically-challenged friend:

I was born (and circumcised 8 days later) in 1967. I began watching current episodes of "All In The Family" in the late 1970s, and at the same time became a fan of the show in re-runs. Not that it means anything, but I fell in love with a pre-obese Sally Struthers because she was quite fetching in the seasons 1972-1974.

Why you continue to prattle on about this non-issue is bewildering and disturbing. I'd prefer to focus on football-related issues such as Commissioner Goodell's plan to expand the season by 2 games. As a former Canadian Football League fan, I note that the CFL expanded its regular season from 16 to 18 games
in 1986 (and reduced its pre-season schedule from 4 games to 2). Aside from a slight distortion in the statistics, most CFL fans were delighted with the move, and I suspect NFL fans will be as well. The 4-game NFL season has become somewhat of an anachronism. Coaches are fearful to use their starters, for fear of injury, and I'm sure they can adjust to not having quite so much time to evaluate potential back-ups. NFL purists will note that single season records will become distorted (someone will surely break Marino's single season passing yardage record), but that is the way of the NFL. When Eric Dickerson broke O.J. Simpson's single season rushing record, he had the advantage of a 16-game regular season (as opposed to Simpson's 14-game season). Records are not sacrosanct in football as they are in baseball. What's important is that fans have more opportunity to see their teams play.

Of course I meant to refer to the NFL's 4-game PRE-SEASON.

I regret the error.

Good observation mr. d., i always measure a players record as per game avg. for a record breaker, what are your thoughts sir?

I'll tell you what's really ridiculous. Did you know that until 1978, the NFL used to play SIX pre-season games before its 14-game regular season? Unbelievable. The pre-season was nearly half as long as the regular season.

While I fully acknowledge that many homosexual relationships are beautiful and long-lasting, I still can't help but feel that there's something intrinsically missing in them. The complementary nature of men and women is one of God's greatest gifts. We're DIFFERENT! And that's one of the great joys of living on God's green earth!

NATHANIEL....I love it when i tease you with age thing the you come back with more nice info for the way less Knowledgeble people like me,you just give all readers more info about the for expanding NFL season games.One more question......Who are the most famous three NFL players that came out of the closet last 10 years?

Deep Thinking nathanial

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