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Miami's need for speed off the edge

DANA POINT, Calif. -- I've spent the past two or three days talking to people within the Dolphins organization and as you know, sometimes it's not what people say, it's how they say it.

In this story that appears in today's Miami Herald, coach Tony Sparano made it very clear the Dolphins, "can never have enough pass rushers." That's what the Dolphins believe and to add to that sentiment, Sparano says, "and right now, we don't have enough."

So the Dolphins want more pass rush. And they need more pass rush. That's what he said.

But I'm telling you the way he said it, and from what I've gotten out of other conversations, I believe the Dolphins will go get at least one more pass rusher, possibly more, in the coming draft. And I'm not talking about on the second day. 

I'm saying within the first two rounds. I'm saying the Dolphins see this as their greatest need. I'm saying the need is so high on the priority list, a source has told me the Dolphins still will not rule out Jason Taylor as a one-year fix to the problem, assuming the money is right.

I'm saying bells should be going off in everyone's head that the pass rusher is the position the Dolphins would love to find the right player to select in the first round.

Of course, that is not guaranteed. What if some receiver unexpectedly falls to Miami? What if the best cornerback in the draft falls to Miami? Then the Dolphins might not go with the pass rusher first. But eventually they will select a pass rusher.

So who do the Dolphins go after?

Larry English?

Clint Sintim?

Cody Brown?

Connor Barwin, who can double as a TE in case he flops as an OLB?

Please don't say Aaron Curry or Everette Brown. They should both be gone before the Dolphins take a first whack at the selection process. But what other players would solve Miami's need to go get the quarterback?

[BLOG NOTE: Yesterday there was a lot of banter related to everything except football. That was yesterday. Today, the topic is football. If you go off the reservation and start discussing Sally Struthers' weight issues, I will delete your post. No talk of kittens, cakes, monkeys, or presidential press conferences. Censorship? Sure. So what?]


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Luggi, your not gay are you?? Not there's anything wrong with that.

In the first round, if English, Barwin or even Sintim are there, we grab them. I don't think there was any question that we'd go OLB before any other need on draft day...I can see a scenario where we go Smith or Butler at #25 and Sintim or Barwin at #44. My dream would be English at #25, Sean Smith (CB) at #44 and Brown at #56...if he lasts that long... Whoever is drafted in the first two rounds at OLB will see lots of playing time, either as a starter or as a situational guy to put in passing situations,etc...Roth could see less time and Porter might even see a few more plays off so that he's not as gassed by the 4th qtr...

i am from costa rica cuban, the reason i ask is that it will be very funny topic to ask nathaniel knowing his take on things and believes.

To answer your question, Luggi:

1) Nick Saban
2) Tom Olivadotti
3) Eddie Mekka (Carmine on "Laverne And Shirley")

Nathaniel...what are the benefits of circumcise for a man and would that help more a QB or DL or WR?

I think it would help a tight end, dont you?

The "big ragu" was gay?

how you know that a DL player is trying to find himself? this question only for every one.

But Then again on second thought he was a dancer and could have nailed shirley numourse times and never did...makes sense now though..

smooth hips????



I wonder what Sporano is having for lunch. He looks like a Rueben on rye type of dude to me. Can you confirm this Cuban Menace?

Tuna will be having the 6 foot party sub from subway. Its much easier than ordering 6 $5 dollar foot longs.

Sparta , you should now alot about sharing things with men. You have your pick of different sparten soldiers that you can toss yoyr salad with .

Carlito, tony's having a pastrami on rye, with a 5 oz bag of lays potato chips, tuna will be at shula's around 8 tonite to tackle the 96 oz. T- Bone..


The easy choices in the first round are Clay Matthews or Larry English. Tyson Jackson is another prominent name. Connor Barwin's name has also been thrown out. But a consideration that I would like with our second pick in the second round is Lawrence Sidbury out of Richmond. He is very quick and has a radar on quarterbacks. Anybody who watched the I-AA National Championship game saw how much havoc (four sacks)he caused for Montana, who has a formidable offensive line.

Mando must have had a wild night. Maybe got a hangover today. Where the news Mando.


Mando was with greg(i can't believe i ate the whole thing) Cote and indulged in Haggen- Daz shoters all nite and is suffering right now from brain freeze, get will soon mando.

Aaron Maybin, penn st.
he's climbing up the boards but should still be available.
Clay Matthews, Usc.

Robert Ayers, Tenn.

Connor Barwin, Cinn.

Larry English, N. Ill.

I hope Vontae Davis Falls to 25. prob. a stretch but then we get OLB at first pick in 2nd rd. and Brian Robiskie in late 2nd.

either way we slice we can come out of the first 3 picks with a pass rusher, corner and reciever prob. in that order barring a drop by a reallly good corner or WR at pick 25.

If were not exactly thrilled with who's there at 25 we shouild definately trade down a couple slots and pick up an extra late rd pick or two.

NOOOOOOO Way to V.Davis. He's a prima donna and doesn't take to coaches ( was suspended and benched ). He freelances and gambles to much. No production . He's not tuna material. Also A. maybin is way to raw and should've stayed in school. Alot of ? marks . Both of these players are a big gamble with miami's 1st pick. Boom ( based on being athletic ) or bust players .


THANK YOU so much for making sure people talk FOOTBALL on this blog. I am tired of losers trying to show they are clever with stupid comments and spelling errors.

That said, I believe the phins should look at JT, as you said if the price is right. They still need WR & DL help.

As always>>>>> RUN RICKY RUN

The Dolphins pass defense philosophy boils down to this…A great pass rush is the BEST pass defense; a great pass rush makes an average secondary look good and protects mediocre corners.
With that said…I agree with IA FinFan…if Miami wants Barwin they will have to pick him at # 25 he is gone by Miami’s 2a. pick at # 44… maybe Sintim is still there.

Wonder why you guys dont like Wake Cameron If he was a college kid with 37 sacks in 2 years every one wold be drooling for him #1 pick look at him like a college kid not all of them make it in the pro's buti CAN'T wait to see what he gots PLUS he is cheaper than these PreMadonna rookies. he makes we got a steal if he dont he dont he did cost less than a rookie

Its awesome that you complained about the conversations that took place. I type here quite a bit (mostly during the season) But its great to know you read what we type. I want to let everyone know that JTs lack of commitment to offseason workouts for washington, was due to him wanting to be with his family (in miami) I believe because his family is in miami, the fins could aquire him cheaper than we think. (they dont want to move) playing in miami would let him do our offseason workouts. cause he would be home everynight.

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