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News & nuggets at Sparano breakfast [Update 7]

DANA POINT, Calif. -- Just had breakfast with Tony Sparano.

I had the scrambled eggs and bacon and bagel with cream cheese and home fries.

He had oatmeal.

And he and I and about 10 other reporters talked Dolphins football. Some highlights:

Sparano confirmed my report in today's Miami Herald that Chad Henne will be getting a lot of playing time in the coming preseason and, is in fact, the future of the franchise at QB. [Update 5: "We want to get Henne as much work right now as we can get him, in the spring, as we get on in these OTAs and in preseason," he said. "That's our time to find out. That really is ... He'll play a lot. We'd like to see him a lot in the preseason."]

You might ask why all this love for Henne one year after Pennington had a stellar season? Why this eagerness to get him ready? Here's the most telling quote that should make you drool at the possibilities of a Miami passing game with Henne at the helm: "With him you see the ball jump off his hand," Sparano said.

Sparano mentioned John Beck as an afterthought almost. "It'll be tough to get John work," the coach said. Said he's in a tough situation and that his first worry should be competing with Henne. I think Beck's first worry should be getting traded. He is definitely available.

Sparano said the team will use recently acquired defensive lineman Tony McDaniel as a defensive end to start with, not a nose tackle. That can change later on. The nose tackle spot is manned by Jason Ferguson and Sparano included Joe Cohen and Paul Soliai as players who will get a chance to play there also.

Sparano made no secret of the fact the Dolphins are desperately looking for pass rush. Obviously that is an area that will be addressed in the draft, but Sparano said there are some players on the roster that intrigue him in that regard. They are Charlie Anderson, Derek Cameron Wake, Matt Roth and Erik Walden.

Sparano called newly acquired cornerback Eric Green a guy, "with something to prove." Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

[Update 2: Sparano said injured receiver Greg Camarillo and injured left guard Justin Smiley, "right now they're both doing really well," in the rehab. But he would not say if they will be ready to participate in the team's strength and conditioning program that begins March 30 or in OTA or minicamps.

[Update 3: Unlike some of you, Sparano has no question new starting center Jake Grove will be an upgrade over Samson Satele. Although Grove has struggled to stay on the field because of injuries and really isn't that much different in height and weight than the departed Satele, the coach is confident Grove will be there for games and will stronger at the point of attack against AFC East nose tackes: "We've done our due diligence with the whole thing, obviously," Sparano said. "Jeff and Bill have done a tremendous job of getting into the background of all these guys we've brought here. I don't think that was really a concern of ours at the time. It certainly isn't.

"When you talk to people about Jake and his strength totals and the way he works in the weight room, you certainly get the picture. From our end, our offseason program is something that is important to us and Jake's there on campus right now. He's involved in lifting right now and the program hasn't even started. So we feel like that's something that helped an awful lot of our players last year."

[Update 4: Sparano, a former offensive line coach, cannot hide his like for the offensive line situation. "One of the things, first of all, is these guys have to get healthy," he said. "That's not completely done yet. Guys like Donald Thomas and those kind of guys are a lot further along. So that's good to see. I just feel like in our division, your core, the inside three players, and having Jake Long and Vernon Carey now for a long time, that kind of solidifies an area a lot of these teams are still looking to find. They're all looking for tackles.

"But the core, having to play against [Kris] Jenkins, [Marcus] Stroud, [Vince] Wilfork, that group has to be physically strong enough, physically tough enough to do the things they need to do. I think that's the group, when you look at it, that needs to come along. Justin [Smiley] was playing better when he got injured. We make a move and have Jake Grove in there and that's an opportunity to upgrade that position. Then at the same time, you get Donald Thomas back and now you have [Shawn] Murphy, now you have [Andy] Alleman, and now you got guys that are providing some competition with Joe Berger. That will be a good problem for us."

Sparano said he looks for Ronnie Brown to "take the next step in his progression," now that he's 17 months removed from his knee surgery and has a healthy season to his credit.

[Update 1: On a none-breakfast-with-Tony-front: The NFL announced the top 25 players receiving performanced-based pay based on their playing time and their salary level. The Dolphins had two players that picked up a small fortune based on their playing time. Starting right guard Ikechuku Ndukwe collected $266,912 on top of his regular salary while tight end Anthony Fasano got an extra $252,901 above his regular salary based on his high playing time. Ndukwe ranked 17th among the 25 players collecting most from the program. Fasano was 24th. Beer is on them!]

[Update 6: Sparano said receiver Ernest Wilford will come to camp with the Dolphins, barring a sudden decision by some other team to trade for him, which is unlikely but you never say never. "The plan for Ernest right now will be that he will be in training camp and competing and doing those things," Sparano said. 

That Wilford will go to camp, of course, is obvious and any child could figure that out. What you will read only here is the fact Wilford is available in trade for any team interested. The problem for the Dolphins is his bonus would accelerate but that's another matter. If Wilford somehow muddles through camp and makes the team at the last cut, he still might be a candidate for a pay cut, depending on whether the Dolphins can work the timing correctly. It's going to be a loooong road back from 2008 for Wilford.]

[Update 7: The NFL has released its complete draft order and per this, Miami's "undisclosed" seventh rounder to Jacksonville in the Tony McDaniel trade is No. 232, or the second of the three seventh-round picks Miami had before the trade. The Dolphins also have pick No. 214 and pick No. 237, which are both in the seventh round. No. 232 was Miami's own pick as 214 comes from Cleveland and 237 is from Carolina.]

I'll have more later after I transcribe the entire session. So please check back later. I'll be updating about once every 15-30 minutes.


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i know why henne will get a lot of play time that's cause they don't want to be shocked comes real game time comes around and the ball flying alright to no body.

Great stuff Mando,I am looking forward to more comments.

Mando, you look like more of an oatmeal for breakfast guy and coach looks like the all-american breakfast guy. What gives?

I want to see the ball jump off the hand of a dolphins quarterback too....then visions of the 90s danced in my head :)

These guys are high on Henne, I can't wait to see him play at full speed in the pre-season!! I think the guy will be great for along time to come. Also I hope Penne stays as a back up slash Qb coach in padds.... Mando keep up the great work, this info is aways GREAT!!!!!!!!


Would be good if you could ask Sparano sometime why their evaluation of Satele changed over time. In the beginning, Parcells raved about Satele. Does Satele have a legitimate excuse in that his shoulder was injured? And can he not blame somewhat the poor guard play around him in the latter part of the season??

Then ask him what city he'll devoure next..

Some observations:

1) The fact that Peter O'Toole has never won an "Academy Award" (not counting his Honorary Oscar) shows just how little the Oscars are merit-based.

2) I very much dislike the current uniform of the Dolphins. I wish they'd go back to the exquisite uniform of their Super Bowl days (including the old helmet logo).

3) Potsie from "Happy Days" - television's ultimate nerd - actually began on the show as kind of a cool character - certainly not as cool as Fonzie, but kind of cool nonetheless.

4) I'm not crazy about belly button jewelery on women, but it's the tattoos that have really got to go. They're completely unfeminine.

5) When it comes to Northern Ireland, I'm sorry - but I side with the Protestants.

6) Even though Dan Marino still holds the single season record in 1984 for passing yards by a quarterback, the TEAM record for total passing yards is held by the St. Louis Rams in 2000.

7) The two most recent "Family Guy" episodes - O.J. Simpson and Peter writing a sitcom - were absolutely hilarious.

8) For great literature, one need look no further than The Book of Job from the Hebrew Bible.

9) I had a crush on Betty Rubble when I was 4 years old. In retrospect, Wilma (given her greater intelligence and passion) is the more attractive female.

10) People made a big stink about rock & roll in the 50s, but wasn't jazz a much bigger departure from the popular music that preceded it than rock & roll was from jazz?

armando do your homework, i read your article about the possible trades the Dolphins might make. You wrote that Davone Bess will hit the open market after this year. He will be an exclusive rights free agent, a player can not hit the open market until four years of NFL service. Bess is a Dolphin until 2012

Here goes my draft pred.....
1.Clay Mathews OLB
2.Sean Smith CB
2b.Brian Robiskie or Louis Murphy WR ( maybe Barden, not much tape on him..screw da combine)
3.Cornelius Ingram TE
Draft best Dtacle avail or trade pick to CLE for Shaun Rogers.
The Tuna knows he aint gonna be around much longer so he wants to get this Henne train rolling. If they really believe he gives us a better chance to win then all sentiments and past accomplishments go out the window ! Play em if ya got em !

Mando, did you ask him about the possibility of getting Jason Taylor back? I understand on one hand why Parcells and co. won't realistically try to sign him... but on the other hand, which includes lots of logic and not solely my own justifications for the awesome idea of welcoming him back-99 jersey and all- I honestly don't get why they and he wouldn't try to get him back home.
I feel like Taylor would take slightly less pay, and I'd like to think he's willing to go to camp and all that stuff... maybe I'm wrong, but come on, we "desperately" need pass rush, so why the heck isn't this happening??


1) The Oscars are not merit-based, but O'Toole very possibly never deserved the award for an individual performance.

2) Given how most teams have defaced their uniforms with swooshes and weird lines, the Dolphins have shown much restraint. But I agree that the old logo was better and certainly less cartoonish.

3) Sit on it.

4) Belly button jewelry is already unfashionable. But tattoos, sadly, are forever.

5) Unless you're Northern Irish, you probably shouldn't take sides.

6) Not really interesting.

7) That show is mediocre.

8) WTF is The Hebrew Bible? Is that what Christians call the Old Testament these days?

9) Wilma was smarter, but she was also a bratty hag.

10) Yes it was, but adults didn't hate rock and roll because of how it sounded. They hated it because the lyrics and artists were more overtly sexual.



Guys the BIG tuna is not there. If he was there they would not be eating breakfast. Tuna would have eaten everything. I saw him eat once it looked a little like the tazmaniondevil.
Here is my draft picks by the tuna.

1st rd a superstar from Carl’s jr. (they say he went to high school with Carl so he has the inside on this burger)

nathaniel.....you got to go out more to see and learn some thing new.MY PICTURE OF YOU AS FOLLOW,
1-you must be older than 63 years old
2-you are using vigra for sure
3-you favorite place to eat is any place has early bird
4-nick at night and AMC is your favorite tv channels

who paid for the breakfast?

Seamus, I used to feel so alone on this blog. A voice crying out in the wilderness. You have restored my faith in human and Dolphin-kind. Your sentences parse. You can multi-task. You have knowledge beyond the gridiron. While I vociferously disagree with your assessment of "Family Guy," I hereby confer upon you the title: "Renaissance Man."

(P.S. This might be asking too much, but don't you think Sophia Loren dressed in lingerie in "Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow" puts today's women to shame?)

cuban,is it true tuna doesn't eat breakfast?

alex, The tuna does not eat breakfast... HE DEVOURS IT......

I hear Phins will be working out WR Nicks. When?

Henne needs to get ready. Unless Pennington is comes out the gate like a MVP candidate by the end of Sept. He won't get offered a ext.(one yr. left on his deal)

I love how coach says..."you can see the ball jump off his hand"! I can't wait for the Henne era to start rolling!!

Nathaniel. Knowledge beyond the gridiron , Multi-tasking and sentences that parse ? This is a Miami dolphin blog and not the New York Times or Wall Sreeet journal . What Do You expect ?. LOL

Nathanial, family guy is probably the best show on t.v right now, and yes Sophia was hot as balls.. i can hear you people right now saying " Cuban, what are you 63 years old??) no i'am not i reached the ripe age of 36 in janurary, what can i say, i'll take humor over sadness every day. Thats why i keep most of my posts humorous, life's to short and so is m@@c's(aka rexryeansuks,alienman,mjz, or whatever he calls himself today)Johnson.. when U.p.s comes to rexs house(which is a halfway house) they ask for Rex (small package)ryan "did you call for a pick-up?"and he says "yes i have this manifesto for you to deliver to the washington post" so there you have it guys , not only does m@@c have a problem in the bedroom but he"s also a uni bomber want to be.....


Defendant, Nathaniel Dodsworth, as and for a response to the verified bill of particulars of plaintiff, Luggi from Costa Rica, states as follows, upon information and belief:

1) I am 41 years old.

2) I do not need to use Vigra[sic], since when I am inside my wife I simply visualize Sophia Loren dressed in lingerie in "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

3) My favorite place to eat is "At The Y." You get it? "At the Y" means ... oh forget it. Look who I'm talking to.

4) My favorite channels are The NFL Network, ESPN Classic, Fox News and Turner Classic Movies.

Parenthetically, I might add Luggi that, while your spelling is atrocious, your real sin is vapidity.

Nathaniel, did you ever see "vanilla Sky"????

Nathaniel. Your favorite place to eat is at the " Y ". Your wife must be a very , very , Happy Women. LOL

nathaniel..you take on any topic can't be a 41 years old guy.
2.the use of the word LINGERE is a 100 percent of a guy who sleeps late at night.
3-i don't understand the word VAPIDITY,i need help there.
4-question...do you rotate between Sphia and some one else? and what's her name?
5-try when you talk to me and all fin fans to use simple words to understand,after all most people on this blog didn't even met a middle school teacher.

Nathaniel, if you've not seen"vanilla sky" i suggest you see the movie, any movie that has Penelope Cruz(she plays Sophia) and Cameron diaz in it is a must see. also any movie that has cameron diaz say" You came inside me 3 times last nite" is a must see(though rexryansucks may object to the heterosexual nature of this movie) i suggest you go,, no run to your local video store and check this puppy out....

Betty was way hotter than Wilma, the Family Guy is weird just for the sake of weirdness, and is a ripoff of the Simpsons.
The Dolphins all white uniforms from the '70s are the best ones they had and should be brought back.
Belly button jewelry on women is hot. Tattos are OK as long as it is just one or two and positioned in a good spot.
Peter O'Toole not winning an Oscar is bad, but Artis Gilmore not being in the Basketball Hall of fame is worse.

nathaniel......did you seethe movie "Police Academy 7"?

Nathaniel. See what you started ? LOL

i have an question for nathaniel and cuban, what is your take on"HALL OF FAME" for any thing ,it just sound and becoming cheap crap for every one,any thoughts of a hall of fame this and that.

Ricky are you kidding me?? family guy a rip off of the simpson's...i.m.o, the simpsons should have been taken off the air 10 years(believe or not this is there 20th anniversary)ago, fam. guy is cutting edge filth.. i love it..

Luggi, i think the hall of fame for any sport should model itself after baseball, only 1 guy in per year, not like the nfl where they have 4 or 5 per year, it cheapens it when you have more then 1 per year , but then again that's just my opinion

> bacon and bagel with cream cheese and home fries.

Better watch those calories when you eat. You should switch to oatmeal or you'l dwarf Sporano in a couple of months.

do they need to test every player got to the hall of fame of all sports for drugs to see what's up? i heard that players used more drugs in old days .

I have mixed feelings about the QB situation. With better offensive line play Dolphins will have a better run game and even more efficient Pennington. After years of crap QB play, I'm not so eager to cast Pennington aside just because the ball "jumps off Henne's hand". What if it jumps to the wrong color uniform? Let's face it - Pennington led a flawed Dolphins team to a division championship. I look forward to seeing what he can do this year on an even better team. By the way, the NFL draft is fun again with competent people running the team.

Spot on eric...luggi, yes they need to test these players(especially base ball) for drugs, not weed or that kind of stuff but for steroids..

Great comment Brian, rexryansucks says he's from the serial killing hotspot of the state of Washington, not sure if our boy is secretly skinning women, or if he's got his mothers decomposing body in the cellar, either wouldn't shock me..

Luggi, I have to concur with my very good friend, Cuban Menace. The worst Hall of Fame is hockey, since everyone and his mother gets in. I think baseball's might be a little too tough to get into but it's closer to the right standard.

By the way, someone's going to have to explain to me the "greatness" of former Cincinnati Red Tony Perez. (Is he in the Hall of Fame?) Sure, he was a clutch hitter. But his statistics were no better than "good."

Cuban, I've never seen Vanilla Sky. But speaking of women I used to pleasure myself to, here is the beginning of a list of those women and the estimated number of times:

1) Loretta Swit (25)
2) Sally Struthers (18)
3) Apollonia (the babe from "Purple Rain") (12)

Nathanial, You were doing allright until you said you watch FIXED NEWS.. That right there confirms you are a Viagra popping, low IQ, old white man....Potsie Webber seems to fit the bill.

PS. Peter O'Toole always was an overrated actor..

PPS. Hakeem Nicks at 25!!

CLASSIC,NATHANIEL,CLASSIC.... but check out the movie, i think you might like it...

As for Uniforms, we need to move on.

I suggest same colors. Helmets would be sparkling white with that new logo that dolphin stadium uses replacing the old cartoon dolphin.

"It's not a sin to punt."

Worse that could happen is you can list two more women to your list...

Nathainal, that's sally struthers circa "all in the family" right???

Sally, 48 myself

Look everybody. The no life , idiot cuban menace is not only back posting with his same idiotic post names , but he's now advanced his stupitidy in BLUE. LOL. I haven't posted once today yet you keep bringing my name up. Who's the stalker and angry little troll now ? LOL What a social parasite ! Get some friends, better yet Get a Life.

Can anyone answer me this question? Maybe the Cuban Menance or Nathaniel Dodsworth or even Armando? This has been bothering me since I was a kid.

What exactly is a Bill??? As in the Buffalo Bills??? I mean, the City's name is Buffalo, so the animal (buffalo) is not what the team is named after, it is a Bill. A Bill is their mascot, not a buffalo. What the hell is a Bill? And if it is their team's name, why is there a buffalo on the helmet? This is all very troubling to all of us in Golfito

Nathaniel these numbers you gave to study as 25 for loretta and so on ,Are these per Week?BTW the Apollonia that's al pacino wife in god father move when he escaped to sicily .

There he/she is... I knew that hermorphidite would be on sooner or later, M@@c, did you take time off from skinning a female or two to grace us with your presents??How is your life partner coach john, did you guys make-up???well i don't want to slow you down from your life's work, so happy hunting......:)

ONE other thing for nathaniel and cuban,when you watch HSN for comedy and they are selling some thing and they keep sayin ........It's EASY,FUN AND FAST to use .do these three words annoy you you?

Cuban, people make fun of how fat Sally Struthers became - and indeed she is morbidly obese - but there was a period on "All In The Family" - say 1972 through 1974 - where she was one of the hottest babes around. There was one episode where she came out wearing a bikini and I - I- I - sometimes I think I would marry her EVEN KNOWING how big she was about to become. She was one of the most beautiful, hottest babes of all time. (And she was the voice of Pebbles Flintstone on a later incarnation of The Flintstones.)

cuban, nathaniel, did you see my question for you at the top of the page?

i thought they required for an actress to get in" all in the family "you have to be really ugly

Carlito, Its from a old western hero by the name of bill Cody a.k.a Buffalo bill Cody, he shouldn't have been a hero and in todays world would have been vilified as a masochist, he almost decimated the herd of buffalo in northern America, the world wild life (w.w.f) would have cruicified him..Him and M@@c would have been friends i think..

I can't believe I'm helping someone who watches the joke that is FIXED NEWS but..

For a real treat, watch Jack Nicholson plow Sally in Five Easy Pieces. .. it's pre-All In the Family and Jack pummels her in different positions around a room while she screams...

Agrred nathanial, she was hot.....but then again my wife was hot to 18 years ago:(.....

Thank You Cuban. I have to say that is the worst team name in the nfl.

I'll check that out tom...

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