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Peppers on Pats is a bummer for Dolphins

Nervous? A couple of days ago I wrote a column in the Herald basically saying the New England Patriots, which finished behind the Dolphins in the AFC East race last season, had pulled ahead of the Dolphins this offseason.

And think what you will about that opinion, but it would be hard for anyone to argue the Patriots wouldn't be greatly and significantly improved on defense, their team weakness, if someone the caliber of a Julius Peppers were to join them. Yet, NFL.com is reporting the Patriots appear to be on the verge of trading for Peppers.

That report fails to note that Peppers has not signed the exclusive rights franchise tag tender the Panthers hung on him several weeks ago. And the Panthers cannot speak with Patriots about such a deal unless that tender is signed. So The Charlotte Observer is reporting the teams have not talked.

But that doesn't mean Peppers' agent and the Patriots cannot talk. And the NFL.com report indeed suggests trade parameters have been worked out, with New England sending Carolina the No. 34 overall pick in the draft, the second-round pick it got from Kansas City for Matt Cassel, in exchange for Peppers.

If this is true, it has to be a tremendous bummer for everyone in the AFC East not named the cheaters Patriots. 

Look, Vic Carucci, who wrote the story for NFL.com, is an excellent reporter with good contacts. So it is right to believe that where there is smoke, there may be fire. And nowhere have you heard either team deny the story outright. 

So you should consider this a very serious possibility. It is not a certainty. But it is possible.

And what, you should ask as tears roll down your face, would Peppers do for the Patriots?

He would instantly improve their questionable pass rush. Think Jason Taylor with the Dolphins circa 2006. Remember that year? The Dolphins used Taylor as a hybrid linebacker, pass rusher, and tormentor of offenses.

The Patriots would likely do the same with Peppers. I remember Nick Saban practically salavating at the thought of having a Peppers in his defensive scheme. When the Dolphins had the No. 2 overall selection in 2005, Saban told me if Peppers, who was drafted second overall in 2002, were available to him, he'd be, "jumping around celebrating." Those were his words.

It stands to reason Saban mentor Bill Belichick will see the same possibilities with Peppers as his disciple saw.

Like I said before, bummer. 


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Armando, your nickname should be PANIC, because this is how your articles about the Dolphins not keeping up pace with the Patsies during the free agent period sounds like.
I know you remeber the Dolphins trifecta stating that the Dolphins will BUILD through the DRAFT, remember? This past months you have been crying for the Dolphins too sign veteran players that come with either: character issues, excess bagage, and/or a huge price tag not to mentioned most are old and on the down side of their career. Last year we signed a few veterans who were in their early 30's, but they are Parcells type of players and the holes he filled where in dire need.
How much is a francise tagged player like Peppers worth is the going rate not 2 1st round players?
Com'on Armando, write something that has more substace along with teeth. Instead of setting off panic buttons on the weak minded folks out there who have nothing better to do than to read your blog.

Jed? You there? I miss ya


What you fail to realize is that we are still in rebuilding mode... I don't want the 'Fins trading away draft spots to secure "now talent" just yet... The only deal I'd like to see at this juncture is one that secures Anquan Boldin for a minimum of 4 years... What Tuna & Co. did with their first offseason was miraculous... I'd let them finish building their foundation before prematurely joining the "WinNow Sweepstakes"...

Last year was a gross overachievement, and maybe we shouldn't expect similar results this year... But, it proved to me that we have the right people in place... Parcells brought the culture and vision, Ireland shares the vision, and Sparano gets every drop from every man on that squad...

A little more time... A little more time, and we will do more than just rise... We will dominate...!

Peppers is too old anyway, he may last only another 1 or 2 years. He is not as fast or as good, and the Pat's have nothing but older guys on the team.Fins are planning for longetivity.
As for Brady, he will bow out like Marino did when he had his surgey, he just could not move like he used to in the past.

Who is Dave from Brooklyn??????Do you know me???

IT'S official,the fin nation in complete Panic mode and thanks to new england we have best football team and best education in the country. it's amazing every time armando right realistic terms the fin fans come out Panicking like Pit Bulls and the insults flays which make more enjoyable so please ged and nj phin fan keep it going.

do something then! we cant have the pats killin us every time we play it doesnt work like that

Just think somewhere in florida right now, jeb bush is eating a live puppy.

i meant to write.........every time armando writes in realistic

Oh darn (sarcasm), the Pats are adding another soon to be dinosaur to their roster. This is the same guy that, along with the rest of the Panthers defense, got torn apart by Kurt Warner. Oh well, he'll be expensive and trading that draft pick might bite them later on---not that I'll care :)


Yes , i'm in love with my sister and those are my mutant kids So WHAT ! Incest is that bad . is it ? nj phin fan , the trifecta and every smart dolphins fan are smart enough to know that those players are past their prime and miami has moved on . what do i know . i'm just a dumb okie from woskokie who sleeps with my reletives and produce inbreed mutant kids. GIT-R_DONE

Will take a hell of a lot more then the 34th pick for the Panthers to trade away Peppers, especially to the Patriots. While I have no doubt that Bill doesn't care about making the team older, as I think if he wins one more SB, he is out. So he could make this move.

The Panthers know exactly what they have in Peppers, a play who right now if traded can garnish them picks to help them reload the team. If the Pats cough up the 2 1st rounders, good, let them. It will only hurt them in the long run.

fin-fin-fin-da-fan-.......in big PANIC

Mr. Dodsworth, You are correct sir, nobody moves money like the federal resere,and also hubbard was a fine aurther but to build a religion from his writings seems strange(unless your from hollywood where strange is common place i think).

I love posting all day on this blog , while waiting for nj phin fan . What do i care . I Have no teeth , don't have a job , live in in a trailor and collect welfare . I had a job babysitting my brother and sisters kids until i got arrested for child molesting > Wait they were my own kids !! GIT-R-DONE

JED sounds like he wanted to finish his years in Yale but some thing happened mid way,i would love to know what happened from him in details.

please armando take JED last post out and let this sicko to not mention kids on this blog

FrankLeeScarlet, you need to lay off the pipe for a few days to get your mind right. The Fins have been active in free agency? If by active you mean signing players who are marginally better than those they are replacing, then OK I stand corrected. You're wrong though pal, cause being "active" in free agency means doing what the Pats have done, signing potential difference makers such as Joey Galloway as the 3rd WR, Shawn Springs as an impact CB, and now possibly trading for Julius Peppers. I'm OK with the Fins taking the build for the future approach through the draft, but I'm just saying the Pats have made some bold moves whereas the Fins have not. Case closed, bada bing bada boom!

You know george h. bush was a skull and bones guy from yale? monkey are you a harvard grad, and if yes is your last name Barnicke?

no not nervous,

1.peppers can't be traded until he signs his franchise tag thing or something

2. if they give the panthers a the pick the got for cassel and vrable that would mean they trade cassel and vrable for peppers which is a horrible deal for them

3. peppers isn't getting any younger

4.panthers are denying it

Cuban...of course not i am not a harvard grad but i finished collage out of the great USA, that's why you notice the up grade in my thinking comparing to monkeys or some fin fans

fin-fan,,,,,,cool down ,what are you going to have for dinner?

Not to be confused with "W" who made it out of crawford high ...barely..

Cuban , you have to laugh at GIT-r-DONE , red neck Jeds comments about how people look in jersey. Have you ever been to a bar or club in NY/NJ or down the jersey shore, If you have you would se some of the hottest girls you ever seen. What has ohio turned out ? Arseio hall and drew carrey ,LOL Tell me they don't look like mutant, inbreed , red neck goofs , LOL

Arsenio hall , LOL. His head is shaped like a triangle. and drew carey .Enough said , LOL and these are all JED's relatives.

Tony with all due respect the last time i check Shawn Springs playing with the redskins he couldn't chase a turtle.He was burn several times last year by different receivers and at times remove from the game.How come the redskins got Hall in the middle of the season and release springs after the season is over.Patsies know their secondary sucks the next coming season.they can be exploit up the middle of the field,the safeties suck.Merriweather is been nothing espectacular ,so watch how many games New England will lose in the middle of the field this coming seaon

The women in the tri state area are smart,intellgant, And beutiful, that last part should have said.


Cuban , amen and thank god for our beautiful woman in the tri-state area.


That was funny. Lmao at Shawn Springs couldn't chase a turtle. Instant classic.

i also just love cute guys...especially our jersey kind. they are so sweet!

Nj phinman
Aren't you the one I was talking to about Chambers,Welker and McMichael.

Nj phinman
Aren't you the one I was talking to about Chambers,Welker and McMichael.

Peppers? This isn't Madden 09 here. Where you stock pile name recognition players in franchise mode and go undefeated. Peppers may be a freak in terms of size and speed but he's a nice player at best. Overhyped indeed. Would he be an upgrade for the Patriots? Yes. Will he go on a tear through out the AFC East? Highly doubt it. You read this guy's column and he'd have the Dolphins packing it in and running for the hills. Grow a pair.

Will all of you whining, sniveling, crying sons of ******* please shut the hell up and trust in your coaches and players to win the AFC east again this year. As I did before the start of last season, I am predicting the Dolphins to go at least 10-6 and get more air time on ESPN than Stuart Scott in his prime. Booyeah!

LARRY ENGLISH KENNY BRITT SHAWN SMITH after that TAKE the best player available,I'll freak out if the dolphins draft CLINT SINTIM in the first round like some people suggested.for me I won't even spend the third round pick on the guy,ENGLISH IS A LOT MORE EXPLOSIVE.HE WILL BE THE REPLACEMENT OF PORTER FOR THE NEXT 6 OR 7 YEARS

Afcchamps, What has the menace done to get you so upset?? oh well doesnt matter any way, now if you want to put me in a uniform the menace would enjoy it, i might even surprise you on how fast i can run to a donut shop...


All of this Peppers to the Pats talk is premature, Peppers either has to sign the one year tender or get a deal from the Pats that will make the Panthers happy. So it is nothing to worry about until it happens.

If cuban menace was a football player he'd be a center...he's always bending over in front of other dudes anyway

Whith Larry English.Joey Porter and Cameron Wake Rushing Brady on every passing down,I'm dying to see that

When will Armando stop doing that stupid crossing out words things. Seems like something I'd see in my son's middle school paper

Hey Armando,

Unlike Taylor, Peppers isn't capable of covering receivers. Therefore, the linebacker thing isn't going to work that well.

Good god guy's, tight ends,recievers,going deep, bending over,going for the big one,opening holes, are we talking about football or making a porno?

Why do I have a bad feeling like the Dolphins are shopping at the Goodwill this off season. I'm not seeing the upgrades like I thought they would make. They can't do it all in the draft. In the Tuna I trust.

Ramsterone you are right instead of macy's the dolphins are going to the salvation army to fill the holes but I trust whatever their doing over what the guys in the past did,I can't get out of my head the frase we draft Ted Ginn and his Family and all the hawaian players.I can't believed that sucker took us three years back

What in the hell are we doing-nothing! I don't get it-show me the magic-Bill!

CAM Cameron ( the camaleon) took us three years back.he traded walker.mc michael and then with the 2 round we got from welker he drafted Satele The Hawaian Sensation The only center in the NFL in my twenty years of watching Football with Three False starts penalties this season .I hope he get traded this year for anything a cheerlader whatever

Well David the only thing the dolphins are not doing is overpaying for old players,the dolphins are not going anywhere this year,next year they'll do some damage,I don't care if they have a bad record this year,next year is gonna be better

At this point, and again thank goodness it's the off season, we need to be real. The Pats are the clear favorite (yes, it pains me to say that). If they do claim Peppers, we are in a world of hurt. In my opinion, we are in a battle with buffalo for second place. Plus, for all of you Peppers haters think about this...when was the last time belicheat failed to utilize and get max production from his players?

PARCELLS, yeah you're right on Springs, impact CB is too strong a label for him at this point in his career. Still, he did shut down T.O. when he played him as a Redskin because he didn't need speed with T.O., he just bullied him at the line cause he's big enough to do it. Springs I suppose will play the Pats role of T.O. stopper when they play the Bills. Springs will help the Pats secondary, although he won't be a Pro Bowl-caliber CB for them.

look i'm indifferent to this subject (peppers to n.e--who bloody cares mando!)... if the dolphins squander this glorious opportunity to obtain jay cutler they are stupid!

this chap is 25 and a pro bowler! you can never really get guys like this. pennington is a good quarterback but he is injury prone and on the wrong side of 30. sorry chad but it's a bloody business mate :) bye lol

cheers miami

jordan jones


the phins wont run the wildcat if they get cutler...chad cant throw more than 20 yards without the wildcat........the entire offense would change......fromncaa to nfl(if you had cutler)

jordan jones...stick to soccer........

Cheerio , Fish and chips or tea and crumpets ! I also agree . Stick to soccer !

Dark Vader is pissed off to the highest level of pissivity. All this off-season spending is the mad raving of a lunatic who is angered at himself for allowing his guard down and being expose once again for being merely a student of the great MASTER YODA- BILL PARCELLS. Although Belichick is an accomplished novice, master yoda's newest disciple LUKE Soprano took away the spot light. The patriots did not see it coming. No one did. And to have his arch-nemesis retake the afc east kingdom in one swift and bode wild-cat attack did not sit well with dark vader. Never again will Belichick underestimate his teacher. Because of his previous victories, he had begun to take things for granted. If George Lucas wants real live battle scenes for his upcoming Star WARS movie, send a film crew to the AFC east this off-season and coming year. He will capture all the material he needs.


every fin fan should see last night show of (daily show) by going to HULU.COM and see how the the fins were treated.it's the second segment of the show.

i can see that on the blog today there's no plumber present as JED ,Parccels AND Carlito

Well with this move (possible) I think its time for tuna to call JT in and have a heart to heart talk. I'd love to see JT come back, work hard off season, get in the best shape of his career, and take us to the SB. This would negate any advantage the Pats would have with Peppers. If JT has any thoughts of returning to football it should be with the Phins..

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